15 Shocking Ways People Got Kicked Out Of Disney World

Do you believe in magic? You will if you ever go to Disney World. It really has earned its stripes as the most magical place on earth. In fact, if we're being quite honest, Disney World is just as magical as the Disney movies we all adored growing up. There is no place quite as magical and unbelievably grandiose as Disney World and I dare you to even try to find a place that is any better or more fun. Trying to is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack: impossible and incredibly painful. Believe me, I tried. #TrueStory.

Speaking of painful, there is nothing more painful than getting kicked out of Disney World. Except, like, you know, physical pain. But the fact of the matter is that being granted access into Disney World is like finally being admitted into the Cool Kids Club at school. Once you get kicked out (or worse, expelled), the feeling can be soul crushing. It would be a no-brainer that the best way to not get banned is to stay out of trouble, but there are so many rules and regulations that Disney enforces that it's genuinely hard to keep up with them all and know what not to do. To save you all from getting sacked from the greatest park in the world for doing something that could've easily been avoided, you should learn from the following stories about people who broke the law at Disney World. Some of which without even realizing what they were doing would be wrong according to Disney. Without further ado, here are 15 shocking ways that people got kicked out of Disney World.

15 Cutting a Little Girl's Balloon Strings

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Not only is it a really jerky, unnecessary thing for a grown man to amuse himself by cutting the strings of a little girl's balloon, it is outright harassment towards a minor and will not be tolerated by Disney officials. The sad part here is that it happens more often at Disney World than you might think. One report, for example tells us that a young man once approached a little girl and cut the strings of her Mickey Mouse balloons and she cried her eyes out watching her balloons fly away. Officials were never able to find the perp, but they gave the girl a brand new heap of balloons. In another report, justice was served thoroughly as not only did the girl get new balloons, the guy who did it was actually caught, kicked out, and banned from the premises.

14 Being a Drunken Fool

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Given that Disney World is not and should not be the ideal place to get hammered, the crime itself is not so shocking, but what is shocking is all the crazy things that this drunken idiot did while under the influence at Disney World. The idiot, by the way, has a name and it is Brian Olmstead. Olmstead visited Disney World with his young son in May 2017 and left his son to go get drunk and boy, did this guy get drunk. Over the course of four hours, Disney security received an alarming 11 complaints about the man. He was cursing and mowing up and down the park with his stroller in hand. At one point, he left his son all alone and officers found the boy sunburned in a dirty diaper. Olmstead would be arrested, taken off the premises, and charged with child neglect and disturbing the peace. As a little cherry on top, he threatened the cop and promised that President Trump would have him killed. Unluckily for Olmstead, Trump wasn't there to bail him out as Olmstead had to kick out $2,000 himself.

13 Dressing Up Like Disney Characters

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We all understand the urge to dress up as our favorite characters. In theory, if you loved dressing up as Disney characters at least, Disney World would be the perfect place to do just that. Why not live out that ideal Disney fantasy just as you did in childhood? When you used to play in your room at three years old, dress up like a princess, and play with your dolls until your dad burst into your room screaming "Son, take off your mother's dress!" What, I couldn't have been the only one, could I? Anyway, the fact remains that some of us want to dress up as Disney characters at Disney World to live up to that Disney fantasy. Well, slight problem with that: it's not allowed. There have been many reports of people getting kicked out the park just for dressing up as Disney characters. This may seem harsh, but it makes sense. After all, when all the employees are dressed up, all it takes is one dressed up visitor to be mistaken for an employee and masquerade around the park as such. We can see the problem that could cause.

12 Dressing Up...PERIOD

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To piggy back off that last entry, don't just avoid dressing up as a Disney character. Don't dress up as ANY character. And, while you're at it, don't dress up at all. Yeah, I know, I get it. You know that you can't dress up as a Disney character, but you still want to dress all fancy like the princesses around you. In theory, whether or not you dress up as a character and just dress up for the sake of dressing up, it should be a "no harm, no foul" type of deal, right? Ask that to Natasha Narula, who as a mother visiting Disneyland with her daughter in 2010, just wanted to dress up as princesses. Not as Disney princesses. Just dress in fancy dresses and call themselves princesses. Natasha herself wore her old wedding dress. This move got them both kicked out and banned for life.

11 Revealing Too Much Skin

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Geez, it's like you can't win with these folks at Disney World! You dress up, you get kicked out. You dress down, you get kicked out! We all might as well just get Disney themselves to dress us before visiting their sacred land or, otherwise, we won't know what the bloody hell to wear! Just to clarify "dress down" could reference a number of things. Wearing an itsy bitsty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini is one. Try not to wear anything transparent so that your assets aren't exposed. G-strings are another no-no. Not in front of the children. Unless you want service, keep your shirts and shoes on. And no flashing under any circumstances. Yes, some of this stuff should go without saying, but you'd be surprised just how many reports there are of people getting kicked out for showing a little too much skin.

10 Hitting The Characters

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This should almost go without saying. After all, no matter where we go in the world, fighting the employees is a huge no-no. Especially if those employees happen to be costumed children's characters getting beat up in front of traumatized children. No child should have to witness Mickey Mouse get pummeled by a father who may have had just a little too much to drink. Unfortunately for the kids, this has happened more often than you might assume. One instance in particular saw a father hit an employee dressed as Tigger after the costumed man allegedly hit the father's son. The altercation might have been accidental, but the father acted on instinct after seeing Tigger hit his son and once he laid hands on Tigger, the father was removed from the premises.

