15 Shady People That Need A Good Look In The Mirror

Being shady is not a good thing. Throwing shade is often praised online, but at the same time, it's still not a good thing. If we could all stop being shady, then there wouldn't be any more shade to give. The world would probably be a little more boring, and Rihanna wouldn't have nearly as many clapbacks, but without all the shade, we can focus on being nicer — more genuine people. But in a world with less shade...what would singers sing about? What would reality TV shows be based upon? One thing's for sure, Taylor Swift would be out of a job. That's for sure.

You don't need to be a celebrity or a songwriter to be shady. Hell, some of us were born shady and we didn't even know it. But now, thanks to the Internet, we're all aware of when someone is being shady or not, and I found 15 of those people who need big ole time-out.

16 People Who Know Just How To Get Info

We all have those "friends" that always pop up at the most opportune time. I like to call these people "lunch friends." This means that you wouldn't necessarily hang out with these people on a daily basis, but if you're dying to go out and get lunch, you call your "lunch friend." It's pretty much the back up of all backups, but hey, someone's gotta claim the title.

These so called friends always know the scoop before you even tell the story. And we already know that THEY know because they somehow have the easiest introduction to get to the juice that they wanna know. It's kind of ridiculous actually, because even though we KNOW they're being shady, fishing around for information that doesn't concern them — we f*cking tell them the dirt anyways! 


14 Breaking Up Via Social Media

Dating in todays world is hard. I feel like everyone has been cheated on at least once in their life. Everyone has had some sort of temptation that almost cost them their relationship. As sad as it is, being cheated on isn't even a sob story anymore. Is it downright disrespectful and degrading? 100%. But it happens so often, that's not that shocking anymore. Especially with apps like Tinder and and Snapchat — sh*t gets real risqué on there.

Above we have a young boy by the name of @CJKarl11. He decided for Instagram's #TransformationTuesday, he would post a picture of him and his girlfriend. But... instead of transforming together, he seemed to have thrown the biggest shade ball I've ever seen and only transformed himself.. The real kicker is his girlfriend commented on the picture writing "Is this your way of breaking up with me?" So this kid had the balls to crop his girlfriend out the pic and break up with her without telling her. Real smooth, @CJKarl11.

13 When You Break Up But Still Like The Picture...

This is one shade ball I can't throw at the girl in the picture. If anything, she deserves some kind of shade medal.

This 19-year-old from Rhode Island decided to makeover some of her favorite travel pictures with her now ex-boyfriend. Instead of cropping him out of her favorite pictures, she simply pasted Zac Efron's face over her ex's. I'm not really sure why the two broke up, but I can't really tell this young lady to take a look in the mirror because she is #Winning. It turns out the former twosome used to work on a boat together and traveled all over the world for a year. So as you can imagine, the pair had some sick pictures. Well, no more. Now—thanks to her Photoshop skills—this classy, shady lady is now traveling around the world with Zac Efron.

12 THIS Shady Person Should Be In Jail

This person isn't just shady... they're a friggin' STALKER. Like, how many times can one person say "I'm near your neighborhood"? Let's count. This "Shady Person" (as their adorably named in this person's phone) starts off by saying they were "JUST in their neighborhood." Hmm okay, that's one. Then they go on to say "I'm actually two blocks away." (That's cool you're just two blocks away but this person never asked you where the hell you were so... get in line.) THEN they continue by telling them the street they're on, saying "literally like, right down the road." Things get shadier when they name drop this person's home address! This shady character ends their strange message by saying "So close to you lol random." UM, something tells me this isn't a random coincidence and you sound more like a stalker than someone they should be talking to.

11 When People Cheat And Then Out Them On Social Media

As I mentioned before, there's nothing more disgraceful than cheating. It's the ultimate low-blow to their so called "significant other." But when a couple is in the public eye, and one of them cheats — get ready for one shady AF rundown on social media.

