15 Ruthless People Who More Than Proved That They Cannot Be Trusted

Most of us want to believe that the people around us mean well. Depending on who you speak to, that could be more or less of a true statement. Some people are saints and do everything they can to make the world less of a depressing place, while other people like to reap the benefits and take advantage of situations. Either or, there are plenty of people that are the definition of both and cannot be trusted. Yep, we said it, people that mean well sometimes can't be depended on either. Not in a insidious way, but more so on a minimal level, like when people wear socks with their Dad sandals. Excuse us if you are a fan, but you probably cannot be trusted. The next photos prove that there are others like you out there. You're welcome.

15 When toothpaste isn't toothpaste

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Why do we feel like we've seen this in a comedy movie once or twice before? Probably because it's definitely something that's happened. Whoever the savage is that couldn't bother to maybe put one of the tubes on another shelf is asking for it and, chances are, they are probably aware of it. This might be a dose of karma if the person lives alone, but it never works like that. Some poor soul rummaging around in the wee hours of the morning will find the wrong tube and get a rude awakening, pun intended. Anyone that pulls this intended (or unintended) prank isn't to be trusted under any circumstance and maybe, just maybe, they will be the one that falls prey to this situation. We hold out hope.

14 The man who had to win

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It's all fun and games until someone starts gambling away their life savings. One of the main reasons for going to a carnival or fair is for the games. We all hope to win the big prize, but either we walk away with a microscopic-sized plush toy or a lighter wallet. We don't really think about the money we spent until we look at our bank account the next day, but it's all for the fun of having a good time in the present moment. Although a bit frustrating and rigged, we know that it's just a stuffed animal that we could probably buy cheaper at the local Walmart anyway. But for some of us, that mindset doesn't quite kick in... ever. The man above decided that he absolutely couldn't walk away without winning a Rastafarian banana and by the looks of it, he spent all of his hard-earned cash trying to do so. At least the silver-lining is that he can snuggle with it at night, right?

13 This kid will be scarred forever

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Baseball games are fun. They are fun for the truest of fans and they are fun for people who don't really care for the sport, but enjoy going to eat their weight in food and drinks instead. When we were kids, baseball games were a treat where we could (also) indulge in sugar and salt and run around like chickens with our heads cut off. But when that ball came soaring our way, we were ready with our mitt to catch the ball and store it in a plastic case we would forget about a week later. It was a great experience to have and most kids enjoyed every second of it. But when an adult thinks that they can get in on the fun and all but take the fly ball out of a kid's hand, that just isn't cool. We know by that action alone that they can't be trusted.

12 Something doesn't look right...

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When we think of food items that go together, we think of bread and butter, coffee and cream or even chips and salsa. What we don't think of are cookies and orange juice. Just the thought of it gives us the heeby-jeebies and we wouldn't want to find out how the two would taste together. Anyone that is old enough to know what cookies are know that milk is the only drink that is acceptable as their partner. Milk and cookies are a trademark pair and once upon a time, our parents even made us believe that if we left the two items out, Santa would leave us a present or two. So when this savage beast above starts experimenting with other beverages, we don't know what to do. Not trusting them is the first step.

11 No, just no

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If there is one food item everyone could agree that is on the same level of Beyoncé, it's pizza. Pizza is heaven-sent and can cure the worst of moods and situations. Pizza can be combined with just about any other food group and it would still be acceptable in a lot of peoples' eyes. Another great thing about pizza is that it can be deemed a finger-food or a food that can be cut up into bite-sized pieces and still be thoroughly enjoyed. When we are extremely hungry, there is nothing better than when a delicious, cheesy pizza is set before us and we cannot wait to dig in. While eating it tends to get messy, a lot of people would turn away from the sight above. Anyone who starts the middle of the pizza isn't to be trusted one bit and we have to wonder what else they do wrong.

10 As if he didn't know

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At some point, we've probably all had roommates for one reason or another. It was great if you got along with them because it was like a live-in friend that you could always hang out with. Then, there's the instances when roommates don't see eye-to-eye. Whether it be cleanliness, noise levels or other annoying roommates habits, we could almost always look past them because, hey, not everyone has the same outlook and there's always a middle ground two people can meet at. But one of most unforgivable acts is eating food that isn't yours. Maybe you are guilty of it or maybe you just had a crappy roommate that thought what's yours is theirs. But the ultimate mistrust between roommates is eating the last of something as well. As if that wasn't bad enough, they leave a snarky note asking how they can owe you. Um... is this a joke? Three words: don't trust 'em.

9 Started from the middle, now we here

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There are certain ways to each certain foods and some of the ways are weird, depending on who you ask. With Oreos, the normal person pops off one side, eats it and then saves the frosting side for last. Pretty self-explanatory, right? But one of the most popular candies around Halloween-time has a way about it that makes people want to indulge in a certain way. We don't need to go into detail of how, because you should already know. On second thought, the person above clearly doesn't and it is shameful to all Reese's Peanut Butter Cups eaters out there. A normal person would never dream of starting from the middle of the candy, and we can quite figure out why (or how!) this person did either. All we know is that this person needs to learn a thing or two before being trusted.

