15 Renegade People Who Live By Their Own Set Of Rules

15 Renegade People Who Live By Their Own Set Of Rules

Well, hey there! Listen, we know you’re busy, but could you spare a minute for this post? We’re willing to make it worth your while. No, we’re not going to pay you—not in money, however, we will pay you in laughs. And really, isn’t that what makes you wealthy? It’s not how much money you have, it’s how much you enjoy life (well, that’s what we’re going to tell ourselves, anyway).

Rules are for suckers, and these rebels aren’t going to put up with them anymore. They’ve had it up to here. They’re sick and tired of conformity. They’re putting their collective and figurative foot down. Stand back and brace yourselves for the sheer awesomeness of these 15 renegade people who live by their own set of rules.

15. He doesn’t need school, anyway, he’s already a genius

Via: breakyourownnews.com

This boy has done what we’ve wanted to do since the dawn of time. He’s figured out a way to justify giving up, and his confidence, coupled with his I-don’t-give-AF-ness are what has enabled him to pull it off. Besides, it’s obvious that he doesn’t need to go to school, anyway. Only a true genius would realize that a good education means nothing if one is not first equipped with adequate sleep.

Probably our favorite thing about this headline is where it says that this kid “decided sleep is more important than school” like that’s not something that we can all agree on. It makes it sound like this boy has wild notions, when it looks like all that he really has is his sanity.

14. Uber drivers: rebellious or just insane? You decide.

Via: buzzfeed.com

Uber drivers are sketchy. We don’t want to single out a group of people, especially not a group of people who are just trying to make an honest living. But the fact is, with Uber drivers, you never know what you’re gonna get. Are you going to get a cool mom who’s just trying to raise money so her kids can go to college? Or are you going to get a creepy serial killer who’ll lock you up in their basement with their other victims? It could go either way, TBH.

Most of the time, though, Uber drivers are neither friendly parents, nor homicidal maniacs. Most of the time, they’re weirdos who do whatever the heck they want and leave you to deal with the secondhand embarrassment.

13. This graduation party is lit

Via: gapbagap.co.uk

You want to know what our siblings did for us during our graduation party? They dog piled us out in the backyard, snicker-snagged on us until we hurled, and when they finally let us back up again, they pantsed us in front of all of our friends and family. We were so embarrassed, we literally passed out, hit our head on our dad’s barbecue on the way down, and we woke up an hour later in the ER with a concussion.

Our siblings suck on toast, so you can imagine how quickly we would trade them in for this sibling, who made Borat/beach-themed decorations for their sister’s graduation party. Sure, that picture is a little embarrassing, but the blush-worthiness is outweighed by copious amounts of awesome.

12. We have seen angels, and they like baths and chicken wings

Via: pinterest.com

The light is shining on this child prodigy like he’s a gift from heaven above—and he is, for if you close your eyes and listen hard, you can hear the angels singing. This precious enfant has been sent here to teach us a valuable lesson—that we all need to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, like bathing and eating chicken wings at the same time. Thank you, O wise kiddo, for imparting your wisdom.

The smile on this kid’s face. Priceless. You look at him, and you’d think he just cracked the code. He’s just discovered the meaning of life, the ultimate reason for being. He doesn’t care that eating while bathing is kind of gross. He’s making his own rules, the little legend.

11. A cinnamon roll

Via: reddit.com

Old people fit into two subgroups. The ones who are hella irritated about everything ever, and the ones who are far too precious for this world. There are the grumps and then there are the cinnamon rolls. Very rarely will you see an old person who fits into both of those categories, but this old man? He does. So soak it up, y’all. Let this cinnamon roll be your inspiration. Let him be your role model, your guide for what you should be like when you get old.

This grandpa has totally nailed the SpongeBob SquarePants font. Maybe he’s the one who should be teaching this class. We wonder if he’d be willing to sell his masterpiece to us, because it’d look just fabulous in our living room.

10. What’s a little water to a rebel like him?

Via: pinterest.com

While everyone else was freaking out about Hurricane Harvey, this guy wasn’t about to let that bastard storm rain on his parade. Sure, houses flooded, roads closed and businesses suffered millions of dollars worth of damage, but this guy wasn’t going to let a little (okay, a lot) of water bring him down. He grabbed his inflatable raft and his parasol, and dang if he didn’t have himself a right good time. Hey, you go, guy.

Perhaps this fellow isn’t so overtly rebellious as your stereotypical renegade, but what makes him such a rule breaker is that he’s refused to abide by standard disaster protocol. He’s not treating this admittedly horrible event with gravitas and woe. He’s making it a grand outing. That is so boss, man.

9. Craig is such a(n) son

Via: ebaumsworld.com

We don’t know Craig personally, but judging by this fill-in-the-blank card written out by one of his parents, we have to say, this Craig sure does sounds like such a(n) son. He’s such a(n) son that he deserves a hundred dollars for no reason at all, other than the fact that he is such a(n) son.

The parent who filled this card out is such a renegade. A passive aggressive renegade, sure, but a renegade all the same. They weren’t about to be reigned in by all of those empty slots. They weren’t going to waste their time and mental energy coming up with clever ad libs. Cut through the crap, that’s their life’s motto, and the world would be a better place if we all adopted that policy.

