15 Scary Children's Toys That Are Creepy AF

We all had our favorite toys as children. Some of us liked baby dolls, some like stuffed animals, some liked cars and trucks. Most of us were lucky enough to have a selection of toys to choose from. We live in a time when pretty much every toys anyone can think up, already exists. That means toy inventors have to get creative and they sometimes come up with toys that are strange and downright creepy. Not only newer toys are weird and scary though, some vintage ones are pretty creepy as well. What one kid finds spooky, another might find fun, but these ones are definitely a little out there. Glad I don’t have to worry about picking any of these up in my children’s playroom. I think I would just close the door and run away. There’s no denying that these are 15 scary children's toys that are creepy AF.

15 Stop Laughing It's Getting Scary

Whose idea was it to make a baby doll that not only looks creepy AF but also sounds like a demon? This doll literally has the creepiest voice I have ever heard but children loved it. Why? If you have children or have been around them often you know there is nothing that will make your blood run cold faster than hearing a toy make noise in an empty room. Now can you imagine hearing demon laughter coming from an empty room in the middle of the night. Then you have to walk in and find what’s making the noise only to flip this thing over and see its creepy face grinning at you sinisterly. No thank you! I would never let a toy like this in my house. I’m not sure how you dispose of a possessed doll to make sure the demon doesn’t escape, but I would be finding out real quick for this toy.

14 Does It Get Any Creepier?

Jack In The Box toys are terrifying no matter what, but when they look like this, it kicks things up a notch. This Jack In The Box is an antique but it’s hard to imagine children from any point in time actually having fun with this. Imagine some poor little colonial era child cranking the handle on the box for the first time and wondering what would be inside. Surprise it’s a scary witch! I’d launch this thing out the window or bury it in the backyard as fast as I could. Why would anyone give this to a child and how do you even make a doll this ugly? Cram that thing back in the box and toss it in the nearest trashcan.

13 It's Important To Teach Kids About Nature

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The Narwhal is an elusive and majestic creature. They are rarely seen by people and some people don’t even realize they are real creatures. If you want to make sure your child is familiar with this horned whale, you could get them this playset. According to the maker of this toy, the Narwhal holds a grudge and it takes its anger out on unsuspecting sea creatures. The playset not only includes the Narwhal and his interchangeable horns, but also his arch enemies the penguin, baby seal and koala bear? Why would a Narwhal ever have a run in with a Koala bear? Better yet, why do children need to have toys that suggest they play violently? I wonder how many of these toys sold? I think I might be bothered if my kids actually had fun impaling adorable little creatures like these.

12 Wasn't This One Featured In A Horror Film?

This Jolly Chimp doesn't look so jolly. In fact, he looks creepy as hell. Nothing about this toy looks fun. Even if it didn’t have a terrifying stare and painful grimace, how much fun could this thing be? Gather round kids we are going to spend a few hours watching this creepy monkey bang his cymbals together. Oh what fun! We aren’t the only ones who think this toy is creepy. It was featured on the cover of a Stephen King book and was also used in the film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. The strange thing is, this toy is still around and although the appearance has changed slightly, it’s still just as creepy as ever. Come on parents, don’t buy this for your kids.

11 Oh, Come On Now

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Dolls are creepy. Even the pretty ones with big eyes and frilly dresses just sit and stare and seem to be plotting the deaths of their owners. Kids love dolls though and if you think about it, they do teach kids to be nurturing and responsible. So why can’t people just make them cute? Why would someone make a doll that looks like this? Not only is its face terrifying and strange, it doesn’t even have a human body. I don’t know what kind of body it has, but it’s not human. It’s almost like the person who made this doll just gave up and threw what they had together to make something. Or maybe they were trying to scare the shit out of kids. Who really knows, but I bet somewhere in the world there is a kid cuddling this thing and a parent hoping they leave it at the playground someday.

10 Things Are Getting Crazy At The Zoo

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Kids are pretty accepting of things that look a little different than what they should, but this is a little too much. Seriously, what is this? It looks like it may be mixed with elephant, zebra, giraffe and cheetah. How weird is that? It’s also the only one available so either everyone was snatching these crazy critters up or nobody wants them at all. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it, and I also can’t figure out why anyone would put something like this on the shelf for sale. This is what happens when the zookeepers don’t lock the cages and the animals get out and run wild at night. It just needs someone to love it and cuddle it. Good luck with that creepy animal.

