15 Saucy Times Ryan Reynolds Was The King Of Twitter

He's a great actor, a very handsome man, a husband, a daddy, a hilarious being, and is simply lovable — these are just some of the words that best describe Ryan Reynolds.

We've all definitely seen some of his movie, for instance, Just Friends, The Proposal (there's a scene where he's naked in this movie, just saying), R.I.P.D., and of course, one of the biggest movies of 2016: the iconic and super funny Deadpool. Most of his roles are usually pretty comical, but guess what? He's just as funny in real life, too! If readers don't trust me, don't worry, I have proof (which is accessible to literally everyone) from his Twitter account. It's full of hilarious tweets, but also amazing replies and clapbacks to his his fans and his haters as well. If anyone is late to the game, his Twitter handle is @VancityReynolds for your records. 

15 It's The Little Things That Matter


Ryan Reynolds is a very accomplished man; he's got a great career, a lot of money, and even if he'd never work again, he would have enough money to live a great life. Heck, even his grandkids would have an amazing and stress-free life. But there are still some things that bring him joy. For example, finding a few dollars in an old pair of jeans or finding out that he and his wife had another child over a year ago!

Did he not see Blake Lively at all during her pregnancy? Because if he did, he'd see that her belly had gotten bigger, no? Alright, I'm just messing around. Ryan loves making jokes about his wife and family life at home. It's one of the more endearing things that makes him so relatable. However, if anyone took his tweets seriously, they clearly don't know him well enough.

14 Sometimes He Feels Like He Just Can't Be A Parent Anymore


Yes, kids are the best thing that can happen to somebody; and having kids makes most parents happier than ever. But in some cases, it's not always that nice. Sometimes you just feel like you can't do it anymore, so you decide to sneak out of your home and start a new life somewhere else. But wait, that's not how it's supposed to be!

Well, in Ryan Reynolds' case, that's exactly how it's ought to be. This reminds me of another tweet of Ryan's where he said that he sometimes spends an entire morning staring into his daughter and saying to himself "I can't do this." 

Anyhow, I honestly can't wait for his daughters to grow up and have their own Twitter accounts so they can clap back to their own father. That will be epic (if Twitter is still a thing then).

13 The Battle Of The Chrises


Last month one twitter user tweeted at Ryan Reynolds' Twitter account, asking which Chris is hotter, Hemsworth (AKA Thor), Pratt (AKA Star-Lord), or Evans (AKA Captain America). Now, we have all been there, right? And we can all agree that this is one of the hardest questions EVER. For me personally it's Hemsworth, Evans, then Pratt.

Anyhow, Ryan had great answer to that. He tweeted back saying he likes to get all three scoops when ordering ice cream. BUT he also remembered that there's another Chris in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Chris Pine. So, in addition to the first tweet, he tweeted that he likes some Pine nuts sprinkled on top of his ice cream. Wow Ryan, you really know what you're talking about. I'd like some of that ice cream as well!

12 Seriously, How Iconic Is This Tweet?

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Okay, we can all agree on one thing: 2017 was a heck of a year (and not in a good way). So many things had happened in 2017 that it's pointless to mention them here. But one of the most talked about things were the Kardashian/Jenner pregnancy rumours. Literally everybody wanted to know what was going on and which one of them were pregnant. Was it Kim, Kylie, Khloé, or maybe even Kourtney again? I mean, nothing can surprise us anymore.

Anyhow, we weren't the only ones wondering about that. Ryan here had an argument about this with his priest, and he even asked us to help him settle the argument. But the thing is, we REALLY had no idea who's pregnant (and even now, almost two months later, we still don't know if this whole pregnancy saga is done or whether there's more).

11 The Way He Wished His Wife A Happy Birthday Will Melt Your Heart... (NOT)

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In August of 2016, Ryan's wife, Serena van der Woodsen-, I mean,  Blake Lively, turned 29. Of course, Ryan took it to Twitter that day to wish a very happy birthday to a person that is very special to him. But guess what, he wasn't referring to his wife. It was Billy Ray Cyrus!

