15 Savage Businesses Who Love Slaying Customers On Twitter

Social media is allowing businesses to engage with customers in a way that never would have been possible a decade ago. Instead of relying on television or radio advertisements alone to attract attention, now they can hop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some companies are absolutely killing it online, offering special deals and coupons to their loyal followers so they can consistently draw in new customers. Other businesses know that they're going to be successful regardless of what they do or how they act online, so they use their social media accounts to simply troll their fans and haters in the most savage ways imaginable. These epic tweets might have lost them a customer or two, but we have to give them some serious credit for being so brutal and hilarious!

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15 Hipsters only!

Via: twitter.com

If you've ever stepped foot in a Whole Foods Market, you know that nearly all of their customers are hipsters. Who else would shop at a store primarily known for selling vegan and organic food?! That's why we totally think Mark's initial tweet here is justified... are you allowed inside of a Whole Foods if you don't have a handlebar mustache and suspenders like typical hipsters? Well, Whole Foods hopped right on that joke and made fun of their own customers by saying that you can shop there as long as you own some skinny jeans, patchouli and a pair of TOMS (the shoe brand of choice for hipsters nationwide). Hey, you have to give them credit for being aware of their very quirky and specific clientele and having a sense of humor about it!

14 Tesco Mobile won't drop your service, but they will drop the mic

Via: twitter.com

When Felipe jokingly tweeted that it's an immediate turn-off when he finds out that a girl has Tesco Mobile as her network, he probably had no idea what kind of monster he'd awaken with his remark. The social media guy at Tesco Mobile is an absolute savage when it comes to haters, and he was ready to shut Felipe down for insulting his company. Sure, Tesco Mobile might not be the best service, but... "are you really in a position to be turning girls away," Felipe? Got' em! Several thousand people saw this brutal insult and found themselves laughing at poor Felipe, so we're sure he's going to think twice before he messes with Tesco again. He definitely won't sign up for their service after this, but it doesn't seem like they care!

13 Netflix and... chill out, girl

Via: twitter.com

You can't survive in this world without a Netflix account anymore. Like, what are you supposed to do on dates if "Netflix and chill" is off the table as an option?! Erica tried making her way through life without ever downloading the popular streaming service, but the constant barrage of advertisements instructing her to give in proved to be too much for her after a while. She signed up for a free trial of Netflix hoping that'd put an end to all the pressure, but that wasn't enough—the advertisement assault continued. When Erica took to Twitter to complain, Netflix refused to apologize for all the ads and instead snapped back at her by savagely suggesting she abandon her current therapist so they can look into couples therapy together.

12 Proof that United just doesn't care anymore

Via: twitter.com

United Airlines doesn't really care what people think about them, because they know they'll always have enough customers to stay in business no matter what happens. They got some serious heat after beating and savagely dragging a man off of an overbooked plane this year, but it hasn't stopped them from selling out most of their flights since then! Having complete faith in their future allows United to shamelessly troll complaining customers on Twitter—when Bruna here tweeted about how disrespectful the company's staff is at Dulles Airport, United told her to count her blessings, because at JFK... the company's employees throw knives! Most businesses would apologize after seeing a tweet like this, but United gives zero f*cks. Losing Bruna and her friends as customers won't stop them from making millions every year.

11 Wendy is one savage redhead

Via: twitter.com

We don't know who has been in charge of the official Wendy's Twitter account for the past several months, but when we find out, we plan on proposing to him/her. The account makes sure to tweet out the occasional advertisement and respond to the occasional complaint... but nearly 90 percent of the tweets published by @Wendys are savage insults directed at their haters or their fast food competition. When Devon foolishly asked how much a Big Mac (from McDonald's) costs, Wendy's bluntly stated that it costs customers their dignity. Wow, burn! We love us some McDonald's, but this tweet made Wendy's replace the golden arches as our new favorite fast food chain—how can you not be obsessed with a restaurant that has that much sass?!

10 Momma's boy

Via: twitter.com

"Chilly P" tried making his followers laugh when he tweeted at Royal Mail with a complaint that his Valentine's Day cards never arrived, a whopping four months after the holiday. Royal Mail, however, proved that they were the true comedians by asking him when his mom mailed the valentines out and what service she used. With a name like "Chilly P," we're sure this dude fancied himself a bit of a player, but Royal Mail completely destroyed his image when they implied that the only woman he can get is his mother! They even threw a little winky face in at the end of the tweet to make their insult extra savage. We're sure Chilly P won't try to make a joke at their expense ever again.

9 Looking for love in all the wrong places

Via: twitter.com

Sunil is just a man who's desperate for a bit of compassion, but it seems like he tends to look for love in all the wrong places. He tweeted at the deodorant company Old Spice in hopes of receiving an "I love you" in return, but Old Spice shut him down hard. They probably could have locked him in as a customer if they gave in to his innocent request, but Old Spice wanted to break his heart more than they wanted his business. "Try Tinder," they tweeted. Sunil, when even a deodorant brand refuses to return your affections, maybe it really is time to give up and try a dating app. Or throw on some Old Spice and try flirting with an actual person for a change.

