15 Savage Cakes That Will Ruin Everyone's Sweet Tooth

Cake is great, right? I don't think there's a situation in the world where cake wouldn't make the situation better. Had a bad day? Eat a slice of cake. Had a great day? Eat a slice of cake. This is seriously some solid advice. I feel like some people take that advice a little too far, though. I know, I know; I just said cake was good for any situation. But there are some people who take that idea and take it to the next level that ruins it for all of is. There are plenty of awesome DIY cakes on Pinterest, why stoop to some of these cake levels?Although I feel bad for the person on the receiving end of some of these savage cakes, they're just too funny not to laugh at. Not to mention the fact that they still look delicious.

Hold onto your sweet tooth and check out this list of 15 cakes that went too far.

15 This Loving Sibling

Ah, siblings. Anyone who has a sibling or other relative they're really close to knows this feeling. I think every sibling is just born with a special handbook in the back of their mind. It includes instructions like, "If you see your brother/sister just sitting peacefully, go smack them or pinch them. Leave them mean but loving and hilarious notes." Stuff like that. And this sister clearly gets it. I  love how pleased she looks with herself while she shows off her cake. The little frowny faces on it next to the writing are a really sweet touch, too.

This kid is going places. Maybe not to culinary school or a Food Network show, but places. I hope @devrooney1 appreciated the effort and not so much the the message.

14 Close Enough

Honestly, ice cream is almost as good as cake. If you ever forget someone's birthday and don't have time to get them a cake, this is the solution for you. Just grab a thing of ice cream and grab some candles and ta-da! Instant birthday celebration! Candles with numbers for their age would be ideal, but plain candles will be fine if you can't find numbers or don't remember how old they are. Just stick a few candles on and say there wasn't enough room for more because it's ice cream. Is that kind of the worst birthday celebration ever? Maybe.

This person's family obviously just gave up, but at least they picked some delicious ice cream. After they finish eating ice cream with their family, they can sneak off and get a cake to have all to themselves. It's a win-win.

13 When You're Getting Old

Poor Jake. This Twitter user's sister is a total savage and this is a hilarious way to celebrate her husband turning the big 3-0. I just hope she already turned 30 before this because otherwise, his revenge is going to be sweet. Get it? 'Cause she made him this cake? The puns just flow out of me, I swear. I imagine if she made him a cake like this though, they probably have a lot of jokes together and he got a good laugh out of this. If he did get some sweet revenge on her on her birthday, I bet it was just as hilarious as his "RIP Jake's Youth" birthday cake that he got for his.

Talk about relationship goals. These two are too funny.

12 A Tasty Reminder

Well, at least you found a good way to remind them, I guess. I hope the person who got this late birthday cake for themselves didn't let anyone else have any. Seriously, if you forget my birthday and I had to buy myself a cake, then I'm the only one who's gonna get to eat it. You can all sit and watch if you want to, but you get none. It's like that scene where Willy Wonka yells about how they get nothing, only it's me shoveling cake into my mouth and yelling about how my birthday was three days ago.

This sounds like I'm speaking from experience, but luckily I'm not. The closest I've ever come is the time my grandma got me one little slice from the store and then ate it herself. #Rude.

11 That's One Way To Tell Them

This poor Twitter user's brother. That's gotta be rough. Finding out you're getting a divorce via cake? With "XOXO" written on the bottom to make it all nice and happy? Ouch. Unless this was a cake from his parents or something and that was their way of telling the kids they were getting a divorce. In which case that's still pretty harsh, but it's not quite as bad as finding out about your own divorce via cake. Anyone who would put a serious note like that on a cake in cute pink icing with sprinkles everywhere is too savage for me. Like, that's just too far. No one wants to open a cute box from a bakery and see a pretty flowery cake with something written on it like, "Grandma died." Hopefully this was a joke? I need more answers!

10 Good Luck At The New Job

Well, these co-workers don't hold anything back, do they? Or should I say former co-workers. Apparently when this person got a new job, their old one wasn't too pleased about it. I'm sure this is a joke and they just have a funny relationship full of jokes like this, but still. This is just plain savage. Or maybe they weren't joking. Maybe wherever they worked, they had some kind of serious "you can never leave us" type contract. This person broke it and their co-workers were not pleased and really meant this message. It's written in such a cute, cursive font with such cute pastel icing. It's hard to read this as menacing.

All that black frosting underneath probably tastes terrible. Maybe it's a metaphor for their message. It seems cute and lighthearted, but underneath it's actually mean.

9 The Best Way To Quit

After working there for seven years, I think a totally savage cake is an acceptable way to quit. I just hope their boss appreciated it as much as this Twitter user did. But considering they're quitting their job after seven years with a cake, I'm gonna assume their boss probably didn't have such a great sense of humor. Whatever, that's their loss!

If this was me, I would just take the cake in and show it to my boss and then, when they tried to take a slice of it, pick it up and carry it away. You thought this cake was for you? No, I just wanted some cake and to tell you I quit. Why not kill two birds with one stone? No one else is gonna eat my quitting cake.

