15 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Dogs

It doesn't matter whether you've just adopted your first canine companion, rely on a trained dog for your required needs, frequent the local shelter so often that staff knows your name, or simply bide your time at the office by creeping on friends' puppy photos. There is no shame in being obsessed with dogs, and we don't blame you. In fact, if you're anything like us, you've probably caught yourself a number of times thinking that you like dogs more than you like people. This isn't to say you don't like people—but sometimes only dogs can truly understand and appreciate you, and you them.

Dog owners and lovers alike are easily identifiable on the street, and can be found either ignoring other owners to socialize their dogs or wishfully petting every fur-baby they see. You can always tell real dog people apart from those who just think puppies are cute by how they approach and interact with dogs; often respecting them more than they would a police officer or the elderly. But everyone has their quirks, and dog lovers are no different. If you identify with the following signs, you're definitely and completely obsessed with dogs.

15 You've Downloaded A Pet Adoption App On Your Phone

It doesn't matter that you live in a studio apartment and rent from a landlord with a strict-"no pet" policy. Or that you've already met your legal quota of dogs-per-household and your partner already takes too much allergy medication because of it. If it were up to you, you would live on a farm and have a sanctuary to adopt all the dogs. No dog should be without a home in your mind, so even though it may not be plausible to adopt one now, you can still dream.

You know you have it bad when you've downloaded a pet adoption app; namely PetFinder or AllPaws, and check it frequently during your coffee breaks. If you're like us and choose to use up the data on your phone in this way, don't be embarrassed. When you are able to adopt a dog, you'll not only know the best rescue shelters in your area, but you'll probably be the most well-researched and ideal applicant.

14 90% Of Your Social Media Content Involves Dogs

If you've got a pet adoption app on your phone, you probably aren't new to all the dog-associated hashtags that have been making their way across social media. If you don't have #DogsOfInstagram #DogLover #InstaPuppy #PetsTagram or #LovePuppies already in your autofill, then you're clearly missing out. If you have a dog, it's guaranteed that not only is your entire camera roll dedicated to thousands of dog photos, but you may even have bitten the bullet and signed your pup up for their own Instagram account. If you have, chances are they have way more followers than you do. Which is probably also attributed to the fact that you only bother to post new content on their page while neglecting your own. If you don't have a separate account for your dog, what are you waiting for?

13 You Apologize To Dogs If You Get In Their Way

If you accidentally step on someone's foot in line at the grocery store, or cut someone off when walking down the street, you'll be hard-pressed to even grunt in pseudo-apology. If anything, you'll probably avert your eyes and pretend it never happened to avoid as much human contact as possible. However, if you unknowingly bump into a dog, or close a door on them, you immediately feel terrible, and can't help but coddle and gush at the poor puppy in sincere regret and apology. You don't even care that they can't possibly understand the concept of being sorry, or that their owners are staring at you in confusion. As long as you know the dog is okay and they're not harmed, you can go about your day. The same polite response and respect occurs whenever you see a dog in public. Is an old lady standing alone in the rain? She'll get a relatable shrug. A dog tied up in the rain? You'll be the first to extend your umbrella.

12 You find yourself endlessly entertained by dogs.

Goofy, aloof, dim-witted or sharp - it doesn't matter! Your dog can be fast asleep and completely immobile, chasing its tail or throwing up - no matter what he or she does, you'll be watching. In fact, if you're unlucky enough to be dog-less, you've often found yourself frequenting the closest off-leash dog park or dog beach. Just sitting there and calmly watching pups at play. It's not creepy, we promise. You're just making sure they stay out of harm's way, and in turn, they provide you with an unlimited amount of entertainment. If you're home with the dog and bored, all you have to do is bring out the leash, plan your upcoming matching Halloween costumes, have a fancy photo-sesh, or simply draw on some eyebrows for hysterical fun. Who said being cute wasn't productive? (But maybe skip the eyebrows...markers don't belong on pups!)