9 This Poor Pig, Those Poor Children

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I’m really not sure how you would even play with something like this or why you would want to give this to a child. It’s some little creepy guy doing something awful to a pig. I’m not sure if he is having his way with it or just choking it, but whatever is going on here, doesn’t look like fun. This is actually a bank and when you put coins in it, it really goes to town on that pig and the guy also sticks his tongue out. I just can’t imagine what was going through the minds of the people who invented this toy or the parents who gave it to their innocent children to play with. There had to be something better for kids to play with back then.

8 I Don't Want To Meet The Rest Of The Family

It’s hard to find educational toys that aren’t also a little strange, but this one really takes the cake. The kids might have fun putting it together, but then what? Do you take it apart and having little pieces of this kid’s body lying all around your home waiting to be stepped on or do you leave it intact and stare at the creepy little boy skeleton in your kid’s room every time you put his laundry away. As the box says, this isn’t the only skeleton kid you can buy and put together, there is also a little girl version and according to the box there is an entire family of these little bones people. Great! Now you can collect them all. I suggest putting them all at the dinner table once they have all been built, and freaking out your family and friends.

7 Why Doesn't It Have Clothes?

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I don’t know why anyone would own something like this and I'm really not sure why anyone would make it either. I can’t decide if I'm relieved that it has no genitalia or bothered by it. What child wants to play with a doll that looks like a creepy old man? This thing has a beard! Is it even a toy? What else could it be? Anyone else wondering where its clothes are or what kind of clothes it might have been wearing to begin with? I wonder how a kid even plays with this. Maybe uses it to scare the barbies? Someone just toss this thing in the garbage and put it out of its misery.

6 I Just Want This To Go Away

Who decided that babies like to play with things that look like other babies. This thing is hideous. Of course the fact that it’s covered in dirty, sticky fingerprints doesn’t help it any, but even if it was all cleaned up, it would still be terrifying. The baby isn’t even cute. It also isn’t really shaped like a baby. Why would any toddler want to pound on a keyboard that’s connected to an infant? I wonder if the keys make music or just make baby sounds? How many poor toddlers were traumatized by this toy? Let’s hope they aren’t still making them.

5 Because This Is What The World Needs

Most people are creeped out by bugs but some genius decided that it was a good idea to create robot bugs that look and act real, so mischievous little kids can use them to terrify everyone. How many kids have had their butts spanked by their mothers for putting these things on their pillows? I’m also curious as to how many were stepped on by pissed off dads who got tired of their kids’ shenanigans. These are just a bad idea all around. Bugs are gross, they don’t need to be turned into toys. If kids want to play with bugs they can flip over a log in the backyard. Why spend money on something this creepy?

4 Why So Creepy?

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This little doll’s name is Little Miss No Name. Sounds creepy already right? Add the fact that she is wearing a burlap sack for a dress and has a tear coming down her dirty face, and you have the makings of a truly terrifying toy. I don’t want to take her home or give her a name. In fact, I want to forget that I ever saw her. If a demon was going to possess a toy, it would choose this creepy thing. Her eyes are haunting and I just can’t imagine any child having fun with this doll. Dolls should be cute and cuddly and not make you feel terrified that you might wake up to it staring at you in the middle of night.  Sorry little demon baby, you aren't going home with me. Ugh just get it away!

3 Lets Take Something Cute And Make It Scary

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These little stuffed animals were pretty cute before someone decide to make them evil looking. Instead of using their big, cute eyes to give them friendly expressions, these toy creators decided to make them mean looking. Why would a kid want to snuggle and sleep with a stuff animal that has a hateful look on its face? It’s pretty creepy and I bet these things have led to a lot of nightmares and a lot of parents waking up to find their kids in their beds. Why do we need to make scary stuffed animals? Most are scary on accident, but these ones look like they were made to be scary on purpose. No thanks!

2 I Think I've Had Nightmares About This Thing

I can’t even believe something like this exists. Was this ever not scary? I get it’s old, but was there seriously ever a time when a kid had fun playing with this thing and wasn’t just scared of it? Maybe that’s how you play with it. You wind it up and run as it crawls after you with that scary look on its face. I feel like this was probably marketed to toddlers who didn’t realize it was scary. Once they got a little older they probably wondered why in the hell their parents bought them something so creepy. I will probably have nightmares about this thing. Someone kick it back to 1871 where it belongs.

1 So Unnecessary

Teddy bears are adorable, soft and cuddly; basically everything a child could want for comfort and playtime. So why does this one have two heads? Was this an accidents or is there a complete line of two-headed stuff animals on the shelves of a toy store somewhere? To be fair, this thing could have been a lot scarier. It does at least have a cute face. I mean two cute faces. I can see how a child would still love a stuffed animal like this, but I cannot fathom how any parents were able to get past the creepiness factor and decide to buy one. I guess two-headed Teddy bears need love too right?

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