"Just want to wish Billy Ray Cyrus the most special, magical birthday ever. I love you with all my heart," wrote Ryan. But don't worry — he didn't completely forget about his wife. "Also, Happy Birthday to my wife," he added at the end of tweet. Billy replied to Ryan's tweet, saying, "Thanks man, you really know how to mend an Achy Breaky Heart! @VancityReynolds. Tell your wife happy birthday."

Unfortunately, Blake didn't tweet back at Ryan, so we don't really know what her reaction to this was. But let's be real, she probably loved it as much as we do.

10 It Doesn't Get Better

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You saw how Ryan wished Blake a happy birthday in 2016, right? Well, 2017 didn't go much better, to be honest. As you can see, Ryan here found a photo of him and his wife at some red carpet, cropped that photo so that he's the main focus. I mean, you can barely see poor Blake in this photo. Anyway, he posted that photo and just wrote "Happy birthday to my amazing wife." How cute, right?

Well, don't worry, Blake got her revenge. In October of last year, she wished Ryan a happy birthday via Instagram. She posted a photo of Ryan Reynolds posing with Ryan Gosling (but cropped out most of Reynolds', so Gosling is in the focus of the photo) and wrote "Happy Birthday, baby."

(For those who don't get it, she did this because these two hot Canadian Ryans are very often confused for each other.) Gotta love this hilarious couple!

9 His Way Of Having Fun With His Daughters Is Something Special

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Oh. My. God. This tweet here is probably the most savage one of them all. As you can see, Ryan is talking about how much one of his daughters like being buried up to her neck in sand at the beach. Then he adds that she gets super happy and excited when he comes back to get her the next day. Now I can't unsee this image of a cute little girl being buried at the beach, and staying like that the whole night, waiting for her dad to come back. Also, he should remember to bury her a bit further from the sea because those tides can be tricky — we don't want anyone to drown, am I right?

On a serious note now, I really think Ryan is a good dad. Just imagine having a father like Ryan, somebody who's so kind, so funny, and so talented.

8 He Went To Disneyland Because His Daughter Is Obsessed With Mickey Mouse

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This tweet here is also about one of his daughters. You see, she LOVES Mickey Mouse and, if she's anything like the rest of us, she probably loves anything Disney related. And I bet she loves Disneyland as well. Seriously, I've never met anyone who didn't like going to Disneyland. I mean, those Disney parks have it all; Disney characters all over the place, fun and exciting attractions, real castles — it really is impossible not to love it.

Now back to this tweet. Ryan tweeted last year that he went to Disneyland because his daughter loves Mickey Mouse. Okay, we got that! The rest of the tweet said that she was so excited when he returned and told her about his trip (meaning he didn't take her with him, LMAO). He's so funny, I can't even...

7  He Loves To Remind His Daughter How Lucky She Is

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Are you a parent? In that case you know how kids become your most precious gift after they're born. Oh, and is it just me or is everything baby-related super cute? For example, baby clothes, I love how adorable baby clothes are! Like, everything is miniature, it's simply adorable! And even if you don't have kids, when you see some super tiny baby clothes in a store, you just wanna buy it all. Oh, and nurseries for babies are the cutest thing ever.

Ryan here agrees with me on that, I think. You see, he tweeted about his daughter's nursery once, about the mobile about her crib, to be more specific. He made the mobile out of a bunch of NuvaRings (birth control for women, basically) to remind her how lucky she is. LOL, gotta love Ryan!

6 Ryan Gives Some Of The Best Parenting Advice

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A lot of people have no idea that Ryan and his lovely wife Blake Lively have two daughters. They have James, a daughter born in December 2014, and in September 2016 they welcomed another daughter into their family - baby Ines.

