15 Recut Movie Trailers That Would Give The Real Movies A Run For Their Money

How many times have you gone to see a movie, only to have it not live up to the expectations created by the trailer? You may have lost $9.50, but the movie industry sinks millions of dollars into making sure their trailers are cut perfectly so they can hook the audience. Even if the producers know the film is subpar, they amp up the trailer to make it look better than it actually is. It's because of these trailers that people go to see the movie in the first place. And since the people of the Internet have no chill, they have gone above and beyond to create their own recut trailers for popular films. They prove that the trailer is what really makes the movie and thanks to a little editing, they had the ability to change the entire genre of the film Check out the best ones below that give the actual movies a run for their money.

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15 'Elf' As A Thriller

Elf is now known as a classic Christmas favorite. It's a cheery story about Buddy the Elf who realizes that he is not the elf he always believed he was. It turns out he is actually human with human parents. He sets out to find these parents and discover who he really is, even finding love along the way. This brilliant recut trailer portrays Buddy’s journey from the North Pole, where he shared his lives with elves and Santa Claus, to New York City. It sounds cheery -- that is until these magical editors created a somewhat scary thriller trailer reminiscent of Liam Neeson’s Taken. In this hypothetical whodunit rendition of the holiday comedy, Buddy is kidnapped by Santa Clause himself and raised under the delusional mindset that he is an elf rather than the human being that he actually is.

14 'Twilight' As A Quirky Teen Romance

Twilight is already considered a romance, but you have to admit that it does get very dark. And that’s not just because the whole thing takes place in the sleepy and rainy town of Forks, Washington (doesn't it rain there like two-thirds out of the year?). Twilight, as a series, is pretty morbid with all the death and heartbreak, but everything between Bella and Edward ends up working out well in the end. What this recut trailer does is turn the morbid and dark side of the film into a bit of comedic relief. It makes Twilight look like a quirky high school love story between two awkward teenagers. Bella was always uncomfortable in her own skin, but now even gorgeous Edward seems a bit off. Their stiffness spawns a love story comparable to the ones in Superbad.

13 'Mrs. Doubtfire' As A Horror Movie

I think we can all agree that the storyline of Mrs. Doubtfire—even before this trailer was recut—was always a bit on the sketchy side. Honestly, who wouldn’t be freaked out if their ex-spouse somehow tricked them into believing they were someone else? Danny was in and out of the same house his ex-wife had kicked him out of all the time. As Mrs. Doubtfire, he had a key to this house! To be fair, his intentions were pure (for the most part), apart from almost killing his ex-wife’s new boyfriend with a little too much cayenne pepper. All he really wanted was some more time with his kids, but he could’ve done literally anything else to prove to the courts that he was actively trying to better himself instead of impersonating a woman. This recut trailer does a good job of showing the scary side of this comedy.

12 'Forrest Gump' As A Gang Drama

We all know the original story of Forrest Gump -- it's a classic and heartwarming story about rising above the difficulties in your life. So, were we a little thrown off when this beloved film was transformed into a "gang drama"? You bet! When we think of evil clans or bad bunches, most of us tend to think more in the realm of Breaking Bad or American History X, rather than Forrest Gump. But this was before we realized just how much you can screw with the plot of a movie by taking things characters say and do completely out of context. In this dark and dramatic rendition of Forrest Gump, we see Forrest win a football scholarship and struggle to make the best of his messy relationship with his “baby momma,” Jenny.

11 'Tangled' As A Horror Movie

Tangled is a lighthearted tale about a beautiful princess. After being unknowingly held captive for 18 years, she breaks out of the castle and finds true love with a man who is considered a criminal. If you ask us, it seems like this transformation—from a harmless Disney movie to a horror film—could’ve gone the other way around. A princess with magical hair is kidnapped and naively raised by a witch, who is clearly only using her for her powers, and doesn’t let her leave, ever. This girl has never seen another person in real life until her tower is broken into by a strange man who turns out to be a criminal. All things considered, she did an immaculate job of dealing with all of this craziness, but this still screams “horror film” to us.

10 'Harry Potter' (If Harry Were The Villain)

It should be common knowledge by now that Voldemort is the ultimate villain in the Harry Potter series. Voldemort, in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is the end-all-be-all of evil things. Not only does he try to hurt people (like Harry Potter himself), but he does successfully kill some of those in Dumbledore's Army that surrounded Harry. For the sake of not spoiling the series for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, we won’t disclose who they are, but it’s a lot of people and it’s really sad. This recut Harry Potter trailer shakes things up by switching the protagonist and the antagonist. This trailer shows us a world where Harry Potter is the villain and has it out for everyone around him, especially his adoptive parents, who honestly have it coming to them anyway.

9 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' As A Serious Action Movie

Paul Blart: Mall Cop follows the life of, you guessed it, Paul Blart, a regular mall cop in West Orange, New Jersey. In short, this regular mall cop transforms into a small town hero when he takes down a gang of thugs on Black Friday, an already incredibly stressful day for anyone who works in a mall. Though there is plenty of action in the original Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie, it’s categorized as a comedy. First and foremost, this movie is meant to make people laugh. However, this trailer takes all that comedy, and stuffs it down the tubes to make room for the seriousness needed to make this look like a legitimate action movie. Granted, the original movie wasn’t that great, but this trailer recut does wonders for it.

