15 Savage Memes You'll Feel Horrible About Laughing At

Sometimes, people can be terrible. We try not to be, but playing the "good card" isn't always easy. Especially when you laugh after someone's been callously savage. However, when it comes to savage memes, it's hard to help yourself. Sometimes, no matter how mean it might be, the laughter takes us over like a drug, and we're suddenly high on humor — even though it's usually at the expense of someone else. For the most part, you're probably decent, but a truly savage meme can bring out the worst in anyone.

So, without further ado, let's bring out the savagery. Let's get a little mean. Let's kick back and appreciate some rude humor at the expense of other people who never saw it coming. However, if you want to salvage your kind soul, then turn back now, because these are 15 savage memes that you'll feel bad about laughing at.

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15 My Cousin, The Raptor

Via: SomaliSpot

Nobody's perfect. That said, no one is a dinosaur, either. Well, except for this young woman (according to her cousin). We've all got random flaws, so leave it to family to call them out in public, and then create a meme out of it for literally everyone to see. As if she wasn't insecure enough about it (there's a solid chance this isn't the first time her cousin brought up this raptor likeness), the Internet is looking and laughing. Even you are. Admit it. You didn't want to laugh, but you laughed. You didn't want to show someone else, but you did.

Honestly, though. This cousin isn't alone in saying this. That is straight up raptor neck. Like, she's eating a sandwich, but she literally looks like she's about to pounce on Muldoon.

14 Katy Perry! Katy Perry! Katy Perry!

Via: Secret NYC

There's nothing wrong with some color and a little of inspiration. However, for Katy Perry, she took that mindset and went to town with it. She looks like Winona Ryder in the third act of Beetlejuice — you know, the part where she's being forced to marry him. While we totally respect artists expressing their creativity, Katy Perry needs to watch her back. And that's not a threat, it's advice. She looks like someone who clearly said Beetlejuice's name three times, and now has to spend the rest of eternity being his love slave.

Now, if she just plays her cards right, then maybe she has a chance of breaking free. Then again, maybe we've already seen proof that the two did, in fact, marry, because she's clearly been raiding his closet...

13 Splitting The Sea

Via: Pinterest

Getting a haircut can be a traumatic experience, and the last thing anyone who has ever had a bad haircut wants is to have their new hairdo on display. Especially when it looks like this. Now, granted this fella was clearly going for something more along the lines of a deep part, but someone screwed up. Honestly, it hurts less if it was, at the very least, a prank. Because then, at least, there were stakes involved; nobody paid for this. Then again, no matter what the case may be, this photo is horrific, but the meme is divine. Who knew that religion and hair were such a solid pair for comedy?

How is it possible to be filled with so much pity, and also so much disgust? Because that's what's happening right now.

12 Coming Together As A Community

Have you ever seen those videos on YouTube where an accident happens, and then people in the vicinity show up to work together and help fix the situation? If you haven't, go check some out right now. They'll probably make you cry, but they're beautiful, so the tears are worth it. However, inspiring as those incidences may be, you then get a situation like this one — and hope for humanity is suddenly lost again. This poor guy is still in a railing (let's not even go so far as to ask why, because chances are his reason for being stuck isn't going to help with that whole "hope for humanity" issue), and nobody helps. The onlookers just stare and take pictures, very much enjoying the situation. They're literally posing with him, like he's the official mascot for horrible mistakes, and no one seems to see a problem with that. Sigh.

11 "Thavage"

Via: Dopl3r

Now, it's never nice to make fun of someone's physical flaws. Flaws are what make us so unique. They're what make us all so perfect in our own ways, right? Well, true as that may be, it still doesn't change the fact that meme-makers are going to take whatever opportunity they can find to call someone out on the said physical flaw. Take for instance this guy. His only crime in this situation is having a particularly wide gap in between his two front teeth. Nothing too heinous, right? Right. But dammit if that space didn't open him up to savage shots to his wellbeing. Sir, you go right ahead and take pride in yourself, no matter how you may look. Just don't be mad that we can't help ourselves from laughing at this meme. Comedy is comedy, and sometimes it hurts. #MuchLove

10 Zero Chill

Via: Imgrum

When it comes to dealing with someone hitting on your significant other, we've all been there. But even if you haven't, you likely have a decent idea as to how you'd feel if that ever happened, and chances are you wouldn't be thrilled. So, on that level, we relate to this meme. Then, when it comes to wanting to look your best, even if you're about to drop a b*tch, that's also completely relatable. This meme is ridiculously savage, though. It takes these two mindsets to the nth degree. And even though you want to laugh—while also secretly relating on a deeper level—you're also a little scared. Something about this person's face—way too confident, way too focused—is terrifying. But at the same time, that makeup seriously is on point.

9 Shower Selfie

Via: Huzlers

We all want to look our best when we're taking selfies. On the surface, we want it to seem casual, but deep down, it needs to be perfect. Seriously, though, most of us will take around a dozen selfies before we're confident about sending them, whether we're posting them on social media or sending them to someone directly. Hell, even when it's your best friend, there is still so much curation. It's crazy. So, it's for that reason alone that this meme is so perfect. It's savage, but it's perfect. Because, honestly girl, you may have just gotten out of the shower, but the time between you getting out and taking that picture was clearly however long it takes you to put on makeup. Otherwise, yeah, it begs the question... did you wash your face?

