15 Royal Facts About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in November 2017, we've all been thinking about their wedding. When and where is it going to take place? Who will attend? What dress will Meghan wear? What's going to happen after they tie the knot? These and many other questions have popped up in our heads, and as time passes, some of them receive official answers, while others are still kept secret. It's quite possible that we're going to learn everything we need to know on their wedding day, though. You know those royals know how to keep secrets! But since we're so curious about the details, there are a lot of assumptions and speculations. And, I must say, some of them are very likely to be true!

So while we're looking forward to the royal wedding day, let's take a glimpse into what we know about it so far.

15 The Wedding Date Is May 19th

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to say "I do" on May 19th this year. On the one hand, the choice of date seems to be obvious, as Kate Middleton's due date is in April. In this case, she'll most likely be able to attend the wedding along with the newest (and the smallest) member of the royal family. But on the other hand, there are a few problems with it.

First of all, arranging a wedding on a Saturday goes against royal traditions, since usually royal weddings take place on weekdays (for example, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip tied the knot on a Thursday, while Prince William and Kate Middleton did it on a Friday). Second, FA Final Cup will occur on May 19th, and Prince William normally attends it as a President of the Football Association. Lastly, May 19, 1536, is the date when Anne Boleyn (the infamous wife of King Henry VIII) was executed. Am I the only one who thinks this date choice is weird?

14 They Will Marry In St. George’s Chapel

It has been decided that the wedding will take place in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. The choice of place is obvious: this 15th century gothic chapel is stunningly beautiful. It has already witnessed a number of major events in the royal family, and this chapel is large and beautiful enough to hold a royal wedding. But, at the same time, it's much more intimate than some other grand locations. For this reason, it's going to suit the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan very well.

Moreover, Windsor Castle is one of the Queen's favorite place, and she and Prince Phillip live there most of the time, so it's going to be convenient for them to attend. What is more, St. George's Chapel is the place where Prince Harry was baptized in 1984, and where Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles received their marriage blessing in 2005. Quite a meaningful place, huh?

13 The Reception Will Likely Be In The Waterloo Chamber

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests will proceed to the place of the wedding reception. Most likely, it's going to be Waterloo Chamber in Windsor Castle. This location is often used for big events in the royal family. For example, a Christmas party is always held there. According to a former Windsor Castle staffer, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will probably hold their reception there, as well.

If you take a look at the photo of Waterloo Chamber above, you will understand that the choice of this venue is obvious. It looks amazing, but, just like St. George's Chapel, it has a more intimate nature than some other locations. Bet the newlyweds will feel great hosting a wedding reception there, surrounded by loved ones.

12 The Newlyweds Want Things Their Way

Via: ABCNews

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle isn't going to be as traditional as most royal weddings are. The newlyweds have stated more than once that they want things their way on their big day. A source close to the couple reported that "While they will always be mindful of traditions, the day is ultimately about them and what they want to do."

Well, it's logical that this day should be all about them and their decisions. But you might ask, whether the queen is okay with breaking some traditions. On the contrary, however, the queen actually, she is. The source said that the queen feels much more relaxed about such things now. "She is easier-going. It’s refreshing that [the royal family] is prepared to bend a bit," they reported. Well, it's really good to know that even such a conservative family can welcome changes!

11 Meghan May Break The Tradition (Again)

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Let's talk about one of the things the newlyweds want "their way" on their wedding. Normally, the royal bride doesn't give a speech at the ceremony, but Meghan is prepared to give one. She's preparing a speech designated towards her groom in front of their 800 guests in St. George's Chapel. A source reported that in the speech, Meghan is going to thank her husband-to-be, as well as everyone who supported them.

In fact, it's highly probable that Meghan's speech will replace the traditional speech of a father of the bride. You probably want to know why her father wouldn't give a speech himself. Well, it's most likely because he's reported to be a very shy person, who's not used to giving speeches in front of huge audiences (let alone, in front of the royal family).

10 The Wedding Dress Is Being Prepared

Via: Metro

We know for sure that the bride's wedding dress is being prepared for the big day, but it's still unconfirmed who is going to be a designer and how the dress is going to look. However, we have some guesses about it.

It's likely that an Israeli designer Inbal Dror will design Meghan's dress, because it's known that the royal family contacted them with a request to show some potential designs. Three sketches were sent back and, somehow, they leaked to the public. You can see two of them in the photo above. Even though we still don't know if Meghan chose one of these designs, we can certainly tell that she'd look magnificent wearing any of them.

It's also likely that a tiara from Princess Diana's collection is going to supplement the bride's attire, as the queen has granted Meghan an access to it.

9 The Bride's Bouquet Will Feature Myrtle And Peonies

A wedding bouquet featuring myrtle is a royal tradition. This flower is a symbol of love and hope, while its white color symbolizes purity and fidelity. But, even though Meghan is going to have this flower in her bouquet, it's most likely not going to be the only one there. The bride's florist has recently "predicted" that Meghan is going to carry peonies, her favorite flower, in her wedding bouquet. What's more, the florist added that Meghan would carry peonies of different colors, not just white ones.

If Meghan goes this route, she'll break the tradition once again. However, why not? It's her wedding, and it's in May — the month when peonies are in full bloom. If they are beautifully mixed with the traditional myrtle, it's going to be a very beautiful bouquet (not to mention the perfect combination of both worlds).