8 The improper way of eating a burrito

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We'll cut this person some slack since it looks like it's a kid that is committing this atrocity, but still, what the heck? We thought it was a universal understanding that burritos are eaten from one end to the other and there are no questions about it. Since it's probably the parents to blame for this disaster, we will put most of the mistrust on them. We get it, sometimes a person is so hungry, they don't care how the food gets into their pie hole, but seeing a person eating a burrito like this doesn't sit right and we wish it would just end. Again, this poor kid probably doesn't know what he or she is doing and the parents probably never taught them how to eat a burrito. Makes us think what other basic tasks they haven't taught their child...

7 Torment in the flesh

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Once or twice or a hundred time in our childhoods, we've probably all had the gum Hubba Bubba. If you haven't, stop what you are doing right now and go get yourself some. While it was mainly consumed by stuffing it all into one's mouth in one sitting, the youngest kid out there knew how to properly unwind the bubble tape and then pop it in their mouths. We suppose we are wrong because just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, someone does this and all we can do is look away and hope we never see something like this again. We know each person is different and has their own way of going about things, but the level of trust this person inspires is probably pretty low based on the picture above. What if someone else wanted to enjoy some of this? We'll never know.

6 No offense Mr. Bublé, but...

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While he delights us with his Frank Sinatra-esque voice, we will never quite get over this scene above. Maybe he's never have a piece of corn on the cob before and that thought alone is quite sad. Maybe, just maybe, someone offered a piece to him knowing he hasn't had the pleasure of eating a corn cob before and forgot to mention how to eat it. We really want to believe that's the case, but either way, someone is not to be trusted here. Anyone who takes this buttery morsel and tries to stuff it in their mouth from the end up isn't good news and we all know it. We feel a little bad for Michael Bublé for being a celebrity that can't even enjoy corn on the cob without getting his picture taken, but then again, we are kind of glad it was photographed because now we know money can't buy everything.

5 Put the screwdriver down...

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For those of us past the age of five, we know that this situation won't end well. In fact, we wish we could grab this person's hand and slap it for being so reckless. There are people out there who get a rush from doing stupid things and putting themselves in sketchy situations and really, to each their own. But if someone were to voluntarily stick a screwdriver into an open light socket, how trustworthy are they in other parts of their life? There's probably a good chance they also put eating utensils in toasters, too, just to see what happens. Overall, this picture is what nightmares are made of and we hope this person was just kidding around and put the screwdriver in a safe place away from the socket. Yikes.

4 Two types of people

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Anyone can tell what type of person someone is just by the way they do simple tasks. To name one, the way a person prepares their breakfast in the morning is a good one to watch out for. One of the easiest breakfasts to make is just by grabbing two simple items from the shelf and from the refrigerator. That's right, cereal is something that can be eaten in the morning or just about any other time of the day and still be just as delicious.

But, are you the type of person who puts the cereal in the bowl first and then the milk, to properly proportion the latter to the former? Or, are you the type of person who puts milk in first and then fills the rest of the bowl up with cereal? If you are the the second, then you may need to re-evaluate your life decisions. Or, to cut straight to the problem, focus on this one in particular. Normal people know that this isn't something or someone that can be trusted.

3 When someone does this, run

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If you weren't aware already, cheese is amazing. Cheese is so good, that it should have its own food group just for the variety of cheese and deliciousness every single one brings to the world. No matter which type a person prefers most, the string cheese is a ride-or-die snack that just about everyone welcomes.

It's something our mom or dad packed in our little lunch bags when we were small and it was something we would then go on to make them continue to buy when we were teenagers. Now that most of us are trying to adult, it's probably something that still manages to sneak into the grocery basket and we have no shame about it. Like all other foods, there are particular ways to eat things such as this and no one should branch off and find another way to do it. Case in point? Anyone who doesn't like stringing off the STRING cheese is despicable and must be stopped immediately.

2 No more popped collars!

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Fashion trends come and go and most of them don't stay intact forever. Some go away for a while and pop back up when we least expect it. Some never come back and we hope it stays that way. But at the same time, what we once thought was cool isn't anyone, will probably be in a few years when a certain celebrity decides to rock it again. Speaking of popping back up, we'd like to mention that we hope the fashion trend above never rears its ugly head. Why? Because by now, we can all agree that we've met someone like Mr. Popped Collar and most of the time, they couldn't be trusted. So ladies and gentlemen, if you happen to come across a person like this in the future, steer clear or kindly relax their collars for them.

1 Save the french fries!

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French fries are one of the most popular side dishes and will probably always be in that position. Lucky for us, they can be dipped in various sauces and will please just about anyone, depending on their likes and dislikes. But whichever sauce tickles your fancy, there is a golden rule of how to utilize a condiment with the French fries. Most people seem to get it and we know that they are trustworthy right away. But for those that like to rebel and squeeze ketchup all over your fries, you are not. Why ruin something that's so good with the risk of too much topping? Now, there won't be an option for leftovers because the fries will be way too soggy because of the ketchup. People that don't think things through like aren't who you want to associate yourself with.

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