15 Shower Thoughts That Will Ruin You

During the busy daytime hours, when you've got your nose hard against the grindstone, you rarely have a moment to think. Sure, the odd fleeting thought may skip through your mind now and then, but for the most part, you're focussed on one thing or another. That means that it's not all that often that you end up really contemplating the big questions in life. It's not all that often that you get a spare moment to sit around and really do some thinking.

When you step into a nice, warm shower, though, all that changes. There's something about being completely alone and relaxing that lets your mind wander freely. For most of us, it's at this point that some of the most genius things occur to us. Here are some of the best shower thoughts ever.

15 iPhone chargers give Apple juice

Okay, you would think that with all their ingenuity that the people at Apple would have thought of this one by now. After all, there's nothing better than a good old fashioned pun here and there. I'm pretty sure that Apple fans would absolutely adore this one should they hear it. (Side note: As someone with an iPhone, I would be 100% down with this particular name! It's hilarious.)

The truth of the matter is that Apple probably has thought of this little name; they just don't want to use it. The whole thing with the brand is that it's simple and anything but tacky. Sadly, the name doesn't seem to fit that ethos all that well. It's something that is unfair, but we will all have to live with that cold, hard fact.

14 Your age is determined by the sun

As the years go by and people start to get a tad older, they all have the same odd response to age. For some reason, people get seriously hung up on how old they are and how the time is passing them by without them catching up. Still, there's one thing that you need to remember. And no, it's not that old and worn phrase that 'age is just a number'. It's way more than that.

In fact, when you think about things logically, you will realize that your age has a whole load to do with the sun. It's really only the amount of times that you, on the earth, have gone around that big old fireball in the sky. And, let's face it, when you put it like that, it's not so scary.

13 Daddy long legs is a sexist name

Now, I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure that there are female 'Daddy long legs' out there. I know that this is perhaps not the technical name for these horrid spiders, but you catch my drift. There's just no way that they are all male. How would the species survive and multiple if that were the case, eh? No. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there are both sexes here, right?

So, if we understand and accept my first point, why on this fair planet do we call them by the male name 'Daddy'? Something has gone terribly wrong along the way here. Can't we just be gender neutral about it all and call them 'Parent long legs'? Quick. Somebody start a petition online and let's get this started.

12 Snails are secretly really fast

I'm sure that you've all been there just as I have. You'll be walking along, minding your own business, look down, and *bam*, there's a snail. I don't know how they do it. These little slithering creatures seem to appear out of nowhere all of the darn time. It's most inconvenient. Now, while we're all lead to believe that these things are slower than slow, here's another theory that you may not have heard before now. Perhaps.... Just perhaps... These things are super fast. Faster than any of us could have imagined before now. I mean, it's as likely as anything else, right? It could be a huge conspiracy. Maybe the government is trying to keep snails' ultimate speed on the down low so that we don't know the truth, i.e. that they actually control the world.

11 Your dreams really do come true

Have you ever been walking along and had a case of deja vu? For the most part, we've all experienced this feeling from time to time. Whether you say it's a glitch in the Matrix (I mean, maybe!) or just a trick of the mind, there could be another explanation. What if you've already dreamed about the things that are about to happen to you. It sounds far-fetched but hear me out here. There's nothing to say that we don't dream about things before they actually take place.

If we did, it would explain why we sometimes feel as though things have happened before when they 100% have not. Because think about it, when you get deja vu, it all feels so familiar. It's almost as though you've dreamed everything before now. So, maybe you have.

10 Or dreams are alternate realities

While we're on the subject of dreams, here's another idea that you may not have thought about before now. Imagine if, when you close your eyes and drift off into a deep sleep, you actually travel to another dimension. Let's preface this by accepting that there absolutely are infinite amounts of alternate realities. Everything that can happen, is happening, somewhere, on some distant plane. Once you've got that, it's not a huge leap to imagine that we can drift between the realities in an instant. And, how better to do so than in our dreams?

So, when you dream about something that is similar to reality (only not quite), there could be a reason for that. It may well be that the thing you see is happening somewhere and you're just tuning in for a moment.

9 We didn't always drink cow's milk

These days, we accept the fact that everyone (except for the lacto-free few) drinks cow's milk. It's what we pour on our cereal. It's what we pop in our coffee. It's basically one of the main things that we tend to drink on a daily basis. No one ever considers how odd it is that we drink milk from cows all of the time. The milk was not, as we may forget, meant for us, but for little calves. Weird, right?

Now, think about how odd it was for the first ever person to try this out for themselves. What were they thinking when they tasted the milk? How could they know that its wouldn't make them ill or worse? It was a really odd thing to do when you really take the time to consider it.

