15 Scandalous Corinne Quotes From ‘The Bachelor’ That Show Just Why We Love Her

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15 Scandalous Corinne Quotes From ‘The Bachelor’ That Show Just Why We Love Her

It’s about that time again—time for another Bachelor season to end and another “match made on reality TV” love story to begin. Nobody knows how long it will last this time around for Nick Viall or if the fourth time will be the charm for him. But, we all know for a fact that Corinne Olympios is not the chosen princess from this season’s selection of lovely ladies. While many of us can agree that she would make an awful wife, we still admit that she offered up some good television entertainment. That’s why, despite not wanting her to win, we all wanted her to stay around long enough to supply a good, healthy dose of drama and laughter. And she did not disappoint. In honor of the “villainaire,” we have compiled some of her most memorable and entertaining quotes from Season 21 of The Bachelor.

15. Claiming athleticism

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Short of shopping being declared an official sport, we can all pretty much agree that Corinne does not come across as athletic. The most energetic we saw her on the show was during her romp in the bouncy house castle with Nick. After all, anyone unwilling to cut up her own cucumbers is unlikely to put any physical effort toward sports and recreation. Not to mention that most of her physical efforts are geared toward seductive ploys. That’s why it was so funny to hear her call herself “so athletic” during a group date on the beach, when the girls played against one another in a volleyball match. Then again, it did sound like a better excuse for taking another nap, than perhaps owning up to the fact that she was really drunk.

14. What the farm?

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Just like in every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the producers contrive some odd group dates that make about as much sense as a guy going on a date with six women. For Nick’s season, the oddest one consisted of the women going to a local farm and shoveling poop. This is even weirder, seeing as how Nick isn’t really the manual labor type and looked just as out of place as the women. Nobody was as out of place as Corinne, though. She simply refused to shovel the cow poop. She had many things to say about that date, including that it was the worst ever. Her most memorable comment about that outing, however, was that she said she didn’t do chores. Then, she asked “What are farm chores?” Not that it mattered, since she sat under a tree and dreamed of sushi and tacos.

13. The Janet Jackson scandal

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Perhaps the most controversial and shocking event in Bachelor history to date was when Corinne took off her swimsuit top and asked Nick to hold her boobs “Janet Jackson style.” This shocked not only viewers, but also the other women and even Nick. Still, we can’t blame it all on her, since he could have easily declined the offer. But, being the kind of gentleman he is (yes, that’s sarcasm), he had to play along. Of course, she bragged about this whole ordeal, which led to one of her iconic quotes. “No one has ever held my boobs like that…No one ever will.” We’re not quite sure if she was referring to never having anyone cop a feel in that manner before or if she was referring to the way Nick did it specifically. Either way, it definitely made us laugh.

12. Daddy issues

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Corinne talked about her parents enough during her stint on The Bachelor for everyone to know that she is obviously close to them and thinks a lot of them. That’s a good thing. She also wants her dad’s approval, just like many other young women. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that she seems to have a warped sense of what makes a father proud. After her little escape with Nick in the pool, she literally said, “Dad would be proud. Even though I was naked, he would be proud.” This statement made viewers everywhere cringe a little. Either she is trying way too hard for not only Nick’s approval, but also her dad’s—in all the wrong ways—or her dad doesn’t seem to care if his daughter displays any modesty.

11. She’s got skills

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There is plenty of debate among Bachelor Nation about whether Corinne received a fair deal by the show editors. We all know that they film the show 24 hours a day and then pick and choose what they want to use. Regardless of how you feel about it, there’s no doubt that she was pegged as the sex-crazed, rich chick. But, even if they only used every single thing she said about sex and nothing else, that would still be plenty. Possibly, all of this tension pent up inside of the princess could be summarized in this quote she gave us about her plan to win over Nick. “I know how to make a man feel good.” As everyone knows, she made several attempts to get him in bed. Yet, the irony is that she was sent home right before the Fantasy Suite dates.

10. A word of advice

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Corinne seemed to rub the other women in the house the wrong way. Even the women who chatted with her on a regular basis and defended her honor from time to time still got a little perturbed at times. Almost everything she did and said somehow seeped under their skin. Possibly even worse than when she made sexual advances to gain Nick’s attention was when she gave the women of the house unsolicited advice about how they all should act during the TV dating process. She had a way of telling everyone to keep calm, while getting them riled up instead. During one of the little rifts with everyone else, she said, “Let’s not get our panties in a bundle over this.” That was proper, condescending and cocky all at the same time.

9. The re-interruption incident

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The biggest rivalry in Nick’s season was, hands down, Corinne verses Taylor. These two women mixed like oil and water. Both were plenty mean to one another, yet neither one found herself to blame for any of the tension between them. This all started (at least from the TV viewers’ perspective) the night that Corinne got the first group date rose and Taylor and Corinne kept interrupting one another for alone time with Nick. In true fashion of neither woman thinking she was in the wrong, Corinne talked about how rude it was for Taylor to “re-interrupt” her time with Nick, after she had interrupted Taylor’s time with Nick. So, apparently, it was OK to interrupt another woman, just not to re-interrupt another woman. Thank you, Corinne, for clarifying the rule of interruptions on group dates.

