20 Spine-Chilling Selfies That Revealed Something Ominous

Some people may argue that technology itself can be pretty frightening all on its own. At a certain point in time, the idea of having cameras or microphones in your home that could potentially see and hear everything you do seemed terrifying. It was a concept people went out of their way to object. Fast-forward to modern times, however, and things have certainly changed. Not only are people cool with this idea, they allow it willingly.

But, alas, such is life. Humans are funny like that.

Aside from the privacy-specific fear, one uber creepy element in tech has to do with—believe it or not—selfies. Pretty much everyone takes them every now and then, but the worse outcome the image stemming from a selfie is a bad angle. As it turns out, there's plenty more to be afraid of. So, to see exactly what that is, keep reading to check out 20 ominous selfies that revealed something spine-chilling.

20 Three's Company

Via: TribunNews

When you're trying to snap the perfect selfie with your BFF, it's all about framing, lighting, and posing. Once you lock these three elements down, you're pretty much good to go. That said, though, you may also want to acknowledge one other element: the fact that someone might be standing behind you.

In this case, that's something these two probably should have paid attention to before snapping the photo. Now, whoever (or whatever) is standing behind them is there for good. It's imprinted in the phone; staring, haunting... You may not believe in ghosts, and as a result, you might consider this photo faked. That's fine. Just keep in mind — even if you're not willing to admit it out loud—that they most certainly believe in you.

19 Showing Your Legs

Via: PhilNews

When you're taking a group photo—in the middle of the day, no less—there's nothing to be scared of. You're in good company, there aren't any creepy shadows to get spooked out by, and the only "spirits" in the room are from the high spirits radiating off of all the good company.

Still, you should never let your guard down. Assuming ghosts do exist (or demons, for that matter), chances are they're not too worried about what time of day it is when it comes to revealing themselves. For proof of this, just look at this pic. On one hand, you've got a group of lovely-looking people showing off their pearly whites, but on the other hand, you've got what appears to be uninvited guest hiding their identity in the background.

18 Who's That?

Via: DailyStar

If you don't goof around with Snapchat filters, then you're missing out on a major part of modern living. It's not going to cure cancer, but it's fun (and, though it may not seem so to some, kind of revolutionary, considering this sort of technology literally never existed before just a few years ago). However, even at its most entertaining, Snapchat filters can run the risk of causing severe nightmares. You know, assuming your house is haunted, naturally...

In this young woman's case, Snapchat ended up discovering a ghost without the typically necessary tools (i.e. EMF meters, thermal imaging cameras, etc.). Using one of the app's filters, it ended up discovering someone else in the room, and doing them the courtesy of offering a filter of their very own. How sweet.

17 Aaaand I'm Dead

Via: TheSun

When it comes to getting spooked by surprise in selfies, ghosts aren't always to blame. Sometimes, nature can play a role in catching people by surprise when all they ever wanted to accomplish was a solid selfie (and this case, "nature" is referring to giant, man-eating fruggen sharks).

When this poor guy had the idea of scuba diving, he probably felt so invigorated, so empowered, so excited... When it turned out that he had a giant shark not only photobombing his selfie, but probably prepared to have him for dinner, all of those positive emotions likely went down the train.

That said, though, if you use your imagination, the shark almost seems kind of friendly. No? Maybe it's just there to boost its social media cred.

16 Sleep Tight

Via: LOLnTroll

Everyone is at their most vulnerable when they're getting ready for bed. (Okay, so they're really at their most vulnerable when they're sitting on the toilet, but this still counts.) They're tired, they're in their pajamas (which, for some people is just underwear, if not nothing but their birthday suit), and they feel safe enough to just close their eyes for a solid seven hours.

For this young woman, she just wanted to sneak in a nice selfie before heading off into Slumberland. That said, though, in putting so much focus on the selfie, she neglected to notice the person hiding in her hand, staring at her from underneath the covers.

Imagine being in this situation and going to sleep without ever knowing any better?

15 Joining The Party

Via: Tweeting

Nobody likes to feel left out. Even introverts are like anyone, wanting to feel accepted; wanting to feel comforted knowing people would include them — even if they'd never actually participate in any activities regardless. Simply feeling involved is sometimes good enough.

In some cases, though, certain folks just force themselves into social circles. They invite themselves, and as a result, they tend to make the people they're with a bit uncomfortable. This is especially true when that person is A) a ghost and B) sneaking into photos by way of supernatural powers. In this state, they're usually pissed off and have unfinished business (which, in this case is terrifying the people who never bothered including them).

You three should have just invited her. Now, it's too late.

