15 Signs You're Obsessed With 'Big Brother'

Big Brother will return this summer for its 19th season. That is 19 seasons of showmances, backstabbing, serious competitions, ridiculous antics, alliances, double eviction nights and those goodbye talks with Julie.

It also means 19 seasons of serious fans that are obsessed with this CBS summer hit. There is a difference between liking a show and being obsessed with a show, especially when it comes to Big Brother. How exactly can you tell if someone is obsessed with 'Big Brother' or simply just likes the show? Below you will find 15 signs that you’re obsessed with Big Brother. 

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15 Summer is your favorite time of the year

Lets face it, there are many great things about summer, but if you are obsessed with Big Brother, then the season has a whole other meaning to you besides good weather. Summer means a new group of houseguests will enter the BB house and it is game on. It may be hot outside, but you are just fine staying in and watching the new crops of houseguests lie, backstab, cheat and compete for that $500,000 grand prize.

Summer for you is all about Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and not because those are the nights with the best drink specials. Oh no, those three nights have their own special meaning to any obsessed Big Brother fan, nomination night, veto night and the favorite of the week, eviction night.

14 CBS All Access pass is a necessity


Watching the houseguests live all day and night is a huge apart of being an obsessed fan. The only way to gain access to the feed is through CBS All Access and no, it is not free. That is right, the pass costs money but a truly obsessed Big Brother fan does not care about the cash, only the access. Plus, is there really any other way to spend your days and nights besides spying on the houseguests? Nope, not at all.

CBS All Access pass is also a necessity because it allows fans to watch episodes from past seasons. Who doesn’t want to see the season where Jordan and Jeff met, or Evil Dick was introduced? The pass literally gives fans the access to so much Big Brother juicy goodness that combines the old with the new.

13 You watch 'Big Brother After Dark' every night


If, for some crazy reason, you decide not to get the CBS All Access pass, you can still be an obsessed Big Brother fan. Thanks to the Big Brother After Dark live feed, fans can still prove their obsession by tuning in every night to watch the houseguests in all their glory for three hours.

Now, obsessed fans know that while Big Brother After Dark is awesome, it is a little disappointing now that it is on Pop. When it was on Showtime, it was literally uncensored and anything could happen. Remember Ryan and Jen having sex in season 9? While fans won’t see that kind of thing happen on Big Brother After Dark now, it is still a great show and obsessed fans will still watch so they can be in the know about what is going on at night in the house.

12 The words OTEV and Zingbot bring a smile to your face

Via.twitter.com, Via.youtube.com

If hearing the words Otev and Zingbot brings a smile to your face when you hear them, then you are definitely an obsessed Big Brother fan. These very two unusual words each have a special meaning for obsessed fans. Each word is a true representation of Big Brother and can be encountered each season.

Otev is literally the best Veto (see the connection there?) competition that happens all season. It is the one competition that both houseguests and fans have come to expect as the deep talking Otev asks for specifics from the players.

Zingbot, on the other hand, is not a competition. No, he is a robot that zings. Yes, you read that correctly. He is brought into the house to zing the houseguests with comments or insults, which he does and it is awesome!

11 You can name at least 10 alliance names

An alliance being formed is a crucial part of the Big Brother game and with each alliance, comes its own name. The good, the bad and the ugly alliance names have been chosen over the many seasons. If you are an obsessed fan, you can name at least 10 of them right off the bat. You might need a second, but that is okay. In fact, 10 is actually quite easy.

From the Brigade, to the Quack Pack, to the Hitman, an alliance name is a must-have on the show. There can be a number of names pre-season, therefore it should be super easy to list off 10 of them when asked. Plus, most of the names are completely stupid and are really hard to forget.

10 The name Brenchel makes you cringe


Brenchel, the name literally makes some people's skin crawl and any obsessed Big Brother fan knows exactly what that means. The word is, of course, the name of showmance couple Rachel and Brendon. The duo met when they were both houseguests on season 12 and romance bloomed. Although, they are one of the most beloved couples that came out of the show, they are also one of the most annoying couples.

You can’t hear the name Brenchel and not automatically think of Rachel’s annoying voice or her infamous saying, “No one comes between me and my man." Which are also a couple of great reasons why the name might make you cringe. Whatever your reason for cringing at the name is (and there could be many), your fan obsession will never be in question.

9 You talk to the houseguests like they can hear you

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Talking to the houseguests like they can hear here is a common Big Brother fan trait. You are so invested in the show and the houseguests that you will literally talk at your TV. Although, you know full well they can’t hear you, it is imperative that you get your opinion across.

A great example of this is when it comes to men and their sports. They get so involved in their sports teams that they yell at the players and coaches, while watching the game on TV. This kind of action applies to Big Brother as well because let's face it, there is generally a lot to talk about with the houseguests. It is not just limited to talking either. There is yelling as well, especially when you can so easily tell that a houseguest is making a huge mistake.

