15 Signs Your Son Is Your Best Friend

Some women are so good at parenting that they wind up raising a child that becomes everything they wished they could be. When you look at your son and you think, "I am so glad you were born," it's a good indication that you did a great job as a mom. Not only did you raise someone who is an asset to this world, but you also raised a young man who has become your best friend. Check out these 15 signs your son just might be your BFF. Future girlfriends, beware.

15 He’s the first person you call when you have good news.

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Whether it's a new job or a new blouse, you know you can call your son to share about the good news of your day and he actually cares.

14 And you’re the first person he calls when he has good news, too.

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Remember that time he won third place in the business idea competition? Who did he call just as soon as he stepped outside? You, that's who!

13 You’re the first one to support his goals because it makes you happy to see him progress.

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When he decided he wanted to be a sneaker designer, you contacted every design school to learn more. When he changed his mind and decided to become a music producer, you introduced him to every music producer you could find. If it's a passion of his, it's a passion of yours because you love seeing your son happy.

12 And he cheers along with you when you reach your goals, too.

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No one was happier when you published your first book. He even took a copy to school to show his teachers. That's love.

11 You’re a team in life.

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He's got your back and you have his. From card games to board games or any social games, you can wordlessly communicate and take control because he's your partner.

10 And when it comes to sports, you're his biggest fan.

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Whether he's on the bench or playing outfield, you have to be there. Same goes for the time you tried roller derby and almost broke your ankle. But the message is the same. He was there.

9 His laughter has always been your favorite sound.

From the first time he giggled, he won your heart. Even though that giggle is now a deep, throaty laugh, it still makes you feel the same way.

8 Netflix and chill takes on a whole new meaning when you are together. You actually enjoy watching the movie.

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Movies are great, especially when you watch them with someone who understands your taste. When you're with your son, not only do you have a partner to laugh with, you also have someone to debate with after it's done.

7 You can be yourself around him. He gets you.

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Sometimes you want to scream, and if your son is nearby, he gets an earful. He is there on the days when you feel like walking on water and he's there when you can't seem to get out of bed. He knows your low points don't outweigh your high points and he never judges you, even when you dance in public like a total spaz.

6 You can speak your mind without worrying about hurting his feelings.

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He knows you have his best interests at heart so when you tell him that he needs to throw away those pants, he listens.

5 You trust him to make wise decisions.

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Whether he's ordering pizza or deciding on which girl to take to the prom, you trust him to make wise decisions because you know you raised him well.

4 You can’t wait to celebrate each life milestone with him.

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You already have the speech prepared for his special day and you know which song you will dance to.

3 You understand his weirdness (because he got it from you).

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Regardless of what he listens to, how he dresses, or who he hangs out with, you're still supportive. While you may not understand everything, you never judge.

2 You appreciate that he always makes time for you.

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Even when he's far away, you get a 'good morning' text or a late evening call. He never lets you forget that he's thinking of you. You know you are a special part of his life.

1 He never hesitates to admit that he is, in fact, a mama’s boy.

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He's a mama's boy, but not in a weird way. He loves his mommy and doesn't mind if the whole world knows it.

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