15 Ridiculous Things People Did While On The 'Devil's Lettuce'

So many people do things that we honestly don't understand. Their motives are sometimes unclear and more often than not, we end up laughing at them for the things they do. There's a very fine line between doing something idiotic because of a true desire to want to do it and doing something idiotic because you're on the 'devil's lettuce.' The following 15 posts definitely made our sides hurt from laughing so hard. We have no doubt that anyone reading this will experience the same reaction and may even be able to relate to some of them!

15 5'4"

Via: tumblr.com

You know what, we honestly never thought of speaking to another human being like this until we read this post. Honestly, this guy's got a point! The sound that comes out of our mouths is just a bunch of air filled with vibrations. It's a pretty cool way of looking at communication! Then, of course, there's that one person that ruins the fun and openly asks how high they are for even saying this. We hope they didn't expect a logical answer because that's sure as heck not what they got!

The response (five feet, four inches) is not a logical answer to the question, "How high are you?" But, we're sure that the person who was high thought it was completely logical. Maybe they thought the other person was asking how tall they were. If so, that's a great answer for the question! Either way, this is hilarious (and depicts how high people think perfectly).

14 Mysterious village

Via: tumblr.com

How incredibly cool would this be? You're just driving around (not in the right mind, of course) and having a grand old time. Next thing you see is this massive, mystical colonial village that you've never laid eyes on before. Your mind is blown, you start to wonder what century you're in and you're extremely excited to tell your friends about your new find. However, it'll get dark soon and you have literally no idea how to get out. Your mind starts racing and you can't remember what way you came into this village! What would you do then?

Thankfully, this guy had a good time and didn't freak out (based on what he wrote here, anyway). We wonder if he tells this story to his buddies at every chance he gets. We would! It's a pretty cool story. We're not sure if we'd want to find a mystical colonial village, though. God only knows what they'd do to an outsider, let alone an outsider who's high.

13 Headlight malfunction

Via: buzzfeed.com

How on earth do you get so high that you forget you're walking? The worst part about this is that they were trying to figure out how to put...their headlights on...while walking. What are these people thinking and what are they smoking? Do you honestly lose all feeling in your body that you physically cannot tell whether you're walking or driving? If that's the case, you shouldn't be out of your house (or your friend's house) while smoking. This is how accidents happen! What would this person have done if they were walking down the middle of the road at night and got hit by a car?

Smoking can be fun for some people and it can be a way to release stress, but obviously, it can also be dangerous! While we don't think most people would think or do something like this, we really have no clue. We're thankful this person is okay, though!

12 Worms everywhere!

Via: tumblr.com

How incredibly terrifying do you think this experience was for this man? We honestly don't know what a beard feels like on a normal day, let alone what it must have felt like while high. If you're smoking something that makes your facial hair feel like mini worms, is it worth it? Honestly, is it? Lord only knows what we would have done if we were in this poor guy's shoes! We probably would have shaved our beard off or something. That could have resulted in a cut up face, but at least we wouldn't be freaking out thinking there were worms coming out of our bodies!

Yikes. This one gives us anxiety and we hope this guy stays away from the 'devil's lettuce' for a while. We don't know why he'd want any more of it after this experience!

11 One-on-one conversations

Via: tumblr.com

Wow. We're at a loss for words right now! How high do you have to be to post a tweet, reply back instantly and then reply back saying, "oh, that's me?" Don't you think that she would have realized that she was talking to herself when she saw her own Twitter name in the reply box? Seriously...what are these kids smoking these days? It needs to be taken away! We feel like we're losing brain cells by reading these tweets (and the best is yet to come)!

We really hope that these people stay at home while smoking whatever it is they're smoking. We're really worried about them! We don't want to see anyone get hurt and a lot of the time, people lose their sense of knowledge while smoking. Stay indoors, don't do anything stupid and don't use the stove. Thanks!

10 Extension cord problems

Via: twitter.com

One question: how? We understand that sometimes, these things happen! But, don't you think that this person would have plugged in the power strip a long time ago? Why wait until now to get it out of the box it was in? We're sure that not all of their electrical outlets were taken up! They could have easily plugged their phone charger into one of the outlets. Or, they could have plugged their power strip  in when they first moved into their place! Isn't that why we buy power cords? Because we need them right away?

We're not sure what the heck this person was thinking, but we're glad they stayed home. God only knows what they could have done if they were out in public! We think the funniest thing about this picture is the fact that they were so confident that they would wake up to a charged phone. Joke's on them!

9 Suspicious nugs

Via: facebook.com

Oh...my gosh. We honestly hope that this dude figured out that this wasn't a 'nug' and dropped it immediately! How stoned do you have to be to think that a frog is weed? We can't really comprehend that thought at all. Maybe it's because we've never been in this guy's shoes and have no idea what the heck he was thinking. We're sure that the frog was confused as heck, too! The frog honestly looks incredibly ticked off. He looks like he's thinking: "I was only trying to find the best flies around me and now look where I am."

Also, notice how the frog is holding a twig? Haha, it's as if the frog was going to smack this boy if he tried anything! He's holding it as if he's ready for battle! You go, lil' froggy. We're sure the odds are in your favor.

