15 Snapchat Face Swap Fails That Are So Bad They're Good

Snapchat filters are great, right? It's been scientifically proven that any boring selfie is made at least 15 times cuter if you had a Snapchat filter on it. Okay, maybe there's no actual science behind it (yet), but I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong. Whether it's the puppy filter, the flower crown, or one of the new ones that they seem to add every few days, they make any picture better. So of course, when Snapchat revealed the face swap filter, people were excited. Like, a little too excited. They used it to swap faces with their friends or with celebrities in pictures or anything else with a face, really. Some people took the face swaps a little too far and they just got weird. So let's see what these 15 people swapped faces with!

15 Just... Why?

Oh god, why? Why? While most people stuck to just swapping faces with, you know, other faces, this guy took it to a new level. He made a face out of some fruit on the kitchen and decided to see just how lenient Snapchat is about recongizing faces. Apparently their definition of a "face" is a little too loose because this worked. I love that you can see his blank expressions just floating there on the kitchen, like he was just staring at his phone trying to see if it was working. Other face swaps have people smiling or laughing in the picture, but this guy's blank expression really adds to it. While this is hilarious, seeing the fruit and counter top on his face is a little scary.

14 This Baby's New Face

Congrats! It's a... Robot? This little cutie's face swap with her dad went horribly wrong when the stove decided it wanted to be part of it instead of him. But hey, she's still pretty cute. It's so funny how Snapchat's filter is designed to just recognize face-like features, like two eyes and a mouth so anything that has a similar structure can be picked up too. My favorite face swap fails are the accidental ones like this. It's just too funny when something in the background, whether it's another person or a random object, that happens to look a little face-like gets picked up by the app. It's especially funny when the people in the picture are still smiling like they didn't realize it went wrong when they took the picture. But you have to admit after looking at this picture that that's one cute stove.

13 Absolute Nightmare Fuel

I understand liking Halloween. It's a great holiday, I love it too. But face swapping with a scary pumpkin? That's just too much! The weird smooth texture it gave his face is the scariest part of this, honestly. It just looks weird and plastic-like and I hate this. But, I have to hand it to him for carving such a nice pumpkin. Those teeth look really good and the little eye holes are so smooth and even. Where was this guy when I wanted to carve cool pumpkins as a kid?

On second thought, I don't think I'd want his help with pumpkin carving. If he face swaps with the scary ones, I think he's a little too into Halloween for me. I'll keep badly carving with my stencils.

12 Taking Basic To A New Level

Have you ever just wished you could be Starbucks? No? Is that just me? Well, okay then. But hey, I love Starbucks so much, sometimes I wish I could just become my order. But not really because then I'd want to drink myself and I don't think that would feel very nice. It sure would be tasty, though. It could be worse, right? This person took their love of Starbucks to a whole new level and decided to face swap herself with her Starbucks cup. The fact that she was smiling but Snapchat didn't pick up her mouth and just put it as a big empty hole on the cup is pretty amazing.

Dear Starbucks, please look at this and never make cups with actual faces on them. I'm sure it's been an idea you guys tossed around at some point, but it would be terrifying. See this face swap for proof.

11 Do You Wanna Build A Nope-man?

Posted by Candice Cardoza on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This one is actually kind of cute. Okay, it's also a little bit creepy, but in a cute way. Seeing a real person with those big cartoon eyes Anna has is a little terrifying and the weird, smooth cartoon skin is unnerving, but she's still adorable. I think face swaps with movie or TV show characters are the best ones, like this one with the Frozen tissues. Am I the only one who has spent way too long by the TV with Snapchat open trying to face swap with a show while it's still on? Tell me I'm not alone. If you've never tried it, don't. It's infuriating and it doesn't work. All you'll get is a whole bunch of pictures of yourself sitting by the TV.

10 Like Father, Like Son

Babies being face swapped with their parents is adorable and terrifying at the same time. Like, seeing their tiny little bodies with an adult face? Or the other way around with a little baby head on an adult's body? I don't know why they're so popular because they're just weird. I remember a long time ago, there was a website dedicated to just switching the baby's entire head with their parent's—which was even creepier to see. This one is hilarious because Snapchat only recognized half of the guy's facial hair. So it's like a tiny little baby face on an adult with half a beard. And a tiny little baby with a grown up face and a mustache. Awww, how creepy but cute is that?

9 This Person Who Must Be Stopped

I'm pretty sure this is what nightmares are made of. Listen, I'm all for doing creative things with the face swap filter. Want to swap your face with your dog's? Go ahead, but make sure you post it all over social media so I can find it and either be creeped out or say, "Awww, that dog makes such a cute person!" It's only fair. You can even turn your dinner into a face and face swap with it, if you really want to. It's gonna be weird looking, but I'm not gonna stop you. But this person needs to be stopped. Instead of just drawing a normal face on there, they had to go all out and draw a creepy one. Between the big dead eyes and the fact that Snapchat didn't recognize her teeth and mouth as part of her face, this is alarming. No thank you.