11 Remembering Dogs' Names Is Easy... Their Owners? Not So Much

It's not unusual if you can recognize Joey the Labrador-mix from a block away, with his brother Simon the Schnauzer in tow. At the dog park, your puppy's best friend is Lola the Corgi, even though Sasha the German Shepherd can get jealous. When discussing your dog's play dates with other dog parents (and who doesn't?), you generally refer to any other owner as "Timmy's mom" or "Rufus' dad," because who cares what their real names are? You're almost certain none of them know yours, or have ever asked for your name at all. Come to think of it, you probably couldn't pick any of them out of a police lineup. But who are you kidding, you never look above their dog's head! You've heard all about Coco's knee surgery, but don't bat an eye when her owner shows up on crutches. Don't worry, you're not a bad person, you've just sorted out your priorities, and dog always comes first.

10 You're The First Person To Volunteer Dog Walking And Sitting Services

Are you the first person to volunteer to take the totally inconvenient job of dog-sitting or dog-walking your coworker's new puppy? Do you actively advertise your free services around the office, and tell your friends to tell their friends that you're always available? You've probably fooled people into thinking you're selfless and helpful, when really all you care about is spending time with a dog. If this is the case, you're probably dog-less, and jump at any and every opportunity that comes your way when someone needs a sitter. You'll neglect your partner, roommate, and friends to spend time with this dog, and hope it loves you (even temporarily) so much that their owner will notice. Which means you'll be the first one they call when they need a sitter again.

9 You've Only Dated People Because They Had A Dog

At first you may deny it, but your friends and family know better. Not to mention the time your roommate came home to find you and your partner's dog cuddling on the couch in the middle of the afternoon with your partner nowhere in sight. How did you even get into their house to get them? You call it "borrowing" and swear the dog is only one of the reasons you decided to date your significant other. You dismiss the clear signs that you can't stand spending more than 20-minutes at a time together without the dog, or that you always suggest a date that involves a W-A-L-K. You bring them "presents" that are 90% of the time dog treats or toys, and have 10 terms of endearment for the pooch, but refuse to call your S.O. "honey."

It's okay, you'll get over the break up eventually; just make sure to take lots of selfies together (the dog, not the beau) to store on your phone for whenever you're feeling heartbroken in the aftermath.

8 Petting A Dog Instantly Makes You Feel Better After A Bad Day

Your boss may have called you into their office for a talking to, you're going through a rough patch at home, or you're simply having one of those days where nothing seems to be going right. You're more than ready for the day to be over, and desperately want to go home and hide away from the world, until... You see a cute dog outside a cafe on your afternoon break, and immediately perk up. It's not unusual for you to exert all the energy you have left to engage with the owner, and slip in a solid 10-minute pet fest with their dog. There's just something about their effortless charisma that makes you feel warm and comfortable inside (and nuzzling their soft fur doesn't hurt either). There's no question that after interacting with a dog for even a few minutes can restart your day and completely turn a bad mood into a great one.

7 You Already Have The Names And Breeds Of Your Future Dogs Picked Out

Some people might think it's crazy that you have a detailed list of the dogs you plan on adopting and their corresponding names. But how is that any different than knowing your future baby names? For many, dogs are essentially your children, and are definitely your companion, so why not get a head start and begin planning the stages of your futures together? Of course, if you plan on (or end up) adopting a senior dog, it may not necessarily be possible to name them as you'd wished, but that's what backup plans are for! Your old dog would need a young dog to keep them company through the long days, after all. Whether you've been researching all the types of herding dogs or Greyhound rescue shelters, you probably have at least a vague idea of the kind of dog you would vibe with (either the size, gender, or personality). In the end, however, it isn't about what dog you end up picking - it's what dog picks you.

