15 Totally Inappropriate Confessions From Disney Park Employees

Disney Parks employees deal with thousands of people on a daily basis, and that means that they end up with a lot of interesting stories to tell. Let's face it: anyone who deals with the public regularly ends up with some interesting stories, but at the world's most magical places, those stories are even more fascinating (and shocking). Although Disney Parks staff (called "cast members") aren't really supposed to talk much about those weird, bad or funny things they encounter regularly, many still use the anonymity of the internet to share things they've seen, overheard or done. Fortunately, for us, we get to read all about those shocking stories and confessions. Here are just a few of our favorites: be prepared to never see the Disney theme parks the same ever again.

15 Getting high with the princess

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Although everyone seems to know the stories from Disney cast members that illustrate how strict the company is about how its characters get portrayed in the parks, it seems that what happens at a Disney theme park stays at a Disney theme park. Of course, Disney doesn't count on its employees going online to a confessions site and telling all. This is one of those occasions. It's likely that this Disney cast member didn't get high on Disney property, but it's still odd thinking of someone getting high with Cinderella in the off-hours. What's even more surprising, though, is that this is one of many confessions of Disney employees about doing drugs and partying. Perhaps there's a reason that Disney employees seem so happy all the time, hmm?

14 Having sex at the drink island

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Then again, it seems that there are things going on at the Disney parks right under the guests' noses. Workplace hook-ups happen everywhere, especially at the happiest place on Earth. But we're surprised that cast members are doing it right there in the park while the rest of us are happily zipping by, singing "It's A Small World," completely oblivious to Disney's sexier side. Also, there are a lot of security cameras throughout the parks, so cast members trying to get their freak on need to do so with care. Apparently, cast members discovered that drink islands are camera-free zones, which means that drink islands are also "sexy time" zones. The fact that employees are doing this during work hours, though, is still pretty shocking.

13 Working at Disneyland is gross

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Anyone who has ever visited a Disney theme park knows that cleanliness is next to godliness in the parks. The Mouse likes to keep a clean house, and it's rare when a guest actually sees some kind of mess that got left by someone else. But then again, this is a place with junk food and thrill rides (and even booze in some locations), which means that people occasionally get sick and vomit up their guts on the sidewalk. Or sometimes, accidents just happen and people get hurt and drip blood all around them. Disney takes these incidents seriously, which means that some cast members get tasked with guarding all that disgusting blood, vomit and, yes, even poop, while waiting for someone else to clean it up. Ew.

12 Kids are brutal

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When it comes to being in a Disney park, kids can often get overwhelmed and lose their minds. There's so much stimuli, what with the rides, the castle, all the cool buildings and huge characters they have only ever seen on TV. So kids sometimes get super carried away, in spite of themselves and their parents. According to this confession, kids sometimes even get violent (either intentionally or unintentionally) and start yanking at the characters' limbs and tails. In this case, a kid pulled on a characters' arm so hard that the person inside the costume nearly dislocated their shoulder. But characters' can't even say "ow" at a Disney park, so they have to suck it up and keep going. In this case, that meant manually relocating a shoulder. Ouch.

11 Fulfilling princess fantasies?

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Disney holds its cast members to a high standard, so this confession is shocking in its depravity. This person got hired to portray a princess at a Disneyland, which meant that she was expected to act like a model of purity and innocence. Except that she decided she liked getting hit on by men at the parks and decided to become an "entrepreneur": she took the princess from the parks to the private bedroom. And she did it on Disney's dime by smuggling the princess costume out of the park to become what essentially sounds like a Disney prostitute. Obviously, once Disney caught on, they immediately fired her, but we have to wonder if her bosses ever knew the true extent of what she was doing out of the park.

10 Getting busy in the castle

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The castle at the Disney parks is the centrepiece of all the magic: the icon that represents each park and reminds all who visit it of the magic they can expect while there. But the castle, apparently, has a darker secret: it's a hook-up joint for Cinderella and Prince Charming. I suppose that's not as bad as it sounds, being that the two are married and live in the castle, at least in the fairy tale. But in reality, they are just two cast members who decided to get together and bang each other in the castle that overlooks the entire Land and World. And it's just weird even thinking about that. We also assume that there are no security cameras in the castle as it doesn't seem like the two got caught.

9 Always be nice to your food handlers

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There are always horror stories that come out of the food industry, particularly when it comes to rude customers. And although Disney seems to have higher standards for those people who work for the company, it still seems like the rule of being nice to food staff at Disney theme parks applies. So remember this the next time you yell at someone responsible for handling your food. Because this confession proves that revenge comes with a side of someone's spit in it if you're a jerk. So never forget: even if you're frustrated and even if your food order is wrong, never ever be a jerk to the person handling your meals. Because you'll get a gross surprise that you may or may not ever even know about. And no one wants that.