8. Look out, honey bunch. Jenny gone find you

Via: pinterest.com

Jenny is out for blood, yo. She’s over it. She’s not playin’ around with snooping through her husband’s phone or his email, and she’s not interested in trying to figure out his social media logins. She’s a rebel, through and through. She’s not following those lame ass rules. She’s going to prove her man is a cheater, and she’s going to do it her way. So be afraid, honey bunch. Be very afraid.

We guess when it comes to trying to find out if your spouse is hooking up with people behind your back, there really are no rules that you have to abide by. All bets are off in that scenario. Even still, Jenny is pushing that extreme to the, well, extreme, and that makes her a renegade.

7. When will society stop pushing these unrealistic beauty standards on us?

Via: tumblr.com

The owner of this pizza place don’t need your stinkin’ standard gender binary system, you got that? Forget male and female. Forget trans. Forget gender fluid. Forget about all of that. There are only two genders. Happy pizza slices, and happy pizza slices with arms. And if you don’t like that, then guess what? You’re not welcome at this establishment.

Sigh. Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for men and women. How are we supposed to live up to this? It’s only a matter of time before celebrities start getting nipped and tucked to resemble triangular slices of delicious pizza. We appreciate this business owner’s rebelliousness, and their desire to break the gender mold, but this? This isn’t the way to do it. And, great, now we’re hungry.

6. If you won’t make time for Grandpa, Grandpa won’t make time for you

Via: pinterest.com

“Oh, hold on. Sounds like my phone just got one o’ them text messages. Let’s see here. What’s this? A baby? I don’t know anybody who’s havin’ a baby. Do I? Oh, no, that’s right. My daughter, Stephanie. I s’pose this is her young’un. Well, that’s wonderful. Honestly, I’m so excited to have yet another grandkid who won’t find the time to come see me. That’s just peachy! What the hell does Stephanie want me to say to this, anyway? ‘Wow, she sure is a cutie! Can’t wait for her to ignore all my calls and make excuses for why she can’t spend any time with me?’ I’ll just send ‘OK.’ What’d she bother me with this for? Doesn’t she know I’m trying to watch Wheel of Fortune?”

5. Well, shoot, that’s a darn good idea

Via: pinterest.com

What you’re witnessing here, folks, is nothing short of history in the making. That’s right ladies and gents, from this moment forward, things will be different. The paradigm has shifted. Times are changing. No more will our children have to deal with falling asleep on the plane and missing out on the overpriced bottles of booze. No longer will our darling sons and daughters have to cope with getting glossed over when the airline people are passing out those free meals (which taste awful anyway, but that’s beside the point).

And how has this revolution begun? What’s sparked this movement? Why, this renegade. This woman, with a little time and forethought, has overcome a universal problem. She’s said, “to heck with the rules, I’m making my own!” What a hero.

4. Guess who was just ordered to attend a mandatory anger management class

Via: pinterest.com

“Hmm. I want to pay my traffic ticket, but I want to do it in such a way that I royally piss off everybody in the local government. So much so that the police are actually persuaded to arrest me and throw me in jail. Yes, that’s precisely what I should do. Ah, but how? How can I irritate a swarm of already irritated public officials? Think, think, think. Aha! I know what I shall do! I shall take this envelope, and I shall fashion it into the unmistakable shape of a flipped bird! Yes, a middle finger, upright and alone, in all its offensive glory! That’s sure to make the city angry! They’ll never make me the target of fines and penalties after this!”

3. Cock-a-doodle-don’t bring a ceramic chicken to picture day

Via: techeblog.com

Wow. This kid’s school photographer told him to bring a prop for his yearbook photo? That’s not what our yearbook photographer told us. In fact, if we remember correctly, all that guy said to us was, “Shut up, and smile, you stupid kid. Don’t you dare blink, either, because I got news for you. I’m going to be on vacation during the yearbook photo retake days, so this is your one and only chance. Oh, quit your crying!” Nice guy, that yearbook photographer.

Like we said, we were never told to bring a prop for our pictures, but if we had been told to, and this ceramic chicken was the item we brought, we’d have been expelled. Not this kid, though. He’s a rebel who don’t give a damn.

2. Ghosts always have the last laugh

Via: facebook.com

Ghosts are so boss. They know they hold all the cards. These “paranormal experts” or whatever lame ass title they want to go with, act like they’re the ones calling the shots on their fancy pants TV shows. But we all know that’s a lie. They talk a big game, but, pssh! What a joke! They go into these haunted places asking for the dead to communicate with them, but the minute the dead talk back, the ghost hunters wig out. We mean, WTF do you people want? Do you want to talk to spirits or don’t you? Let us know when you decide.

Yessir, ghosts are the ones making the rules. They wanna talk, they’ll talk. But if they don’t wanna, they ain’t gonna. Know why? ‘Cause they’re renegades.

1. The most valuable player to ever play most valuably

Via: pinterest.com

Have you ever been to the DMV? Rules don’t apply there. Anywhere else, people are polite and decent, but that’s not true of the DMV. That place is in anarchy. It’s a nightmare. You walk into one of those things, and everything you ever knew about humanity and decorum gets thrown out the window by a group of uncouth, smelly heathens. And, oh, you just wish we were exaggerating.

The DMV is a den of criminals and naive teenagers hoping to get their learner’s permits. This guy may be forced to wait in this hellhole for the next five hours, but, dammit, he’s gonna have his pizza, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him. If he’s not a renegade, then we don’t know who is.

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