15 Signs He’s Thinking Of Someone Else (+5 Signs He’s Only Got Her On His Mind)

How do you know if a man is in love? How do you know if his attention is exclusively on you?

Every woman wants to make sure she knows that she is the only one for him and that she is his main squeeze, but it ain't always easy to tell.

Having a partner fall in love with someone else is a fear that men and women share, so it is quite normal to look for signs that our partners may be talking to someone else. An obstacle is always trying to figure out if he is talking to or seeing other women. We're all so afraid to get too emotionally invested, right? Because who wants to get their hearts broken? 

For some women who have been in relationships for a while, their men suddenly start exhibiting strange behaviour, and one explanation for that behaviour could be that they are crushing on other women. What happens, though, is many women ignore that behaviour and do not think it's because their man is thinking of another woman, when he very well could be.

With the possibility of another woman snatching up her man, we've got women covered with all the signs that show another woman may be on a man's sideline. However, on the bright side, we also have a couple of signs that can assure any woman that she is his only flame.

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20 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Makes Less Eye Contact With Her

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You know how when we were children and we'd lie to our parents or do something wrong, we could not look our parents in the eyes? The same applies here.

When you're in love with someone, you want to stare at them as much as possible, right? However, if something is up, and a man is experiencing guilt because he is thinking of another woman when he is with his main chick, he will avoid looking into her eyes altogether. If you notice that he is not making proper eye contact like he used to, it's because the guilt is blocking him; he knows he's doing you wrong.

He suddenly stops making an effort to make eye contact because he has become fixated on someone else! At that point, he doesn't even care to make the slightest effort to look into your eyes.

19 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Avoids Going Out With Her In Public

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Do we really need to tell you there's a problem when he ditches you when you want to go out in public together?

You do not want a man like that in your life. This man is avoiding taking you out because he doesn't want the outside world to know that you and he may be exclusive - because hey, he may just run into that other lady he is cruising.

If the other woman he is thinking of sees you two together, it'll ruin whatever plan he has up his sleeve. This doesn't mean that he is already with this other girl, but that he is unsure of what to do with you. You do not deserve to be on the sideline!

18 On His Mind: He Always Talks About The Future With Her

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One way to know for certain that this man is all about you? He'll insistently talk about your future together. You do not need to ever worry about telling this man "Thank U, Next."

Ladies, most men are hesitant to talk about the future; they will literally hop away at the thought of it. So, if your man is actually eager to talk about the future with you, and is the one to often initiate conversations about an upcoming concert or event, or even serious topics such as marriage and children, you're the only one for him.

You are so important to him that he constantly brings up the future because he doesn't want to lose you. You have his exclusive attention and do not need to worry about losing him.

17 On His Mind: He Finds Pleasure In Surprising Her

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He will want to bring continuous joy to your life if you're his main girl by constantly surprising you! Chivalry isn't dead ladies, we promise! This kind of guy meets you every day with a huge grin on his face, and usually your favourite chocolate bar, flowers or that graphic tee you wanted. It is not every man that surprises his lady "just because," so know that if he is doing such things for you, it is because you're constantly on his mind.

It doesn't need to be a huge gesture for you to know that you matter to him. You are #blessed with this man!

16 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Brings Up Stuff They Didn't Do Together

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This is totally awkward and odd, but it does happen more often than you think!

One day, you're with your man, and he just spits out (obviously without thinking) how fantastic that movie was that you did NOT view together - oops!

You know that you're not delusional and did not see that movie with him, but you don't think further ahead. Ladies, if he saw the movie, or tried that new restaurant, it is because he did with someone else. And it is unfortunate to say this, but he likely watched it with that other chick that is coming between you two. And if he brought it up, she was obviously on his mind - harsh!

15 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Doesn't Share With Her Anymore

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This one is simple, however, we often let it slide by us. If your man is no longer eager to share anything personal, discuss with you how his day went, or how work is, there's an emergency!

