15 Signs You’re 100% A Hufflepuff

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15 Signs You’re 100% A Hufflepuff

Out of all the Hogwarts houses, the one that gets the most flack is Hufflepuff. Most fans of the Harry Potter series tend to think that Hufflepuffs are essentially where all of the unremarkable people go. Worse, they think that Hufflepuffs only end up in that house because there’s nothing special about them, or that there’s something that they lack that others don’t. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hufflepuffs value loyalty and hard work, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not special or exceptional in their own way. More importantly, there are things that Hufflepuffs get that people from other Hogwarts houses could never understand.

That’s true even in the Harry Potter universe. Think about it: the whole reason Hufflepuff House exists is because of its founder, Helga Hufflepuff. She wanted to teach all of the wizard kids and treat them the same. The other three founders only wanted kids who had certain qualities, like bravery, cleverness or intelligence. She wanted to do something different and take all the kids that were willing to work hard. That’s the main quality of Hufflepuff House. They might be just as brave as a Gryffindor, smart as a Ravenclaw or cunning as a Slytherin, but that’s not the great thing about them. Here are fifteen things that scream, “you’re a Hufflepuff!”

15. You Hate Conflict

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One thing about Hufflepuffs that many people might not know is that Hufflepuffs hate conflict. Think about the Hufflepuffs we see in the books and movies. The only time Hufflepuffs as a group played a big part in any of the books was when Cedric Diggory got nominated by the Goblet of Fire to take part in the Triwizard Tournament. We have prominent Hufflepuff characters in the books and movies that play a big part in the series, like Tonks and Newt Scamander, but Hufflepuffs at large seem to be taking part in their own story. They don’t pick fights with other Houses or with other people because they’re focused on their own journey and what they have to do. They play fair, work hard, and are loyal to those around them, and those qualities mean that they just don’t have time for drama.

14. You’re Not A Great Finder

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One major joke in the Harry Potter fandom is the idea that Hufflepuffs are the best at finding things. The joke comes from A Very Potter Musical, a parody musical made by Starkid Productions that basically writes the Hufflepuffs out. The show is really funny, and I don’t blame them for minimizing the roles of the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws since they were covering the whole series in two hours, but the joke does wear a bit thin when people start thinking that the only thing Hufflepuff brings to the table is their ability to find things. Hufflepuffs are capable of finding things pretty easily, but that’s not the only thing that they bring to the table.

13. You Can Communicate Without Your Words

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Hufflepuffs might just be masters of nonverbal communication. One great example of that in the series is when J.K. Rowling revealed that the Hufflepuffs don’t need to answer riddles or remember passwords to get into their common room. Rather, they just needed to tap on the barrels by the kitchens in the rhythm of “Helga Hufflepuff.” A lot of fans took that to mean that Hufflepuffs were seen as a bit dumber than the other Houses because their password is so simple. Personally, I don’t think that’s the case, though. Keep in mind, according to Pottermore, no one, not even Harry Potter, had managed to get into Hufflepuff’s common room without the permission of a Hufflepuff at any point in the story. Slytherin’s common room was infiltrated during the second book, and Harry Potter walked into Ravenclaw’s room during the seventh book. Whatever the Hufflepuffs are doing for security, it’s working, and it shows that nonverbal communication might come a bit easier for Hufflepuff house.

12. You’re Scrappy And Resourceful

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Hufflepuffs work hard, and when you work hard, you develop certain skills that are instrumental to navigating daily life. Think about Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. He left Great Britain and took a ship to New York with nothing but the awesome coat on his back and a suitcase with a zoo inside it. He then made friends with a Muggle and two witches, won a battle against Grindelwald, and beat down a teenage Inferius who was never supposed to live that long. Keep in mind that Dumbledore, arguably the most revered Gryffindor in the story up to this point, hadn’t managed to do that, and losing that battle made it so he lost his family. After he did all that, he wrote a book about all the magical animals he’d discovered and helped the worldwide wizarding community understand them better. That’s just one example of Hufflepuff resourcefulness.

