15 Savage Couples Who Definitely Broke Up

There are moments in life—whether it be in person or online—that we see these couples who are the epitome of everything we want in a relationship. They're holding hands, they're playful, they're communicating well - a couple we admire is probably popping up in all of our heads as we read this. But then there are other couples who do something—whether in private or in public—that has us all covering our eyes because we know what's about to happen next. They're about to break up. And if they don't break up, we smell a breakup coming. Either a prank goes wrong, a text gets accidentally sent, or one person in the relationship takes things way too fast for their own good. A breakup is on the rise and we can't do anything about it except just watch it unfold. Here are 15 couples who probably  or most definitely broke up.

15 Boy, Bye

The infamous white/gold dress. Who doesn't remember this online fiasco? Better known as "the dress," went viral back in 2015. So viral that it has it's own Wikipedia page (we're serious). While the entire world debated if the dress was white and gold or blue and black, we sat back and had our minds blown by how many different opinions there were. Which brings us to our first couple. Here we have Molly and Nick. Who knows how long they've been dating, however, Molly wanted to know what her boyfriend thought the color of the dress was. After he explained it wasn't white and gold, rather it's blue and black, little miss Molly had enough, "Sorry, this isn't gonna work out between us..." Sorry Nick, "the dress" has one answer and one answer only. And since the answer provided wasn't Molly's, you got the boot. Smell ya later.

14 They're Done

These kinds of messages never seem to end well. Either a significant other really is okay with their partner going out drinking with their friends, or they say it's okay but deep down inside - they're hoping they have a miserable time and never do it again. It's not like we don't trust our significant others. But thinking about them having so much fun without us, leaves us with an uneasy feeling. What if they have SO much fun that they don't wan't us around at all? What if they're having too many drinks and they end up not remembering what happened? A lot of sketchy things can happen. So when this person says they're having a beer with some buds and gets the okay from their lover, they randomly say "I love you." Some people may think this is sweet, however, if this girl/guy isn't used to their parter saying "I love you" randomly or general, then the red flags are up! Suspicions are going wild, our minds are going crazy, and now we're probably gonna show up at the bar he's at. Which, in short, most likely leads to some sort of break.

13 These THREE Are Definitely Done

Kevin is one sly dog and he is in the pound for life. What was this kid thinking! Apparently, Kevin was seeing two girls at the same time and totally got called out via Facebook. Girlfriend number one wrote a Facebook status on his behalf saying "Going out to eat and then seeing a movie with my girlfriend..." (Why she felt compelled to make this his status, I'll never know.) That's where it gets juicy. Another girl, Sarah, seems to be confused and didn't realize she had plans that night with her "boyfriend." This is when she finds out her boyfriend actually had a girlfriend and it all played out on his Facebook status. Yikes, sorry Kevin. There's no way this worked out well for anyone in the end.

12 Yup, They're Over

Ugh, this scene is such a classic! We all have that one friend who randomly gets a super long text message. From afar, it looks like they're reading a book - that's how many lines of words there are via text message. With a message that long, one would think they would just call them, meet them in person, or I don't know, shoot them an email. But nope, text message is the way to go when a person can't own up to their issues in person. This poor girl is most likely typing someone the reasons why she's breaking up with them. Or she's getting told why they're breaking up with her. No one writes that long of a message without there being some sort of underlying issue attached.

11 Get Out - We're Finished!

There's one thing we should never do. And that's piss off  a wine lover. There are people who love wine for the way it makes them feel. Then, there are those who love wine because they actually love wine. They're totally fascinated by the fermentation process, the aging, the storing - all the ins and outs of wine. So when they ask their partner to stop by the store to grab a bottle of red, and they come home with Arbor Mist - there is no coming back from this. No way at all.

For those who don't know, Arbor Mist is cheap watered down wine. There's like, 6% alcohol in it, and someone can drink an entire bottle and feel completely fine. It's practically kiddie wine. So when a wine enthusiast is given Arbor Mist... They're judging their partner hard. And questioning why they're even together in the first place.

10 Never Again

James and Leigha are 100%, without a doubt DONEZO. For starters, anyone who would actually write something like this as their status is a complete d**k. There is no need to shout why or why not you find your girlfriend sexual attractive. Poor Leigha doesn't want the world to know about those personal details. But when someone asks James for the story as to why he doesn't find her sexually attractive anymore, he says it's because she keeps farting on him. Oh, God forbid a girl farts. As if it's not normal and only guys are allowed to fart. Leigha is, obviously, fuming with rage and James keeps stirring the pot by saying "If I wanted someone to fart constantly I would have gotten a dog, then again you are quite a bi**h." Too far, James! These two are definitely over.

9 It Was A Good Run

The classic autocorrect argument. There are screenshots all over the Internet of men calling their girlfriends or wives "Abby" when they meant to say "baby." It's not their fault! It's autocorrects fault! After apologizing for waking her man up, he says "Noo, it's okay Abby." He corrects himself and then prepares for the worst by saying "Oo God, here we go." Because he knew what he was in store for. Presumptuously minutes later, his girl says "Who's Abby?" Boom - argument engaged, and there is no turning back now. No matter how many times this dude says "I mean't to say 'baby,' there is no Abby," his girlfriend will forever be on the lookout for a chick named Abby on his phone. Hell, it might even be too much for her and she's not dealing with it at all and breaks up with him. All over a simple autocorrect mistake. I'm sure it was a good run while it lasted.