6 You Spend All Of Your Time At Parties With The House Dog

You can be the most extroverted socialite on the planet, but if you're a major dog lover of any kind, there's no doubt you've had one of these experiences. If you've ever been distracted at a house party because of the resident pet, you're not alone. In fact, much of the time a dog is the perfect guest and most interesting party-goer in the whole house. They're great listeners who somehow manage to avoid any awkward silences, and sometimes they even present a challenge of being hard-to-get. If you're the type of person who can always be found alone in the other room sitting on the floor petting the dog, don't be ashamed. Everyone else is just jealous that they have to pretend to be interested in what's going on around them when all they want to do is hang out with the dog.

5 You Can Identify Even The Most Obscure Dog Breeds

If you're a true dog lover and completely pooch-obsessed, you can probably identify the majority of dog breeds you see. If you grew up with dogs, you definitely know the characteristics and demeanors of their specific breeds, and even if you didn't, you probably spent some time researching the kind of dog you wanted. For kids who love dogs (a clear indicator they were raised properly), it's not unusual that they received dog breed books or watched YouTube videos that point out all the differences between breeds. You know you're truly obsessed with canines when you find yourself at the dog beach pointing out every breed—from Dachshund and Cocker Spaniel, to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Even trickier yet is identifying all breeds from the adorable mixes you see scurrying around town. If you've ever found yourself saying, "Is he a Dogo Argentino mix?" you know you're a pro.

4 Your Favorite Movies All Include Dogs As Main Characters

There are many factors that go into developing an obsession with dogs, and most of them begin at a young age. As mentioned before, the minute a child shows interest in dogs, they're usually showered with gifts that are all somehow related to them. This is exactly the case when it comes to popular dog movies. They date as far back as the late 1910s (Rin Tin Tin in particular), but dog stars are often the reason that—to this day—some of our favorite films have included and/or focused entirely around dogs. Homeward Bound, Milo and Otis, and Lassie are among the classics. While cartoon dogs such as in Lady and the Tramp, Oliver and Company, and All Dogs Go To Heaven have also turned dogs into the central focus of major motion pictures. We aren't complaining; in fact, it seems like there's been a renewal of dog movies in the past few years, and we can't wait to see more!

3 You'd Seriously Consider Leaving Your Job To Work At An Office That Allowed Dogs

If you're fortunate enough to already work in an office that is dog-friendly and dog-abundant, then we envy you. It's the reason why freelancing is so enticing—the idea that you get to spend all day at home with the dog at your feet just fills us with happiness. But we've all experienced those moments of dashed hopes after opening up a Snapchat story and seeing your friend play with their coworker's dog under their desk. Immediately you wish you could have the same. After all, it's obvious (and scientifically proven!) that the presence of dogs makes everyone happier and less stressed. We're not saying you should leave your job to find a place that will embrace you and your pup... but we definitely won't oppose it.

2 You Find It Difficult (Or Impossible) To Be Friends With A Non-Dog Lover

You tried, you really did. It's tough to have sympathy for the poor souls in your life who don't seem to understand how important dogs are to your way of life (and to the universe, let's be real). Sure, it's understandable that they may have "bad dog experience syndrome," are allergic, or are simply unsure how to behave around one because they grew up without animals. But there really is no excuse for them to decline your dog walk dates or roll their eyes at the cute puppy picture you posted in your friend's Facebook group. The truth is—and it can sometimes hurt—that if someone doesn't have time for a dog, you don't have time for them. Only true friends will get you at a deep emotional level if they too can appreciate the dog love.

1 You Call Every Dog You See 'Puppy,' Regardless Of Their Age

You know you're truly, 100% obsessed with dogs when you squeal "Puppy!" every time you sense a dog in the near vicinity. To those who aren't dog people, they'll immediately assume you indeed saw a tiny, recently-born pup. When in fact you just saw a dog...any dog. Just because puppies are adorable does not mean fully-grown dogs or senior companions deserve any less love and attention. They appreciate it just as much as puppies do, we're sure of it. If, by chance, you actually did see a literal puppy, you lucked out! If you're like us and have perfected your laser dog-vision, you can spot a "puppy" from far away, and your vocal affirmation of this will alert all other dog lovers to be on the look out. Just think of it as doing your civic dog duty.

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