15 Sightings Of Caitlyn Jenner And Sophia Hutchinson

Now that society is over the initial shock of Caitlyn Jenner's transition, they can now move on to obsess over who she is or isn’t dating. When Jenner had her reality show I am Cait, it was easier for fans to figure out who she was dating and why. However, even then it was hard to figure out if the relationships were serious or not.

Now, that I Am Cait is canceled, Jenner is trying to live a normal life. She has recently been seen out and about with a beautiful young female, and the paparazzi have been all over this new friendship, and are now obsessed with the new girl in Jenner's life whose name has been revealed to be Sophia Hutchins.

They are also obsessed with finding out just what the status of their relationship is. Sophia Hutchins is only 21 years old and newly transitioned herself. She is an aspiring model and is rumored to be living with Jenner. This makes sense because everywhere Jenner is, Hutchins is close by. The latest rumor about this couple is that Hutchins and Jenner are even engaged! Now, I'm not sure how true it is, nor have we seen an engagement ring, but the couple does get around.

Jenner seems to be spending more time with Hutchins than she does with her own children. She even missed her son Brody Jenner’s wedding to attend Austria's Life Ball. Here are a few more sightings of Jenner with her new gal pal. Maybe one of this photos will help up figure out exactly what is going on between these two.

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15 Hanging In Cabo

Jenner and Hutchins were spotted in Cabo celebrating Jenner’s birthday. They are still trying to keep things under wraps about what exactly they are. The friends seemed to be recovering from a night of good times. They both looked dress to impress in bold pattern shirts and dark shades. Jenner even caught the eye of some fans in the background. They probably stared just to make sure it was Jenner, and they were also probably wondering—like we all were—who this lady is with her.

It’s still not known where Jenner met Hutchins but the two seem to be inseparable. You don’t just bring anyone with you to celebrate your birthday, especially when you go out of the country.

Hutchins must be really special to Jenner and their silences on the topic leave fans to speculate. Speculate about why they won’t just admit that there is something romantic between them. Is it because Hutchins is so young? I get that they may want their privacy, but their decision to be so hush hush about the situation is making people want to pry even more. The “good friends” are turning heads everywhere they go it’s making us think that they actually want the extra attention.

14 Leaving Mexico

When the two were leaving Mexico, reports were flying that they were officially a couple thanks to this Mexico trip. However, Jenner and her team insisted that the two women are just friends. In addition, the only reason why they were spotted together all week was that Hutchins was one of the many people invited out to Mexico to help Jenner celebrate her 68th birthday.

If that was really the truth then why did she fly into Mexico with Cait and fly out with her, as well?

Flying isn’t really like carpooling so they must have gone out of their way to book their tickets together or maybe Cait invited her on her private jet? Either way, the girls looked to have had a fun time on their vacation (who doesn’t have fun in Mexico?).

Regardless, they came back tanned and well rested. Jenner wore a bright orange wrap dress that stopped at just above the knee. Hutchins wore a little black dress and strutted through the airport like she was all business. The two didn’t walk too close to one another do you think that was strategy? Perhaps this was their way of proving that no funny business was going on between them.

13 Jewelry Shopping

The two friends stepped out in Malibu a few weeks later. They were reportedly shopping for Jewelry per The Daily Mail. Again, they look to be all business leaving fans and their own family members to wonder just what in the world is going on between these two. Will we ever get a hint of what their status is? It’s okay if they are more than friends, especially since Hutchins has admitted to being inspired by Jenner.

During an interview with her Pepperdine University's school newspaper, Hutchins claims that Jenner was the person who inspired her to transition into a woman.

We could assume that they are hanging out because Jenner has become somewhat of a mentor to Hutchins. She takes her to all these events and introduces her to people making a difference in their world. Maybe (and that's a very small maybe) the two are legitimate friends and their relationship is strictly platonic. However, in the same breath, I must say that I have to counter with a very valid question. If they are just friends, why are they jewelry shopping together? It seems like an odd thing to do with someone who is just a friend. Unless they are buying for themselves, but I doubt it. Hutchins doesn’t seem to have the equal amount of moolah to go jewelry shopping in Malibu.

12 Family Time

Hutchins reportedly spends a lot of time at Jenner’s home in Malibu. You know that beach house she moved into full time when she and Kris Jenner broke up? She has reportedly made herself at home. (Really, who doesn’t want to make themselves at home in a Malibu beach house?)

Hutchins has even used her social media pages to post photos of herself at Jenner’s home and with Jenner’s adorable Lab. I must admit they do make a cute couple and I could see plenty of family portraits in the future with them and a few cute dogs.

They reportedly spend more time with one another then they do with their friends and family members. They are so close now, that they even share clothing!

There are two photos floating around the Internet where they are wearing a beautiful high cut, baby blue blazer. Each of them rock it and look amazing but never at the same time which leads us to believe that they are sharing clothes now. Yes, we understand friends share clothes but so do couples. Either way, it’s one more clue into the life of Cait and Sophia. We are one step closer to figuring this thing out.

