15 Relatable Memes That Will Absolutely Make You Say "Same"

There are about seven billion people currently inhabiting Earth and each one is living out their own unique experience. Some are male, some are female. Some live in abundance and excess while others make do with the bare minimum. How ever you lead your life, there are certain experiences that are pretty much universal. You know, frustrating things like waiting for your friend without a cell phone as a form of entertainment or spending a few too many hours with your crazy family. These are situations that we can all relate to, regardless of race, gender, or social status. How is that? Because there are certain things that frankly, are tethered to the human experience, and bind us together, no matter how silly they actually are. And guess what? With the internet in existence, we now have memes to remind us of these situations. What a time to be alive! Here are 15 relatable memes that will have you saying "same."

15 When you finish a series on Netflix

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Let’s be real: life is hard and confusing and overwhelming. Which explains why so many people love Netflix. Its vast library of content is always there, waiting to welcome you back with open arms, like a Dementor, but the kind you don’t mind sucking the life out of you.You start off innocently enough; watching an episode or two of a show people keep saying is good on Facebook. Then, you realize it IS good and spend a Sunday afternoon steamrolling through 8-11 episodes. Then, you watch it every night when you get home from work, because you are genuinely invested in what happens to Johnny and who is going to leave who and will he find out?! And then, just like that, it’s over. Sometimes, it ends unexpectedly and you can’t help but feel like its the day after coming home from vacation and all that energy you had built up is just pulled out from under you and you have to return to your regular life. Yeah, it’s rough.

14 When you fail at interacting with people

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In an ideal world, we’d all have a constant feed of conversation material streaming through our heads, telling us the right thing to say at the right time. Yeah, sure, that sounds like a sci-fi situation just begging to go wrong when you’re sitting at home, but think about it after you’ve answered “pretty good, how about you?” to someone asking where the bathroom is and see how you feel.

Yep, there's nothing like picking up some prescription at CVS that's already embarrassing enough on its own, only to make matters worse by replying "you too" when the pharmacist urges you to call if you have any questions. Yeah, tell that pharmacist to call you. Good job, doofus. Just try to will the floor to open up and swallow you whole now.

13 When your friend is a Snapchat addict

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There are two types of people in the social media world. Those who view life as a series of Instagramable moments, Facebook statues waiting to happen, and of course Snapchat snippets. And those who are constantly walking away from situations realizing that they could have probably captured a good moment for the social media world, but just can’t seem to remember these platforms exist until it’s too late. If you’re in the latter category, you know how frustrating it can be to hang out with your friend who’s a Snapchat addict and constantly being shot like you’re in a movie, but the plot is not all that exciting.

Some friends are reasonable and keep their urge to shoot sparse, only recording highlights of the day. Others are borderline ridiculous, certain that in each and every moment, there’s something worth committing to video. This behavior may fly for the majority of your hangout, but usually at one point or another, you can’t help but tackle your friend mid-Snap and insist that they cut it out.

12 When you suck at being a social media stalker

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Social media has made everything weird. Gone are the days spent wondering what your friend/crush/exboyfriend is doing, because, guess what?! Now you’ve got a goddamn portfolio of everything they’ve done and it’s accessible at any time. You know, when you’re on the subway, in your office cubicle, or at 3 a.m when you’re reliving every memory of the last five years because you’re masochistic.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re secretly looking through someone’s very personal photo album. The only difference is that one false move, one slippery click and it’s not so sly anymore. Suddenly, an innocent peek at your boyfriend’s new girlfriends turns into—oh crap, did I just DOUBLE TAP? Tell me I didn’t just fxxking double tap. JUST KILL ME NOW. Oh thank God, false alarm, almost had a cardiac arrest there. That was a close one. You were almost exposed for the creep you are.

11 When your friend keeps you waiting

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You know what’s really annoying? Waiting awkwardly for a friend to arrive. This usually requires waiting in a crowded place, eyes darting to and fro searching for that familiar face. Or meeting at a restaurant and having to wait in the lobby because they don’t sit incomplete parties. One of the most frustrating situations is when your friend agrees to pick you up at your house and calls you prematurely to ensure that you are waiting for them and not the other way around. You know how it goes, they call, tell you they’re “outside” and when you finally go outside, they’re nowhere to be seen.

This leaves you with two options: go inside and wait for them to call you again, which will likely be the moment you reach your couch to sit back down. Or wait outside, where each second feels like a minute, until your friend deigns to show up. It's pretty much a lose-lose situation.

10 When family time gets a little too intense

Spending time with family is one of the many joys of life. It's grounding, humbling, and most of the time, fun. That being said, bringing a variety of generations all under one roof can certainly get stressful at times. Add some opposing political views, a dash of racist Grandpa, and some booze, and it's a family disaster waiting to happen. Maybe your Uncle Tony doesn't respect your decision to pursue acting. Maybe your Aunt Suzanne is offended that it took you two weeks to answer her friend request on Facebook. Maybe you got a little too tipsy on wine and made a joke that was a little too dark and now you have to explain that saying "kill me now" is an exaggeration and not what you actually meant. Yeah, we've all been here—forced to find some recluse amidst a group of crazy people you're related to. Moving from the kid's table to the main one is rough.

9 When checking out of a store is way more stressful than it has to be

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There are situations that are stressful for someone with anxiety. Then, there are situations that are collectively stressful to the human race. Trying to get yourself together at the checkout of a store falls in the latter of these categories. The task seems simple enough—find your wallet, take out a form of payment, hand it to the cashier, retrieve whatever you need from the cashier, put it in your wallet, gather your belongings, and hit the road. Despite the fact that everyone knows how to complete this task and the people around you at the store knows that this task needs to be done before you can leave, you can’t help but feel like you need to rush for your life otherwise you are basically inconveniencing everyone who is in the store… supremely.

