15 Ridiculous People Who Are The Definition Of "YOLO"

YOLO has become so much more than just an acronym for You Only Live Once; it has become a way of life. This millennial slogan has inspired people across the globe to take chances and, sometimes, make incredibly impulsive decisions. For me personally, it has become a form of totally valid rationalization. I’m going to spend $350 to dye my hair pink because #YOLO. Okay, so that may not quite live up to the true spirit of #YOLO but I’m sure that you get my drift. It has been the centerpiece of countless memes and videos made for the purpose of inspiring others or to, at the very least, illicit a chuckle. But, like everything else in life, there are some that like to kick things up a notch -- case in point, these people you are about to see. Here are 15 thrill seekers that took #YOLO to the next level.

15 YOLO so drink as much coffee as you can


You know the stereotype about how cops love coffee and doughnuts, right? People who work in law enforcement often work crazy long hours, so it makes sense that they would need a bit of a sugar and caffeine spike to get them through the rest of their shift. And more often than not, coffeehouses will give them a discount on their order. Well, this guy by the name of Charles (aka Chuck) Barry decided that YOLO and that he would fulfill his dream of becoming a fake police officer. All for a discount on some coffee. He had a fake badge and a gun, which he eagerly showed the cashier to prove that he was, indeed, a cop. But, alas, this is the part where things went south with poor Chuck. He was caught and charged over $5000 for bail. Guess they don’t give discounts on bail.

14 YOLO so might as well drink condiments

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They say that alcoholism is common among those in the teaching profession. And I can certainly understand why. As someone who works with kids, I know that there are some (more than I care to admit) particularly chaotic days where I just need to get home and drink the wine straight from the bottle. But I can’t say that I’ve ever run home to drink mustard straight from the bottle, like this lady. I can only imagine what led up to this moment for her. Who knows, maybe she just likes mustard that much and decided, “fuck it, who needs the hot dog” and just dove right in. I can see why this would turn a few heads. But let’s not tell her how to live her life.

13 YOLO so ride a fire extinguisher in a subway

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This could possible be the best thing I have ever seen on the internet. If this isn’t someone embodying the spirit of YOLO, then I don’t know what is. Let’s be real, who hasn’t thought about riding a fire extinguisher in a subway car? Well, maybe it just never occurred to you until now. Aside from the actual rider of the extinguisher, the next best supporting character in this story has to be the completely befuddled man who jumps away from the flying man. I’m sure it must have been a sight to see, and the poor scared guys reaction was priceless. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk past a fire extinguisher and not think about this guy. What a legend.

12 This guy who said, "Screw it, Imma be a pineapple cause YOLO"

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Who lived in a pineapple on top of a head? Don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t read that without mentally singing. We have been exposed to some pretty bold haircuts. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Rhianna are always keeping us on our toes waiting to see what trend-setting haircut they sport next. But, thus far at least, I don’t think that even any of them have gone as far as to get a fruit-inspired cut. But this guy did. I can only imagine the barbers face when he made his request. But I’m glad that they agreed to do the cut, because all I want to do is find this guy and give him a big hug, or at the very least, a salute.

11 Be a rebel cause YOLO

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When I was little, I lived in Wyoming for a while in a place called Jackson Hole which is not too far from the famous Yellowstone National Park. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a giant national park full of different species of animals. Elk, wolves and bears just to name a few. But there is another type of animal that live there. Bison. And believe me, they do not categorize them under gentle giants. They are often very territorial and mean-tempered. A couple years back, a guy decided to take a selfie with one and ended up getting charged at and thrown into a tree by one of these 3,000-pound bovine. But homeboy here obviously didn’t get the memo and is breaking all the rules by posing for a selfie with one.

10 This kid NGASF cause YOLO

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Little kids in general are famous for NGASF. To be honest, it was probably a kid that inspired that saying. They just do things impulsively and don’t give a shit what the consequences are. They haven’t yet realized how easy it is to hurt yourself, and if they do they forgot and/or don’t give a single fuck. Like this tot here. He’s just taking a lovely ride through a track during a bike race. Resulting in someone abandoning their bike mid-jump so that they wouldn’t hit the kid. And what does the little kid do? Nothing! He doesn’t even flinch or pause. He just keeps on idly peddling on his teeny tiny bike and carries on his merry way, still not giving one shit.

9 YOLO with 20/20 vision

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As someone who is plagued with horrible eyesight and forced to wear glasses every single day, I can understand the appeal of wanted to get a permanent fix. I’ve considered getting Lasik surgery, but to be completely honest, the idea of somebody burning away at my eyes seems like some kind of torture to me. I know it has been wildly successful and has changed peoples lives and everything, but it just freaks me out. But this guy thought of an alternative. Why not just get glasses tattooed on your face? Problem solved, right? Well, actually, the story goes that his girlfriend (pictured here) was insecure of having to wear glasses, so he thought that by tattooing a pair on his face, it would help her self-esteem. Too bad he didn’t know about non-prescription glasses.

