15 Red Carpet Celebrities That Clearly Didn't Know What Was Going On

Red carpets have been a huge thing since they started many decades ago. I mean, literally everyone goes crazy about this super bizarre thing where a bunch of humans dress weird and fancy just to get photographed. Uhmm, it sounds strange when you put it that way, right? But the red carpet phenomenon itself is not the weirdest thing about it. Probably the weirdest fact is that literally the whole world gets extremely interested in all these fancy dressed humans. Why? Well, clearly because the human race is just too absurd, and probably a Red Carpets is the ultimate event that we all can witness and not feel guilty about it. This leaves me wondering what it is we actually really can't get over when it comes to red carpets. In the mean time, this list will maybe help us to clarify some things...maybe?

15 The Pink Wig Salma

Via: Dlisted

Probably the thing we love the most about this stunning Mexican actress is her timeless natural beauty. She has this effortless beauty that makes her look absolutely gorgeous in every situation. It doesn’t matter if she is on a Red Carpet, or if she is just caught up by the paparazzi, she’s always looking amazing. I truly love the way she stays true to her Latin beauty. That is one of the most interesting features about this Hollywood star. However, I guess every once in a while we all make some mistakes, right? Salma’s dark hair and eyes are just the ultimate Latin combo, but during the 2017 Cannes Festival Red Carpet we saw something weird. Was really Salma Hayek wearing a pink wig. Even though she totally rocked it, we think the natural Salma is our favorite Salma.

14 What was this?

Via: Cosmopolitan

To be honest, I’ve never liked Christina Aguilera’s music so much. I guess I was more on the Britney side, like pretty much everyone else. I’m sorry Xtina! Anyway, although Aguilera gave us huge hits like Lady Marmalade and Genie In A Bottle, that doesn’t really save her from being on this list. She is an artist that has pulled different styles during her career. Some of them were crazy, some of them were amazing, and some of them were just something that we cannot really explain. For example, does anyone remember when she wore this for a Red Carpet? I don’t want to sound rude, but I really would appreciate an explanation for this! Where should I start? Everything is just very weird to me. I don’t think this was an early 2000s trend or anything. What’s happening with her hair? Can we really call that thing a dress?

13 Dress Code: Power Rangers

Via: Usmagazine

I don’t think anybody in this world can actually explain this thing. It’s so weird it makes me think that maybe this guy came from the future, and we are all wrong for talking sh**t about him. However, since we have no proof that Cee Lo Green is actually from the future, I guess we are allowed to include him on this list. There are so many things that are wrong in this picture. Ok, we understand the guy wanted to wear gold for the 2017 Grammys, but why was it necessary to use this mask? Now we know this was the first introduction to Gnarly Davidson, his new alter ego. Uhmmm, I guess that’s cool, but coming up with an alter ego doesn’t mean you need to dress like if you were some villain that wants to defeat The Power Rangers, right?

12 Sometimes Less Is More

Via: Pinterest

It’s fair to say that we have absolutely nothing against any celebrity on this list, but that being said, I would like to introduce the great Celine Dion and her unexplainable white suit. I guess she can do whatever she wants, and wear whatever she decides for Red Carpets. That’s pretty clear to all of us. To be honest, white is a color that actually suits her, and I think there is actually something cool about this look. I mean, it’s kinda fun. We are not sure what it could be, but we are pretty sure about two facts that are really wrong in this entire story. One, that we don’t really get is the fedora, and two are the sunglasses. I guess sometimes we just need to learn that less is more.

11 Britney Spears: The Wizard Edition

Via: Billboard

Absolutely nobody can mess with this queen. She is always allowed to do whatever she wants just because she is who she is. We’ve known her for at least two decades, and even though she had several awkward moments in fashion (and in general too), she will always be forgiven. You know, because having hits like Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again choreography is just reason enough to endlessly love her. However, we also should admit that Miss Spears has had some terrible Red Carpet moments, and it’s actually very hard to pick just one of them. But we are trying our best on this list, and after some research, it seems that The Wizard Billboard Edition deserves to join this awkward Red Carpet list. I really don’t know how to start with this one. I mean, I see a hat, one pair of red tights, red velvet boots, an interesting orange coat, feathers, and Britney Spears on the same picture. Can someone explain this?

10 The PlayPlace Ball Dress

Via: Etonline

Red Carpets are fun because celebrities can get creative while wearing incredible stuff. Whether they go for a stunning outfit, or whether they choose to wear the most absurd thing on earth, we always get the chance to talk about it even though nobody cares about our opinion. Yeah, it’s so much fun.Every Red Carpet is different and even when celebrities can do basically whatever they want, it seems that Girl Crush is one of those celebrities that sometimes get confused when it comes to picking the right dress for that special night. I don’t know who was more confused, if Girl Crush when she decided to wear this, or me when I saw her walking through the 2017 Grammys Red Carpet like this.

9 Nick Jonas Square Pants

Via: Pinterest

Remember when The Jonas Brothers took the world y storm? It was a strange time, wasn’t it? They were like The Hanson Brothers. Same odd music, but with a brunette package. And just like the Hansons, they were kinda cute to be honest. However, we need to admit the more they grow up, the better they look. But even though he’s doing very well with his career, it seems that Nick Jonas needs some help when it comes to getting ready for Red Carpets. I mean, it’s quite obvious the guy has this fixation with square suits, right? And, I don’t know about you, but he reminds me of Gonzo. The only difference is that Gonzo was allowed to wear anything he wanted because he was a muppet. It’s fine if you laugh, I can't help it either.