Melissa Russell is married to Chicago Cubs short stop, Addison Russel. They literally seemed like the cutest couple in the professional sports world until one day, Melissa drops a truth bomb on us that made our jaws drop. She posted a peaceful picture of herself in the ocean with, what seemed like an inspirational quote, until it ends with insinuations that her husband abused, lied, and cheated on her. UM HOLD THE PHONE — WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? I understand Melissa is emotionally destroyed, but throwing shade on her questionable hubby should be done in private. They have children and a family to think about, maybe something this delicate should be done OFF Instagram. Because it's about to get dirty.

10 Rob Kardashian Threw His Sister Under The Buss

Yo, Rob Kardashian used to be a savage in his early days of dating his baby momma, Blac Chyna. He was in a new and happy relationship, and it irritated him that his family had concerns about miss Chy Chy (we all know why now). So when he felt Kimmy K was being shady AF to his new gal-pal, he decided to throw shade right back. Then again, this wasn't technically shade... he more or less called her out for being a sociopathic murderer. He posted the picture of the character Amy Dunne from Gone Girl and commented, "This is my sister Kim. The b*tch from Gone Girl." Okay, cool, thanks Rob. He can't just post a picture like that without explaining his reasons for shading her. LIKE, does he understand WHO he just compared his blood-sibling to? I don't think Kim is one to fake an abduction and plan a murder. Sorry Rob, save your shade for later.

9 When People Photoshop Their Own Pictures

As if celebs didn't get Photoshopped enough, they begun Photoshopping themselves on Instagram as well. I understand these people are in the public eye and they have an image to uphold, but there's only so much of a person's life that can be "real." So why make your personal accounts airbrushed as well? The Kardashians are accused of this. Lindsay Lohan had a hilariously tough time Photoshopping herself. And, this is hard for me to say, but even Queen B has been caught Photoshopping her picture. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

The way you can tell a photo has been altered is the objects in the background are typically out of shape. Straight lines appear wiggly and even shadows are out of place. Once you notice one Photoshop fail, you'll notice them all. And you know what? It's shady AF. Be real, you guys. ESPECIALLY YOU, BEYONCE. You're better than that.

8 When People Subtweet

I always laugh at subtweets because I can't believe they're still a thing. I always think back to college when subtweeting was in its prime. Classmates would talk smack about someone they slept with without dropping their name or give too much detail. Or they would retweet song lyrics that were very telling about a personal situation they were going through (although, it's not that private once they retweeted it). Since we were all young and dumb, subtweets make sense. But when you're mid-twenties-thirties and you're still subtweeting...I think it's time to stop being shady and grow up. If we have an issue with someone, let's confront that person instead of tweeting "WOW, you think you know someone. I know who my true friends are." We're better than subtweets, you guys. Let's do some good (Rihanna, I'm looking at you, girl.)

7 Shady Ass Tinder Dates

Tinder is the ultimate shady dating app. E-Harmony is for mature adults looking for marriage, three kids, and a golden retriever. Bumble is for young professionals who are looking for care-free dates — maybe even some friendships. And Tinder... well, Tinder is for people who want to hookup with someone and ditch 'em in six hours. It started off as intriguing, but now it's just a disgrace to the dating world.

I don't care how good your heart is or how clean your soul is, if you have a Tinder profile, you've probably done or received some shady sh*t. Like, there's even an Instagram account dedicated to the nightmares of Tinder. People try to impress those they're matched with by using some sort of catchy punch line. But they end up coming off as creepy and shady AF. And the picture above is a prime example of that.

6 And The Shade Master Award Goes To...

This girl is the ultimate shade monster and I hope she feels like an absolute dumbass. Not only was she dumb enough to cheat on her man, but she was dumb enough to actually text the wrong guy about the other guy.

What happened was, she texted her boyfriend when she actually meant to text the guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with. Her boyfriend was wise beyond his years, noticed she texted the wrong guy, and continued to play along with it. The worst part is — the girl has NO idea she's talking about cheating on her boyfriend TO her actual boyfriend! It wasn't until her boyfriend said "BTW, this is J____ and we're over." This is when Miss Shady Thang started to backtrack and apologize in all capital letters. Psh, girl bye.

