15 Savage Trolls We're Glad Aren't In Our Family

There are two types of people in this world: those who use their primitive urge to be savage, and those who don't. The former sees life as a series of troll-y opportunities. After all, why go through life just living when you can trick, scare and prank everyone around you? Why not turn your life into one never-ending episode of Impractical Jokers?

Considering trolls usually like to strike when victims are at their most vulnerable, it's no surprise that some of the most savage pranks are played between family members. Siblings have access to each other's stuff. Grandmas know they can comment outlandish things on Facebook with no repercussions. And as long as you're living under their roof, parents can troll to their hearts' desire. Yeah, we're sure there's a little savagery in your family too, but believe us, after reading this post you'll be glad these 15 savage trolls aren't a part of your fam.

15 The brother who came up with this "thoughtful" gift

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The best gifts are usually the most thoughtful ones. Sure, new gadgets and clothes are nice, but nothing beats a gift that continually brightens someone’s life and that comes straight from the heart. This 365 jar is the perfect example. These things are all over Pinterest. Essentially, a person fills a jar with 365 loving notes, either detailing the little characteristics you love about a person or date night ideas. It’s a darling concept indeed, and we think it’s safe to say that anyone would be touched by the sentiment. Well, that is with the exception of the girl who received the particular jar in the photo. Instead of filling the gift with notes that would make his sister feel good, this brother decided to…take another route. At least he put a lot of work into it?

14 The kid who accomplished this epic fake out

Via: boredpanda.com

We think everyone can agree that reaching into a cupboard for your favorite snack only to be greeted with an empty box is one of the crappiest feelings ever. There you were, all pumped to start chowing down, and the moment you lifted that box, you had one thought: “This is suspiciously light.” Of course, moments later, you would find out that some sick individual ate the entirety of your snack and even worse, put the useless box back into the pantry. A rough ordeal all around. The only thing worse than that is the situation in the photo above. With a box, you can tell pretty quickly upon lifting up an empty box that its contents have been tampered with. This, however, is a cruel trick. Some twisted person purposely shoved ice cream to the sides of this tub and ate from the middle to give the illusion of a full container. That's messed up.

13 The sister who took her brother very literally

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Good siblings are kind to one another. They go on the defense for each other when bullies come around, they tell you what they really think of your hairstyle and they do little favors for you all the time. That being said, even the best of siblings play some pretty evil pranks. Like…taking what you say extra literally. Yep, when this guy told his sister to “save him a little bit of everything” on Thanksgiving, he was expecting to come home to a plate of savory deliciousness and delectable treats. Instead, he got this sad looking plate. Yeah, looks his good old sis took the word “little” a tad too literally. You might want to be a bit more specific there next time, bud.

12 This grandma who gives it to Facebook, unfiltered

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Remember when Facebook was brand new? It was mostly comprised of people your age or a few years older and your parents still hadn’t even wrapped their heads around MySpace, let alone climbed on board the Facebook train. Oh, those were magical times. Nowadays, however, literally everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook and, needless to say, they’re giving it to the world, unfiltered style. They don’t approve of you cursing on your status? They comment. They don’t think you’re calling enough? They comment. You have a semi-revealing dress on? You better believe they’re commenting all over that post. This grandma, for instance, has no qualms in letting her granddaughter know how she really feels about her outfit. Sure, it’s sandwiched between, compliments but we all know what grandma is saying here.

11 The dad who made this genius blanket

Via: roseynews.com

Being a dad is hard, especially if you have a daughter. You have to watch her go from a little angel whose only interaction with the male species is a Ken doll to a full-blown hormonal teenager with way too many guys sniffing around her. Yeah, it can get pretty rough. Some dads are fully accepting of this transition and do little to stop the natural process of flirting and, gasp, dating. Others may not be totally comfortable with it, but suck it up and realize that this is all a part of raising a girl. And then there are a few out there who will meddle into their daughter’s life in whatever way they can. Take this dad who made a blanket that will likely make a few of his daughter’s suitors uncomfortable. Hey, a dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do.

10 The kid who preyed on his family's fears

Via: collegehumor.com

When confronted with a rat, most people lose their sh*t. And, we might add, we don't blame them one bit. Scared of getting bitten or simply spooked by the appearance of this stigmatized animal, people do pretty much anything to get it away. And when it’s in the house? Forget about it. They have a straight up conniption. Knowing that the sight of a rat garners such a powerful reaction, it’s no wonder that pranksters use this animal for their evil hijinks all the time. Some people go for the rat plush toy route, while others get a little more DIY with it. This person, for example, uses a beetroot (which we didn’t realize looked like a rat butt until now) to scare the crap out of his family. Nothing like a rat in the kitchen to absolutely ruin your day, huh?

9 The girl who gave her sister a harsh critique

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Home is where people should be free to be their most comfortable. It’s where you feel comfy walking around with no make up on and greasy hair, where you watch all of your guilty pleasure reality TV shows and of course, where you practice your terrible singing (in and out of the shower). Let’s be real, who doesn’t love setting up a nice, hot shower and belting out the latest Adele single? It’s good for the soul. Sure, you may sound horrible, but if it makes you happy, who’s stopping you? NO ONE. Well, except maybe for your savage sibling. Yep, one second you’re feeling yourself and praising the universe for the impeccable acoustics in your bathroom. The next, your ego is plummeting thanks to a Simon Cowell gif reminding you that maybe you shouldn’t try out for American Idol just yet. Harsh.