8 What About The Wedding Ring?

Via: BBC

We've seen a lot of Meghan Markle's engagement ring and know that it's made of a large diamond from Botswana and two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana's collection. But what about the bride's wedding band? Here's a glimpse into this mystery, as well.

Wedding rings of the bride and the groom are going to be made of Welsh gold — the metal traditionally used for royal weddings. In particular, it's a specific type called Clogau Gold as it's mined in the Clogau St. David Gold Mine in Dolgellau, Wales. It's been commonly used for royal weddings since 1923, when the Queen Mother got married. Kate Middleton also wears a wedding ring made of this metal and it looks beautiful with her engagement ring.

Since Harry's title is the Prince of Wales, it's likely that the couple will stick to this tradition.

7 They Will Have A Banana-Flavored Cake

According to The Telegraph, Harry and Meghan are going to have a banana-flavored cake on their wedding day. According to a source, "This will be the first royal wedding cake made from bananas." You might be wondering why they chose this exact fruit. Well, it seems that the pair just love bananas! In particular, Prince Harry says that he enjoys eating "anything with banana." What's more, it seems that this fruit has a special meaning for the couple. When their romance only began, Meghan posted a picture of two bananas cuddling each other on her Instagram account. They also stated that a banana was a symbol of their love.

In the choice of their cake, Harry and Meghan are going to break the tradition once again. Commonly, a fruit cake is used for weddings, with its top layer saved for the christening of the couple's first child.

6 A Lot Of Famous People Will Be There

Via: Elleuk

Since both bride and groom are public personalities, we can expect that a lot of celebrities are going to attend their wedding. Most likely, Elton John is going to attend, because he has already canceled two of his concerts in Las Vegas that were planned for May 19th and 20th. Prince Harry is friends with Barack and Michelle Obama, so they might want to invite them as well. However, since they aren't going to invite the current US President, inviting the Obamas might lead to increased tension in the relationship with the current administration. So we'll see...

What we know for sure is that Prince Harry's wedding won't have as many guests as that of his big brother. The venue where the event is going to take place has a capacity of 800 people, while the location of Prince William's wedding (it was Westminster Abbey) could accept 1,900 guests.

5 The Royal Family Pays For Everything

If you're wondering how much the royal wedding is going to cost, here's the answer: the cost of everything is going to be about 500,000 pounds (which is, $670,000). However, it's possible that the cost will increase after security expenses are considered. "Security at such a historic building would also no doubt be a big consideration, especially with recent security threats and terrorist concerns," said Aimee Dunne, a London-based wedding planner.

Usually, royal wedding expenses are covered by the bride's family. However, this time the royal family is going to pay for everything. It means that the wedding isn't going to be an official State occasion. "The celebration will not need to include the number of international royals and foreign and domestic dignitaries that protocol dictated for Prince William's wedding as a future King of England," the source said.

4 Will Prince William Be The Best Man?

Via: DailyMail

When Prince William was getting married to Kate Middleton, Harry was his best man. So it's logical to assume that William will now become Harry's best man at his wedding. However, we're still not sure about it. As it was mentioned in one of the previous entries, May 19th is the day where FA Cup Final will take place. Since Prince William is the President of the Football Association, he typically has to attend this event and present the trophy to the winning team. And, you know, he can't be in two places at the same time, even though he's a prince!

Does that mean that Prince William won't attend his little brother's big day? Well, I personally don't think so. Most likely, the Football Association will come up with a good way out of this situation.

3 What About Bridesmaids?

Now, let's talk about Meghan's bridesmaids. What do we know so far? Not much, in fact. It's still unconfirmed who's going to take this important role, but we can assume that it's going to be one of Meghan's best friends (Priyanka Chopra, Millie Mackintosh, Lindsay Roth, Abigail Spencer, Serena Williams, or Meghan's stylist Jessica Mulroney). It's also possible that this role is going to be given to Princess Charlotte, the two-year-old daughter of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. How sweet is that?

We know for sure that, unlike Kate Middleton, who asked her sister Pippa to be her bridesmaid, Meghan isn't going to ask her older half-sister to fill that role. Meghan does not have a great relationship with Samantha Markle Grant. In fact, Grant was quite sassy of Meghan in several interviews and said she was going to write a book about their relations one day. (Petty much?)

2 Meghan Won't Officially Become A Princess

Prepare to be confused, when I tell that after the wedding, Meghan will become a princess, but she won't be called Princess Meghan. How's that? Let's see...

British peerage customs say that when Meghan marries Harry, she'll be called HRH Princess Henry of Wales. However, since she's not a princess by blood, she can't officially be called Princess Meghan (however cool it might sound). Likewise, no one calls Kate Middleton Princess Kate, as well.

But don't worry that Meghan will end up being called by her husband's name for her whole life. As a tradition, the queen grants one of the dukedoms to princes on their wedding days. Therefore, the prince becomes a duke and his wife becomes a duchess. Like William and Kate, who're currently called Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

1 The Honeymoon Will Likely Be In Africa

Via: Complex

After their wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a chance to get away from the public and spend some peaceful time alone during their honeymoon. It is very likely that the newlyweds are going to choose the African continent, because both of them are known for their humanitarian work there and for their love of Africa. Meghan and Harry have already had a romantic trip to this continent and enjoyed it in many ways, so they might want to do it again. What's more, since Meghan's engagement ring features a diamond from Botswana, it's possible that their choice falls on this country.

If Harry and Meghan go there, they'll have plenty of things to do from relaxing in luxury lodgings to taking a safari trip and contemplating the wildlife.

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