15 Rich Teenagers We Want To See Go Broke

We all know that not everyone is as good-looking or as rich as they would like to be. The world isn’t fair; it doesn’t matter whether we’re a Hollywood celebrity, a politician or a regular citizen. But thanks to some people’s skills and hard work, as well as some stroke of luck, they’ve been able to accumulate ridiculous wealth. And their tales have haunted the rest of us who hardly make ends meet. And that’s not all—copious amounts of money sometimes end up in the wrong hands. In this era of social networking, we see how the children of the rich—undeserving as they may be—bathe in luxury thanks to daddy and mommy’s hard-earned wealth. Check out these 15 rich teenagers we wanna see go broke.

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15 More expensive than our cars

Via: snapchat.com

Teens these days don’t really care about basic school supplies, except for some who only want the best supplies for class. Students usually just consider pens as objects that they bring with them to survive another school day. But apparently, this isn't the case with the filthy rich. See this young fellow doing some online shopping for a pen? It's an effing silver-plated, rhodium-coated fountain pen that costs £10,000 ($13,585)! No doubt about it, though—that does look like some mighty pen any student (or non-student) would be happy to write whatever with. Is this what rich kids do when they have so much money they don't know what to do with it? Here's hoping that ridiculously-priced pen works wonders on this student's grades.

14 We see him Rolex-in’, we hatin’

Via: snapchat.com

Regular kids often cry in frustration over things they want the most that, because of money issues, their parents just can’t give. And over time, most kids get used to it. Truth is, a lot of children simply can't have everything they want. That's just the way the world works. Fortunately, people have the ability to be content and happy with what they have—in this life, often a little bit of something is better than nothing after all. And we should never forget to be thankful for it. But instead of being grateful, this brat is subtly showing off while exposing a hint of ungratefulness at the same time. Really? Getting a Rolex instead of a yacht from a doting and inappropriately generous dad doesn't make you happy?

13 Bet he was lovin’ it

Via: snapchat.com

In this world, we are made to believe that the affluent belong in a different dimension of sorts—one that separates them from the rest who aren’t as lucky as they are, wealth-wise. But the truth of the matter remains that while we run different lives, we live in the same world. We all breathe the same air, use the same senses and feel the same pain. And regardless of how rich or poor we are, we all need to eat. That's pretty basic. So we’re really irked by this kid who thinks and proudly declares that McDonald’s isn’t a suitable place for his kind. Is it the Rolex that’s making him think he’s special? Rich or peasant, we all eat and poop just the same.

12 Waging war against us

Via: snapchat.com

There’s really nothing special about a pen. You could lose one and feel bad about it for a minute, but you can easily move on from it. Unless, of course, it’s a Montblanc, which range from $200 to nearly $1,000 apiece. Montblanc luxury pens come in designs that are inspired by world histories. They have hand-engraved characters that are embossed in white gold, yellow and whatnot. They're really special and costly enough for rich kids to want to own. This kid owns exactly that and makes it clear that the cost of a single Montblanc trumps the wage of a regular worker or—using his very own term reflective of his arrogance—a peasant. We hope this kid one day gets to experience how difficult life is as a peasant.

11 Costly coaster

Via: snapchat.com

Aren’t we all fascinated by people whose brains were wired for DIYs? We're talking about those extremely ingenious individuals who have the gift of creatively turning something ordinary into something awesome. Their skills definitely come handy for all things homemaking, crafts and camping. Some people are even talented enough to make something out of stuff we originally believed to be worthless. Heard of creative geniuses turning garbage into some precious décor and making a lucrative business out of it? Impressive, right? But when you don’t have a coaster and turn your iPhone into one, that's a different story. It's an obnoxious display of extravagance and arrogance. But then again, it’s a rich kid solving their lack of coaster problem. We can’t expect them to know better.

10 Stabilize your mentality, too

Via: snapchat.com

Dealing with young individuals with the ability to own all things money can buy can be a real pain. Expect them to treat nearly everything as expendable. What to most people would be valuable, such as an expensive, four-digit priced iPhone, is of absolutely zero value to them. Why? Because they can get as many of that as they want. Heck, their parents might even be large shareholders of Apple. While most of the world can only wonder about how it feels to have it all, rich teenagers are often too spoiled to realize they are ungrateful brats who don’t deserve a spot on social media. Case in point: this foolish rich kid who uses an iPhone to stabilize a chair. Only rich kids can do that.

9 Why not just buy more?

Via: snapchat.com

We are constantly in awe of modern gadgets and how they make our lives easier. Who would've thought that the time would come for people to have access to nearly limitless gadget choices integrating the most modern technologies? We all take pleasure in the fact that now more than ever, we are able to communicate and do even the most complicated tasks effortlessly, thanks to laptops, smartphones and tablets, such as the innovative iPad which is owned by many teenagers today. It's not exactly cheap with the expensive variety costing nearly $600. But here's the thing: It’s not to be used as a placemat for when the table needs one. This stupid and arrogant rich kid did just that—and is mighty proud of it.

