15 Sex And The City Stars: Where Are They Now?

Sex and the City was filled with a whole lot of sex, a whole lot of city, and a whole lot of stars! The show was a phenomenon and boosted the careers of every single actor on it. Nobody was anybody unless they got a Sex and the City credit. All of the actors on the show were already working actors, and some had already achieved a level of fame and were fairly successful. But, many of the stars of the show were not quite household names yet. After appearing on Sex and the City, though, everyone in the world knew who they were—except those people that were living under a rock. Here are 15 of the stars from Sex and The City and what they have been up to since the show and two movies wrapped.

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15 Sarah Jessica Parker AKA Carrie Bradshaw

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We all wanted Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection, her apartment, her fabulous lifestyle, and in the end, her love life. I must admit, though, that I am still #TeamAiden, but Mr. Big will have to do. Since the show wrapped, our girl SJP has been a busy bee. She has done a few movies (such as The Family Stone, Failure To Launch, and I Don’t Know How She Does It), appeared on an adorable episode of Glee, launched a clothing line, launched a shoe line, and released two different fragrance lines. Stash, her second fragrance, is a genderless scent. It is feminine-meets-masculine with hints of cognac, leather, and, wait for it... body odor. Yup! She told US Weekly, “All the dark wood and body odor. It's old and sexy, like a sweater from a guy who was on the Eurorail too long or something." Can’t wait to see what is next for her!

14 Kim Cattrall AKA Samantha Jones

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Oh, Samantha—the free spirit, the wild one, the power woman. She said what she wanted, did what she wanted, did who she wanted (whenever she wanted), and she certainly was not afraid to let her freak flag fly! Samantha was a loud character on the show, but since the show wrapped, we have not seen or heard much from Kim Cattrall. Right after the TV show ended, she ended her marriage to Marc Levinson and rumor has it, she briefly dated Bruce Willis. She was in the movies Ice Princess and The Ghost Writer. She also starred in the TV series, Producing Parker. More recently, she appeared in the show, Sensitive Skin, playing the role of Davinaa woman trying to revamp her life as she struggles with the uncertainties of middle age.

13 Cynthia Nixon AKA Miranda Hobbes

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Everyone needs a friend like Miranda. She will never let you leave the house looking bad, she will never let you date the wrong dude, and she will be loyal through and through. Cynthia Nixon has been working consistently since Sex and the City ended. She appeared in the movies Little Manhattan and The Babysitters, and she starred on television shows like The Big C, Alpha House, and Hannibal. She even went back to her roots by getting back on the Broadway stage. She has been active in raising awareness for LGBT issues and breast cancer awareness since she came out in 2004 as bisexual, and in 2008 about her battle with breast cancer. She married her partner Christine Marinoni in 2012 and they have a five-year-old named Max.

12 Kristin Davis AKA Charlotte York

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Charlotte Yorkthe cutesy, quirky, and most traditional of the four girlsis surely missed. Her facial expressions, her battles with Bunny, and her little Charlotte shuffle from the first movie are all things we will never forget. I mean, she poops her pants—it can’t get much better than that. Since the show, Kristin Davis has continued acting in movies like The Shaggy Dog, Deck The Halls, and Couples Retreat. She's also starred in the TV show, Bad Teacher. She adopted her beautiful daughter, Gemma Rose Davis, in 2011 and is often seen bouncing around Brentwood, CA with Gemma in tow. What you may not know about Kristin, is thataside from all the acting stuffshe is a huge advocate for rescuing elephants in Africa. In fact, she almost moved to Africa to work on the cause full-time, but couldn’t quite let her acting career go just yet.

11 Chris Noth AKA Mr. Big

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The chemistry between Mr. Big and Carrie was undeniable from day one and they tortured us for six seasons and a movie until we (okay, and also Carrie) finally got what we needed: for them to live happily ever after, together. Well, as happily as they couldin their Carrie and Big sorta way. Right after Sex and the City, Noth jumped from one TV leading man role to the next. It started with Law & Order: Criminal Intent and then The Good Wife. He has also appeared in the movies The Perfect Man, Lovelace, and Elsa and Fred. He even starred in the Broadway revival of the play That Championship Season in 2011. The notorious bachelor married his wife, Tara Lynn Wilson, in 2012 and their son, Orion, was born in 2008.

10 John Corbett AKA Aidan Shaw

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Oh, Aiden—you stole my heart and I have never been the same since. Sorry, #TeamBig girls, I was always an Aiden fan. But, I guess I have to get over it, because he has been dating his girlfriend (actress Bo Derek) for 12 years. Since Sex and the City, he starred in United States of Tara, appeared on the NBC dramedy Parenthood, and more recently starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. You are not going crazy, that is his voice in the Walgreens and Applebee’s commercials, too! Corbett is also a musician and has released two country music albums. He is currently shooting the second season of the F/X comedy, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, so we will get way more John Corbett in our future.

9 David Eigenberg AKA Steve Brady

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Miranda and Steve were an odd couple. But, they were real, raw, and down-to-earth (which made us love them so much together). Yes, we had a major issue with Steve in the first movie with the whole cheating scandalbut Miranda is tough, and if she can forgive him, we can too. Since playing Steve, David Eigenberg has continued to work and has appeared on television in the shows Raines, Castle, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and more recently in NBC's Chicago Fire as firefighter Christopher Herrmann. On set, he is known as a trouble-maker and infamous for playing pranks and teasing the other cast and crew members. Eigenberg and his wife, Chrysti, have a seven-year-old son named Louie Steven and a two-year-old daughter named Myrna Belle.