14 Reflections

Via: ZeeNews

When couples take selfies together, it's totes adorbs. Sure, they can be crazy affectionate towards each other without having to share proof of it with the world, but every so often, it's cute AF. So what if two lovebirds want to show off their love? As long as they're cool with it, everyone else should be as well.

That said, though, if you ever happen up a selfie like this one, you might want to step in and actually say something. This is probably the one occasion where couple selfies deserve some intervention. It's not because people are annoyed with the PDA, but because the young woman in this photo is obviously possessed.

Some people might be so in love that they're willing to look past demonic possessions, but that's not to say that friends and family shouldn't step in to set them straight... 


13 Revenge

Via: YouTube

Now that you've seen your fair share of paranormal horror infiltrating the world of selfies, let's make a quick return back to animal horror, shall we?

These two fellas seem proud as heck at their "catch of the day." Decked out in camouflage, holding up the corpse of some innocent bear like a trophy, smiling for the camera... They seem as though they couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, those smiles may not last very long. No, not because PETA is about to bust in out of left field, but because an angry (literal) mama bear is approaching from the darkness. Clearly hellbent on exacting revenge for the death of her cub, she is ready to strike—  baring her teeth like a savage killer.

Hope it was fun while it lasted, boys.

12 Hide And Seek

Via: DailyStar

One problem with having a pool is that, if you've got neighbors who live close by, you won't have much privacy. If you want to skinny dip, you need to make sure no one is watching. If you want to fool around in the water, you need to make sure that your neighbors are asleep. As it turns out, though, your neighbors may turn out to be the least of your problems — you know, what with ghosts spying on you from your own garden and all...

This young woman is trying to have a good time. She's kicking back poolside, snapping a selfie to show everyone online how she's having a good time, and just enjoying the warm weather. Had that creepy ghost haunting her pool not had to show its face, it could have been a perfect day. Alas...

11 Backseat Driver

Via: TheSun

Nobody likes a backseat driver. No matter how well-versed the person sitting in the backseat might be with directions, it's frustrating AF to listen to them acting like frustrating know-it-alls. Yes, we know you that there's a left turn up ahead, Deborah. So, with that being the case, what could possibly be worse than a backseat driver? How about a backseat driver when there's no-one even sitting in the backseat to begin with?

That's what happened in this case for this unsuspecting passenger. Sitting shotgun and enjoying the simple pleasure of snapping a selfie on the road, it wasn't until later that she discovered she and the driver weren't alone. There appears to be a young boy sitting in the backseat, staring over her shoulder, ready to either scare her half to death or... tell her there's a left turn up ahead.

10 There's Someone Behind You...

Via: YouTube

Ah, the return of the spooky Snapchat filter...

As dumb as some people might consider Snapchat filters to be, they're still pretty great to toy around with. Are you being original with the dog filter? No. But there are literally billions of people on this planet and only a handful of filters to choose from, so unless everyone is crafting their very own, a few people are bound to use the same filters. Let's not lose sleep over it, m'kay?

Now, if you dislike these filters because they apparently have the power to prove the existence of life after death, then okay, now you have a valid argument. Chances are this girl didn't want to find out that there was some paranormal entity standing over her shoulder, but there we go — it happened anyway.

9 Casual Monster In The Background

Via: TheSun

Ugh, don't you just hate it when you're trying to pull of the perfect selfie and demons keep showing up in the shot? Like, seriously, it's so frustrating.

These women were looking to have some fun. Enjoying each other's company, one of them whipped out their phone, opened up their camera, and took of selfie, because—really—what's better than capturing special memories? Unfortunately, their special memories turned out to be infested with something evil; something trying its damndest to fit in, regardless of the fact that it couldn't possess a physical form (though that's no doubt on its agenda in the near future). So, yeah, just keep in mind that when you're hanging with friends, there's always a chance that your frivolity might attract the wrong types of people...

Also, no, the girl on the right isn't also a demon. That's just pixelation.

8 'Why's She Crying?'

Via: List25

There's a reason why it's always nice to find a babysitter for your kid before hanging out with friends. Yes, you love them, but having to worry about being responsible, while also trying to relax doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand. In fact, it can pretty much ruin 100 percent of the fun. So, yeah, you may have to cough up a few bucks, but it's worth it in the end.

Then again, if your child won't stop crying when you're hanging out with friends, it may not be because they're just being temperamental for no reason. Maybe something is scaring them. Maybe they see something that you don't see...

For proof of this, look not further. This kid isn't trying to ruin the party (okay, that could technically be the case, but it's not likely, considering the situation), they're just scared of the ghost child trying its best to make her worst nightmares come true.

