15 Rules Billie Eilish Loves To Break On Her Tour

Most people know who Billie Eilish is, and if they don’t, they have probably heard at least one of her songs playing on the radio. At just 17, she’s a superstar with an impressive voice, but she’s also not a replica of the other pop stars out there: Eilish wears what she wants (she favors baggy clothing), she says what she wants, and there is no reigning in her ideas or opinions. She is also the first to admit that if you tell her not to do something, she will do the exact opposite.

Fans love her for staying true to herself, but her management team probably has a hard time trying to get her to do anything because she performs unchoreographed dance moves, interacts with fans, and throws in a few expletives when she addresses her audience!

15 She’s The First To Admit That If You Tell Her Not To Do Something, She’ll Do The Opposite

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Billie Eilish is one of the most well-known names in the music industry at the moment, and she has taken the world by storm. She’s popular not only for her impressive voice, but also her personality, plus, she’s a bit of a rule-breaker!

In an interview with NME, she admitted as much, saying, “I’m the type of person if you tell me to stop doing something, I’m going to do the opposite.”

14 She’s 17, And She’s As Rebellious As They Come!

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Billie Eilish is only 17, and she’s already not your typical pop star. She doesn’t fit into the mold of what many of us expect a pop star to be, and in an interview with NME, the journalist noted her different attitude and her reluctance to adopt the “happy-go-lucky attitude” that networks want.

13 We’re Sure Her Management Team And Tour Organizers Have Certain Expectations, But She Does What She Wants!

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We love Billie Eilish, and there is no denying that she is supremely talented, but unlike other musicians, we suspect that when you go and see one of her shows, you don’t really know what to expect. She does what she wants — even the lyrics to her hit song “Bad Guy” proclaim as much, as she sings, “I do what I want when I’m wanting to.”

12 You Never Really Know What You’re Going To Get From A Billie Eilish Show Because She Has Some Unchoreographed Moves

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Billie Eilish performs the way she wants to do, so fans probably shouldn’t expect her to get on stage and bust out a perfectly planned routine like Beyoncé. The Globe and Mail noted how when she took to the stage in Toronto, she “broke rules, danced in unchoreographed ways and was aggressively carefree…”

11 Her Security Team Would Probably Have An Easier Job Protecting Her If She Didn’t Leap Off Stage

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Billie Eilish’s security team may have an extra hard time protecting her because she’s not the type of person who plays by the rules. What we mean by this is that she's not content to just stand on the stage, and instead prefers to get close to her fans. She told Billboard, "I perform like I'm right in the pit.”

10 Her Wardrobe Is Not Exactly What You’d Expect From A Pop Star, And We Love Her For Her Baggy Clothes!

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Crop tops, high heels and tight clothes, or really shiny leotards, tend to be the typical wardrobe of many pop stars, but not for Billie Eilish! Another reason fans love her so much is that she does what she wants, and she also wears what she wants. She favors bright, and very baggy clothing, with The Globe and Mail noting that she is nothing like Katy Perry, for example.

9 Seriously Though, She Wears What She Wants (Sorry, Tour Wardrobe)!

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There are many pop stars who put on an impressive show and have a very interesting wardrobe, but Billie Eilish is more interested in performing than what she wears. She also knows that people think there is a double standard for her as a female artist wearing baggy clothes, and told NME some reactions have been to tell her “Dress like a girl for once! Wear tight clothes you’d be much prettier and your career would be so much better!” It wouldn’t!

8 She’s Got A Young Fan Base, But Don’t Expect Her Not To Throw Out A Few Expletives!

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If you want to take your kids to a Billie Eilish show, expect to be entertained, but don’t expect her not to speak her mind, including throwing in a few expletives. USA Today commented on how Eilish addressed her fans when she was performing, speaking her mind, but also using an expletive.

7 Most Performers Want To Chat With Their Audience When Performing, Billie, Well, She’s All About The Music!

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Some performers like to sit on stage and chat with their fans, and although Billie Eilish does engage with her fans and has been known to share her opinions, USA Today also reported that during one of her shows she chose to keep the “conversation to a minimum,” apart from an introduction to her brother, Finneas O'Connell.

6 If Her Management Wanted To Silence Her Thoughts And Opinions, They Would Have A Tough Time!

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Billie Eilish is unique, and she appears to be very comfortable in her own skin because she’s not willing to change for anyone! She doesn’t want to act like a typical pop star, she doesn’t want to dress like one, and she also doesn’t want to reign in her thoughts. Gone Famous expands on this idea, noting that although some people in the industry “would prefer it if she kept all of her ideas and opinions to herself and simply did what she was told,” that’s not who she is!

5 She’s Opinionated And Care-Free, And She’s Going To Tell You All About It

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Billie Eilish has opinions, and she’s not afraid to share them. There also seems to be no topics that are off the table, as observed during her interview with NME, in which she discussed how people tend to overlook the opinions of teenagers.

“People underestimate the power of a young mind that is new to everything and experiencing for the first time,” she said. “We’re being ignored and it’s so dumb. We know everything.”

4 Billie Really Doesn’t Follow The Rules That Pop Stars Are Usually Expected To

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When you think of some of the biggest pop stars in the world, you may notice a similarity between them; perhaps in the way they perform, what they wear, or how they use social media. Then think of Billie Eilish, and how different she is because she doesn’t follow the rules that pop stars are usually expected too. Vox probably sums up this idea best in an article dedicated to Eilish, as they state: “She challenges normative expectations of what a female pop star can sound like, look like, and publicly say…”

3 She’s Only A Teenager, But It’s Unlikely She Has A Curfew Because She’s On Her Own Schedule

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If we think back to our teenage years, most of us probably had strict curfews dictated by our parents, but despite Billie Eilish being just 17, she’s unlikely to have the same rules. Actually, she doesn’t seem to want to follow any schedule!

The Globe and Mail commented on how she appeared later than her set time, reporting that while she arrived shortly afterward, she “is on no one’s schedule but her own.”

2 She Still Gets Asked For ID (Which Probably Means There’s No After Party At A Local Club)

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What do music stars do after they finish a show? We would imagine that many of them head to an after-party, but we can’t forget that Billie Eilish is a teenager, and Rolling Stone has reported that when she stepped into a club she was carded. As for how she responded to this decision? The publication states she took out her Invisalign and dropped it into the security's palm.

1 When She’s Making Music, She’s Aware Of The Haters, But All She Wants To Do Is Perform!

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Billie Eilish loves performing, telling NME how she is “so excited” to put her music out there, and although there are many people who admire her, she also has haters. Having people dislike who she is and what she does is not surprising as it sort of comes with the territory of being a celebrity, but she is aware of the things that people say about her! She also has a fantastic response: “who’s making money? Who’s playing shows across the globe? Who’s getting free shoes? Me!”

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