On the serious note now, can you even imagine Ryan as a parent? Or even better, can you imagine what it would be like if Ryan was your father? I certainly can't because he's always so comical that it's difficult to imagine him in a serious role (even in the movies, lol). But that doesn't mean he's a bad father, though. Go through his tweets and you'll see how much he loves his daughters and his wife - he tweets about them ALL the time! Just look at this tweet where he, as an experienced father, gives advice to other parents. He said that it's very important that parents take some "time outs" for themselves, and that it's okay if those time outs are 14 years long.

5 He Was Disappointed to Find Out 'Game of Thrones' Is Not Historically Accurate

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Everybody is literally obsessed with anything that's related to HBO's Game of Thrones. And that shouldn't come as a surprise because Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows ever. Even Ryan Reynolds was not able to resist to its allure. We don't blame him though because Game of Thrones really is amazing, and all the wars, conflicts, battles, and secret plots got us all hooked (and the ultimate question — who will sit on the throne in the end?).

Anyways, some time ago, Ryan tweeted that he had discovered that Game of Thrones is not historically accurate, and naturally, he was devastated and disappointed about that. In the same tweet he also apologized to his 6-year-old nephew with whom he argued about the historical accuracy of the show and whom he called an imbecile (don't forget he's only joking).

4 The Question We've All Been Asking Ourselves

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Listen, not only is Ryan Reynolds super hot, funny, talented, and so on, but he's also very environment friendly; he cares about our planet and wants to stop the global warming. In other words, he is perfection!

Because he cares about Earth and its people so much, he tweeted Barack Obama, while he was still the President of the US, and asked some serious questions about world's biggest issues. The very first thing he asked about was whether there was a sustainable, long term plan for carbon reduction. The second question, which is far more important, was why would Zayn just leave? For those who don't get it, he is referring to something that shocked the entire planet — the departure of Zayn Malik from the super popular boy band One Direction almost three years ago. #NeverForget

3 His Songwriting Skills Are Strong

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As I already mentioned before, Ryan tweets about his daughter and wife A LOT, and those tweets are some of his funniest ones. Above this text is another tweet about his daughter and how he loves writing nursery rhymes for her (seriously, how can somebody be so talented and so perfect?). I mean, how adorable is that? To be honest, it would be super adorable if those nursery rhymes were actually nice and sweet, but who knows what Ryan is capable of.

Anyhow, last year he shared with us that some of his daughter's favorite nursery rhymes are "Sunshine-Cuddle-Time" and "Everyone You Know Will Eventually Die." The first one sounds pretty cute, I have to admit, however the second one is quite concerning, don't you think?

2 Once He Literally Shaded Every Celebrity Couple

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We all think Hollywood is the dream, right? Like, it's the place where everybody is happy and anything can happen. Basically, like heaven on Earth... I think because of what we see, what we hear, and what we read – in our heads, Hollywood is all about glamour, movies premieres, red carpets, and fancy after-parties where celebs socialize with each other.

But then there's the other side of the story, where everything is NOT that perfect. We have celebrity feuds, shades, celebrities ranting on Twitter, celebs having affairs, and of course, them getting divorced. And Ryan is aware of that. When one of his Twitter followers asked him for some relationship advice, Ryan responded, and by doing so, shaded every celebrity couple ever. Well, he also shaded himself as well because, as we all know, he was once married to Scarlett Johansson, and we all know how that ended. But hey, that's why we love Ryan so much – he makes jokes about himself as well!

1 Things He Would(n't) Do For His Daughter

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As I said at the beginning of this article, if you're not following Ryan on Twitter, get to it ASAP. Believe me, his tweets are a gift from God and will make your day way better.

Anyhow, as you've probably noticed already, Ryan tweets about his daughter and how much he loves her often. The best example of that is the tweet shown above where he says that he'd walk through fire for his daughter. But then he adds that doing that would be too dangerous, so he changes his mind and says that he would walk thorough a very humid room for her. But then he changes his mind again, because humidity would ruin his perfect hair.

You gotta love Ryan! And because his tweets are simply hilarious, here's another one he tweeted: "Happy birthday to my baby girl! Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter."

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