11. You Love Food, But It’s Not Everything To You

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The Hufflepuff common rooms are right by the kitchens, giving the house the reputation of being all about food. That’s essentially what Hufflepuff is associated with. This isn’t really true, believe it or not. It’s actually kind of ironic that Hufflepuff is seen as the slacker, food obsessed potato house when Hufflepuff is the house that’s most associated with a strong work ethic. They’re not slothful or lazy by any stretch of the imagination. Just read what the Hufflepuff prefect from Pottermore had to say about the nature of Hufflepuffs. “Our emblem is the badger, an animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself, including wolves.” That doesn’t really say lazy, does it?

10. You Love Nature

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Hufflepuffs love nature more than any other Hogwarts house. Hufflepuff represents the element of earth, and unlike every other house, Hufflepuff’s common room is the closest to nature. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw’s common rooms are in towers, while Slytherin’s is under a lake in the dungeons. Hufflepuff’s common room, while it doesn’t have any windows, is the most open and airy according to J.K. Rowling’s writing. There are plants everywhere, and the whole place is designed to make you feel like you’re outside. Compare that to the tower common rooms which must be drafty, or the common room that’s literally underwater.

9. You Get Along With Everyone

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Think about the other Hogwarts houses: none of them seem to like each other all that much. For one thing, the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin has been well documented by now. The books themselves even feed into that rivalry, setting up Gryffindor as the good guys and Slytherin as the bad guys. Even Ravenclaws have been known to get into scraps in the fandom. This isn’t true of Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs have to learn how to bond as a unit because the other three houses are constantly saying that they don’t really have anything special about them, so they don’t really have time to fight. Because they stay out of most conflicts, other people can’t help but like them.

8. You’re Creative

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In order to be a Hufflepuff, you need to be creative. This isn’t necessarily displayed in the series, but if you’re a Hufflepuff fan, you need to have a great imagination. Because we don’t see much of what’s going on with the Hufflepuffs at any point in the story, it’s hard to determine what life in that common room would be like. We don’t even get to see our common room in the story itself, we had to wait for Pottermore to come out to find out that our room is easily the best one. That means that Hufflepuffs need to rely on headcanons and reading between the lines in order to paint a good picture of what Hufflepuffs are really like. You can’t do that without at least a little creativity.

7. You’re The Hardest Worker You Know

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Hufflepuffs work really hard. It’s just what they do. Since Hufflepuffs are known as the house of “the rest,” there’s no one thing that sets Hufflepuffs inherently apart. Ravenclaws are inherently intelligent, even if they don’t take their schoolwork seriously. Gryffindors are all about bravery, even the ones that don’t seem very brave. Slytherins might be seen as the cunning ones, but the thing that sets them apart according to Pottermore is their “seed of greatness,” an innate quality that shows that there’s more to them than meets the eye. Hufflepuffs don’t have that. Rather than being set apart by a quality that they have, Hufflepuffs are set apart by their actions. For example, Cedric Diggory and Tonks were very brave and would have done well in Gryffindor, but they value the actions of hard work and loyalty more, so they ended up in Hufflepuff instead.

6. You Were Never Part Of Any Clique

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Hufflepuffs are naturally very friendly. They’re known as the super nice house for a reason, after all. Out of all the other houses, Hufflepuffs alone have been shown to get along with everyone. Even Zacharias Smith, despite his occasional rudeness, was never seen as a bully or someone who was mean. Think about Hufflepuff’s Pottermore prefect letter. While Slytherin’s and Ravenclaw’s really came for all the other houses to put themselves above them, Hufflepuff didn’t really do that so overtly. Rather, they were a lot more low-key about it, showing their friendliness, but also showing that they’re not a house to be messed around with. Personally, I think that the fact that we don’t see Hufflepuffs all that much is because Hufflepuffs had no problem socializing outside of their house or common room. They were everywhere anyway.