8 Ran out of brain cells

Via: snapchat.com

A MacBook Pro, the gadget that is taking over a lot of people's wish list, costs anywhere between $1,299 and $2,799. It’s crazy expensive, but this is exactly why wealthy kids can't be seen without it. It's an attention-grabbing gadget that gives its owner bragging rights (apart from the practical use it offers as a modern device). After all, not everyone can afford it; even many regular Joes think it's impractical. But for this rich teenager, it's as good as trash. Look at how the poor MacBook Pro was literally turned into a piece of paper on which to write school notes. What a waste. But not really. We’re pretty sure daddy's got the dosh to get this foolish kid a new one—or two for that matter.

7 The biggest (iPhone) loser

Via: snapchat.com

How does it feel like to be filthy rich and able to buy the latest iPhone at will? Stupid rich kids couldn't seem to care less about being a klutz and losing the ones they already have because they can always get a brand new one courtesy of mom and dad. It's extremely annoying how this situation exposes the ugly truth about people having so much more money than they need. It makes us wonder if it would kill them not to spend it. But what makes us all scratch our heads is the fact that some people—kids in this case—simply can't help but tell the world about the tales of their monetary abundance. It’s almost like they only live to brag about their material things.

6 The wine for the wealthy

Via: snapchat.com

Listed as one of the priciest wines on the planet, Dom Perignon is a staple in many social events by and for the influential and affluent. In fact, an incredibly rare 1961 vintage bottle was served during the royal wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. One of its latest offerings, the 2004 Vintage rose champagne, is priced at roughly $300. You’d think a teenager would think it's a ridiculous price for a drink and gladly prefer a can of Coke instead. But there are teenagers, like this rich kid, who has an entire bottle of Dom Perignon 2004 Vintage all to himself. Yes, it's just another modern rich teenager flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Just another chapter in the book of the privileged, huh?

5 (Not) yellow Lamborghini

Via: snapchat.com

We’ve probably all been in a situation where our folks simply “don’t get it.” Perhaps it is because of what society experts call the generation gap. Or maybe they just can’t understand what their kids need. But on the flip side, maybe it’s actually the kids' fault for shutting our parents out. In many cases, talking things out and listening without judgment to what the other has to say can solve a lot of parent-child relationship problems. Unless, of course, you’re the child of a wealthy parent. This rich teenager, who’s probably just as spoiled as every other kid on this list, got a green sports car instead of the yellow one he wanted and whined about it on Snapchat. But really, what’s wrong with the yellow-green one?

4 Bragging brat

Via: snapchat.com

Teens consider the prom to be one of the biggest nights of their lives as students (and even as teenagers). So when they act like its a grand holiday, it doesn’t surprise us at all. Sometimes we even help them prepare for the big event. On the big day and the day after, we get unsolicited posts of prom updates from our family member, a friend or a friend of a friend attending the event on our social media feeds. Of course, it’s all good. It’s just kids having fun on a very important occasion. But then this cocky kid flaunts his Porsche and pricey designer watch which, by the way, are things most adults can’t even afford. If you didn’t hate the prom before you probably do now.

3 Can’t say we’re not jealous

Via: snapchat.com

When you’re an adult who’s struggling to make ends meet, the model and the make of the car you own doesn’t matter that much. All you care about is that it takes you to your workplace and back to your home. You can dream about buying a sports car, but that’s all it’s going to be—a dream. With so many bills to pay and other expenses, it’s almost impossible to buy a luxury car. But as we all know, the filthy rich are in a different situation, like this wealthy kid who flaunts the family's Lamborghinis, which are color-coded to match each family member. Oh, the life of the insanely rich. But with everyone having everything they need individually, do they even still need each other?

2 Still better than no car

Via: snapchat.com

What could be a regular teenager's dream? Despite their young age, you can still expect them to wish for the best things in life. They want nice clothes, trendy shoes, countless games or cosmetic products and a room filled with every gadget or mobile device of their fancy. Majority of kids are usually content with having some of those, but as this snap shows, this rich kid is far from being content with his brand new car, which was generously gifted to him by his loving dad. A Ferrari 458, his car must have cost his dad anywhere between $100,000 and $400,000. Can’t say we feel bad for you, kid. With an attitude such as yours, that Ferrari was actually more than what you deserved.

1 She’s flying with rage

Via: snapchat.com

If there's one problem with being a rich kid who gets to own almost everything, it's that they’re almost never satisfied with anything. Having parents who are highly capable of providing more than enough for the long haul, rich kids tend to never place any value on things. To them, it's all about owning the most expensive object money can buy. Bragging about these conquests to their friends seems to give them an odd sense of satisfaction. In fact, a lot of kids in affluent circles try to outdo each other by owning the finest and the priciest. This rich teenager, for example, is sending out a clear message. If the idea is to own the internet, a million-dollar car doesn’t cut it; a pink helicopter does.

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