8. In a pickle

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Anyone who has ever found herself vying for the attention of one man against 29 other women could easily say she was really in a pickle. That would also mean that either she was on The Bachelor or she lived on a secluded island with not many male dating prospects (the latter just might make for a more interesting show!). Corinne let her competitiveness get the best of her at times, when competing with the other women for Nick’s affection and attention. She went to great lengths and would stop at nothing to get him to notice her the most. Some of the others took offense to her tactics and thought some of her actions were just a little too extreme. Corinne put it all into perspective for everyone, including the TV audience, when she brought to light the importance of the fight. They were fighting over a fiancé, not a pickle.

7. It’s all about intelligency

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Some people try to sound smarter by using big words, even if they use them completely in the wrong context. Then, there’s Corinne, who simply makes up her own words. We can all agree that Taylor was condescending to Corinne and did say some hurtful things toward her. Corinne didn’t help matters, though, when she tried to defend her own intelligence by saying that she was “intelligency.” When you put it like that, she is intelligent in her own way, since she invented a new word. Sadly, she is the only one intelligent in that way, since nobody else agrees that “intelligency” is actually a word. But, kudos to her for proving that you don’t need a lot of education and “emotional intelligence” to be wealthy and successful in this life.

6. The emotional intelligence debate

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The ongoing theme of conflict with Corinne and Taylor was that Taylor constantly disputed Corinne’s “emotional intelligence.” This was quite the amusement to Bachelor fans everywhere, as it simply made the new grad student look unnecessarily high on herself and at the same time fueled the competitive fire under Corinne. Perhaps the most interesting date on the season was when Nick chose these two contenders to go head-to-head on a two-on-one date. Then, he chose to give Corinne the rose, and then Taylor came back to have one last word with him about Corinne. Despite all of this back and forth, Nick kept Corinne and rejected Taylor. That’s when Corinne got the last word with this hilarious quote in which she actually questioned Taylor’s emotional intelligence. Talk about a dramatic ending! That episode was golden when it comes to reality TV.

5. Cats vs. competitors

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One of the funniest lines Corinne spoke during the season came during her time in an interview, right after she was given the rose on her two-on-one date with Taylor. In usual two-on-one date fashion, the woman granted the rose gets to ride off into the sunset with the bachelor to continue their date, while the one sent home watches from the distance as she waits on her farewell ride.

Corinne and Nick could not have been more surprised to see Taylor walk in on their dinner date, demanding to have another word with Nick. It was at that point that Corinne coined this iconic phrase, which insisted she had thought Taylor was gone for good, yet came back to life. Meanwhile, Bachelor fans everywhere are spitting their popcorn or wine in laughter and making memes and tweets out of this hilarious line.

4. Luxurious yellow corn

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When it comes to having self-confidence, Corinne is second to none. There’s no doubt she is happy with who she is and thinks that any man would be lucky to have her. But, if we learned anything from her invented word “intelligency,” it’s that she sometimes has trouble articulating how she feels (maybe that has something to do with emotional intelligence).

In this case, she compared herself to a corn husk. Then, she said you have to peel it back in order to discover some “luxury yellow corn” inside. It’s not only juicy and buttery, but also full of information. How could anyone resist something that sounds so delicious and intriguing, all in one? Well, Nick couldn’t, for some time. Corinne probably didn’t know that corn is one of those foods that tastes good and is a vegetable, but can turn out to be bad for anyone wanting a well-rounded, healthy diet. Nick must know that little tidbit of information.

3. Nappers gonna nap

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Three overarching themes defined Corinne’s time on The Bachelor: her nanny, promiscuity and napping. The latter became a sore subject when she elected to sleep through a rose ceremony. Never in Bachelor franchise history had any contestant done so and it looked disrespectful to Nick and everyone else. Granted, she had already received a date rose, but that still didn’t make it any better. Of course, many people confronted her about napping during this event. Her rebuttal was that both Michael Jordan and Abe Lincoln took naps. Where she came up with this little fact and why she chose these two people is beyond comprehension. We are glad she did so though, because it gave us one of the most hilarious lines to tweet in Bachelor history.

2. The platinum vagine

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Speaking of promiscuity and inventing words, Corinne spoke highly of her “vagine,” saying it was platinum. She wasn’t just promoting her sexual side though, as she also referred to her heart being gold. Maybe that’s the buttery, yellow corn center she was referring to with her corn husk metaphor. But, let’s get back to the funny part of that quote in which she spoke of her “vagine.” We all know well what she meant, even though this is not a common phrase used to refer to that lady part. It has to make you wonder why she would say such a thing. Could this, in fact, be her money maker? We hope not. Although, any gold digger wishing to marry into a rich family might see her vagine as platinum.

1. Make America Corinne again

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What a slogan. We all know where this one came from and that in itself leads to laughter. This past presidential election was one for the history books, no doubt. It was such a crazy ride, that it all looked more like reality TV than political debating. Corinne took the campaign slogan and twisted it to fit her own liking, insisting that not only Nick, but also all of America should be on her side. That seems a little much, yet it did come from Corinne. This quote could actually summarize her whole stint on The Bachelor and has become so iconic that there have even been shirts made in its honor. Who knows? With the way America’s political climate is looking lately, Corinne could try to be the first female president. Wouldn’t that be something?

Source: teeshirtpalace.com

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