8 Holiday Hate

Via: Memes

The issue between religious folks and non-religious folks is tense. It has been that way for a while, but in the age of social media, where you get to really see everyone's true colors, the tension is front and center. So, yeah, it often leads to this level of awkwardness. However, this response deserves a round of applause for its perfection. Nobody wants to lose a battle that they started, but... that's literally exactly what has happened here. Which says a lot. The next time you want to judge someone for their beliefs (or lack thereof), it's advisable that you just hush the hell up, because chances are someone is going to clap back with some next-level savagery. Just watch your tongue. It'll do you some good in the long run.

7 Too Savage?

Most of us want to be good people. Not great, necessarily (who wants that kind of responsibility?), just good. Still, every so often, our savage side comes out. Honestly, though, not even savage — evil. Sometimes, people piss us off so much that we can't help but think only dark and morbid thoughts. We fight it. We try to fight it. But dammit... sometimes people just make it so damn difficult to do so, which sometimes inevitably leads to a situation similar to this meme. Do you really want these people dead? No. But do you want the bullsh*t that they just pulled to die? Yeah. Yeah, we do. Badly. We may need to do a few favors for people to wash away the evil, but that doesn't change the fact that it was there in all of its wicked glory for a moment in time.

6 Whoa

There's a reason why people consider parenting to be one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. You have an unconditional love for your child, but does that make them perfect? No. You may tell people that they're perfect, and you may try convincing yourself that they're perfect. But they're not. And sometimes, they can drive you so over the edge that you need to physically be away from them, just to gather your sanity. However, then you get some people who go next-level with this mindset and are working with a level of savagery that is incomparable. No matter how upset you are, maybe don't tell people that you wish you had an abortion, not just because you don't want to get caught, but because even bona fide villains don't say that kind of stuff. You're better than that.

5 #NetflixAndCreep

Via: iFunny

Dating can be exciting, but at the same time, it can be terrifying. We put our trust in people (sometimes perfect strangers) betting our lives on high hopes, which ultimately opens us up to potential mishaps. It's for this reason that this meme cuts right to the bone. We totally get it, even we haven't necessarily been in this exact situation. More than anything, it's a fear, and that specific fear is not wanting to die at the hands of your fresh-off-the-shelf cuddle buddy. As a meme, though, this one is genuinely savage, because it can mean so many things. Does the "he" in this situation just want to sex? Is he a serial killer? This is a level of anxiety that is terrifyingly relatable.

4 Committing

Via: Huzlers

Anybody have a trophy? Anyone? Because Aaron Vine deserves one. On one hand, we totally get you, Sophie. Some guys really are pigs, and it makes you wonder how they can be so god awful with commitment. The fact that they can be wholeheartedly committed to sports makes it even more frustrating. But Aaron brings up a good point. When you've been on the receiving end of "k," you want to explode. That "k" may as well be saying, "I don't care enough about you to give you the time of day." So, yeah, some guys suck, but when it comes to being committed to someone who doesn't want to bother with them and an organization that's never let them down... it makes sense that they'd go with the latter.

3 Teeny Weeny

Via: Imgur

When your confidence is withering, living ain't easy. Confidence gets us out the door in the morning and gives us the emotional wherewithal to want to push ourselves. So, when that confidence is shaken, so shakes our sanity. Especially—and this is for the fellas—when it has to do with your ween. For some strange reason, guys will also be sensitive about the size of their penises. If they're average, they feel below average; if they're above average, they feel strange... There's no winning! So, that's why this meme slays so perfectly. Nothing sends a guy over the edge faster and more savagely than penis critique. Even Kermit is like, "FML." He can't handle the misery of willy issues. Poor frog, let's talk to Miss Piggy before any assumptions are made.

2 Okay, That's Seriously Not Cool

When it comes to taking shots at certain people, kids should be exempt. Even cartoon kids. At first, this meme seems like it's going to give us a warm-hearted explanation for Caillou's baldness, but no. That isn't what happens at all. In fact, the complete opposite is what happens. For some reason, the kind and innocent Caillou takes a verbal beating. Someone decided that out of all the animated characters that exist, the bald child deserves some punishment. Thankfully, whoever created this meme is pro-Caillou, but that doesn't change the fact that pure savagery was put to work here, and even though we may not agree with it, we can't deny the force with which it slayed.

Now, will someone please find Caillou and give him a hug. We don't care that he's animated and literally can't be hugged. Figure it out!

1 LOL Toast

Via: Acid Cow

On one hand, shade is being thrown. This girl is not happy, and she has taken the initiative to call her date out. On the other hand, however, this meme calls her out even harder. You're complaining about a discounted meal, but you're not going to take issue with the fact that your bed is, as the meme states, "a slice of toast"? Maybe you should approach the next date without so many expectations. Life is short. #BeHumble

Also, just for the record, a 2-for-$20 meal is, in fact, a date. This humble writer used to work at a Chili's in California, and who brought Selena Gomez on a 2-for-$20 date but Justin-freaking-Bieber. So, if it helps, that's just some food for thought.

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