11 GLAAD Awards Date

Back in April, Jenner brought Hutchins as her date to the GLAAD Awards. However, Hutchins had already been in Jenner’s life for some time. Dating back to last year, the two have been hanging out and getting to know one another. This wasn’t their first public outing together but it was their first official, dressing up to go on a date outing.

I must admit they clean up good and are giving face in this picture.

Everything just looks so perfect; the lighting, their hair, their makeup. Sophia is an aspiring model so naturally, she would know how to pose for a camera.

The GLAAD Awards is a big deal and Jenner has become a driving force in their community. We may see this as a date but Jenner could easily spin this into a very convincing story maybe about Hutchins being newly transitioned. Maybe even about the fact that she is helping her feel comfortable in her new life and body. There are so many ways this could go. Jenner was married to Kris long enough to have learned a few tricks when it comes to the tabloids and spinning a story. If she didn’t learn anything after all those years, that’s a real shame.

10 Kendall’s Birthday

via Page Six

Caitlyn invited her “good friend” Sophia to her daughter Kendall Jenner’s 22nd birthday party back in November 2017. This probably made for an awkward outing for two main reasons; first, Kendall is officially older than her dad’s supposed girlfriend (Hutchins was only 21 at the time). Second, Jenner had always told her family and her fans that she could never see herself dating a woman again. People can change their minds, of course, and she was still trying to figure out her new life. Unfortunately, choosing to make that decision by bringing her new friend to her daughters birthday party must have been a bit weird.

Also, keep in mind that Jenner isn’t on the best of terms with more than half of that family — especially Khloe. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that party just to see and hear all the reactions to Jenner showing up and showing out at this party. She must have had a few noses turned up at her. She also must have been trying to avoid Khloe like the plague. I don’t blame her, of course, from what we’ve seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the wrath of Khloe can be vicious.

9 Oscars Bash

This year Jenner took Hutchins to an Oscars after party with her and as usual, the two were dressed to impress. Jenner wore a bold, red knee-length dress that flared out at the end of the ¾ length sleeves and a simple black heel. Hutchins equally stunned in a baby pink, satin dress with ruching at the side, spaghetti straps, and a daring split up the side of her dress. Exposing just the perfect amount of leg. She covered up with a matching knee-length jacket which she subtly draped over her shoulders.

If there is one thing that Jenner has learned from Kris and girls, it's how to dress. When you go to an Oscar after-party, you have to make sure you go there looking bomb AF.

Pictures will be taken and of course, you never know which director, writer, or even Oscar winner will show up. Hutchins is an aspiring model after all and who knows maybe she wants to be an actress as well. This would be the perfect party for her to make an impression at. I have to wonder if she is only hanging out with Jenner to make those connections to further her career? I wouldn't be surprised.

8 NYC Sighting

In March, Jenner and Hutchins were seen arriving in New York City. It’s not known exactly why the friends were there ,maybe just for a little vacation? Either way, there they were again, together as usual.

Let’s be honest, no friends hang out together THAT much. At this rate, they are going to start morphing into one another. Fans won’t be able to tell who is who! Again, the friends stunned in some simple yet, fashionable outfits. Sophia’s velvet blazer hits perfect at her hips and the colors add some life to her face. She looks to be wearing a bodysuit that is hugging her perfect figure. (I am insanely jealous, by the way, not everyone can pull off a bodysuit.) Cait kept it simple with a grey shit, a pair of denims and a full length black trench coat.

The two strolled through a New York City airport looking a little fed up. This could be because the paps were there to greet them and they were most likely wondering who let the cat out of the bag. Like I said, if only they were honest about what is going on then maybe the paps would leave them alone a bit. Until then, they will most likely look like this every time they get off a plane or leave a store or leave Cait’s house.

7 Racing Time

via Marca

Caitlyn took Sophia to a car racing event and had premium seats. Well, I'm assuming they had premium seats because Cait is famous and she had the opportunity to take pictures with some of the drivers.

They wore their premium passes around their neck and looked like they were having a great time. How can you not when you basically have an all-access pass?

Of course, as usual, they were slightly overdressed for an event as down to earth as racing. I wonder what else they got up to that day? Did they get to have a ride in the cars? Who else did they get to take pictures with? I wonder if Cait got noticed a time or two there looks to be thousands of people there she must have had her name called out a few times. The two almost look like twins in this photo! You know what they say, when people date (ahem!) sorry... "hang out" long enough, they begin to look like one another.

Before Cait transitioned she was a fan of Nascar and racing so it looks like she is starting to share more of her interest with Sophia as they try to build a stronger relationship.

6 Yet Another Trip

It seems like all these two do is go out on the town. They took a trip to Washington and it was documented by Sophia on her Instagram page. This time, they were celebrating Memorial Day.

This is important to Jenner because her father fought for their country. Sophia captioned the photo; “On a recent trip to Washington, we were able to stop by Arlington. Today I am especially remembering those that have fought and died for our freedoms, like William Jenner who proudly fought at D-Day #memorialday usususususuus.”

Jenner placed a compassionate hand on the memorial as she posed for the photo. She looks so proud. If you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know that Jenner always had a good relationship with her father before he passed. Family is extremely important to her, even though she has been accused of not showing it lately. It’s cool to see her share this special moment with Sophia. That being said, again, it makes us wonder, why share such a special moment with someone who is just a friend? It’s just way too intimate to haphazardly share with random people.