8 No Trespassing

Via: Fafmag

Why people, why? If I needed to pick my Top Ten Red Carpet mistakes, Joy Villa would probably appear more than once on that list. I’m not sure if you remember the Trump supportive dress that she wore at the Grammys this year. I mean, if you want to see a huge Red Carpet mistake, you should totally take a look at that weird outfit. Anyway, right now I think it's more important to bring back her 2015 Grammys awkward moment. Are you ready? Well, I honestly cannot believe someone can get crazy enough to wear orange safety fence couture. What on earth was she thinking? I guess we’ll never know. This is disturbing AF. I just wonder how long did it take to make this “dress”….

7 Is This The Same Kelly Osbourne?

Via: Theclosestfeminist

Do you remember the old Kelly Osbourne? I know, it’s very hard to believe that at some point of her life she had such a weird look. I mean, she was a true rocker and that was cool about her. Let’s be honest with this one, you would give absolutely no f***s if you were Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, right? Like, why would you bother to be just another Hollywood girl? That’s why we liked Kelly since the beginning. She was absolutely wild! But even though we encourage her DGAF behavior, we also need to talk about this one. Everything is wrong with this picture, but I just want to point two things: the hair and the cushion. I mean, probably she was one of the firsts celebrities to wear pink hair, and that was amazing, but come on, why is it looking so bad? And why did anybody hold that cushion for her while she was getting photographed?

6 A Magician At The Grammys

Via: Hdimagelib

A Red Carpet is a Red Carpet, and when you are about to choose an outfit, one of the things that should be on your mind is looking hot AF. If Sean Lennon thinks that he’s automatically hot just for being John Lennon’s son, well, he’s actually right. I mean, it’s true that being a Lennon gives him a lot of points. To be honest, we can’t deny that he’s a bit hotter than the average men in this world, but come on Sean, you need to try harder. Why on earth does he look like a magician here? I would expect a way more elegant suit from him. If I was Yoko Ono, I wouldn’t let that kid leave the house wearing those shoes!

5 The Hermione Timeless Look

Via: Instyle

I’m aware it’s probably not fair, but this one is just too cute to not talk about it. Look at little Emma Watson. Isn’t she incredibly cute wearing whatever she is wearing in this picture? She totally rocked the wizard style even when she wasn’t playing her role. I mean, I really cannot get over her super sized dress and lilac boots. Am I the only one who thinks that this Emma Watson is probably the prettiest Emma Watson of all times? Look at that adorable smile! We met Emma at least a decade ago, and we all witnessed how did she becAme an absolutely stunning beauty. She’s talented, intelligent, funny, and a very proactive feminist. Could we ask for more? I don’t think so.

4 Madonna Needed To Be On This List

Via: Mad-eyes

Before anything else, two things can be said for sure: Madonna is Madonna, and Madonna DGAF about what we have to say about her clothing choices. Nope, not even if we are talking about her Met Gala dress. And if you don’t believe me, please just take a look to this weird Red Carpet moment. Like I said, we can really expect any crazy thing from our Queen of Pop, but that doesn’t really mean that we are immune to her styling decisions. I mean, she is Madonna! We all care about Madonna! And even though she doesn’t need to explain this thing, we would love to know how Jeremy Scott came up with this camouflage “Combat Barbie” dress. Well, Madonna has always been ready for any kind of fashion war, and I guess this Moschino dress just confirms it, right?

3 He Just Tries Too Hard

Via: Esquire

We know the guy is talented. That is totally not up for discussion. But I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks that Leto should pick one thing and stick to it. I mean, the guy is an incredible actor. Remember that epic Requiem For a Dream role? Please don’t tell me he didn’t blow your mind. Or what about that Academy award that he got for Dallas Buyers Club? He really doesn’t need to do anything else than concentrating on winning more Oscars, right? Well, it seems he wants it all. When he’s not trying to be a super stylish rock star, he’s probably looking for some super avant-garde outfits for his next Red Carpet. And I just don’t get it. I mean, you can’t have it all, Jared! You cannot be the best lead singer, the best actor, a Gucci model, and have the best hair in the world at the same time. I know this is Gucci and everything, but come on, it looks like a weird Michael Jackson costume. Ughhh…

2 At Least She Covered It

Via: Fahv

Lil’ Kim is another star that can get pretty wild while on the Red Carpet, and we actually love that. I mean, imagine if her style was super boring. That would be extremely lame and probably this list wouldn’t even exist, right? So thank God she really knows how to kill it. Lil’ Kim has been known for her wild personality and looks, so I don’t think anyone was really surprised when she wore this at the 1999 VMAs. Although a lot of people could say this Red Carpet Moment is way too much, I truly think there is something really cool about it. I mean, it was just 1999 and she was already rocking the purple hair. I guess we should at least give her some credit for that. What do you think?

1 A Chihuahua On The Red Carpet?

Via: Dailymail

There are many celebrities that have had more than one epic mistake during Red Carpets, and that’s exactly Britney Spears case. I mean, what’s happening here? Why is she carrying a little Chihuahua? That dog doesn’t deserve that. Somebody call PETA! It seems that Britney was so in love with this miniature dog that she decided to take it to the 2004 Billboard Red Carpet. Makes sense, right? Although she looked great, I don’t think a tiny Chihuahua was the best accessory for the occasion. Come on, look at the poor thing, it’s just scared AF. Imagine if you were a happy little dog and all of a sudden, what you thought would be a nice walk, just turns into hundreds of paparazzi. Poor little thing!

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