8 Working for somewhere you know nothing about

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One might expect that someone working for a company would have a good working knowledge of that company. One might expect that working for Disney means that you know even more about the company than anyone working anywhere else. One might even expect that you have seen at least one Disney movie in your lifetime. Most of the world has, at least, seen one Disney movie, right? It seems that this Disney cast member didn't get the memo, though, because they confessed that they have never seen a Disney film. Now, we don't know what role this cast member has at the parks, but could you imagine someone in a character costume for Stitch never having seen the movie? And how could you not see a single Disney movie when you work at one of the company's theme parks?!

7 No drug testing = party!

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The high standards for employees at Disney would make us believe that the park is really strict when it comes to things like drugs. So it's definitely a surprise to read this confession that admits that Disney only drug tests those employees who operate rides. The rest of the cast members presumably have no problems getting high every weekend, whether they're smoking weed or snorting coke or shooting up heroin. It's sort of disturbing to think that all the princesses are partying it up on their off days with the princes. Or that those happy and smiling people we meet throughout the day at the theme parks are really some kind of addicts. Or maybe, this is why the theme parks really are the happiest places on Earth.

6 What Disneyland employees really think of annual passholders

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Some people are lucky to go to Disney parks anytime they feel like it. They have what we refer to as the golden ticket, or as Disney refers to it, they are annual passholders. This means they can drop into the parks anytime they like (save for black-out dates, of course) and spend a few hours here and there just having all the fun. But this confession makes it seem like the privilege of being an annual passholder goes to these people's heads. Because cast members don't think very highly of these people, probably because of bad behavior they attribute to having an annual pass. Sadly, this wasn't the only confession we saw that admitted that this was the nickname that cast members had for these people.

5 Elsa has an attitude

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Who doesn't love Elsa? She was the ice princess who taught us to "Let It Go" and told us to embrace ourselves as we really are. She's also one of the most sought-out princesses at all the Disney parks, that one character that all little girls have to meet. Lines for Elsa's meet and greet are always super long, but it seems like all this attention has gone to Elsa's head. This is one of many confessions we found that complains about Elsa's attitude at the parks, regardless of the cast member portraying her. It seems like no matter who it is, everyone behind the blue Elsa gown is a mean girl. That frozen attitude is, apparently, very real, and many Disney cast members complain about her and her attitude problem.

4 Killing children's dreams one balloon at a time

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Balloons are so much fun. Kids love balloons. A balloon or two or three can lighten a child's day, even if they were in a grumpy mood beforehand. But balloons are fleeting things: they fly away and pop or get lost in a sea of people, especially at a Disney theme park. And when a kid loses a balloon, you might think they had lost a parent: the crying, the temper tantrums and the utter grief they experience is all too real and spoils their day. So this confession makes us wonder what kind of monsters work in Disney parks, because this confession is all about cast members ruining a child's day by cutting the strings to their balloons. And so that inflatable Mickey flies far away and tears ensue. Meanies.

3 Privacy, please?

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One thing a guest expects when visiting a Disney park is privacy, to an extent, at least. That goes doubly for visiting the bathroom, something everyone has to do at least once or twice a day during a park visit. And when in the bathroom, we expect that we have some time away from the crowds and prying eyes. Except that this Disney cast member confesses that they like to sneak a peek at guys when they go to the bathroom for "a show." Are you freaking kidding us? That's not only weird, but also a violation of privacy, as well as a certain violation of Disney policy, we're sure. We hope that this cast member gets fired and blacklisted from ever working around people again.

2 It's not all fun and games

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Disney cast members always seem so happy with their jobs and lives, don't they? The general assumption is that they get treated well, paid well and that they love what they do. But perhaps those smiles hide something much darker inside. Perhaps those smiles are about as fake as the castles made of fiberglass. This is just one of many confessions by a Disney cast member that wasn't happy about their job at all. This confession is about looking at that fake castle and hating it and the job so much that they don't want to even go forward with another day. We're guessing this person works in retail or food service, or another one of those soul-sucking jobs that even Disney can't make worthwhile.

1 Selling alcohol to minors

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Disneyland California Adventure is awesome for many things (particularly that new Guardians of the Galaxy ride), but one of the most awesome things about it is that the park serves alcohol. That's right, there are bars throughout the park, as well as counters where you can get your lemonade with a little extra spiked something. But that also means that employees are responsible for making sure that those drinking alcohol are, in fact, old enough to legally drink alcohol. And here's the thing: not too many people actually get carded in the parks, although they probably should. Here's a confession from an employee who didn't bother asking for ID and later found out that they served liquor to a minor. Not only is that illegal, but it also cost this cast member a job.

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