15 "Roll Safe Guy" Memes That Left Us Weak

There are many people these days that like to stay on top of trends—fashion trends, technology trends and even financial trends. Then, there are other people that love to stay on top of the many trending memes floating around on social media. Memes are silly things that don't necessarily mean anything important, but they make us smile or cause us to realize that there are other people in the world that have the same outlook or sense of humor as we do. Once we see a certain meme on a social media site, we will probably see the same one on all of the sites we venture to from then on.

Memes grab people's attention so fast that we don't even realize how popular they have become. Case in point? The "Roll Safe" guy. Kayode Ewumi started out by submitting a video on YouTube and now is a meme sensation that everyone knows or will know soon enough. Whoever thought of adding extremely relatable words to that simple picture of Mr. Ewumi is a genius. The situations are so spot on, it hurts, thus making us weak. See one of the most popular trending memes in action in the next 15 photos.

15 Happy Birthday to you

Via: twitter.com

Isn't it just the worst when we give ourselves too much credit, thinking we can remember important dates on our own and then we flat-out forget? It truly happens to the best of us. But when it's intentional...things sort of work out on their own. If we've been in a romantic relationship with someone for a while, their lives kind of mesh with ours and important times in their lives (such as their birthday) become important to us. But, when we break up with them and it doesn't end well, we want to forget all about the hearts and roses that come along with a relationship and move on. If we wanted to be really salty, we could wish our ex-loved one a happy birthday after their actual birthday has passed and pretend we forgot. Savage AF.

14 Minute-maker

Via: wetheunicorns.com

Our lives are a busy mess full of appointments, obligations and things we said we would do, but want to cancel when the time comes. So, when things need to get done, we often are scrambling until the very last minute to make sure the said project or task is finished. But, wouldn't it be the absolute best if we waited until the last minute to finish something and it got done in a small amount of time because we waited until the last minute? That's called wishful thinking and will never happen, but it's a good thought to have when we are in a crunch for time. Procrastination is a bad habit to have if you don't do well under pressure, but then again, we wouldn't have to worry if we waited until the last minute and the procrastinated task actually gets done in a minute...

13 Turning fast food into slow food

Via: memegenerator.net

Food—it contains the nutrients to sustain our lives and gives us energy to fight another day. At the same time, food usually tastes better and is more satisfying when it is smothered in some sort of sauce or is fried to perfection. We all know that we shouldn't put this type of food into our bodies, but the euphoria and satisfaction we get while we eat this "good" (yet bad) food is worth it. In our busy lives, "good" bad food is often easier to prepare and/or is already packaged and ready for consumption, so it is an easier decision to choose it over healthier food. After the smells and flavor go away, we often feel bad or guilty that we ate the said food and are left wondering if a salad for our next meal would make up for it. But, in a perfect world, if we ate fast food slowly, it really shouldn't be called fast food. If only...

12 The thirst is real

Via: vibe.com

If we were to look up certain words on the ever-faithful website, Urban Dictionary, we would be able to look up trendy words that have been made up solely for the time and place it was meant for. Remember 'bootylicious?' Yeah, Destiny's Child totally made that word what it is. How about the word 'Trumpshake?' That's a new one and can be completely appreciated if we were to look up meetings of Mr. Trump and his colleagues. All of these words are made up for laughs and head shakes and we hate to love them. Another word we've all probably heard recently that is used in a different manner is, 'thirsty.' Instead of it being about needing to drink something to hydrate ourselves, millennials now peg is as meaning "desperate." But, if we really think about it, we can just keep ourselves hydrated, killing two birds with one stone.

11 Surprise her

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One way to get to know someone without even meeting them is to creep on their social media pages. While we can't deny that we haven't done it once or twice before, it is a shortcut to finding out what type of person someone is, before we waste our precious time in person. While "studying" someone's Facebook page prior to going out with them seems like a good idea, it also sounds a little like virtual stalking. There is probably a show in the works on the ID Channel right now about the dangers of it, but that's for another time. But, if we want to be really sneaky and completely start out a relationship on falsities and made-up interests, we could definitely take a swing at acting like we like something just to get into someone's good graces. Sounds like a good plan to us.

10 Money on my mind

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We can all probably remember that dark time in our younger years when we were broke (or maybe that time is now). You know, those times when we had to decide if we wanted toilet paper or another box of Cup O' Noodles to get through our finals in college. Or when we went on a shopping spree with our most recent paycheck, which we should have saved for rent, but we agreed with the devil on our shoulder and bought those expensive shoes we didn't need. How about when we went out on a Friday night, had one too many drinks (because they were on a special) and decided to go all out and buy the whole lot of our friends tequila shots? Yeah, those weren't our brightest days. When we didn't check our bank accounts, it didn't really seem like we actually spent the little money we had, so it was all good, right? Wrong.