7 Heads Up

Via: YouTube

When you're fishing, you want to be careful. The rocks can be slippery, you run the risk of getting bitten, and dad might swig back one too many Budweisers, ultimately being way too open about how frustrated he is having your mother for a wife... Also, though, you want to be careful for ghost monsters hiding in the water — because, despite common knowledge, they're apparently totes legit.

When this kid was caught on camera showing off his fisherman pride, it was perfect for framing and displaying on the living room mantle. Unfortunately, it turns out that this photo isn't as family-friendly as it seems. There's a man poking his out from the shallow water just behind the boy, and not only does he not look happy... he looks hungry.

6 Sitting Still

Via: MTV

When kids are misbehaving, they're the worst (especially when they're not your own). That said, though, if there had to be one positive aspect you can take from troublemaking tots is how much more you appreciate well-behaved children. Like, seriously. They're godsends. They're dreams come true by comparison.

Then again, good behavior doesn't always equate to total positivity. In some cases, it can still be very much associated with bone-chilling terror. In this photo, everyone looks happy to have their selfie taken, but they're not alone. Joining in on the fun—but sitting perfectly still in the background—is some mysterious figure; a ghost child doing her best to not be noticed...

Suddenly, a screaming child who won't shut up doesn't seem quite as bad anymore, right?

5 The Circle Of Life

Via: IndiaTimes

And here we are: Round Three of meat-eating animals sneaking up on someone from behind...

This guy was just trying to relax; enjoying himself in the woods, minding his own business, and probably just trying his best to feed and look after his family. Then, out of nowhere, some dude with a gun shoots and kills him. (Not cool, man.) Now, if you were ever wondering if karma is a cross-species phenomenon, the proof exists in this very photo. In an ironic twist of fate, the hunter is becoming the hunted as a wild mountain lion doesn't just photobomb the hunter's big kill, but undoubtedly prepares to chow down on a meal of his very own.

Whether he's more interested in buck meat or man meat is the big mystery.

4 'We All Float Down Here'

Via: RiotDaily

Remember when the adaption of Stephen King's It was the big event movie of summer 2017? Everyone and their mother wanted to see it, lining up for tickets despite the fact that they would undoubtedly have serious trouble getting a solid of wink of sleep later on in the night (humans are weird and self-sabotaging like that).

Well, whether or not you enjoy being scared, chances are you try to avoid legitimate horror in real life. Yeah, on screen or in books, a killer clown might be fun to watch. In real life, though... not so much. So, if you're a parent who spots a creepy-looking clown sitting in the background of a photo you're taking of your two children (who just so happen to be twins, which can also be creepy in horror-related circumstances), you might want to rethink your choices.

3 Totes Fine


Don't you just love it when you're having your photo taken or taking a selfie and some creepy dude's face just randomly pops behind you? And isn't it especially great when that creepy dude doesn't have irises or pupils in his eyes, and they're just stark white? So cool, right?

Well, for some people, maybe. For young women not at all expecting that to happen, chances are that isn't the case.

Whether the dude in question is real or supernatural, it doesn't matter. He's creepy AF, and there is positively no reason he should just be showing up at random to pop up out of nowhere between a tiny door window. This is how accidents happen. You scare someone, catching them by surprise, and there's no telling what might happen next.

2 Welcome Home

Via: CraveOnline

Home is where the heart is. Whether it's referring to friends, family, or both, going back to your roots can be a magical, fulfilling experience. That said, though, this doesn't really apply to situations involving homes haunted by ghosts, demons, or similar supernatural entities.

This guy right here seems happy to visit his home. The front yard could use some trimming, and the house itself could use a touch-up here and there, but overall, one can certainly spot the charm. If only there wasn't some inhuman being roaming its halls and haunting the lot. How exactly is someone expected to feel nostalgic when they're too busy running for their lives? It's just not fair, ghosts. It's just not fair. If you're going to be haunt a house, the least you can do is stop photobombing pictures.

1 Night Of The Living Dog

Via: Listable20

Horror takes many shapes. Sometimes, horror can show up as living, breathing killer stalking you at night. In other cases, horror can be revealed as an infestation of evil spirits haunting a perfectly normal home. However, under rare circumstances, horror can take the grotesque shape of Max, you're golden retriever.

Unbeknownst to this young woman, there is a beast following her; a hungry animal wanting nothing more than ample servings of Purina Dog Chow. He stays, he gives paw, he even plays dead... But when this creature of the night is denied a treat, he quickly goes from "good boy" to "your worst nightmare." If only someone could have warned this poor, unsuspecting victim. If only someone had kept Max on a leash.

If only...

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