15 Reddit Horror Stories That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

If you’re looking for a good fright before you go to bed, then heading to Reddit and reading the horror story threads will do just that. People share their own paranormal and crime experiences in r/LetsNotMeet and r/TrueScaryStories, while writers can post their scariest two-sentence horror stories in the r/TwoSentenceHorror subreddit.

Make sure that you’re prepared for reading things that might give you nightmares! Some of these stories gave us the chills and made us jump at every sound. You’ll read about ghosts and demons, creepy dolls and messages from dead loved ones. The two-sentence stories prove that you don’t always need to have tons of words to tell a good tale, but these short horror pieces really pack a frightening punch. Ready or not, here they come….

15 Why we should trust our instincts

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Traveling can be a great experience. Even so, it can be fraught with peril if you aren’t careful and aware of your surroundings as much as possible. This young woman faced street harassment when she visited Munich and had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Instead of ignoring it to be polite, she made sure to get out of there quickly and find a safe place she could go. She and her boyfriend were looking at her travel photos later on. They noticed what seemed to be another man acting as a lookout while the one who approached her had been following her for quite some time. Maybe it was only a coincidence, but she trusted her instincts and managed to avoid being kidnapped. Scary close call.

14 A ghost in the auditorium

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Old theaters always seem to be haunted. Maybe an actor or actress from a bygone era just can’t let go of the stage even after their body has been buried deep within the ground, so they visit all of their favorite spots within the theatre. In this r/TrueScaryStory post, a former theatre program director haunts the building. These kids decided to play with a Ouija board (always a bad idea), only to hear a voice and footsteps behind them and not see anyone there. Yikes. We’d be hard pressed to ever go to that theatre alone ever again after an experience like that! We also want to note that at least this particular ghost only wants to prank students and not kill them like the spirits in so many horror movies are wont to do. A silly prankster ghost is at least more preferable than a vengeful spirit.

13 Sleep paralysis nightmare

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Sleep paralysis is a real thing. According to WebMD, your conscious mind becomes awake but your body remains in a sleepful state. You’re awake but can’t move. It can be a truly frightening experience to be so disconnected from your own body. In fact, you can even still be dreaming. Hallucinations are common during sleep paralysis. In this true story, the original poster (OP) shares his experience of sleep paralysis and seeing a “thing with a hook” coming at him. He’s unable to defend himself against this assault. It seems as though his own hand took a life of its own and acted out the waking dream he had. Even knowing that what he saw was likely an hallucination doesn’t stop it from being a frightening experience.

12 The unsent text

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Now let’s check out one of those two-sentence horror stories. The art of telling one of these stories is to make sure that the second sentence includes an unexpected twist to the scene you set up in the first sentence. It can be really tricky to write an effective two-sentence horror story. This one begins with a simple odd sentence. Then it really takes a turn for the worst when the second sentence becomes a case number with notes that the first sentence was an unsent text message. The text message now portends to the horrifying truth that this person vanished by whatever had been sitting on their bed. If you got chills down your back, so did we. Because that was freakin’ scary AF.

11 And the seen text

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Let’s go the opposite route in this second two-sentence horror story. Someone decided to send a text message to a person who died. This is common when people are grieving. They will write letters or call that person’s phone just to hear their voice. In the era of texting, people might send text messages to the deceased person’s phone. But what’s so creepy is when the text message gets a glaring SEEN receipt. There could be a logical explanation for this. Maybe someone in their family has the phone for dealing with their own grief or the number was already transferred to someone else. But that’s not how this would feel if it happened to you. On its own and taken at face value, this short story brings quite a few frights to give you some delicious nightmares when you go to bed.

10 Don't take my heart

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Another two-sentence horror story that can keep you up at night could definitely be this one about the guy who’s preparing for a heart transplant. But the second sentence reveals that it’s his heart that will be taken from his body and given to another person. Heart transplants should only come from recently deceased folks, not someone who is still alive and aware of what’s going on. The thought that someone would perform heart removal on a living person is the stuff of horror films and books. We can only imagine the rest of what surrounds this horror. Maybe it’s in the future when some humans are harvested for their organs against their will. We don’t know, but that’s half the fun. Our imaginations can fill in the other details.

9 Skipping rocks on the river

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It’s normal for people to revisit the spot where a loved one died if it was some sort of freak accident. In this fictional story, a guy will go to the river where his girlfriend had drowned. Maybe he feels some guilt for being unable to save her or if she’d been on her way to see him when it happened. Or, perhaps they’d both fallen into the river but she was the only one who didn’t make it. He goes to the river and skips rocks across the surface. Contemplative and thoughtful. But then one day, the rocks start skipping back toward him when there’s no one on the other side of the river. Waiiit, what? Oh, yeah, it could be the spirit of his drowned girlfriend who’s sending a message that she’s still very much there. Spooky!