8 'Inception' As A Holiday Comedy

Inception, a two-and-a-half-hour science-fiction movie from 2010 that follows Leo DiCaprio’s character, Dominick Cobb, through a mystifying mind-bending twist of a story. In short, it involves advanced and unheard of science, and dreams within dreams. Frankly, it takes watching it more than once or twice to completely understand what’s going on, but it’s hard to shame because it’s thorough and also includes a panel of award-winning actors. But the creators of this Inception recut trailer couldn’t have switched it up anymore if they really wanted to. This trailer shows us a story about a workaholic father, played by Leo DiCaprio, who needs to get home to his children for Christmas or he'll risk losing their love and respect forever. The trailer leaves enough to the imagination but we suspect he does it because it’s Leo–he can do anything.

7 'Mean Girls' As A Forbidden Lesbian Romance

Though the title is slightly misleading, Mean Girls follows the journey of one (initially) innocent girl by the name of Cady Heron. The 2004 comedy shows her transition from a secluded only child who is endlessly praised by her loving parents, to a scandalous, troubled suburban teen involved with the wrong group of girls at school. She falls for her new “friend’s” ex-boyfriend and things spiral out of control. The recut trailer takes all of this and tosses it. The trailer shows Cady in a secret lesbian relationship with Janis Ian, a girl Cady meets on her first day of homeroom at her new school. There are quite a few references to Janis and other lesbians in the original movie and it sets up this lesbian romance between two friends quite nicely. Not to mention, this is a quality fake trailer and we would definitely see it if it was real.

6 'IT' As A Family Coming-of-Age Classic

It chronicles the dismaying lives of seven pre-teens known as the Loser Club in 1960. The seven children are relentlessly traumatized by a transformable creature that usually presents itself as a horrifying clown with even more horrifyingly sharp teeth. After the little brother of one of the main characters is killed, the group vows to take down the monster, but later fail. The three-hour movie shows us one disturbing thing happen to these kids after another until they finally take the thing down. Though the movie is disturbing—to say the absolute least—there are quite a few happy moments between these kids as they learn to love each other for who they are and stick up for each other against the bullies at school. That’s really what a coming-of-age classic is all about, right?

5 'The Shawshank Redemption' As An Upbeat Romantic Comedy

In the 1994 box office hit, The Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for murdering his wife and the man she was having an affair with. He is so devastated by his string of actions that he falls mute. The only person that can get him to talk is another inmate who goes by the name “Red.” And it just so happens that Red is famous around Shawshank State Penitentiary for his ability to smuggle contraband. The film was infamous for being one of the unique, front-running films that places two male characters in an affectionate relationship that was not sexual. So, what does the Internet do? It spoofs this movie into a romantic comedy between Andy and Red. We have to admit, it doesn’t look half bad, though.

4 'Jaws' As A Disney Movie

This bizarre movie recut of an all-time classic, transforms Jaws into what looks nearly identical to a lot of Disney classics we know and love. Shark Song, the parodied version of Jaws shown in the clip above, follows the “heartwarming tale” of a man and a talented misunderstood shark. We begin on a note of disheartenment as we see the beaches close in this small town due to insufficient funding to keep them clean. However, our main character, Martin Brody, stumbles upon a singing shark that draws patrons and funding back to the beach. It all seems wonderful once more, until a dark twist in the form of selfish fisherman tries to steal the shark for their own financial betterment. This man and his shark must tackle this obstacle together.

3 'Jurassic Park' As A Nature Documentary

This popular science-fiction movie from 1993 paints a picture of a regular world—like the one we live in today. The only difference is there's a man who has found a way to clone dinosaur DNA and resurrect the long lost species that once roamed the Earth thousands of years ago. Jurassic Park is fairly gory in that the majority of the cast is either eaten or at least injured by a dinosaur throughout the duration of the movie. We believe the creator of this recut trailer was trying to show that dinosaurs aren’t as aggressive as the original movie made us believe. By turning Jurassic Park into a nature documentary, we get to see a minute and a half of peaceful dinosaur interaction—sans the guns.

2 'Dumb & Dumber' As An Oscar-Worthy Drama

Dumb & Dumber might as well be known as the comedic road-trip film that set the bar for humor in the '90s. The comedy follows Jim Carrey (as Lloyd Christmas) and Jeff Daniels as (Harry Dunne) across the country as Lloyd chases after the woman he believes is the love of his life. The potential lovers meet after she leaves a briefcase in the back of the limousine that Lloyd drives. After being fired from his job, he convinces Harry to drive him across the country to Aspen to return the briefcase and profess his love to her. Though the original movie made nearly $250-million in the box office and shot Jim Carey’s acting career into what it is today, this recut trailer makes Dumb & Dumber look like a more serious Oscar-worthy drama.

1 'The Notebook' As A Thriller

The Notebook is notoriously, first and foremost, a severely emotional, tear-jerking “chick flick” that people normally watch with someone they’re trying to make-out with. The movie’s plot (which is consistent with an emotional rollercoaster) drums up quite a bit of feelings as the main characters fall in and out of love...and back again. This dramatic recut trailer portrays the two lifelong lovers as a love story gone wrong. Aly is depicted as the woman that got away and Noah is shown as the man who has never been able to stop obsessing over her. When Aly appears to have lost her memory, Noah somehow tricks her into taking him back. She seems settled and happy until former memories trickle back into her mind. She ends up being his captive and we honestly think that this fake version of The Notebook might be better than the original.

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