8 When you don’t know when to stop binge-watching

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In case you didn’t figure it out already, this generation is pretty into excess. Binge-drinking, binge-watching, binge-eating, we love it, especially when all three conjoin. Some people only partake in binging for special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Super Bowl, and other events of this sort. Other people make binging a weekly thing, an event they reserve for the weekend, a break from their typically moderate routine. And then, there are a few people who view binging as a lifestyle.

These are the types of people who wake up every morning with a clean slate of sorts, ready for another day of overindulging. People who are drunk but keep drinking, full but keep eating, and of course, tired as heck but simply can’t stop hitting the “Next Episode” button on Netflix. We’re not saying it’s right, folks, we’re just saying it’s relatable.

7 When your money management makes zero sense

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Unless you have an abundance of self control, money management can be pretty tough. You know you should be saving but there are so many temptations. Between Seamless, Uber, and a scattering of pending online shopping carts, it feels like saving money is a far fetched plan that seems good in concept but falls apart as soon as you’re hungry, too lazy to transport yourself, or wanting to revamp your look.

That being said, you still like to appear as though you have a firm grasp on your finances. So, you’re hesitant to pay for things that seem somewhat unnecessary. Yeah, you’ll spend $30 on sushi but getting charged a whole dollar extra for spicy mayo? Wow, not cool. Or you know loading up your shopping cart to $130 and then having to pay $5.99 for shipping. Straight up unacceptable.

6 When people don’t put in any texting effort

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Conversing is a form of art. It’s a way of entertaining yourself and others through personal anecdotes, quippy remarks, unfiltered opinions, and other things of that sort. To have a good conversation, all parties have to be somewhat committed. After all, nothing’s worse than when you’re pouring your heart out to someone or retelling what is to you an ~epic story~ only to be left with a “haha, yeah” or worse, a “k.”

You’re not even worthy of an O to go along with that K?! Do people have no respect?!? You just gave your friend a play-by-play of your Friday night, crazy hookup and all, and just got a lackluster “haha, yeah” back. It’s just not right.

5 When you think you lost your phone

Isn’t it weird to think about all of the manmade objects we hold dear to our hearts? 20 years ago, cell phones didn’t exist and now we can’t imagine going about our daily lives without them. After all, our phones are basically our lifelines. They connect us with our friends and family. They make us feel safe when we’re walking home alone. And you can play Candy Crush on it. What else could you really want out of a device?

Considering how much we love our cell phones, it’s no surprise that when we think we may have lost it, we freak out. Where is THAT THING? It was in your pocket a second ago or did you leave it outside? No, WAIT. You left it at the restaurant. FML. Oh… nevermind… it was in my other pocket the whole time. Just had a breakdown over pretty much nothing.

4 When sleepovers get awkward

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When you really think about it, sleepovers are kind of weird. It’s like airbnb’ing at a friend’s house, but you can’t really move around freely without them acting as your escort. Sure, it may not seem that obvious at night when you’re just palling around, watching a movie or hanging out in their room. Wait until morning, however, and it becomes glaringly evident. Yup, nothing reminds you that your friend’s house is in fact not your house than when you wake up and realize you can’t really cruise around the way you normally could in your own home. Instead, when you awake from sleep, you are confined to their room until they also wake up. Sure, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook keeps you entertained for a while and you may even catch up on some articles that you’ve bookmarked, but eventually you realize how awkward this situation is. Yep, we’ve all been there.

3 When your comfort food habit gets a little out of hand

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There is so much to love about the winter. There's the magical first snow of the season, all of the holiday cheer, and of course the warmth and comfort that comes from getting cozy with your favorite people. Speaking of comfort, winter also marks the beginning of the greatest season of all: comfort food season. This is a time to gather with loved ones, sit around the fire, and eat copious amounts of carbs. Mac and cheese, cornbread, stuffing, cookies… the list can truly go on forever. While there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the typical winter garb of thick sweaters, flannel, and dark jeans. Yes, there’s nothing better than indulging in a piece (or two) of apple pie knowing that wherever this pie ends up anatomically, it won’t be seen for at least another eight weeks. That being said, this type of indulgence often gets out of hand and before you know it, that “winter bod” you joked about so much in November is all too real by February. Whoops.

2 When your phone dies in public

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It’s no secret that people nowadays have become extremely dependent on their phone. It’s your entertainment on the subway, it’s something to fiddle with when you’re feeling awkward at a party, and it’s an easy way to remain connected with friends even when you’re out living life on your own. In fact, we have become so dependent on our phones that it can be downright jarring when it suddenly dies in public. Instantly, your connection to anything other than what’s directly in front of you is cut off, you have nothing to toy around with to remind strangers on the street that you’re not a weirdo standing on a street corner, you’re a totally normal humans with friends! On your phone! They’re all there, I swear! Yeah, no, still awkward.

1 When drunk you has taken over

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People like getting drunk for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, you just need to take the edge off after a hard week at work. Other times, it’s your friend’s 30th birthday and that is more than a good enough reason to get hammered. Now, there are a lot of different personalities people take on when they get drunk. There’s the Grump who can’t stop complaining and venting. The Hothead who can go from having fun to starting a fight in .2 seconds. And the Social Butterfly, who simply can’t stop making friends with anyone and everyone. We’re talking exchanging IG accounts with the bouncer, chatting up the bartender, making friends with the people from the adjacent table after overhearing them talking about Westworld, and the all-too-familiar girl party that happens whenever the drunk social butterfly enters the bathroom. Yeah, we’ve all been this person and we gotta say, it’s pretty great.

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