Side note: Sophia’s jade green outfit is gorgeous where can I get one?

5 That’s Caitlyn’s Bed

via TMZ.com

Okay, this is not a coincidence. I know for a FACT that this is Caitlyn’s bed that Sophia is taking pictures on. Cait has taken and posted many pictures on her bed with this exact background on her Instagram page. Now, here is Sophia taking a somewhat alluring picture on Cait’s bed. It’s not common for “friends” to take sexy photos on the bed of their friend.

There is no question that she looks great, but it’s just not a common practice. The two spend a lot of time together and a majority of the photos that they take in Cait’s house are in this bed.

Sophia is the one sharing most of the photos, which has prompted a lot of people leave rude messages on her social media pages, accusing her of using Cait for fame.

I will admit that it is a bit weird that someone so young and lively would want to spend all of their time and possibly make a life with someone who is so much their senior. But it has worked for Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson and they absolute couple goals. So who knows, maybe Cait and Sophia will be the next couple goals?

4 Nobu, Nobu, Nobu

Cait and Sophia were spotted having dinner at Nobu, the popular Japanese restaurant that a bunch of famous people frequent. (Especially the Kardashians.) It looks like Cait also has a love for Nobu as well and decided to introduce Sophia to it.

The restaurant is pretty cool, it is the only restaurant in the U.S. that offers teppan tables. They also have a truffle tasting table, an assortment of beautiful fish, and of course if you are looking to get photographed, the paps are always there.

Cait and Sophia kept it super casual like a regular night out on the town. Jenner wore a pair of super cute Bermuda-jean shorts that showed off her insanely toned legs, paired with a white top. Hutchins wore a tan, suede skirt with a zipper going up the front paired with a white, sleeveless cut out shirt. The two were all smiles showing off just how much they enjoy one another’s company. I should mentioned this is also one of the first times we have seen them both not wearing a heel. Normally they are dressed up and a heel is a staple for the two of them. We are surprised that they weren’t frowning when the paps showed up. Maybe they didn’t see them?

3 Didi Hirsch Foundation

via Nyheter24

Hutchins posted a photo on her Instagram of she and Jenner at the Didi Hirsch Foundation. The foundation focuses on mental health issues and have been in business for over 75 years. They focus on helping adults and children in Southern California. They also have a particular department for suicide prevention. The company has 11 locations to serve as much of the community as they physically can.

Jenner has really been focusing on helping her community as much as possible, so it’s fitting that she would be at an event such as this one.

Hutchins captioned the photo “Working to End the Stigma with the @didi_hirsch foundation!”. Hutchins beat Jenner to the punch when posting about the event. In fact, Hutchins is usually the one who posts most of the pictures with her and Jenner hanging out together. This could be the reason why fans are now accusing Hutchins of dating Jenner for the exposure and her obvious ties to fame. Fans are starting to wonder what exactly it is that Hutchins does for a living besides being a student. They are even commenting on her posts to inquire. This could get real ugly real quick. Hopefully, the friends don’t allow the drama to ruin whatever it is they have.

2 Amsterdam Too

At the beginning of May, the friends were photographed looking annoyed in Amsterdam. Mostly annoyed because, yet again, the paps were invading their privacy. Jenner popped on over to Amsterdam after giving her scheduled talk about diversity in the Churchill room at House of Commons in London.

She actually documented some of her trip instead of fans hearing about it through Hutchins Instagram page. Jenner let her hair down and had some fun. She posted a selfie of her in front of a telephone booth and captioned it, “I remember the days when you actually used these.” They added one more to their crew when they were spotted sightseeing with Dutch model Loiza Lamers. However, when the paps caught up to them, it looks like their fun was ruined instantly. Seriously, the look says “can I live?” and I have to agree, can they live? Yes, they are in Amsterdam and yes, I don’t know their relationship status, but I have to admit, it is kind of weird that the paps are so obsessed with what they are doing.

They literally went to dinner and went home according to reports of that night. We too would get sick of a camera constantly being in our faces.

1 Life Ball

The latest spotting of Cait and Sophia has caused a little bit of drama. In early June the couple went to the Life Ball on the same weekend that Jenner’s son Brody was getting married.

When the paps got ahold of this information, the media went wild.

News reports came out that Jenner was being selfish or that she would rather spend time with her new girlfriend than be there for her son. The wedding took place in Bali, but Jenner was all the way in Austria attending the Life Ball with Hutchins in support of raising awareness for HIV/AIDS.

Making the situation more awkward, Kendall and Kylie Jenner was also not in attendance, they didn’t even respond to the RSVP saying that they wouldn’t be attending their half-brother's wedding.

Kylie has a brand new baby, but what was Kendall’s excuse? Something tells us that this is going to cause a whole new rift within this eclectic family. They are already still bitter about what went down with Cait’s transition, now she is dating a girl younger than her youngest daughter and now missing her son’s wedding. Too bad she isn’t on Keeping Up With The Kardashians anymore because this drama would definitely be featured.


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