15 Ridiculous Tattoos Mankind Has Ever Seen

Love them or hate them, tattoos are just one of the several ways we can express ourselves. For thousands of years, people have been getting inked to express their love towards a loved one, to show their love for a certain thing or even, to represent their tribe. So basically what we're trying to get at is it's nothing new and by now, the job should be dang near perfected. But as we know, no one is perfect and mistakes happen. In fact, mistakes happen all the time in the workplace and usually, the mistake gets fixed and people get on with their lives. In the world of tattooing, that isn't so easy.

There are weird people out there and with that comes weird requests. So, the tattoo artist fulfills what they want and gets paid and is on to the next customer. There are also times though when people foresee a tattoo looking one way and it hardly comes out the way they want it. Depending on the placement or the artistic skills, some of the tattoos below are what nightmares are made of and all we can do is sit back and cringe.

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15 There's something on your face

Via: worldlifestyle.com

Getting a tattoo is undeniably a big decision to make. Whatever you choose will be on your body for the rest of your life and in that retrospect, you should choose wisely. If this isn't done, regret may set in and that might not be a good thing to go through. So to avoid regret, the last possible place a person would ever put a tattoo is on their face. OK, clearly that's not true because guys like the one above thought it was a good idea to place this right between his eyes. We wish we knew why this tattoo placement meant so much to him but we're going to go with the fact that he likes attention.

We aren't saying the tattoo itself is horrible but the placement and the scare factor could have been prevented if it were smaller and not all over his face.

14 Step one: find a dictionary

Via: pulptastic.com

There are two types of people in this world: the people that get "it" and the people that don't. The people that understand the basics of life know that when they go and get a tattoo done, they're 100% sure of the spelling. The people that don't understand the basics in life don't comprehend this moment happening. What moment exactly? The moment that's happening on this person's arm, of course. Not only is the placement off-center but the font, the spelling and the line-work is completely messed up. Maybe this person moved too much and caught the tattoo artist off guard but aren't they trained to work through that type of stuff? We're hoping this "look" isn't what this person was going for because it's really bad.

We don't quite understand how a person's tattoo can be misspelled but if you look online, there's plenty of pictures to prove it.

13 Benjamin Button, reincarnated

Via: hudo.com

It's always sweet when a mother or father decides to give a shout out to their kid(s) by getting a tattoo signifying their love. It could be the child's handwriting, it could be a drawing they did or maybe, their face. We can't even imagine the patience and time it takes for the tattoo artist or the person getting tattooed to do something like this while getting it right. After all that money and time, we're sure the person getting tattooed can't wait to see their new addition. But when it comes to self-portraits like this, we aren't so they're going to cry tears of joy.

The actual baby is cute and all, but the tattoo is another story. It looks like a baby aging at an increased speed or a baby that has been tanning way too much. Hopefully the customer was happy with this...

12 There's a saying...

Via: pulptastic.com

There are sayings out there that are on the border of what's appropriate and what's inappropriate. We understand that people have different things they look for in a partner and according to this woman, this is something she feels passionate about. We're not sure if these two tattoos are supposed to be a package deal or if the placement was just a coincidence but everything about it is very obnoxious. It's like putting a zucchini on your back and saying "I'm a vegetarian" right above it. If we did a quick search we'd more than likely find something similar because people are weird that way.

Our body is a canvas that we can choose to treat however we want. This woman chose to put Africa and a quick risqué saying right above it. To each their own but these tattoos are not attractive.

11 These poor kids

Via: pinterest.com

We don't want to repeat ourselves, but apparently doing portraits of small children is really freaking hard. We're not slamming tattoo artists for their work, but anyone can see that these two pictures look nothing alike. The actual picture of these kids is super cute and we'd assume that the person that got this tattooed would want it to look similar. Well we'll just be frank right now and say the outcome is messed up and looks very different from what we'd expect this person to want. From the eyes of the kid on the left to the deformed face on this right, we can't call these tattoos anything but botched.

This poor person is going to have to explain to their kids that they really aren't that hideous and hide their arms forever.

10 This guy really likes Brenda

Via: pinterest.com

We've all seen people walking around with a certain name on their arm or "Mom" with a heart around it. It really is kind of sweet that they chose to permanently tattoo a name on their body for the ones they love so everyone around them knows. But sometimes, too much of something isn't a good thing. This guy above looks like he walked into a tattoo shop, gave the nearest tattoo artist the name he wanted and let the artist pick out hundreds of fonts to tattoo with. We're all for creative expression but this is hard on the eyes. Even the biggest tattoo is literally tattooed out of the name, "Brenda" and that's oddly impressive.

This guy is seriously committed to a woman named Brenda and while most guys would give their SO some flowers and a kiss, this guy went all out and a little too far.

9 This isn't something to be proud of

Via: dailymail.com

With so much hate in the world already, we'd think that people would keep it to themselves if they have a hurtful opinion, but that's only wishful thinking. People love to tells others what they stand for, whether wrong or right and smash it right in everyone's faces. This dude in particular has no shame in displaying his racist outlook to everyone that passes him by and quite frankly, he should be ashamed of himself. People can think a certain way but hone it in, in case other people around them don't feel the same. Naw, not this guy. This guy is so sure he's going to be racist his entire life and chooses his forehead to stand proud as well as being loud.