8 Mirrors are always in 'used condition'

When you buy things from a store, you generally expect them to be new, right? But there's one thing that can't be brand new, when you really think about it. Since the whole point of mirrors is to look into them, they will always be used. People can't help looking into them when they walk into the store. That means that a load of people are using them for free all of the time. How cheeky is that?!

In reality, that means that the value of mirrors should come down. Whenever you next buy a mirror, go ahead, and try to make this point. You can tell the checkout girl that you think you should pay less because you're getting a used product. Sure, she might look at you weird, but it may just work.

7 There are too many things to do each day

Whenever you need to do something you don't want to do, one thing goes through your mind. "Man, I wish I could have a nap right about now." Think about it. If you didn't have to work, clean, and get stuff done, you could sleep all day long and relax. It would be the actual dream. When you put it in those terms, you will almost start wishing that you had more of a break from your chores, right?

My perfect day would basically consist of me relaxing the whole time and taking a series of naps. From relaxing in front of the TV to chilling out in bed, it would be the best day ever. I know that most of you will feel just the same as I do about this one! After all, napping is life.

6 No one really understands love

Okay, this one is a little more philosophical, but stick with me here. There are a great many languages that divide us. Often enough, they are the reason that we don't feel as connected to people who aren't just like us. Sadly, that means that many of us disregard people simply because we can't understand them. It's a sorry truth of the modern world. Still, do you know what else is sad? The fact that love is the one thing that many of us just don't understand.

In truth, some of us will go our entire lives without fully grasping the concept. That is to say that we will hear about it and speak about it, but we just won't get it. Not at all. It means that many of us won't experience it either.

5 Cupcakes and muffins are the same thing

Have you ever seen a cupcake without frosting on it? Of course, you haven't. The reason is simple. When a cupcake no longer has its frosting, it ceases to be a cupcake at all. Somehow, along that process, it morphs into a muffin instead. It's just the way that the world works. There you have it... Mind blown.

The next time you're eating a muffin or, indeed, a cupcake, take a moment to ponder over this curiosity. The thought of it might not seem so amazing right now, but when you really think about it, it will. The fact that you can change what something is simply by licking off the frosting is a weird one. It means that you have ultimate power over the thing. Only you get to choose what happens to it and how it works. That is a power you can't resist.

4 Rappers are modern-day poets

Let me ask you a quick question. When you think of rappers, what comes to mind? What do you think of? Personally, I tend to think of a bunch of guys who seem pretty hard as nails. At least, that's the persona that they tend to have about themselves. These people go around acting like they are the toughest of them all. They talk like they are scary and big, but are they really?

I mean, take a quick moment to consider what rappers really are, right? They are the modern-day poets. They are the Shakespeares of our time. They are artists. We shouldn't fear them. We shouldn't think that they are scary. We should hug them and thank them for the beautifully crafted rhymes that they bring to our world. Let's all do that.

3 It's hard to lose rock, paper, scissors

Trying to win a game of rock, paper, scissors is pretty darn hard. We've all been there and it's anything but easy, right? Still, have you ever tried to throw a game? Perhaps there was a reason for not wanting to win. Perhaps you thought that it would be nice to let your pal take all the glory. In that instant, you tried your very hardest to make sure that the other person won and you lost.

But wait just a minute, losing on purpose at this game is just as hard as winning. To do so, you need to make sure that you know what the other person will do. You don't. And there is the problem. You can't be sure what the other person will do and so whether you win or lose is just random.

2 Dust doesn't go in a dustbin

Have you ever thought about why dustbins are called dustbins? I have. And, let me tell you, I literally have no idea. I have never ever in my life put dust in a dustbin. You vacuum that stuff up after all. You don't go ahead and sweep it and then put it in the dustbin. Or do you? Perhaps that's what people used to do. Perhaps that's how the thing got its name. It would make sense.

Still, if that is the case, the name is a little outdated. There are many other, more appropriate things that you could call this item. Why haven't people changed it in some way? Why on earth have people not made a point of it? Someone should do something about this issue before things get really confusing for us all.

1 You will never be this young again (ever!)

Finally, here's a lovely thought to go home with. You will never be as young as you are right now. Time is passing you by and there's not a whole load you can do about it. Even as you are reading this one, you are getting older and older. Boom. You're older than you were when you read the sentence before this one. And now, you're older still.

In truth, none of us see things like that, but maybe we should. Maybe, what we need to take away from this is the fact that there really is no time like the present. If you've been putting something off until later, you should just do it now. You will never be as young (and perhaps as capable) as you are today. So, go on.... Get on with it already. You won't regret it.

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