8 YOLO with caution

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Rock climbers could very well be the founding fathers of the whole YOLO philosophy. While most of us will look at a wall and see an obstacle, they will look at a wall and see an opportunity to seek thrills and induce adrenaline. This man here took it a step further. He decided to scale a wall of ice like some kind of wildling from GOT. The only difference is that when he fell, Ygritte wasn’t there to catch him. True, this cliff side might not exactly be to scale of The Wall, but it sure was high enough for the guy to have enough time to think, “well, fuck!” whilst plummeting down. Hopefully he escaped this daunting adventure without causing too much injury.

7 YOLO so might as well become an actual dickface

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Many are familiar with the insult, “dickface”, right? It is akin to being an asshole which is defined by Google as being “an irritating or contemptible person”. But once you realize that you are dickface, you can take the necessary steps to rectifying that situation. Or you can be like this guy and just show your pride in the most obvious way possible: by getting an actual picture of a dick tattooed right on to your face. You really do have to hand it to the guy though, that takes balls. A lot of balls. Which he now has more of, because he just tattooed a pair of them to his face. He must steal the show at every party he goes to.

6 A birthday is temporary, Ghostbusters is forever.

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When you love a movie, you really love it. Some movies just become a part of you. They become something that you reference to, quote from and gain Halloween costume ideas from. Ghostbusters has a cult following. And rightly so. The entire franchise is awesome. So, I personally see nothing wrong with this. Back in the day, before the PVR phenomenon, we used to have to use VHS cassettes to record programs on TV. And what is someone supposed to do when Ghostbusters 2 comes on and you don’t have any blank cassettes? You record over something. And that something, just so happened to be a kid named Matthews 1st birthday. Hey, it was only his first birthday, he won’t even remember it. But Ghostbusters, he will remember forever.

5 This mini YOLOer

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Do you remember being a kid and being told not to touch something? Once someone said those three words, “don’t touch that”, whatever “that” was would be all that you could think about. You focus all of your senses on that one thing. Except for the sense of touch. But you want- no- you need to touch it. And touch it, you most certainly do. I swear, your parents could tell you not to touch an electric fence and you would anyways, just because they told you not to. It would probably be more affective if parents started telling their kids to touch things. The kids would probably end up saying, “I don’t want to”. Reverse psychology 101. But this little rebel is breaking all the rules cause she wants to touch those shirts and YOLO.

4 YOLO so make love not war

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It can be really hard to break up a fight, especially when it turns physical. You have to consider timing, so that you don’t get an accidental smack to the head. You also have to remain neutral, especially if you are friends with the people who are fighting. And with all the craziness and hatefulness in the world today, can’t we all just try to get along? This guy decided to break up a fight in the best way possible: by flying at them like a crazed squirrel monkey from God knows how many feet away. That would, at the very least, distract the others from their fight. The power of misdirection is real. YOLO so you might as well swoop in and break up a fight whenever possible.

3 This inspirational stapler

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This person removed the fourth-floor stapler. Despite the fact that it specifically says, “DO NOT REMOVE” on it, with a proper label none the less. All I can say is wow. And then, the stapler kidnapper just ran with it. He took that stapler everywhere and anywhere that it’s little stapler heart desired. That stapler probably saw more than most people see in a lifetime. We can only wonder if it ever did make it back to the fourth-floor. If it did, oh, the wonderful adventure stories he would tell the fellow office supplies. It is most definitely, a privileged office supply. Hopefully whoever liberated the stapler from its mundane stapler life didn’t get into too much trouble for violating the written rule.

2 Just a guy YOLOing it up on a sled

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I don’t know that backstory to this picture, but I certainly wish I did. To me it looks like a grandpa who took his grand kids for a fun day of sledding. So wholesome, with hot cacao and everything. But then one of the kids started acting up, so grandpa told him to cut it out or he wouldn’t be allowed to sled anymore. But act up, the kid continued to do. So, grandpa took the sled away from the kid and decided that he would take the old sled for a spin. The very same sled that he had bought for his son all those many years ago. He sat down on the sled, and scooted gingerly towards the hills edge. This was it, no turning back. And with a final scoot, he was off, racing down that hill at the speed of light. He was in the zone now and nothing was going to stop him. But the hill ran out, and he came to halt. His grand kids came racing after him laughing and screaming, "YOLO!". He gave them a small smile, took a final look at the hill and said, “let’s go home”.

1 This vein-y tribute to YOLO

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I am at a loss for words. I think this is the final level that you can go to when it comes to YOLO. I can’t see the person who got this tattoo being sober at the time it was being done. It was either the product from a lost bet or a drunken decision. But how I wish I could have seen the artists face when this person asked for this tattoo. Details and everything. But, ugh, they are just so vein-y! But I supposed there is some artistry to them… Kind of. But this one definitely takes the cake for the most ballsy (literally) act of YOLO. It was a close call between this one and the dickface, but my vote goes to this one.

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