8 You have a list of the five best showmances on the show


Big Brother has become known for showmances over the years. Whether they are still together or not, many couples have been formed inside the house. If you are truly an obsessed fan, you will have a list of who you think are the five best showmances.

Now this can get tricky because it is all about opinion, although it's obvious that Jordan and Jeff should be at the top of any best showmance list. It doesn’t really matter who is on your list, the fact that you have a list is what counts. If there is one thing that a Big Brother obsessed fan loves to talk about is showmances because there are so many. Some seasons even have multiple ones and Big Brother 18 is a perfect example of this.

7 You know how many theme songs the show has had and which seasons where the song changed


The Big Brother theme song of today is very well-known. In fact, the first three beats actually give it away. However, the theme song that fans know and love today has not always been. Big Brother has actually had three theme songs over the course of 19 seasons. All of the songs have been music only, no words.

Now while there have been different openings to the show, this obsession is about the actual theme song, not the opening. Season one had its own song, then for seasons 2-5, a second song was introduced and finally in season 6, the tune that lives on today became the theme song. If you knew these details about the Big Brother theme song, then you are definitely an obsessed fan.

6 You have created your own all-star houseguest wish list

Via instagram.com

Admit it, you have often thought about who would make the perfect All-Star houseguest list. All Big Brother fans have thought about, especially since it has been almost twelve seasons since an All-Star season aired. There have been some great Big Brother houseguests since season 7, many of who would be perfect for an All-Star season. That is the reason why our list consists of only players from season 8-18.

There can be many different lists out there, so here is just one example of a possible awesome All-Star wish list. Frankie Grande, Dan Gheesling, Jason Roy, Derrick Levasseur, Victor Arroyo, Enzo Palumbo, Memphis Garrett, Britney Haynes, Vanessa Rousso, Danielle Donato, Jessica Hughbanks, Da’Vonne Rogers and Jodi Rollins. While many may disagree with the names on this list, that is the best part: there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to an obsessed fan's wish list.

5 You never miss an episode of Big Brother


Even if you have read the spoilers or watched the live feeds or After Dark, you would still never miss a CBS episode of Big Brother. No matter how much information you already have about the show every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, you are glued to your TV.

The reason an obsessed fan will never miss an episode of Big Brother is simple: you can never have too much Big Brother. Plus, back when season 1 began, there was no live feeds, or spoilers or After Dark, there was only the excitement of episodes airing three days a week. No matter how the show evolves or the number of different ways to watch it, the original three night episodes will always have a special place in your heart.

4 You defend the show to those who don’t watch it


It goes without saying that there are those Big Brother haters out there, but if you are an obsessed fan, you will defend the show until the end. There is literally nothing that anyone could say that will ever make you change your mind about how freaking amazing the show is.

Not only do you defend the show like it is your BFF, but you will stand behind everyone that is ever on the show, even if you can’t stand a houseguest. Take Rachel, for example. A lot of BB fans can't stand her, but they will defend her against a BB hater in a second. That being said, a true Big Brother fan will never let anyone talk bad about the show or any of the houseguests involved.

3 You know what Chenbot means


Chenbot was a nickname given in season 1 and is still occasionally brought up to this day. There is and will only be one Chenbot, which, to be clear, is not the same as a Zingbot and an obsessed Big Brother fan will know the difference. The name Chenbot will always and forever be the name given to host Julie Chen.

In an interview with People magazine, Chen went into detail about how she got her new nickname in season 1. Although the host goes into detail in her article, there is a pretty simple reason why she earned the moniker. When season one was on, Julie Chen was also on CBS Morning News. Fans quickly noticed that when segueing from one topic to another on both shows, she would say the line “But first” in a robot-like fashion. It was then that Chenbot was born.

2 You daydream about being on the show


Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about being in the Big Brother house? Do you dream about being in the HOH room, talking strategy or in the diary room crying buckets of tears? Perhaps, you dream about who you would be in a showmance with if you were just part of the game or which houseguests you would want to be part of your alliance with an awesome name.

Those thoughts do not make you a crazy person. Nope, they actually make you a truly obsessed Big Brother fan. Day dreaming about playing the game with the best houseguests to ever be on the show or even just simply dreaming about being part of the current season is something that BB fans do. It is perfectly normal.

1 When your favorite houseguest is evicted, you are inconsolable


Nothing says you are an obsessed Big Brother fan than when the eviction of your favorite houseguest makes you inconsolable. Whether you are yelling, screaming and cursing as the houseguest walks out the door or you are crying your eyes out like the houseguests do in the diary room, seeing your favorite player walk out the door is rough.

As a fan, you get very emotional about the houseguests as the season goes on. Love some, hate some, it doesn’t matter. You are invested and have a connection to certain players. When that player is gone, even if he or she is only being sent to the jury house, your emotions get the best of you.

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