8 Headed to the playoffs

Via: buzzfeed.com

Wow. If there was ever a perfect picture to sum up a guy doing what he loves most, this would be the one. How high do you have to be to be sitting in a football stadium with your Xbox controller? Does he honestly think that he's controlling the shots? Was he convinced that he was playing a game and had no idea where he actually was? Did he throw the controller when his team didn't do the proper moves that he was demanding them to do? We honestly wish we knew more about what was going on in this picture. We wish there was a video to go along with it!

The best thing about this picture is the fact that he's actually relaxing in the stands. He's got his feet up, his sweatshirt on (with the hood over his head for extra comfort) and he's got literally zero care in the world. We like the way he thinks, honestly! Can you imagine if this is how video games actually were? What if when we started our favorite game, we were just dropped to the proper place in the game? That would be awesome! Unless, of course, you're playing a shooter game or something with scary things around every turn.

7 If my calculations are correct...

Via: tumblr.com

LOL, we hope that he didn't have anywhere important to be. It would appear that his alarm didn't go off. What a bummer. This is hilarious, though. We're sure that this has happened more often than the average person would like to admit, too. Regardless of whether or not the "devil's lettuce" was involved, people do this stuff all the time. When you're incredibly tired (and extremely out of it), you tend to not look at things as closely as you should. While we can't say that we've ever done this ourselves, we'll stick up for the people that have.

Quite honestly, we're surprised that someone was alert enough to put the time into their calculator. There aren't many people that would have the brains to do even that (especially while high). Consider us impressed with this lad!

6 Not the pets!

Via: pinterest.com

No! Not the precious puppies and kitties! What are they putting in the food to make the animals look like that?! If you notice, the package clearly says: "Helps anxiety and nervous behavior." What the heck could help both a dog and a cat with their anxiety, other than weed? Cats have catnip, but what do dogs have? Does catnip work on dogs? We aren't sure if we want to test that theory. We know for a fact that we don't want to buy this food for our animals, though!

We honestly can't believe that this food is FDA approved! Unless, it's not and people are just buying this as a joke. Either way, stop buying this! We're almost positive that you can help calm your animal's nerves in a different way.

5 Out of money

Via: reddit.com

We can totally see this happening. If only this were the case, right? If we could "charge our wallet" to obtain more money, we probably wouldn't take it off of the charger. However, we live in a world where magic isn't super popular, so this would literally never work. Kudos to this guy for trying, though! It's the thought process that really counts. He thought of something, he did it and realized that his calculations were off. So, he has to tweak them a bit.

Maybe the first thing he could do is go to work and get some physical dollar bills! Or, he can cash a paycheck that's been sitting in his wallet for a few days. Either of those two scenarios will work for him, but charging his wallet? Well, it just isn't possible.

4 Who's stealing my food?

Via: facebook.com

Goodness, how on earth did you not realize that your soup was right in front of the microwave? How did you heat your soup? Did you just put it into the microwave and forget to heat it? Once you closed the door, you just didn't know where it went? Dang, we feel pretty bad for you. We know how bad people get the munchies while they're high. We can only imagine how angry you must have been after your food kept "disappearing." We hope that there was no one around for you to yell at while going through this trip!

Also, did you end up eating all of your noodles? Or did you just give up completely? Either way, this one had us in tears from laughing so hard. Thankfully, you didn't spill them all over the floor!

3 New invention

Via: twitter.com

You've heard of smoking out of an apple, now get ready for the next big thing: smoking out of a pizza. Kids, don't try this at home. Seriously, don't. You'll ruin a perfectly good slice of pizza and we don't know how much grease you'll inhale while doing this. Play it safe and stick to a more traditional way of getting high (or, you know, don't do it at all). We're not sure why "kids these days" keep coming up with random AF ways to smoke. There's really no reason for it. They're going to end up hurting themselves, all for an "Instagram-worthy" photograph.

If you're one of the kids doing this, you should stop while you can. Pretty soon you're going to smoke out of something that you didn't think was highly flammable and blow your face off. That wouldn't make for a good photograph, now would it?

2 Turn that down!

Via: tumblr.com

You know what, this is highly logical. Sometimes, when we're driving, we have to turn down the music because we can't see the road we're looking for. While it may not make any sense, we all do it. So, who are we to judge this Tumblr user? If you can't taste your toast, you go ahead and turn down that TV! The music might be dancing on your taste buds and blocking the taste of the toast, right? A more logical answer may be that you smoked too much of the devil's lettuce, but you know what? If you're convinced it's your TV, then do something about it.

Isn't it funny that we can relate to people that are higher than a cloud when we're perfectly sober? Maybe weed doesn't affect people as much as we all thought it did. On second thought, it probably does. Yeah, it definitely does.

1 Dang vegans

Via: reddit.com

Look, we understand that vegans get a lot of negative attention. More often than not, it's because they bring it on themselves. Many of them publicly say things like: "I don't eat meat, how on earth can you?" or "You must not love animals if you eat them!" We can understand how they get so much hate by saying things like that. We might eat meat, but that doesn't mean we don't love cows! And it doesn't mean we don't love dogs and cats! Take a chill pill. That's like non-vegans saying to vegans: "Wow, you must hate nature because you eat plants." Obviously, that's not true.

This vegan seems like the type of person that would openly call someone (that she doesn't even know) out for eating a hamburger in front of her. The fact that she typed in "vegan movies" makes us wonder what her life has turned into. What did she even mean by "vegan movies?" Did she want to show her friends how terrible certain companies treat animals? Did she just want to watch a movie? Either way, what the heck was going through her mind?

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