15 Relationship Snapchats That Are So Relatable It Hurts

Technology is a great tool to have. It allows us to access millions upon millions of pieces of information with just a few clicks on the keyboard. We have busy lives and technology makes it easier to stay in touch with friends and family that we otherwise wouldn't be in close contact with. Social media has blossomed into this huge platform for everyone of all ages to use, to express themselves and to share snippets of their lives to others around them. It all started with MySpace and will probably continue to expand in years to come.

A popular social media app that has blown up in the last couple of years is Snapchat. It is used by people of all ages in order to give their audience a short look into their lifestyle. It's also a great app to use if you would like to share a piece of a drunken night, but will be erased after so many seconds. While everyone has their own method of using it, there are also people that use it solely to connect with their best friend, siblings or even, a boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, the next 15 Snapchats are incredibly relatable to anyone that has been or is in a relationship and used Snapchat to get their SO's attention.

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15 The breakup Snap

Via: elitedaily.com

We'd hope that no one would be savage enough to actually do this, but obviously there are people out there that have had this happen to them. Long gone are the days of discretion and low-key breakups, which are now replaced by using social media as a means of telling a boyfriend or girlfriend that it's over. Like everything else these days, a person's every move and choice they make can be advertised on their social media pages for all of their friends to see. So while this Snap may not be the most endearing of them all, it probably is something people can relate to because they either have had a friend that was broken up with this way or are now thinking of doing it this way themselves just to be petty.

14 The food Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

If anyone has ever been in a relationship, they know the way to their bae's heart is by buying them food. Not flowers, not jewelry, just show up with food without being asked and you are golden. The term 'hangry' has never been more real than when our SO's are in need of food. Relationships are built on going out for drinks and dinner and after we are comfortable with each other, we start dropping hints of what types of food we like the best, in hopes they remember and surprise you one day.

On the flip side, when your love life is looking more like the bottom of an empty bag of potato chips than anything else, food is always there for you. A burrito is always just a few minutes away. And while Chipotle doesn't celebrate your anniversary with you or buy you flowers, it has never once let you down. Food is and always will be bae.

13 The leftovers culprit Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

The majority of us have probably lived with a roommate or two and had to all but lick every bit of our food just so they would leave it alone. If your roommates were respectable and ate their own food, then congratulations, you are #blessed. When we have good leftovers from our meal, we save them in order to eat the rest later. What we aren't doing is saving it for someone else to eat.

So when we are in a relationship and living with our other half, they think that what's yours is theirs and somehow end up eating all the leftovers you were saving for lunch. In fact, you don't even have to be living with them for them to do this. If they are comfortable enough, they will  snatch your leftover Olive Garden right out of your own fridge. Snapchat is a great resource to call them out—and we probably have a time or 12.

12 The oblivious Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

One of the things we love about our boyfriends or girlfriends is how passionate they are about certain interests or hobbies. They are good things to have and sometimes, they are things you can do as a couple. For example, video games. Even though this interest may be more annoying than interesting to some, video games can be fun and something a couple can do together. But, when the situation like the one above happens, some people would beg to differ.

There you are, looking all fine and ready to do anything but play video games and bae is so enthralled by what is going on on the screen in front of them that they don't even notice, well, you! This Snap not only calls this girls' boyfriend out, but shows him what he's missing out on as well.

11 The Netflix and chill Snap

Via: collegehumor.com

Back in the day, people just called or texted their friends and family to see what they are up to. It was simple, it got the point across and that was that. Today, we have the opportunity to use our social media apps in order to persuade our SO to come over and with a bit of creativity. While the term, "Netflix and chill" is probably on this dude's mind, he might just want his SO to come over to play video games or something. Either or, you have to give this guy credit for the effort.

Being in a relationship allows us to be silly with one another and flirt in odd ways, and Snapchat has given us a platform to do just that. Because how much fun is a quick and boring text? Not as much as making Snap art, at least.

10 The passive-aggressive Snap

Via: imgur.com

Everyone loves animals, right? They are cute, furry and loyal to the end. When people are in long-term relationships, sometimes they'll buy a pet together because it's the right time and they're both on the same page about it. Other times, people already have pets before they meet their boyfriend or girlfriend and come as a package deal. While pets can get on our nerves and sometimes don't listen to us, at the end of the day they are a part of the family.

When we are in a position in which we know that a difficult conversation like this one needs to happen with our SO, we now have Snapchat to pave the way! Snapchat is a great tool to use for the game of passive-aggressiveness so why not take advantage of it? Those of us in relationships know that if it hasn't been a petty Snap about loving a pet more than a boyfriend or girlfriend, it's been something else and we are glad we have it to use at those times.

9 The "don't do anything stupid" Snap

Via: elitedaily.com

As much a we all love spending time with bae, we both need time to ourselves and with our own friends. We part ways and do our own thing with our friends because that's what normal people do. While we know it's healthy and needed, we also have that nagging voice in our head to send a low-key Snap to bae to let them know that even though we may not physically be with them, we still have eyes on them.