By no longer having serious talks with you, he's clearly having them with someone else; yes, that other girl he's thinking about. This only applies if he was the type of man from the start to always share everything with you. Why? Because if he goes from big details to small talk, he doesn't want to confide in you anymore.

The problem is he's thinking of the other girl and forgetting to let you in.

14 On His Mind: Even When He's Out, He Contacts Her

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A man's birthday gifts to you will say a lot about him, but you know what else will? The way he communicates.

We know all men need their bro time, even when in a relationship, and when they're with the guys they go bonkers over playing video games or going for drinks. However, if while he is with the boys, he is still contacting you, he's a keeper. This shows that he is still very much thinking of you.

Little messages like "I miss you," or "What you doing right now, babe?" are really telling of where you stand with him. You're clearly always on his mind, even when he's out and about with the guys.

13 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Hides His Phone

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In any good relationship, there is trust. And this means that you could take a hold of his phone without him jumping off his feet and screeching! This man does not want you to see his phone, clearly, and that's because there is stuff on there that cannot be discovered.

If you two are spending time together and he deliberately hides his phone, it's because he's thinking of that girl he bumped into while sweating at the gym. Or he won't let you near his phone because he "innocently" messaged another chick. The problem here is that it is not innocent because if it was, he wouldn't feel the need to put his phone away in storage when he's in your company.

12 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Has Zero Enthusiasm Around Her

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He may not have his face buried in his phone, but if your man seems distracted when you're together, he most definitely is - and it isn't because of work. Any man who is head over heels in love with his SO will be thrilled every second he is with her, but a man whose mind is floating around will be completely bland.

This lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that in his mind, he wishes he was somewhere else, and with someone else, so he cannot bring himself to concentrate on being joyful around you. His mind is so fixated on the other chick that he is even unable to pretend to be happy when he's with you. We always told you men weren't great multitaskers; in this instance, thank goodness.

11 On His Mind: He Remembers All The Anniversaries

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This is a big one!

Ladies, if your man remembers all your anniversaries, like the time you first smooched, the day you first met, or the first time you slept at his place, this man is hopelessly devoted to you. Whether or not you're in an official relationship with this man, if he recalls insane anniversaries, you're the only thing that runs through his mind all day.

He will constantly bring up the time you guys did such and such, and he will have a beaming smile and huge eyes when he does. Be grateful, because it takes a lot for a man to keep up with us and remember all the little details.

10 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Flirts With Other Women

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You're out for dinner and drinks with him one day, and he keeps on "accidentally" engaging in physical contact with the pretty barista. Or you're out with him and his coworkers, and he's always high-fiving and hugging that lady that works in the office next to him. What do these two scenarios have in common? He is clearly into someone else.

Men are pretty handsy, and they like to "show" a woman they are feeling them, especially if they are juggling two women at a time.

What we want to emphasize here, though, is: if he just hugs a woman once, it is fine, but if every time it looks like he is finding an excuse to be near her, he is certainly thinking of her in a more serious way.

9 Thinking Of Someone Else: His Schedule Is Suddenly Always Jammed

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He is suddenly aways occupied and has no time for you. If his schedule was never crazy busy before, it's because you're not the only princess in his life. When you ask what he is doing, he tells you he's hanging with the boys or spending time with his family, which is most probably true. However, he is not spending his free time with you because his heart is wandering and thinking of someone else, and he doesn't want to see you and accidentally spill his thoughts.

He also doesn't want to involve you in his plans because he's worried that his feelings will show on his face, so he avoids spending time with you. You shouldn't only get to see him on IG.

8 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Doesn't Do Those Small Things For Her Anymore  (Like Show Up With Flowers)

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If you're in a relationship, chances are your man will be super cheesy and lovey-dovey with you; he'll do that by showing up with flowers or your desired perfume, as we mentioned before. He's that type of guy who will even wake up early on Sunday morning to make you pancakes.

However, if this guy did all those things once upon a time and now all of those gestures have stopped, it could very well be that he has his mind on other things, like another woman. When a man becomes fixated on someone else, he stops doing all the things he once did to make his girl happy.

