15 Relatable Memes That Prove Your Friends Are The Very Worst

There's no doubt about it: friends are a large part of what make life worth living. They are there in our proudest moments, our lowest ones, and everything in between. They're your confidantes, therapists, wing women, shopping partners, and drinking buddies. That being said, there might be certain things your friends do that drive you up a wall. You know what we're talking about. Things like posting that picture from last weekend when you guys were wasted and pretending to be robbers by putting pantyhose over your head because in the moment it was side-splitting hilarious. Or maybe it's more of a chronic problem, like the fact that they always fail to introduce you to friends they bump into leaving you to stand there like that creepy kid who breathes behind Helga in Hey Arnold. Yep, there are just some instances where you can't help but think to yourself: my friends are the worst.

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15 When you’re hanging out in a group of three

If you think third-wheeling with a couple is the worst, you’ve clearly never been a third wheel to two of your own friends. Maybe they came over your house but can’t stop gabbing about a show you don’t watch. Or maybe you’re all in a club where the music is blaring and you can barely hear each other, let alone have a three-way discussion. This leads to one of two scenarios—you’re forced to start scrolling on your phone despite the fact that you’re supposed to be out with friends, having fun IRL instead of looking at pictures of other people having fun orrr you have to try to keep attempting (and likely failing) to make your way into the conversation. Of course, everything's fine with you and your friends at the end of the day, but you can't help but momentarily hate them when they leave you out in the lurch like this.

14 When your friends have no shame in being late

There are millions of reasons why someone may be late, and if you’re a chronically tardy person, you know this already. That being said, the difference between a good friend and an annoying one is being upfront about being late. If your friends keeps pushing back the time you guys are meeting up, yes it’s annoying, but at least they’re keeping you up-to-date on their whereabouts so that you can also plan out your day. On the other side of the spectrum, there are your friends who have absolutely zero shame when it comes to being late. We're not talking about forgetting to text when running late, we're talking about showing up to your house two hours late when they said they were 20 minutes. No shame.

13 When your friends suck at taking your picture

Having friends who you’re truly comfortable around comes with a lot of perks. You tell each other when you have something stuck in your teeth. You’re honest when an outfit is simply not working for the other. And of course, you are each other’s personal photographers, capturing each and every Instagram-able moment. Well, that’s the ideal, at least.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Despite the fact that you are pretty much a paparazzi for your friends, making sure they have a ton of photos from every possible angle, they don’t always extend the same courtesy to you. Yep, you'll give them a portfolio they could try out for America's Next Top Model with and they give you a set of photos that looks like they were taken by a 98-year-old who is using an iPhone for the first time.

12 When your friend doesn’t share

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Good friends share everything—clothes, secrets, beauty tips, and of course, food! They let you steal french fries from their dinner plate, give you a bite of their super expensive steak even though you opted for something else, and even give you a bite of their chocolate cake slice after you've inhaled yours. If this sounds like you and your friends, you know that it starts to feel like there are no limits as to how much you guys share around the kitchen table. However, as with most things in life, once you begin to have expectations, you are susceptible to disappointment. In this case, the disappointment occurs when your friend comes over and GASP, doesn't want to share their food! Maybe they haven't eaten all day and insist they need to devour each bite. Maybe it's something they are positive you won't like. Or maybe they just feel like eating the entirety of the meal they paid for. Whatever the reason is, it's not cool!

11 When your friend blows up your spot

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Between the inside jokes, the funny made-up phrases, and the code words, you and your friends likely have developed a language of your own by now. Another way you likely communicate is with covert texting. You know how it goes—you're at a get-together and you can't quite believe that you-know-who just showed up so, what do you do? What else? Text your friend. Or maybe, you're at a party and it's clear that both you and your friend can't stand the guy who is dominating the conversation. So, obviously you grab your phone to send your BFF a text and LOL at the douchey-ness this guy is exhibiting. Pretty funny stuff. That is unless your friend totally blows up your spot and says the worst thing possible: "why did you text me?" DUDE. There are unspoken rules about this sort of thing!

10 When your friends don’t understand that you're tryna #slay

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Some of the best qualities a friend can have are patience and consideration. These commendable characteristics are most prevalent when you're getting ready to go out. A good friend will give you a decent amount of notice ahead of time to prepare yourself, be understanding if you're not ready when they arrive, and let you know what the proper attire for the night is. Alternatively, friends who are simply the worst will tell you they want to stay in and watch a movie only to decide that they want to go out an hour later. By then, you've changed into your pajamas, have taken off all your makeup, and put your hair up into an obnoxious high bun. Even worse, friends will tell you to go out this way simply to avoid having to wait for you to get dolled up again from scratch. The worst!

9 When your friend puts no effort into texting

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Considering that half of people nowadays have their phones glued to their hands, there's something particularly infuriating about a friend who takes absurdly long to answer back. At first you're patient, despite the fact that they're notorious for constantly being on their phone. At the one-hour mark, you start to get a little annoyed, especially because you had texted them a question you really need the response to. Forty-five minutes later, and you are officially ticked off because they just liked someone's post on Instagram. Fifteen more minutes pass and you're contemplating writing them a second text when—DID THEY JUST LIKE YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS? THEY DID NOT JUST LIKE YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS. They did. They liked your Facebook status after not answering your text for hours. That's fxxked.