9 No scrubs

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If  only our slimy exes could have had this genius perception back when we were dating them. It would have all been so much more simple. Also, the relationship possibly wouldn't have ended with us burning their clothes in a trash can. Jokes aside, we all know of someone that has been cheated on, or maybe it was us that had to unfortunately go through the heartbreak of having someone do that to us. Either way, we know that the person that gets cheated on is in a crappy place and they wish they could simply forget about it and move on. But, we all know that the world doesn't work that way and there are jerks out there that feel the need to do this to their partner. Emotions are hard and cheating only adds more fuel to the emotional fire.

8 Self-care day

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Sometimes, we just need to pause our busy lives for a minute (or five) and take a breather. While we wish we could take personal days more often, our busy schedules usually don't allow for that. So, we get overworked and end up sleep deprived. But if we all sat down and thought about it, laying around like a sack of potatoes all day isn't something we should feel guilty about doing once in a while. We need to tell ourselves that we are in dire need of relaxation here and there and that self-care is, in fact, productive for all of us. For our emotional and physical health, a day or two of doing pretty much nothing is just what the doctor ordered and we would all be a little less mean if we took this literally.

7 Dodging holidays

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If we were to ask different people on the street what they think about certain holidays, we would probably get some surprising answers. While holidays are usually a time for happiness and to kick back a little, they also can be seen as materialistic and time-consuming. Not to be a pessimist, but for holidays to shine, they usually call for money that we wish we could put into our savings instead. One of the cheesier holidays is Valentine's Day and it has come and gone again for another year, leaving some of us wishing it was longer and others wondering what the hoopla is all about. Those of us that think it's just for mushy-gushy couples and an excuse for kids to rot their baby teeth out, sometimes wish a small fight could be the key to all of these problems.

6 Outfit of the day

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Admit it—we all have done this and we aren't ashamed. Sometimes, the outfit we choose for the day is so on-point that we wish we could wear it for another day. Or, we look like a million dollars, but we see no one notable that day and we think we need a do-over. There are also times when our outfit was haphazardly thrown together and then we see everyone—including Brad Pitt—on the street and wish we didn't sleep in that extra 2o minutes this morning.

So, it's a simple formula: if no one actually saw us wear that ultra-fab outfit earlier this week, just double-up and pretend it never happened. Sounds good to us and it will allow us to get our beauty sleep instead of trying to piece together something for the next morning.

5 That's not what Simon said

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Let's go back down memory lane and recall those mindless games we used to play on the playground with our crush-of-the-day and that one weird kid who wouldn't stop picking his nose. They were great activities to pass the time when there were too many kids on the swing sets and now that we think of it, they were actually educational, too. How so? Specifically, Simon Says was a listening game in which we had to carefully act and use our ears to play without messing up. Of course, we messed up eventually and the game had to end. But, now that we look back, we remember that when we were one of the last ones standing in this silly game, we had that exact look when our friends tried to trick us into doing something Simon didn't say to do.

4 Make your family proud

Via: thunderdungeon.com

When we were still in primary school, we had all of these hopes and dreams to one day have a job where we would make tons of money, while loving what we do. Specifically, we thought about being a lawyer or doctor because that would make our parents proud. Then, once reality hit us, we realized that it costs a lot of money and a large amount of brain power to actually pull off. While some of us made those dreams possible, others of us decided to do what we wanted and took psychology classes instead. While we turned out OK, we also know that taking up a major in that type of area isn't exactly what our parents hoped for us. So, instead of worrying that our parents wanted more for us, we can just remind ourselves that if we never made them proud, they can't feel disappointment.

3 A meme within a meme

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A meme within a meme—classic. If a person has been living in solitude for the past few months, they will have no idea about the 15 minutes of fame one girl happened to grab while she was on Dr. PhilIt was another segment on teenagers gone bad and this girl was in fact, playing the part perfectly. The antics and words that were coming out of her mouth made little to no sense, but somehow, people still watch this show and made this girl a social media star. While her headlined quote, "Cash me outside, howbow dah?" is catchy, it also shows us how 2017 will be playing out (and it's only February). But, in all actuality, if we never actually step outside, we can't be cashed out there which is probably a good thing.

2 You mad?

Via: vibe.com

Wouldn't it be great if our feelings didn't allow us to care about the small and petty things that go on in the world and our personal lives? While we would love to be part robot in times like that, the way we feel about certain situations is what, in fact, makes us human. We've all experienced situations in our lives where we have gotten upset over things that shouldn't bother us. Or, we have said something to someone else that has left our relationship with them on the rocks. No one likes to be mad and it probably uses up more energy than actually being happy. But at certain times, don't we all wish that we didn't care about certain things, so we could prevent anger?

1 Remember that one time in college? Nope

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When those of us that went to college look back to those glory days, we can probably name times that we wish we could re-live, forget or study more. Unless we are the type of people that thrive when it came to taking tests, most of us strongly disliked the act. What was even worse was that we would actually study, but the questions on the actual tests never reflected what was in our overpriced text books. While there were many good times to be had in college, we also had to learn to become adults and actually go through the motions of passing classes to stay in college and earn our degrees. But, if we never went to college, we wouldn't have to take the tests. What a brilliant idea.

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