7 Thinking Of Someone Else: There's Hardly PDA

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Forget going out on dates, this man doesn't even want to hold your hand or caress you anymore with other humans around.

If your man has never been a fan of PDA, that is a completely different story, and this point doesn't apply. However, if he was always down for holding hands and sharing some kisses in public, and now all the PDA has ceased, we hear alarms ringing. He will be affectionate with you behind closed doors, but not in public. Why? Because if he's thinking of another woman, in his mind he's doing her wrong and not you (even if you're his girl). Crazy, right? But since he's more into her, he doesn't want to be distracted by some PDA with you.

6 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Is Jumpy

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It's like that time you tried to sneak a peek at your friend's paper during an exam. Whenever the teacher would come around you'd get nervous and overly jumpy.

The same applies to a man who is thinking of another woman when he's already with one. If he has a crush on another woman, all his bad ideas will taunt him and make him nervous. Why? Because he doesn't want you to find out and is probably biting his nails over the fact that you just might. Because of that, he will always be on edge when you're around.

You're not asking him to do jumping jacks when he's around, so if he does, he's certainly agitated about something, such as his feelings for another woman.

5 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Called Her Another Name

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Ouch! The biggest sign of all that he is thinking of another woman is when he calls you by her name. And yes, we mean during daily life.

You two are having a discussion, and he yelps out "Jessica" instead of "Vanessa." Your name is not Jessica though, so take a hint. Either he's thinking of his ex or that new chick he has eyes for.

Also, if he starts using your name less and less, it's because he's nervous to call you by her name. Do not think it's sweet that he's always calling you "babe" now instead because that's his way of avoiding addressing you by the wrong name.

4 On His Mind: He Messages You Cute Jokes Throughout The Day

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We all want a man who takes the time to text us inside jokes throughout the day, right? Well, if you have that guy, you're on the right path. Not only is this man adorable, but he is also gaga over you.

If he's at work and finds the time to send you jokes because they remind him of you, he's always trying to make you smile. He'll always find time to be cheesy with you because you're the only thing on his mind besides his sports and work. And because he legitimately cares about you, he wants to always follow up on how your days are going when he's not around. You're undeniably the first and last person he always wants to talk to.

3 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Suddenly Tells Her He Wants To Keep Things Casual

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Not all signs on this list are easy to point out. Some are subtle, like this one. If you two are seeing each other, or are in a committed relationship, and he tells you that he wants to keep things casual, there's a big problem.

The issue? He's talking to someone else. Why else would he want to cut the emotional ties with you?

By him telling you he wants to keep things low-key, he is hinting at the fact that he no longer sees a future with you because he's thinking of it with another. Since you're obviously not looking for a casual setup, do not take this sign lightly. He cannot have the best of both worlds.

2 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Checks Out Other Women In Front Of Her

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He has you in front of him, so why is he blatantly checking out other women in public when you're there? Because he is interested in pursuing another woman, and he doesn't even realize what he's doing.

If he's thinking of another woman, he won't care if he is checking her out over and over again, or checking other women out. This happens because he no longer cares about your feelings.

Even if you call him out, he'll probably deny it. He's aware of what he's doing, but since you're no longer his main priority, he does it so naturally without worry. It's totally disrespectful that he cannot keep his eyes to himself, but it's because he cannot keep his mind off her.

1 Thinking Of Someone Else: He Becomes Hesitant To Bring Her Around Friends

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A man who is thinking of another woman is hesitant to bring his friends around her. Why? One of his friends might just slip out the other girl's name since guys love to tell their friends EVERYTHING - yes, boys will be boys. This guy is stalling to introduce you to his boys because they know all the nitty-gritty details, and he doesn't want to put you in a potentially bad situation.

Plus, if he doesn't want to go deep in this thing with you, then why would he invite you to a gathering with the boys? He is too busy with them and the other chick on his mind to bring you around.

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