15 Signs You’re Ready For Another Baby

You are a mother. You carried a baby in your belly for nine months. You gave birth to a beautiful, plump little boy or girl. You have watched them grow, changed their diapers, spoonfed and breastfed them. Now that your little one has grown up a little bit, you find yourself aching for another. But are you ready for more? Here are 15 signs you are ready for another baby.

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15 Baby shoes make your heart melt

Via: weheartit.com

Look at those itty bitty feetsy weetsy in those teeny tiny shoesie woosies. OK, stop the baby talk and have another one already.

14 Your first one is done with diapers

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No one wants to do diapers as it is, but once your first baby has outgrown them, you’ll find yourself missing the mess, the smell, and the expense. Well, you won’t actually miss it, but you’ll be definitely ready to have another one.

13 Your dog is starting to look great in a headband or little suspenders

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Spare your dog the embarrassment and have another baby so your dog can take a break from being the baby. 

12 You can’t stop staring at other babies

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“Aw, look at that cute little one.”

“Aw how old is he?”

“What a beautiful baby!”

“Can I hold her?”

“Let me hold her!”

Stop being the creeper who likes to stalk people with babies. It’s time to have another one that you can hold as much as you want without someone filing a restraining order.

11 Your three-year-old is starting to look like a teenager to you

Via: pinterest.com

Your child may be in their ‘terrible twos,' but they’ve grown up so fast, it feels like they are in their 'terrible tweens.'

10 You find yourself obsessing over baby names

Via: top10zen.com

You had a little girl, but you can’t stop thinking about the names Aidan, Declan, and Jameson. Or what about the other names you thought about before naming your little girl? Lilli, Olivia, and Zoe. Oh, my! All the adorable names you could choose with the next one…. it sounds like you’re ready.

9 When your child smells like delicious baked goods to you, no matter how dirty they are

Via: ngm.nationalgeographic.com

Yes, they may have had an accident and more of their dinner went on them than in their actual mouths, but they smell like butter and cookies to you, and you’re ready for more.

8 Your first one made it two years without any major injuries

Via: theonion.com

It's not easy, but if they made it a year with no major injuries, you may be ready for round two.

7 The thought of breastfeeding again doesn’t make you want to die

Via: community.babycentre.co.uk

If breastfeeding seems more like a distant and somewhat annoying memory and your boobs are not suffering from PTSD anymore, it’s time.

6 You still love your partner

Via: popsugar.com

If you haven’t killed them yet, and you don’t see yourself killing them in the next few years, I say go for it!

5 You have a closet or basement filled with cute baby things just ready to go

Via: darcyandbrian.com

Well, I guess you have to have a baby now because you did just spend $400 at Buy Buy Baby on an imaginary child.

4 You still have SOME money left

Via: blog.acton.org

You can still pay your mortgage… so let’s really see how far we can take this. Why stop at one more? Let’s try for twins or even triplets!

3 You can function without sleep for the rest of your life

Via: parents.com

You’ve already had one, so let's face it, you are never going to get a good night’s sleep again. The baby may get on a better sleep pattern at some point, but between bad dreams, first boyfriends, and prom, you are now going to be up for the rest of their lives, so it doesn’t matter if you have more.

2 You have become that crazy person who keeps rubbing pregnant bellies

Via: pickanytwo.net

Hey, we all came together here today to tell you that you have to stop rubbing strangers bellies. It's not right. We love you, but it has to stop.

1 You can brush your teeth, blow dry your hair, and bathe your baby at the same time

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Moms are superheroes. They can do 1,000 things at the same time, and still manage to keep their sanity. Whether you're having one, two, or three… you are a strong a$$ woman! A hero! A superwoman with super powers! You can do anything! I don’t need to tell you why you’re ready. You just are.

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