9 Peeing Down A Waterslide

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We're not sure what's weirder in this scenario: the fact that a guy decided that a waterslide at a Disney World resort was the ideal place to take a piss break, or the fact that the guy was Leonardo DiCaprio of all people. Yes, you read that right. Oscar winning actor started a golden shower down a waterslide stream. Allegedly. This is just hearsay, after all, from the perspective of an anonymous imgur user named @royrogersdoublerbarburger and DiCaprio has never actually commented on the alleged altercation. But @roy actually includes enough eerily specific details to sound plausible; it's why the story went viral in 2016. Also, it's one of those "so crazy, it has to be true" stories. Apparently, while hanging out with a buddy in the late 90's, Leo whipped out his willy while sliding down the slide and pissed everywhere. Security escorted him and his friend off the premises, especially since they smelled of booze. Oh Leo, you were a bad boy.

8 Loitering (or Being Black)

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This one needs a matter of perspective, but first, context. The year is 2007 at the top of the summer. Four Florida State football recruits (all of whom are black, by the way) decided to band together and have a little fun at Disney World. What should have been just a fun day at the Disney park quickly derailed into a casualty with racist undertones. Somewhere along the line during their visit, the team were approached by park officials and quickly escorted off of the premises. The reason given being because the foursome were violating the park's anti-loitering rules, but Disney officials took things to an even bigger extreme by banning all four men from Disney World for life just for loitering. It was a move which critics accused racial profiling of being afoot, but those claims were never proven.

7 Fighting Disney World Police

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Darren Kramer is an NHL player who, while hockey players are best known for getting into mid-game fist fights on a weekly basis, got a little too rowdy during a 2016 visit to Disney World. The incident broke out when Disney World security guards and local police officers approached a friend of Kramer's who was walking around with an armful of bowling pins. The friend, later identified as Corbin, claimed that he won them in a game, but officers disputed that he stole them from a Splitsville display. Speaking of splitting, once Corbin's thievery was discovered, Kramer fought off the police while telling his friend to "Run!" Not only was he tased and kicked out on the spot, Kramer was arrested for his hooligan behavior.

6 Feeding the Animals

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5 Carrying Selfie Sticks

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While selfie sticks are not nearly as popular and common as they used to be, they were common enough in 2015 that Disney decided to ban selfie sticks from any and all of their parks. Apart from Disney officials publicly stating that selfie sticks were becoming a growing safety concern at the time (especially during their rides), Disney never went too in depth as to why they decided to ban them. However, the fact remains that selfie sticks are still banned to this day and anyone coming in with one will risk being banned from Disney World themselves. If a security guard or employee sees you with a selfie stick at Disney World, they are obligated to take it from you and advise you to retrieve it before you leave. If you refuse to comply to their demands, they will kick you out immediately.

4 Cutting in Line

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This is one of those unspoken rules that we all need to abide by just off of general principle. There are three don'ts in this world that everybody should know and follow whether they are spelled out for you or not: you don't spit in the wind, you don't tug on Superman's cape, and you don't (under absolutely NO circumstances) EVER cut in front of somebody in line. Not to hold a spot for a friend, not because you left to use the bathroom and thought you could come back in the exact same spot...DON'T cut in line. Cutters are jerks. Don't be a jerk. These same general rules should apply at Disney World and on more than one occasion, employees had to escort customers off of the premises simply because they were caught cutting in line. We know you want to see the hottest Disney rides and attractions. We do too. It's no rush. Just wait patiently in line like a decent human being and we won't have any problems.

3 Sneaking into Off Limits Areas

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Just as you should not be sneaking into line, you should probably think twice about sneaking into unauthorized areas as well. This one should be obvious (the word "unauthorized" is there on a sign for a reason), but for guys like Youtube personality Adam the Woo, he never got the message. Adam the Woo spent years venturing through untamed and unsupervised areas of Disney parks and documenting it for Youtube until one day, he finally got caught by Disney security. Despite trying to pretend he didn't know English upon being found, the jig was up and he was banned from Disney World for life in 2013. That is up until 2015 when he filed an appeal for that ban and immediately got unbanned from Disney World. Let's see how long it takes before this guy gets banned again.

2 Blake Lively's Hairspray

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That's right, Hollywood starlet Blake Lively has been banned from Disneyland. We know what you're thinking. Lively has always had a reputation for being one of the nicer human beings moonlighting the Hollywood scene. What could she have possibly done to get banned? Well, to be fair, her banning was not quite recent. In fact, she was banned at age six. Back then, Lively was a wild child and during a family visit to Disneyland, As those who visited the park should know, visitors get a readmission hand stamp for when you leave the park. Lively and her brother had the bright idea of putting hairspray on a friend's hand and transferring the print onto themselves. And they would've gotten away with it too if not for those meddling security guards catching them and their stupid one year ban!

1 Being Mac Faulkner

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I know, this is an oddly specific one. Taking this at face value, just by checking out our IDs and seeing that our name isn't Mac Faulkner, we should know we are in the clear. However, if nothing else, we should look at Mac Faulkner's epic odyssey as a cautionary tale more than anything else. Learn from his mistakes and study what went wrong with him just so we don't getting into any high jinks similar to his during our Disney World visit. What did Mac Faulkner do, you may ask? The bigger question is what didn't this guy do! During his last visit to Disney World, he did the following: tried to bribe a tour guide at Jungle Cruise to "find the nearest thing and kill it," had a tea party with robots after disregarding the ropes at Space Mountain, unsuccessfully tried to sneak into Cinderella Castle, took off his shirt during his Splash Mountain ride (while crying his eyes out, by the way), and tried to pay for Mickey Mouse Cufflinks by using chips from a strip club. Yeah, Mac Faulkner is that kind of guy.

Let this be a lesson, kids: don't be Mac Faulkner. Mac Faulkner's a jerk. And he's banned from Disney World for life.

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