8 A Simple Message

A cake is seriously the best way to get your message across. Especially a chocolate cake with delicious strawberry slices all around the edges. Talk about tasty. It probably won't be all that effective when everyone just eats it and ignores what it said, though. But it was worth a shot, right? Everyone will still be touching you and totally not caring about what was on the cake, but at least you got cake. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes, you win and lose in the same situation. You just have to hope the good outweighs the bad sometimes. Personally, I think cake outweighs most bad things. So does chocolate and so does a nice, sweet strawberry. This cake managed to combine all of them into one for a major win. Who needs sticky-notes when you have an icing pen?

7 Congrats! I mean...

Nothing says, "Congratulations!" quite like a nice delicious cake. Unless, of course, you're like these kids and get your parents a cake expressing how impatient you were getting about them getting married. Sounds like after 15 years this sentiment was a good one though. Seriously, 15 years is a pretty long time. I think an "It's about damn time" cake is perfectly in order by then.

Imagine being the bakery employee working when these kids ordered it. They walk in like, "Hey our parents just got engaged and we want to have a little cake to celebrate. Can you make it say, 'It's about damn time!'? Thanks!" I think this cake is how you can tell that you raised a couple totally savage kids. I would be proud.

6 Sweet, Sweet Honesty

Well, this is one way to tell someone the truth. Personally, I would prefer that everyone just awkwardly avoided the subject and pretended they didn't all hate me. But hey, if someone has to tell a person that no one likes them, I guess there's no better way to do it than putting it on a cake. The strawberries on it are a delicious touch and how good this looks almost takes away from the burn of how savage this was.

Also, maybe I'm blind, but it took me a minute to realize those little vanilla wafer cookies weren't potatoes. I was really, really confused by what kind of a cake this was supposed to be until it clicked. Vanilla wafers on a cake? Tasty. Potatoes on the other hand? Just confusing.

5 This Going Away Cake

This cake is perfect for people who have a friend who is moving, but they still want to be a total savage. A nice, happy cake from the store with confetti and balloons and a big empty space. I love that they took a tube of blue icing that was almost the same color as the blues on the cake. Not quite, but it's the thought that counts, right? And the thought here is clearly something like, "I'm going to miss you a lot and I wish you weren't moving, but I refuse to be sentimental."

I hope they enjoy life wherever they go next and that their friends miss them. At least they got to have a little time together before he left and got him this hilarious cake.

4 Uh, No Thank You

I'm not one to say 'no' to cake very often, but this might have to be where I draw the line. I can't even imagine how someone would eat this cake, honestly. Just squish your slice all over your plate to make sure there's no toenail in the slice you got before you eat it? What if you miss a spot and you take a bite and bam you crunch into a toenail!? I would be scared to ever eat a cake again, probably. Or at least nervous about them for a while. Even if this was a joke and there is no kidding toenail, just the mental image has scarred me for life. Imagine being at a birthday party like, "Oh, no cake for me. The last one I ate had a hidden toenail. I was the lucky one who found it." At least you'd have an interesting story to tell.

3 This Poor Planning

This is seriously just proof that people need to be more careful with their decorating. I hope Ana had a good sense of humor about their birthday cake, but this cake fail is just bad. I don't know what those lumps of pink surrounding it are supposed to be either. I'm guessing flowers? But they just kind of look like clumps of frosting that dripped on it while the person was getting ready to write a message. And the dot over the 'I' in birthday is way too big. There are just so many problems with this cake, it's hard to tell where to begin while talking about it. By far the biggest one is their terrible planning when it came to writing a message to Ana... Clearly 'Ana' looks like a totally different and awkward word that should never be on a cake.

2 This Delicious Resignation

How did this person write a letter on this cake and manage to have better handwriting than I do on paper? I mean, I guess that's why he's called Mr. Cake, but still. This writing is neater and tidier than I could ever write. And it's written on a cake with icing! I know frosting and decorating cakes looks really easy, but have you ever tried it? Getting the stupid little flowers to look like actual flowers and not just wrinkled blobs is impossible. Major props to anyone who decorates a cake nicely and even more major props to Mr. Cake here. Not only did he have the nerve to leave his job to focus on his cake business, but he wrote his resignation on a cake. How could any boss be mad at this style of quitting? It's absolutely genius.

1 Look On the Bright Side

Harsh, but what a cute baby. Neckless and confused looking as he may be, this is such a funny way of making a bad situation turn around and seem better. Like, yeah, something bad happened but look at his funny picture of you as a baby. This is the kind of savage cake that only a sibling could give another sibling. Friends would be like, "Aw, I'm sorry. Let's get cake and watch some Netflix to take your mind off of it!" Meanwhile, siblings are like, "That sucks, but you had no neck as a baby, and I have a cake to remind you of that so..."

Siblings can be mean sometimes, but at least you always know it's out of love. And when their mean streak is on a cake, it's delicious.

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