5 Strangers Having Other Strangers Backs

Sometimes the hardest part about being friends with a shady person is not knowing they're shady. Sometimes their shade game is so strong, you don't even notice it. It's almost as if their shad blinds you into trusting everything they say. And that's why shady people are the worst. They know they can get away with a lot, so they take advantage of people and do just that.

This picture above went viral a few years ago for its shadiness. A man was sitting behind a couple during an NFL game. During the game, the stranger behind the couple saw the woman was texting another man the entirety of the game, telling him she wanted to be with him. Now, I'm sure this stranger wasn't sure if these two were an actual couple, but things seemed too shady for him, so he wrote a note to the guy to let him know what he saw. Amazing! Who knew reading text messages over a person's shoulder could save a person from a shady relationship? 

4 No, They're MY Best Friend

This was the story of my LIFE. We all have that one friend that we're low key obsessed with. That person is YOUR best friend and you would do anything to keep that friendship alive and well. But when someone else posts a shout out to your BFF, calling them THEIR BFF... sh*t is about to hit the fan. Nobody puts baby in the corner — and nobody calls your BFF their BFF. Oh hell naw, that's too shady for us.

The worst is when you get to college and become super close with someone. This new bestie introduces you to their "home BFF" and it's an instant showdown of who likes this person better. Lines get crossed, though, when the BFF that is being fought over calls someone else their BFF. I know we're all adults and we can have as many best friends as we want. But let's keep the shadiness to a minimum and have one best friend, and everyone else is just considered a "friend."

3 Kids Are The Shadiest

I know this sounds contradictory, but children can be shady as f*ck. It's contradictory because kids are typically truth tellers. They call it as they see it, and they honestly don't care enough to tell a lie or to be care for other peoples' feelings. However, kids can be too good for their own good at times. Like this tweet says, kids can be shady as hell to their parents. It's almost like they don't realize, without their parents, they would be homeless and probably wouldn't survive. So listen here, Abigail, age 5 years old, stop asking your mom if she brushed her hair that morning. Stop hiding asking your dad if his outfit matches because YOU don't think it matches. Finally, stop planting negative things on your siblings, because we all know that you're one shady 5-year-old with a mission to shade. 

2 Blac Chyna Is ONE Shady Woman

The Kardashian clan is attached to drama 24/7. Not only are their personalities larger than life, but they make a whole lot of money for, what seems like, doing very little. And that in itself is up for criticism. However, nothing seemed more drama-filled then when Kylie Jenner started dating Kim's friend's (Blac Chyna) baby daddy, Tyga. Not only did Kim and Blac's friendship die, but her 18-year-old sister was now dating a 20-something year old. Things get trickier when Blac Chyna started dating Kylie's brother, Rob! It's almost like it was down out of spite, which is shady stuff, if you ask me.

It was around this time that Kylie's empire was on the rise and Blac was clearly pissed. Kylie released a new app, and on that app was a cooking segment with Kylie. Oddly enough, Blac also started her own cooking segment and decided to use that moment to throw major subtweets towards the youngest Jenner. Insinuating that Kylie was obsessed with her... UM, Blac, I don't think Kylie is obsessed with you. I think she's a person who likes to cook and decided to make money off of the concept. JUST like every single person on The Food Network. 

1 Taylor Swift vs. The World

Finally, we've reached the original shade queen; Miss Taylor Swift herself. This country turned pop singer has made her entire career of shading people. From ex-friends, to failed relationships, Taylor has written about it and made bank from it. I mean, honestly, good for her for being so creative and talented with her emotions. But on the other hand, her shade can take a toll on others.

In 2014, Taylor released the song "Bad Blood" that was supposedly written about her feud with fellow singer, Katy Perry. Granted, the two have thrown shade bombs at one another for years, but Taylor took it a step further by producing an entire music video with her besties getting ready for battle. A battle against Ms. Perry. This song was quickly dissected by fans and haters, claiming Taylor had gone too far with her shade. Assembling a girl squad to go after another woman isn't really the definition of girl power.

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