5. Yellow Is Your Color

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In order to be a Hufflepuff, you need to be able to pull off yellow. After all, you’re going to be wearing a lot of it. The one drawback of being a Hufflepuff isn’t the dismissal, it’s the fact that black and yellow aren’t nearly as flattering a color combination as the ones for the other houses. Gryffindor has red and gold, which is the same color combination that House Lannister in Game of Thrones has, and we all know how good those colors look together. Slytherin has green and silver, which gives off a delightfully creepy vibe, but in a good way. That’s why Slytherins always seem to look awesome in their school robes. Ravenclaw is even luckier because they have two color combinations: blue and silver, and blue and bronze. Ravenclaws can pick the combination that looks best on them. That’s why Hufflepuffs are so special, only they can rock the bumblebee look.

4. You’re The Only Sane One

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It’s a well known fact in the Harry Potter fandom that Hufflepuffs are the only sane ones in Hogwarts. First, you have the Gryffindors in their tower, doing reckless things just because. If the story took place today, Gryffindors would be the guys trying to do everything “for the vine,” or trying to create Jackass. Meanwhile, Ravenclaws are hanging out in the other tower or barricaded in the library, not to study or anything, but because they found out something cool and they won’t rest until they find out everything there is to know about it. That’s a great quality, but it can also lend itself to insanity. As for the Slytherins, they’re the guys who thought it would be a great idea to put magical dorm rooms under a lake, which is a supremely impractical thing to do. Hufflepuffs knew better, which is why their rooms are right by the kitchens. They didn’t do this because they like food a lot, they did it because they know that’s the best place for a dorm room.

3. You Believe There Are More Important Things

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Hufflepuffs might not have one quality that binds them together like the other three houses do, but they do have several things that bind them together as a unit. They’re hardworking, practical and blessed with a good deal of common sense. This is what’s made them realize that there are more important things than who’s the smartest or bravest or most ambitious. They understand that the thing that really makes someone great is their actions, and the effort they put in to reach their goals. On top of that, they’re not worried so much about being recognized for their efforts as they are for making sure that the task gets done. Think about the Battle of Hogwarts: the only house that stood up in full numbers along with Gryffindor was Hufflepuff. They didn’t do it because they wanted to shake off their potato house reputation, they did it because it was the right thing to do.

2. You’re A Diamond In The Rough

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For years, we never knew what stone was in the House points counter for Hufflepuff. Gryffindor had rubies, Ravenclaw had sapphires and Slytherin had emeralds, but J.K. Rowling hadn’t mentioned the stones in Hufflepuff’s column. A recent tweet answered that question: the stones inside Hufflepuff’s column that count their points were diamonds. That’s because all Hufflepuffs are diamonds in the rough. That’s a sentiment that every Hufflepuff can get behind. We might not know who or what we are just yet, but we know that through hard work, we can find out. Diamonds are the same way. They start out as regular coal, but through massive effort, they become the stone known as a girl’s best friend. That’s really heartwarming, especially for those Hufflepuffs out there who feel like they haven’t really found their place in the world.

1. You Can Never Find Anything With Your House On It

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One major struggle in Hufflepuff house is that there’s just no Harry Potter merchandise for us. Whenever you walk into a store that happens to sell Harry Potter stuff, your eyes are greeted with Gryffindor stuff wall to wall. More often than not, you’ll see Slytherin in there too, but not quite as much. Ravenclaws are a bit less lucky, but you might see one or two things for them. Hufflepuffs? We get almost nothing. There’s been an effort to change that over the last couple of years, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has an equal showing of merchandise more or less, but for the Hufflepuffs who were around before the house got a surge in popularity thanks to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, the lack of merch was really discouraging. Thankfully, that trend has been changing, and more Hufflepuff things can be seen out in the wild. That allows Hufflepuffs to recognize each other by their merch and gives them an opportunity to make friends. Sure, other houses can do the same thing, but with Hufflepuffs, it was a rare thing to find people who were actually proud of it enough to wear something with their house on it, so it’s just that much more special.

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