8 When your friend is on the brink of bailing on your night out

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When you're an adult (or at least a pseudo adult), making plans with your friends isn't always as easy as it was when you were a kid. Between busy work schedules and having to convince people that 2 for 1 margaritas is totally worth having a headache the next day, finding a friend who is willing to hit up Thursday night happy hour can be an all but impossible task. If there's one thing that's more excruciating than the process of finding a friend to go out with you, it's having them keep their word a few hours later! Nothing's worse than getting ready for a night out, pregaming a bit at your apartment, and then calling your friend to be met with a "uhh, you know, I'm actually a lot more tired than I thought." Noooo, is nothing sacred anymore?! Is this just the generation of perpetual flakiness?!?

7 When your friend fails at introducing you to people

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When you were growing up, you were likely introduced to all sorts of people, a majority of them people you would never see again and frankly didn't care about. And yet, your parents insisted on introducing you/showing you off to them. Well, despite all of these years of unnecessary and awkward introductions, you can't help but get a little ticked off when you're with a friend and they totally fail to introduce you to people. You know how this goes: you're at the mall, a restaurant, or wherever, and someone comes up and enthusiastically greets your friend. Then, your friend starts talking to them, gabbing about whatever the hell topic brought them together as friends, while you stand uncomfortably behind them, likely twiddling your thumbs or something to that effect. By this point, you're probably staring at the ground thinking to yourself, "wow, if a hole opened up right now and swallowed me whole, neither of these chumps would notice."

6 When your friend breaks social media etiquette

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In the realm of social media, there are certain rules and courtesies that good friends follow. Quality friends will tell you when your ex has changed their relationship status, will tell you when it's a bad idea to vent your political grievances, and of course, will never upload a ghastly unflattering picture of you. Then, there are your friends who fail at following this etiquette and post a photo of you so unattractive that not only do you untag yourself but you report it to Facebook because you're 90% sure this would be considered offensive by their guidelines. Friends who do this will have one of two excuses for this shameful behavior—they truly think you look fine in the picture (in which case they are sociopaths because they have zero empathy) or they posted it specifically to ruffle your feathers. Either one is equally uncool.

5 When your friend is terrible at doing illegal activities

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There are many differences between someone you consider a friend and someone you merely consider an acquaintance. Friends are the people you don't mind changing in front of, the ones you tell all your really bizarre dreams and nightmares to, and of course, the ones you partake in illegal activities with. Now, we're not talking about selling crack here, but more along the lines of buying alcohol when you're underage or stealing music off the internet. Petty crimes, if you will. Being able to do these things with friends is great, until your friend totally fails at it. They forget the year they're pretending to be born in, they actually think they won $100 when the pop up comes up, and they don't know which download button to click when torrenting a movie so they click on every. single. one. SMH.

4 When your friend keeps you waiting

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If you’re an impatient person, you know there are few things worse than waiting for a friend. The ultimate form of waiting torture is when your friend texts you that they’re “outside” but when you walk out of your house, they are nowhere to be seen. Of course, your friend does this so that you are the one waiting as opposed to them, and we gotta say, no matter how many times they do it, it never gets any less annoying. This leaves you with two options: go inside and wait for them to call you again, which will likely be the moment you reach your couch to sit back down. Or wait outside, where each second feels like a minute, until your friend deigns to show up. It’s pretty much a lose-lose situation.

3 When your friend speaks on your behalf

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Even if you and your BFF are almost always in sync, nobody likes to be spoken for on important issues. You know, things like how your political views formed, why you follow a certain religious doctrine, and of course, whether or not you are hungry. One of these things may seem out of place, but honestly, it's not. Imagine this scenario: you just got off of a really long shift, you're starving, you go to your friend's house to crash, you don't want to barge in and demand food so you wait for the right moment, their mom offers you food (YAY) but oh wait, before you can accept, your friend tells her mom that you guys are fine food-wise. What the heck?!? They didn't even ask you how you're feeling! Hangry-ness is nothing to joke about, y'all.

2 When your friend ditches you for a relationship

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When it comes to friendship, it’s all fun and games until someone gets into a relationship. Suddenly, you are demoted to #2, no matter how good of a friend you are. Since your friend is no longer on the market, Friday nights at a crowded bar become less appealing, getting drunk on three-day-weekends is replaced with romantic getaways to the Hamptons, and you can pretty much forget about them being your wing woman. While there are some people out there who have mastered the craft of balancing a relationship and their friendships, there's always going to be at least one party or outing that your friend misses and the sole reason is because they're hanging out with their boyfriend instead. Womp, womp.

1 When your friend dares to make plans with other people

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Even if your friend commits all of the messed up things on this list, if you’ve been friends with them for a while or if they are good person at heart, you can’t help but stay friends with them. In fact, you may even feel possessive and demand a good deal of their time and attention. Which brings us to our last point—when your friend dares to make plans with other people! Obviously, this is healthy to do but you can’t help but feel slighted at the fact that it’s Friday night and your friend didn’t leave their night free like you assumed they would! How dare they not consult with you first to make sure you had other plans to keep you occupied?! Yeah, you should probably get more friends.

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