People are entitled to their own opinion but this is unforgivable. It's 2018 folks, get with the times and become more open-minded. Did we mention the tattoos sucks?.

8 Think before getting a tattoo

Via: worldlifestyle.com

Out of all the iconic music artists, Michael Jackson is one of the best. With his dancing skills and his singing ability, just about anyone can appreciate his talent. We're sure there are thousands of people with Michael Jackson tattoos out there, but not as inappropriate as this one. We're not sure this person realized what they were doing because they probably didn't think it through. We've all had those moments, but a lot of us would've caught this weird phrasing before someone inked it on our skin.

There are a lot of odd people out there, but we highly doubt this person wanted to slam Michael Jackson in any way, especially on their own body. Hopefully there wasn't too much of a meltdown when this person figured this out.

7 Must love baseball

Via: form.ink

We all know a die-hard sports fan that's hardcore about everything when it comes to their team. They spend money on merchandise, memorabilia and tickets all because they're a fan. The person above is a fan alright and they want everyone to know their loyalty; so what do they do? They got a tattoo...of this. But before they decide on the perfect tattoo, they should've made sure the tattoo artist knew how to draw. We're not 100% sure what this actually is but we're thinking it's the logo for the New York Yankees baseball team.

This looks like a child drew it and maybe even then they could have done better. They tell you to never going into a tattoo shop with alcohol in your system and we're thinking this artist might've been under the influence.

6 That washes off, right?

Via: ihiphop.com

When we were kids, we loved temporary tattoos. We'd put them all over our bodies and pretend they were real. After a while water would wash them off and be done with it but unfortunately for this woman, that's not happening. It looks like she already has a tattoo on the side of her face, but we won't even get into that. The one across her forehead screams "I want attention" and that's exactly what she's going to get. Also, according to her sh*t-eating grin and red eyes, it looks like she might be under the influence as well. One too many drinks may cause us to feel regret in the morning but usually, we can get over it and move on with our lives. Unfortunately for her, this new addition on her face might be harder to forget.

We wonder how many times her tattoo artist asked her if she's sure she wants this on her forehead and by the end results, we guess she wasn't messing around.

5 A new meaning to eyes on the back of your head

Via: trome.pe

Just to start off on an honest note, this tattoo is terrifying. We also feel that the look of this tattoo was definitely intentional, but we wonder if it matches what this man went to the tattoo shop for. Basically, he's the type of guy that wants to scare small children and doesn't give two sh*ts about it. He's also going to have to continue to keep his head shaved and to be honest, this is a pretty bad spot to put this tattoo. At the same time, it is a face and there's no better spot to put another rendition of a face than on the back of a head.

We don't know about you, but this also reminds us of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. At this point we're just waiting for this face to jump out at us at any moment. Too much dude, too much.

4 Caught in a stinky situation

Via: thefrisky.com

A tattoo always comes with a meaning and apparently the one related to this one is a little different. Apparently this woman wanted a tattoo so she had her boyfriend do it for her. Allegedly, she had cheated on him and basically p*ssed him off big time. So what does he do to get back at her? He tattoos a big pile of poop on her back instead of the initial tattoo she asked for.

At this point, we're wondering if there is some sort of legality issue with this and if there is, if she went down that path. No one in their right mind would ask for what we see above and it's safe to say she wasn't happy when she saw what was on her back.

3 Angelina would not be pleased

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Angelina Jolie is one of the most widely known celebrities on the planet. She's been acting forever and has had some really pivotal points in her career where she's given back to society. With that said, it doesn't surprise us when we see someone getting a tattoo of her on their body because she's also very beautiful as well. A tattoo of her seems like a good idea, but it's all in the way the tattoo artist goes about it. If Angelina saw her face on this person's body she'd probably scoff and walk away.

This hardly looks anything like her and while she has a powerful look to her, this one is way too harsh. We're hoping this person has enough money leftover to get this re-done.

2 There's nothing sweet about this

Via: worldlifestyle.com

Some of us have strengths that others don't. But one skill a tattoo artist has to have in particular are impeccable spelling skills. Sure they have to be artistic, but one wrong letter or punctuation mark and they could have a very upset client. Take this woman for example. It seems like what she wanted tattooed on her back were the words, "sweet pea," but instead, she got a tattoo that means something entirely different. It's not that the tattoo is entirely bad but mixing up the letter "E" with the letter "A" was a huge mistake.

When we hear the saying, "it's the small things," we probably don't think about the meaning too much. But if we got this tattoo on our lower back, we sure as h*ll would keep that saying in our heads for the rest of our lives.

1 There's a good chance she's loyal

Via: pulptastic.com

OK, at first glance, this tattoo isn't half-bad. From the flow of the font to the size, it would seem like this tattoo would be a good one to have. But then we look at the placement and we wonder why this woman would have to have the word, "loyalty" in big font on the side of her face. Is it because she doesn't think her friends and family believe she's loyal or is there another reason? We can keep on guessing or we can all agree that this isn't the place to put this word. We're thinking this poor woman is going to completely regret this decision once she's a bit older because how is this going to help her?

Honestly, we just keep thinking of the sheer regret she's going to have and guess she might be saving her money for a tattoo removal service.

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