8 This Horrifying Pet Face Swap

Awww, this is... I'm not really sure what this is. The more I look at it, the more torn I am on how I feel about it. I mean, it's kind of adorable but at the same time it's kind of troubling.  I think the scary part is because the pig got her eyebrows and teeth. If you cover one or both of those up, this picture is a lot less scary and it's more of a normal pet face swap photo. But since Snapchat decided to go the extra mile with getting all those little facial details in there, it's pretty comical.

Also, that little pig is adorable, but if you want to get yourself a teacup pig, do your research first! They're often underfed in order to keep them tiny which is not very nice.

7 This Person Who Became a Panda

Posted by Lara Mason on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This gets funnier the longer I look at it. At first, I didn't even see her face on the remote. Like, I know it's there obviously because, well, that's how face swaps work. But I just didn't look at it because I was busy laughing at the way it put the buttons onto her face. She looks like a panda who did their makeup in the car on a bumpy road. But her face on the remote is the part that makes this absolutely gold. She looks so funny there, like she was trying to take the face swap while also reacting to it at the same time, which is the funniest thing to me. Seeing a face swap where they're making normal picture-taking faces is funny. Seeing one where they look confused or they're laughing about what it's done to them is even funnier.

6 These Tired Friends

Well, this is ghastly. I can kind of see how Snapchat saw a face in that tire, but why on earth it decided to include it in this three way face swap is beyond me. Between her face becoming a tire and the face he got being all faded and lopsided, this is just too weird for me. The tire getting his face is hilarious, though. But, I guess this is a lesson in always checking the background of your face swap to make sure there's nothing even remotely face like around you so Snapchat can't get confused. I think the fact that it picked up the rims of that tire is proof that you can't be careful enough, though. Snapchat will find anything in the background to add into your face swap. Sorry guys, but cool Taco shirt BTW.

5 This Girl And Her Cat

Does anyone else remember the Quiznos rats? Because I'm half expecting this cat to start singing to me about how much they love sub sandwiches. If you don't remember them, then you have some Googling to do.

Basically, it was an ad campaign that took the world by storm because it was just so weird. It was more or less the "PuppyMonkeyBaby" that Mountain Dew did during the Super Bowl. It was a couple rats playing the guitar badly with human mouths and eyes put on them while they sang, "We love these subs! Cause they are good to us!" Since a lot of people had slow Internet access back then and no one had smartphones, weird stuff like that wasn't seen all that often (thank God). Having a huge company make it into a commercial was totally unheard of. Now, there's a new weird viral video a week and no one bats an eyelash.

4 This Did Not Go As Expected

Ahhh! Oh no, this is horrifying! The baby honestly looks like some kind of a sci-fi monster or something. I haven't seen Stranger Things yet (I know, I know), but for some reason, that baby is basically what I imagine the monster looks like. My understanding of that show is basically that there's some kind of a monster that turns things upside down and everyone feels bad for Beth. I'll watch it one day, but until then, I'm just going to imagine this baby terrorizing a bunch of elementary school kids in the '80s. You're welcome to everyone else out there who hasn't seen it yet. There's probably a whopping five of us. I'll watch it one day, but when the monster looks nothing like this baby, I'm going to be disappointed.

3 This Tiny Grown Up

This one is almost perfect. If only Snapchat had done a better job with taking the glasses off of the dad's face and putting them on the babies, this one would have been flawless. The way the dad's face was put on the baby's just looks like that's the face she's always had, which is so funny. This is one of the better parent-and-baby face swaps, honestly. It's not so creepy like the others and it's kinda cute. Is it weird that it's hard to imagine the dad's face on the dad, though? Maybe it's because I've just looked at him with a little baby's face for so long, but I can't see him as an adult anymore. The baby with a little mustache and grown up glasses is too cute.

2 Always Check the Background

I  love the way it makes the person behind them look like they're leaning their chin on the back of the seat. I know it's just because Snapchat cut off the bottom of their face in this face swap because of the seat behind the two got in the way, but it looks so funny. I can just imagine them leaning over the seat to photobomb all casually, like, "Hey, guys." If I was a stranger and saw people doing a face swap in front of me, I'd do my best to wiggle around and try to get Snapchat to recognize my face instead of one of theirs. This is like taking photobombing to a whole new level. Remember when it just used to be sneaking into the background of pictures? Not anymore!

1 This Failed Attempt

No matter how long I stare at this one, I honestly can't figure out how it turned her hand into a face but didn't pick up the apple. She clearly scraped a face into the caramel just to make Snapchat pick it up, but for some reason it just didn't work out. I don't even see any facial features in the fist it put on her face, either. And you know if someone else had been sitting with her and she tried to face swap with them, it would pick up the apple instead of one of the people. Snapchat is so unpredictable. I love that you can see the regret and annoyance on her face once she saw that it didn't work out the way she hoped.

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