8 We don't really blame SEGA for this one

Via: twitter.com

Nintendo, Atari and Capcom have been absolutely dominating the video game industry for a while now, but poor SEGA has pretty much fallen to the back of the pack. They've still got some loyal fans though, and one fan tweeted at the company to let them know that he'd give pretty much anything for them to put out a new Jet Grind game. Instead of thanking this customer or teasing any exciting upcoming projects, SEGA merely responded by saying that they'd give pretty much anything to not have to read this fan's username. We totally get it because the dude's username was "HotPikachuSex" and that's not an image we want to think about... but insulting fans probably isn't the best way to get your name back into the spotlight!

7 Round of applause for Deadspin!

Via: twitter.com

While playing college football at Notre Dame, Manti Te'o was recognized as a consensus All-American and received eight national awards, making him one of the most decorated college football players of all time. Despite his achievements within the sport, he first became truly famous when sports news website Deadspin published an article that revealed Te'o lied about having a dead girlfriend and the story was picked up by countless major news outlets. Donald Trump commended Deadspin writers Tom Scocca and Timothy Burke for exposing the "fiasco," but Deadspin wanted nothing to do with the future president and completely shut down his praise with a simple "go f*ck yourself." Probably not the most professional way to respond to a compliment, but whatever. Four for you, Deadspin. You go, Deadspin.

6 "I thought you were different"

Via: twitter.com

When Phil tweeted to his followers that he'd been cheating on Dominoes with Pizza Hut, he thought he'd get away with his deception. After all, he didn't tag either company in his tweet, so surely they wouldn't see it... right? Wrong! Dominoes is all over the search feature the same way a suspicious girlfriend is all over her BF's phone, so it's no big surprise that the business stumbled onto Phil's betrayal. Dominoes tweeted to Phil that they thought he was different and want his stuff packed and out by the morning. Maybe a bit of public humiliation will make Phil think twice before he orders from that homewrecker of a pizza company! If he was going to order from Pizza Hut, he could have at least let Dominoes down gently first.

5 Taco Bell's favorite holiday

Via: twitter.com

Some restaurants love the big holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, because they know that those holidays will bring a lot of business. Taco Bell, however, has a rather unconventional favorite day of the year—April 20th. That date is considered to be the official "stoner's holiday," and Taco Bell is the fast food chain of choice for people with a bad case of the munchies. When Men's Humor joked that the company would make a lot of money if they delivered on 4/20, Taco Bell hilariously tweeted back that they're going to make a lot of money off of stoners regardless. As a kicker, they ended the tweet with "#Ballin." Let's be real, as much as we'd love Taco Bell to deliver... they were absolutely right with this one.

4 You're moving a bit fast, Meaghan

Via: twitter.com

United might be welcoming a lot of hate and controversy lately due to their continually secure stream of revenue, but some other airlines are trying to make money by actually keeping their customers happy. JetBlue is apparently doing such a good job, Meaghan here tweeted that she wanted to make love to the company's terminal. We get it; we have a similar reaction when a layover terminal features some good eateries or a number of phone charging stations. JetBlue, however, felt that her tweet was a bit much and jumped on the chance to make fun of her for it. "At least buy the terminal dinner first!" Ouch, it's bad enough when your date tells you you're moving too fast, but when an airline says it... that's just embarrassing.

3 At least they know their WWE!

Via: twitter.com

When October complained about the chicken in her Sainsbury's sandwich tasting like it was "beaten to death by Hulk Hogan," she was probably hoping the supermarket chain would offer her a refund or at least an apology. Sainsbury's did say they they were sorry the chicken wasn't up to scratch, but their apology was negated when they sarcastically acted like they thought October was complaining that Hulk Hogan wasn't doing a good enough job pulverizing her meat on the production line and offered to replace him with Ultimate Warrior, a WWE Hall of Famer. That's definitely funny, but probably not the best advertisement for the quality of your chicken, Sainsbury's. You should probably fire your social media guy if you want people to actually buy your sandwiches.

2 Oreo versus AMC, coming to a theater near you

via: twitter.com

We've seen the Avengers face off in Captain America: Civil War and two Justice League legends fight in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the showdown fans really want isn't happening on the big screen—it's going down on Twitter. Oreo started a feud with AMC Theatres when they asked their followers if they ever snuck some snacks into a movie theater. AMC said that bringing outside food into the movies is "NOT COOL," but the rivalry didn't stop there. Instead of taking back their last tweet and discouraging fans from sneaking Oreos into the theaters, Oreo simply tweeted back at AMC with "don't hate the player, hate the game." We have to side with the sassy Oreo account on this one... movie theater snacks are way too expensive, so we always sneak stuff in!

1 So savage, Wendy's had to be on here twice

via: twitter.com

Wendy's is so brutal towards their customers on Twitter, we basically had no choice but to put them on this list twice. In fact, it would have been easy to absolutely fill this list with @Wendys insults and savage come-backs! Luis was a huge fan of the account's epic and vicious tweets, so he mustered up the courage and confidence to ask the social media master behind the account to roast him. He was probably expecting some mild insult about his appearance or the lame content on his own Twitter profile, but Wendy's went for the ultimate low-blow by making fun of Luis' utter lack of friends. He's only got 51 followers, and instead of wasting such a popular account's time, he should try to get one of them to roast him instead. Wow, this one had to hurt!

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