15 Rules Madonna Imposes On Her Kids (She Never Followed Herself)

Madonna is the middle child of six siblings, and now that she is all grown up, she is a mother to six children. But her own childhood is different in many ways from the way she chooses to raise her kids.

Madonna decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in dancing, and although she would never regret that decision, when it comes to her own children, she places a lot of importance on their education. She is also reported to be a notoriously strict mama — reports have suggested that her rules are among the reasons Rocco went to live with Guy Ritchie — yet despite having orders that need to be followed, she reportedly rebelled against her stepmother and thought of herself as the quintessential Cinderella. Below are 15 rules Madonna imposes on her children, that she never followed.

15 She Keeps An Eye On Her Children’s Wardrobe (But She Wore What She Wanted)

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Madonna has made some risqué choices with regard to her wardrobe. But when it comes to her children, she keeps a close eye on what they wear and tries to encourage them to be more practical in their choices.

She told British Elle (via Fox News) that her daughter went through a phase when she wore very tight jeans, and she was trying to encourage her to wear something else.

14 Madonna Was A Total Rebel When She Was Growing Up, But Her Kids Have Strict Rules

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Madonna is known for being a strict parent! Several reports have stated that she has strict rules regarding her children’s television use, and there are repercussions if they don’t keep their rooms tidy. But when Madonna was growing up, she was a bit of a rebel. ]

According to The Famous People, after Madonna’s mom passed, she “went through a radical change and turned into a rebel.”

13 This Includes A Curfew, And Her Children Are Required To Be Home Early

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Madonna has attended many parties and events and was unlikely to have been on anyone’s schedule but her own, but her children have a strict curfew. Reports have stated that one of the reasons Madonna’s son, Rocco, wanted to live with his father, Guy Ritchie, was because of his mom’s strictness.

According to New York Daily News, an insider said that at Richie’s house, Rocco “doesn’t have an early curfew."

12 She Grew Up With A Lot Of Siblings, But They Never Had To Relocate To Follow One Particular Individual’s Dreams

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Madonna is the third of six siblings, and now she is a mom herself, also to six children. Her kids are all talented in their own ways, but her son, David Banda, has shown skills on the soccer field, and according to Hello! magazine, she relocated the family to Lisbon Portugal, to help make his dreams become a reality.

Although her decision to support her son so wholeheartedly is admirable, this is not an approach that every parent would take.

11 Madonna Rubbed Shoulders With Hollywood’s Elite In Her 20s, But She Wanted Her Daughter To Be Over 18 Before She Had A BF

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Madonna was reluctant for her daughter to start dating in her teens, and said as much in an interview. “No boys for [Lourdes] until she turns 18,” she said, according to Today. But it’s interesting to know that when Madonna was in her early twenties, she was rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite.

Gulf News lists several of the men that Madonna has dated, and back in 1979 (when she was 21) she was linked to Breakfast Club musician, Dan Gilroy.

10 Apparently She’s Really Controlling (But She Left Home Because She Didn’t Want To Follow Her StepMother’s Rules)

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Insiders have previously told Page Six that Lourdes and Rocco felt their mom was “too controlling,” and they were craving “stability.” But according to Biography, Madonna “fought especially hard against the rules” that her stepmother, Joan Gustafson, set out for her. Madonna is reported to have even referred to herself as “the quintessential Cinderella."

9 Actually, Despite Setting Plenty Of Rules For Her Children, She Despised How Strict Her Stepmom Was

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Madonna’s mother passed away when she was a child, and her father later ended up remarrying. As mentioned above, Madonna resented the rules that her stepmother imposed upon her, but she is known to have plenty of rules in her own household. According to TheTalko, a former nanny, Melissa Dumas, has claimed that Madonna doesn’t allow noise in her home when she’s sleeping — not even for showers.

8 Madonna Dropped Out Of College To Focus On Performing, But Education Is Very Important In Her Household...

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Madonna dropped out of college and moved to New York to focus on dancing, The Famous People reports. Her decision to pursue a career in the entertainment industry has obviously paid off, but Madonna has encouraged her own children to get a good education and is serious about learning.

7 ...And Her Children Need To Be Dedicated To Their School Work!

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To expand on the above point, Madonna places a lot of importance on her children’s education, which is why she has enrolled them in good schools. This includes a French school for Lourdes in 1999, BabyGaga reports. Insiders told The New York Post (via BabyGaga) that Madonna wanted Lourdes to be educated in Britain, adding, “this way she gets the best of all worlds.”

6 Good Manners Are Important, And Madonna Feels She Was Never Taught Those

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The rules Madonna has set out for her children make it sound as though she wants to raise her kids to be well-rounded individuals with good manners. But according to Biography, she has claimed that she is able to express herself because she did not have a mother. She explained: "For example, mothers teach you manners. And I absolutely did not learn any of those rules and regulations."

5 Madonna Has Always Been Adventurous With Her Hairstyles, But Lourdes Was Not Even Allowed To Dye Her Hair Until She Was 14

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You’ll notice another difference in the rules Madonna makes her children follow, to those she follows herself, with regards to her appearance. According to NickiSwift, Lourdes was not allowed to dye her hair (at least until she was 14), which the publication states is a case of “do as I say, not as I do…”

4 The Queen Of Pop Is Completely Against Mobile Phones (Which Is Not Something She Had To Deal With Growing Up)

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Mobile phones were not a part of Madonna’s childhood (because they didn’t exist then) but she has a very strict approach when it comes to her children’s use of technology. She told Vogue that she “made a mistake” when she gave her older children phones at 13, and that she was reluctant to do the same with her younger children — even though at the time of the interview David was 13.

3 When It Comes To Parenting, She’s OK With Being The Bad Cop

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Some parents are more comfortable with discipline than others, and Madonna has admitted in an interview with People that she takes on the role of “bad cop.” Adding, “I’m the one that says no.”

Although there is nothing wrong with choosing to discipline her children, according to Marie Claire, in early interviews Madonna would use the word “wicked” at the mention of her stepmother because she was so strict.

2 We Have No Idea What Madonna Ate Growing Up, But Her Kids Are Only Allowed To Eat Organic Produce

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Although there are some details about Madonna’s childhood that are readily available, we don’t know everything, and we have no clue what she ate when she growing up. But we do know that she has strict rules for her children and what they can and cannot eat.

According to Celebitchy, a guideline for her ex, Guy Ritchie, stated that he can only feed their boys a “macrobiotic, vegetarian, organic diet with no processed or refined food.”

1 Madonna Sadly Lost Her Mom At A Young Age, Which Is Probably Why Communication Is So Important To Her

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Madonna lost her mom when she was just five, and Biography states that the loss “significantly affected Madonna's adolescence.” We cannot pretend to understand the emotions Madonna went through at this time, but as a mother, she places a lot of importance on having good communication with her kids. On the same list of rules for Ritchie, via Celebitchy, it stated that Madonna could have phone contact with her boys “when and how often she chooses,” and sometimes up to four times a day.

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