While it's all for fun and games, bae knows that there is a tone of seriousness in Snaps like this and hopefully it will follow him on boys night out. Or, you could just want to be creepy and send this to them late at night. Everyone is a creep sometimes.

8 The post-fight Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

People in relationships just don't always see eye-to-eye, and sometimes they're a bit more petty (or downright savage) than they set out to be. With the help of social media, we can send our SO a message without even talking to them and at times, that's probably for the best. We know this fight will be over before we know it, but sometimes, we won't go down without having the last word. They might be apologizing and trying to be the mature one, but how fun would it be to send a final Snap and giggle to ourselves in the process? This specific Snap was too good not to send.

Being in relationships means putting someone else's feelings first at times and seeing their opinion in certain situations. But how much more do you want to take this approach with fighting with bae happens?

7 The teasing Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

When you are in a relationship, half the fun is having someone readily available to make fun of and pick on. They must really like you for being with you in the first place, so why not take advantage of it? When people are in relationships, hopefully each person finds it easier and easier to be their true selves once they trust and feel comfortable around the other person. With every comfortable relationship, there comes a time where otherwise embarrassing and awkward situations comes up and when they do, couples usually laugh and move on. Example? Burps and gas. Sometimes we forget we are around the person we are trying to impress and we let them slip. And when you're comfortable enough with your boo, you remember that everyone is human and a little Snap to tease them of their "release" is totally called for.

6 The reminder Snap

Via: elitedaily.com

There will come a time when couples have their own commitments and cannot be with each other all the time (duh). You know, the things that keep you away, like work, school, friends and book club. When that happens for the first time, maybe your SO will walk around aimlessly wondering what to do with their life now that you are gone. This could also be a revelation that they can now whip out their weird habits since you aren't there.

Eventually, as all things do, this turns into an opportunity for Snapchat gold. Don't be surprised when your SO starts snapping inanimate objects around the house that remind them of you. The extra creative ones will start Snapping a ton of them with cute little messages just to let you know that you should be there. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

5 The secret Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

Besides embarrassing the hell out of your SO, taking pictures of them in their most vulnerable state is often a fun pastime for most people. Then, with the power of social media, we can post it online, slightly boasting for everyone else to see. It's such a basic thing to do, but it also is somehow necessary because they can't take our phone away when they are getting their beauty sleep. Usually, we will send these Snaps to all of their friends, mutual friends and them as well so they can see that they were caught mid-nap session.

Another popular Snap to take is when our lovely SO's are playing/sleeping/walking animals, because let's be honest, an animal and bae acting cute together is the best.

4 The new filters Snap

Via: wojdylosocialmedia.com

This could be for any relationship, but in particular, people in romantic relationships (especially new ones) are often dying to be a little cheesy and mess with Snapchat filters with bae. They might be sitting in their cubicle at work making duck faces to get the best face, sitting at home sending 10 Snaps in a row, and in either case, making bae look through every filter to ensure which one is the best.

Using cheesy cute filters on bae could also stand for an apology, a cute note to let bae you are thinking of them—or even a really unattractive filter just to let them know what they have to deal with when you're feeling like a swamp thing. Love is blind, right?

3 The shoutout Snap

Via: pinterest.com

Along with social media came the #hashtags and abbreviated wording to fit more of what we want to say in a post. Then, the shout-outs happened on social media and the rest is history. Along the way, people in relationships thought it would be meaningful to give a shoutout on certain days of the week (depending on gender,) to their SO to just let them know they are thinking of them. In example, #MCM, AKA Man Crush Monday and #WCW AKA Woman Crush Wednesday are prime examples of people in relationships that want to use social media to tell the world and their SO the feelings they have for them.

By the looks of this Snap, this dude doesn't seem too pleased with the sudden phone in his face, but that's just the price we have to pay sometime for having technology right at our literal fingertips.

2 The warning Snap

Via: buzzfeed.com

There comes a time in every relationship in which two people surpass a certain level comfort level and the delicate TMI level and let it all hang out there. When people in a relationship live together or have to share living quarters on vacation or a sleepover, it becomes more of a test between comfort levels when they need to, ahem, relieve themselves. This Snap is nothing less than relatable for the sheer fact that this happens with all couples at some point.

For those of us that live with our person of interest, concerns about privacy become less of a issue and more of a barrier-breaking surprise at every turn. The logical way to issue this bathroom warning is via Snapchat, where they won't ave  the chance of blackmailing you later on. This girl is thinking ahead.

1 The random Snap

Via: pinterest.com

It doesn't matter where you are, what time it is or who is around, there is always time for a random Snap with bae. It could be on vacation, at home, in the supermarket or in the car, it will happen and they will always involve a cute message, a cute filter or emojis. People need to know that you have documented your amazing day with bae, and that's all that matters. Snapchat was created to show others your life and what's better than to share fun times with your SO? Even though we have shared hundreds of virtually the same picture over and over, it will always be fun to take simple pictures like the one above with our SOs. We're making memories, here!

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