8 Kyle MacLachlan AKA Dr. Trey MacDougal

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I’ll admit it: I don’t miss Trey, I don’t miss Bunny, and I certainly don’t miss his ‘John Thomas.’ After the show, Kyle MacLachlan jumped right into the show Desperate Housewives from 2006 to 2012, playing Orson Hodge. He has also been featured in PortlandiaAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and How I Met Your Mother. You may be surprised to know that MacLachlan also did some voice-over work for video games such as Grand Theft Auto III and the Pixar animated feature, Inside


Last year, it was announced that MacLachlan would return for the role of Dale Cooper in the new episodes of the television series Twin Peaks. So, it looks like he has a lot of work lined up. In 2005, he started making his own wine in his home state of Washington. He crafted a Cabernet and a Syrah (which, in 2008 was rated 93 by Wine Spectator).

7 Evan Handler AKA Harry Goldenblatt

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We loved Harry because he was so nurturing, so patient, and he adored Charlotte. What an upgrade from Mr. Can’t Get It Up. Since playing the lovable Harry, he was amazing in Showtime's Californication, as Hank Moody, where he acted opposite David Duchovny and Pamela Adlon. Most recently, he had a recurring role in American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson. Evan Handler is not just an actor, though. He is also a published writer, whose works can be read in the New Yorker, Elle, and Mirabella. He has two books: Time On Fire: My Comedy of Terrors (which is about his real-life recovery from acute myeloid leukemiaand It's Only Temporary...The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive (which is about his journey toward gratitude after recovering).

6 Jason Lewis AKA Smith Jerrod

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No man featured on the show was hotter than Smith Jerrod. A few years after the TV show ended, Jason Lewis guest-starred in Brothers & Sisters as Chad Barry, a closeted gay soap opera actor who struggles to develop a relationship with character Kevin Walker while keeping his sexuality a secret from Hollywood press. Because of this role, he has become a favorite in LGBT community. To show his support, he attended the 19th GLAAD Media Awards on May 10th, 2008. He also played a soap opera actor on a few episodes of House. Are you seeing a theme here? 

In addition, Jerrod appeared in How I Met Your Mother, and he recently starred as Christopher Dollanganger in If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday (the third and fourth films of the Flowers in the Attic TV film series).

5 Willie Garson AKA Stanford Blatch

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Did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson are best friends in real life? They did theater together at a very young age! That is actually how Willie got the role of Stanford Blatch! Thank you SJP. After playing Carrie’s bestie, Willie Garson co-starred in the 2007 HBO series, John from Cincinnati, and more famously co-starred as Mozzie in the USA Network series, White Collarfrom 2009 to 2014.

If you want to see something bizarre, watch him play hot potato in the end credits of Jackass Number Two with Johnny Knoxville. I have no idea why he was in Jackass and Jackass 2.5, but it’s certainly strange... very, very strange. On a more important note, in 2009, Garson adopted a seven-year-old son, Nathan.

4 Mario Cantone AKA Anthony Marentino

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Mario Cantone was the perfect Ying to Charlotte’s Yang. Originally a stand up comic, he went right back to it after Sex and the City wrapped. If you go see him live, you’ll see impressions of Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland, Bruce Springsteen, Jim Morrison, and Bette Davis. He’s had two one-man show’s that he performed on Broadway and his second one, Laugh Whore, received a Tony Award nomination. He has also appeared in the Comedy Central roasts of Joan Rivers and Denis Leary. If you watch The View, he has been a regular guest since 2003 and more regularly since 2014. He was even one of the judges of the Miss America 2014 pageant and was most recently on an episode of The $100,000 Pyramid as a celebrity guest star.

3 Lynn Cohen AKA Magda

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Magda was the glue that held the Hobbes and Brady family together. After Sex and the City, she appeared in Damages, Nurse Jackie, Masters of None, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (as Mags). On her IMDB page, she talks about Magda and Sex and the City:

“The affection for both Magda and Mags is overwhelming in some ways. I mean, in the best kind of way. First of all, Sex and the City was so interesting to me because there were very sexy things in it. Ninety year old women would come up to me and say, 'You know, I never mention the word 'sex' in my house, ever. But now, when Sex And The City is on, you can call me on the telephone and I won't answer.' Again, it's the power of women and the clinging together for strength. I love that.”

2 James Remar AKA Richard Wright

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We almost thought that Samantha would end up with Richard Wright. They were so perfect together and so alike that they were actually too much alike to ever be able to make it work. Since the show, James Remar was in the prologue of Pineapple Express and he also had a role in the horror movie, The Unborn. He was featured in the films X-Men: First Class, Setup and Arena. He also played two different, unrelated roles in Django Unchained. In television, he had guest roles on The Vampire Diaries and Private Practice. But, he more famously co-starred in Dexter on Showtime from 2006 to 2013. Remar was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role of Dexter Morgan's adoptive father, Harry Morgan.

1 Mikhail Baryshnikov AKA Aleksandr Petrovsky

Via: forbes.com

Sarah Jessica Parker was a dancer her whole life (remember her GAP ads?) and she grew up fascinated with ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov. It was her idea to write him into the show as “The Russian.” In 1978, he quit his freelance job to become a full-time ballet dancer as a principal of the New York City Ballet and he is still at it. Last year, he got to show off his modern dance skills in a three-and-a-half minute commercial for the clothing designer, Rag & Bone. In 2012, he took to the stage and starred in the new play, In Paris, at the Broad Stage in the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center. He also starred in five episodes of the TV series, Doll and Em, last year.

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