8 The village ghost

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Back to a few true stories! Now this one happens to be really spooky. This guy’s friend had a dream about village ghosts visiting him and telling him their stories. When he tells his grandparents about the dream, they reveal that one of the ghosts in his dream sounds exactly like this one little girl who died in the same way as it happened in the dream. It could be an interesting coincidence. But maybe it was a supernatural connection to the spirits that still roamed in the village. While it would be impossible to know for sure, it’s definitely enough to send chills up and down your spine and make you be a little more aware of the weird dreams that you have at night.

7 All the gross things

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What happens when you take medical science and turn it into a two-sentence horror story? This one right here. Because we don’t want to think about the microscopic creepy-crawlies that our bodies come into contact with on a daily basis, and we don’t want to think of all the weird and natural ways we could die. Disease can be an indiscriminate killer and take out entire towns and devastate countries. We’re at the mercy of viruses, fungi and bacteria, with only our immune systems, vaccinations and pure luck to protect us. Sometimes those things just aren’t enough. We succumb to the next pandemic, and it’s over. We’re just gone. Facing our own mortality can be the scariest thing of all. That’s what makes this two-sentence horror story so effective.

6 Possible incubus sighting

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In Christian folklore, an incubus is a type of male demon that feeds off the lustful energy of women. He will appear to them in their dreams and fulfill their wildest pleasures. This is how he feeds and becomes stronger. The guy who posted this story shared what he believes was an actual incubus sighting. When he told his wife about the strange thing he saw, she confirmed that she had had a dream very similar to what he described. Maybe they share a psychic wavelength because they’ve been married so long, or perhaps he really did see an incubus messing with his wife. The experience sounds absolutely terrifying. Neither he nor his wife could explain what had really happened. And if it was just a dream, the dream had such vivid detail. So scary!

5 Goodnight from the grave

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Dolls have played a role in so many horror movies, like Chucky and Annabelle. The premise is that some malevolent spirit takes residence inside of these dolls to terrorize people. Well, this story is a tad different. This guy’s step-dad had been haunted by his deceased mother who just wanted to tell him that she loved him one last time. Could he have imagined it? If so, why did his dog’s ears perk up as well? Dogs can hear certain frequencies that we can’t. That the dog seemed to hear something as well suggests that perhaps his step-dad hadn’t imagined hearing his mother’s voice. Even benign spirits can be frightening to deal with when you see or hear one, but it can also give you comfort later on.

4 Unexplained noises

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When you’re a kid, you already have a wild imagination. Shadows on the wall become monsters, and creaking boards in an old house immediately indicate a restless spirit in the house. These kids had set themselves up for a spooky evening by sitting in a dark room and laughing. We can’t explain the noises they heard. Maybe the wind caught on the door or maybe they really just imagined the entire thing. There could be an explanation beyond the supernatural. Of course, the supernatural could BE the explanation for what happened. It was a small thing but enough to give them a fright. Sometimes it doesn’t take too much to scare the bejeebus out of us. We can’t see as well in the dark, so it’s easy to think we see or even hear things that might not even be there.

3 That feeling we've been here before

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Wow! This two-sentence horror story actually provides a lot of material to unpack. In the first sentence, we’re made to assume that these two people see the same balloon float above a tree again like a glitch in the matrix. The second sentence takes an unexpected turn and suggests that the narrator is hallucinating while inside of a locked cinderblock room. We have so many questions! Is the narrator in prison or part of an experiment? Which part of this is the hallucination? Not knowing what’s real can be a frightening experience and provides the perfect setup for a nightmare. It’s creepy as hell. This story is scary enough that we wish we could find out more because our imaginations are going to get away from us otherwise. But that’s the point. Two-sentence horror stories leave much up to the mind of the reader.

2 More ghostly dreams

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Sometimes our dreams can be prophetic when we find out that something we dreamed actually happened. Such was the case of the girl who sent in this tale for r/TrueScaryStories. She had a dream about another little girl who tried to get her doll only to fall to her death in the waterfall below. What ended up being really weird is that it was in the news the next day. Did she get a visit from the girl who died? Perhaps the other little girl had been drawn to her sleeping spirit at the time of her death and that’s why she visited her in her dream. We also tried searching for an article that coincided with her tale but were not able to uncover one with the information provided.

1 Stain on your soul

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Finally, we have a two-sentence horror story with a real sense of humor! The first sentence suggests that the narrator is covered in someone’s blood. But we learn in the second sentence that it was a wine glass spill. The wine glass seems to be malevolent in the aftermath of this spill. Her outfit is completely ruined. The glass had been dropped for some reason that we have no idea why, and now it’s seen rolling back and forth. The imagery in this micro-story is pretty damn awesome and has enough humor to take the edge off after reading a series of really scary stories. But getting wine on your clothes after hearing bad news could be enough to give you the nightmares you crave when you read or watch something scary.

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