8 See Ya, Never

This little cartoon is the most realistic picture we have seen in a long time. Why are women's extremities always so cold? Men seem to always be sweating and women seem to always be freezing. And when it comes to sleeping, there's something SO satisfying about placing our cold feet on our men. Wether it's their back (like this picture) or on their feet - it's an instant warming situation for us, girls! However, boys have a different outlook (obviously). They're not really fans of the whole "cold feet on warm skin" kinda thing. They'd rather their significant others keep their feet to themselves. So we wouldn't be too surprised if someone one day just snapped and broke up with their significant other because they couldn't take them putting their cold feet on them anymore! They'd rather sleep alone, in the center of the bed, with no cold feet in sight.

7 I'd Be Gone So Fast

Meet Shammi and Sarah. They're an aunsralian couple who is known for Shammi pranking his girlfriend in humorous ways. Except for the fact that the only one who is laughing in these video is him. His girlfriend Sarah never sees to find his pranks funny. He has slammed an egg in her face while she was doing her make up, he's pushed her into strangers, he shoved an ice cream cone on her nose - and that's just the start of it. He even threw her into a river while pretending to take a picture of her! He's always giggling with delight in the video while she's left caught off guard and pissed. I don't know how long this couple has been dating but there is no way this pranking is going to last a while because we doubt Sarah is over it. It was probably fun at first; silly and playful pranking. But shoving her into a RIVER?! Yeah, we give them three more weeks.

6 Single And Ready To Mingle

Ugh, Kimberly, run for the hills! Gary is a bold face liar and is a freak if he thinks this lie is going to work. Not only does he blame his new hickey on his dog, but what in the world would even make this lie justifiable? "Oh, your hickey is from your dog? That's so cute! Okay, all if forgiven." How about, no. If someone allowed their dog to lick and nibble at their neck for that period of time is a complete weirdo. Whether the hickey is from his dog or another woman, Kimberly needs to get out of this relationship FAST. Not to mention she is on the TV show Maury. So we all should know by now that this couple did not last past the stage after filming. No way.

5 Goodbye

Ha! I feel like this situation is every scandalous person's worst feel. For whatever reason, they don't have the courage to be honest with their significant other and so they lie to them about their whereabouts. The only problem is, they shouldn't lie about where they are if they don't know where their partner is. I feel like that's rule number 101 about lying. After their partner asked them what they were doing, and they replied with "going to bed," things got real really fast. Their boyfriend/girlfriend was at the same club they were at and was right behind them. They texted to see what they were doing to see if they would get an honest answer in return. But what they got instead was a strong lie. #Awkward. If this couple is still together after this bold-face lie, they deserve a medal.

4 Are You Kidding Me, Josh?

Is this kid serious? Like, there are so many things wrong with this entire message, I don't even know where to start. So let's dive in. For starters, Josh has a girlfriend and is going out of his way to text another girl named Anna. Second, he calls her sexy. Third, he tells her there is no confusion about names - the text was meant for her. Fourth, he tells this woman he 'wont tell if she won't.' And finally, Anna pulls one for the win and tells him she was with his girlfriend and she read everything! If a person wants to cheat on their girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe they shouldn't have a girlfriend/boyfriend to begin with. And if they do, then maybe they shouldn't text their partner's friends. #SMH.

3 They're Never Ever Getting Back Together

This entire meme is everything. For starters, the kid pictured has a flip phone and the way he's lying backwards on his desk just shows how much he messed up. It's the classic argument where someone is asked if something is wrong. Instead of answering "Yes, I'm frustrated because you haven't been very nice to me like you were in the past." They write "no." And after their partner is relieved that all is well between the two, their significant other decides to let the dogs out and start saying, "I just think it's funny how..." It doesn't matter if the person is a male or a female. If we read "I just think it's funny how..." we're in for a long argument that is not funny in the slightest.

2 #ForeverAlone

I thought I have seen it all when it comes to relationships. Through high school loves, drunken college nights, and adult Tinder hookups, we're aware of how social media stalking can go. But this person has literally took my breath away. They texted their crush four times, called three times, texted their crush's brother, messaged him on Facebook, contacted IT for his work number line, then they assume he's dead for not answering them! Um what!? Sometimes people are busy. And as hilarious it is the this person reached out that many times and just assumed the worst possible situation ever after not getting an answer is insane. I'm guessing they didn't answer this person because they're just not into them. Sorry honey. She probably should have gotten the hint after four unanswered messages and three phone calls.

1 Totally Done With

What was Amanda thinking!? Unless she went on a few dates or was sleeping with multiple people, and one of them happened to ask her out. Maybe this Mike character was just assuming she was referring to him? However, if Amanda was, in fact, referring to her new relationship status with Mike because they did sleep together once - then this is a totally awkward situation that has now been made public. Could't Mike have done Amanda a solid and just messaged her privately about this? Regardless, if this was about Mike or another person, we're assuming the relationship (or lack there of) between Amanda and Mike is totally not happening anymore.

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