8 The brother who pulled this elaborate prank

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The key to a good prank is to not raise any suspicion from your victim. You can’t leave clues all around and expect your subject not to notice something is amiss. A good prank-puller knows the best way to trick someone is to hide in plain sight. You make them believe that it’s just a typical day. You use ordinary objects and tactics to gain their trust and then you quickly demolish any shred of it. After all, who looks at a seemingly normal watermelon and thinks that there’s something wrong with it? No one. This kid may have thought it was odd that his brother was sharing this delectable looking fruit with him, but other than that, the refreshment raises no other red flags. That’s the beauty in a good prank. We only wish we could see this guy’s face when he realized this sweet gesture was actually a complete farce.

7 The dad who played this evil joke

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There’s something magical about giving someone a thoughtful gift and seeing their eyes light up. Equally satisfying is watching someone get excited thinking they’re getting one gift, only to realize they’re being duped. It’s called being a sadistic a**hole, and it’s the reason there are countless YouTube videos of people losing their sh*t over getting an [insert Apple product of your choice here] and shortly thereafter realizing it’s simply an Apple box with some other lame gift inside. The person who pulled this prank, however, didn’t take the easy way out by using an Apple box. They went through the effort of finding a USB drive that looked remarkably similar to a car key. And a Mercedes key at that. Way to go above and beyond, dude.

6 The little girl who gave it to her sister straight

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If there’s one person who knows all of your embarrassing home habits, it’s your family. They know when you skip a shower, when you clip your toenails in the living room and when laundry is piled so high in your hamper that your room is starting to stink. While a roommate may be hesitant to tell you about these things, a sibling has absolutely no hesitation in pointing out your filthy habits. They're just there to keep it real with you, ya know? Some point it out as it’s happening, others bring it up during family dinner and a few take the savage route and leave a no frills note in your room with some scented potpourri. Ooh, gotta love coming home to that. Savage AF.

5 The grandma who pulled a fast one

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Grandparents are so sweet, aren’t they? They always make sure you’re well-fed, they let you do things your parents would otherwise forbid and their wisdom is always welcomed. At the same time, Grandmas are not immune to being savage AF. After all, they’ve seen so much BS in life, they’re always up for a good laugh—even if it's only them who's laughing, and their beloved grandchild being laughed at. Sassy grandmas make the world go 'round. Take this badass granny who shamelessly got the hopes of one of their grandchildren up and relished in watching them come crashing down. Yup, instead of going for the boring or expected birthday card with a sweet message, this woman decided to choose the troll-y one. Good choice, g-ma. Good choice.

4 The cruel individual who planted this mask

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The thing about prank pullers is they always get you at your most vulnerable. And when they’re a part of your family, too? Forget about it. Every nap, every shower, every time your defense goes down, becomes an opportunity for them. We’re sure this boy was very excited for his nap. Fluffed up his pillow, laid out his blanket, got into a comfy position. Little did he know that someone was nearby, waiting for him to slip into sweet, unconscious R.E.M. so that they could pounce. Yup, however sweet the dream this kid was having may have been, it came to a crashing halt the moment he opened his eyes and saw this startling mask. He definitely didn’t go back to sleep after this sight.

3 This dad who trolled the heck out of his daughter

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Young people get away with a lot of stuff. They can wear crazy revealing clothes, pose in "come hither" positions and take photos and of course, post said photos all over the internet. Why? Because they can, they’re young, their metabolism is still running at full capacity and their ass will never look as good as it does right now. As acceptable as this type of behavior has become in society, there is still one group of people who is genuinely traumatized by all of it: parents. Imagine the little girl you raised, who used to call your name excitedly from the top of the jungle gym, is now prancing around on a beach in a bathing suit. Yes, she’s a woman now who’s in control of her own body but damn, this is rough to watch. So, what else is a troll-y dad to do? Sit around and sulk that his daughter isn’t 5 anymore? Of course, not. Recreating the photos is clearly the only solution.

2 The sister who gave no Fs

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When you’re growing up, your siblings are your roommates. And like everyone discovers throughout life, roommates can be really great or they can be really horrible. Good roommates change the toilet paper when it runs out, they don’t hog the kitchen and bathroom for hours on end and they don’t steal your snacks (or, at least, not without leaving at least a few crumbs left for you to enjoy). Crappy roommates, on the other hand, pull stunts like this one. How savage can you get? Everyone knows that Dunkaroos are useless without the frosting dip. Boring, dry graham crackers? Yeah, no thanks. But does that matter to a troll of a sister? Naw, this girl gives no Fs (and clearly was craving frosting pretty badly).

1 This girl who totally blew up her sister's spot

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If you’re lucky, your siblings become your friends throughout life. You may start off fighting with each other over every little thing, but as you both mature, you realize that going through life as friends is much more fun than the alternative. Yep, you get closer and closer and closer and genuinely grow to love each other's company...until one day you’re pointing out each other’s zits and blowing up one another’s spots on Instagram. Yes, maybe you are posting a shameless selfie on Instagram just because it’s a Tuesday but you don’t need someone pointing that out! Can’t a girl curate a social media presence without getting nitpicked? Jeez. This sister could have even gone the DM route but instead decided to drag her sister in the public comments. Savage.

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