15 Snapchat Mishaps

People have been having bad days since the dawn of time. However, we didn't really know about all the tough times since people couldn’t post about it on social media. Nevertheless, thanks to the wonderful makers of Snapchat, we now have the means of documenting our every single bad day and failure. Whether it involves having your Roomba tracking dog poo in your house, having tone explode from your copy machine on you, or getting into a car accident in an empty parking lot, these people were lucky enough to catch the worst days of their lives on Snapchat for everyone to see.

The next time you’re having a bad day, just remember that it could always be worse. Here are 15 Snapchat fails of people having a worse day than you.

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15 Cooking 101


I’m not quite sure what this next person did, but what I am sure of is that they certainly did not cook a corn dog.

There really is nothing quite like being dependent. Being able to take cook for oneself will serve everyone well, especially when it comes to being on your own. And being able to prepare your own meals is a very big deal. However, I wouldn’t advise trying to cook a corn dog in the oven on a plastic tray. For some wacky reason, plastic doesn’t stand up well to 300+ degrees of heat. Plastic tends to melt in the oven, much like this green plastic tray. I really hope that this person waits for the oven to cool down before they stick their hands in there to clean it. I mean come on, can you really blame me for thinking that?

14 Car Troubles


This is just so unfortunate. To be quite honest, I’m not sure which person is having a worse day. Is it the person in the coffin? Or is it the person driving the car in which the coffin fell out of? Yes, I understand that the person in the coffin is having a pretty bad day because they’re dead, but the hearse driver isn’t doing that much better. Who wants to explain to the grieving family that they’re going to be late for the funeral because their loved one fell out the back of their car? And who knows if this person is going to be able to get the coffin back in the car by themselves? Can you imagine having to call AAA for that?

13 Parking Lot


And you thought you were having a bad day. This next one is actually pretty unbelievable. For those of you who can’t see, this is a giant empty parking lot. There seems to be only two other cars in this parking lot, including the person in their car who took this picture. This means that there really isn't any chances for a car accident, seeing as how empty this parking lot is. Unfortunately, this next person defies the laws of physics. I don’t know how, but this person was able to still get into a car accident... with a lamppost of all things.

How does one explain this to their car insurance company? “You have to believe me, that pole came out of nowhere!” Nice try.

12 Skid Mark


Sometimes you really can’t help but wonder what some people are thinking. If you are going to be driving your car through a construction zone, how on earth do you not realize that you are driving on top of wet pavement? I mean, even if you aren’t driving through a construction zone, how do you not feel that you are driving on something other than solid ground? Judging by this snap, this person had been driving for a while before someone finally managed to get them to stop. This is just a mess; both figuratively and literally. I can’t even imagine how they’re going to get all of that pavement off of their car. And now, these workers are going to have to repave the entire street because of them.

11 Gas Pump


Well, well, well… What do we have here. This next snap looks like someone’s day just took a turn for the worse. For some reason, I can’t help but feel like this person’s day started off great. Then, they noticed that their truck was low on gas, and that’s when things started to really go downhill. I don’t think it’s easy to forget that there is a giant gas pump sticking into your gas tank, let alone not feeling something tugging on your car as you’re driving away. Therefore, something important must have been distracting this person, then they drove off from the gas station quickly and completely forgot about the pump. So not only is this person’s day ruined, but their car and the gas station is ruined too. And you and I both know that there is no way they can go back to the same gas station now because of this.

10 Headache


Who gets their head stuck in a wall? I thought this kind of stuff only happens on sitcoms!? There are so many questions running through my mind that I don’t even know where to begin. I guess my first question would be how? How did this person manage to get their head stuck in those metal frames? Look, you don’t just get your head stuck in something unless you are knowingly trying to force it in. Which leads us to the question, was this person trying to see if their head could fit or did someone dare them to do this? I think that anytime the fire department is called to come to help you, you know that you’re having a pretty terrible day, right?

9 Wet Paint


Oh yeah! This next person knows what’s up. There’s nothing like posting up against a column in the mall and scoping out the babes. All you need to do is act cool and put out the vibe. And nothing puts out that vibe better than a casual lean. However, I feel like I should add that nothing puts out that vibe better than a casual lean, as long as you’re not leaning against a column that has a “wet paint” sign on it. Talk about your “cool” vibe being over before it even started. I just really hope that this person taking the picture tells this dude that they’re standing against wet paint. I can’t help but feel bad for them. Then again, it’s not like their day can get any worse.

8 Sweater


Okay, I don’t know about you, but for some reason, this picture is really getting to me. I’m serious. It’s really making me uncomfortable and it’s making me cringe. Ugh, I can’t take it! Just get up out of your chair and remove the sweater!! It’s pulling on the fabric too much and it’s going to stretch it out to the point that it won’t rebound.

Why is this person posting this on Snapchat instead of telling the person that their sweater is caught?

I feel like I’m having a worse day than this person for having to look at this, not knowing whether or not they were able to save their sweater in time. This sweater should not be causing so much distress. But unfortunately, it most certainly is.

7 Chocolate Covered Soap


This is it. This is the definition of instant regret. I think it’s safe to say that anytime you end up eating soap, you’re having pretty bad day. I don’t think anyone has ever said, “Today was a great day, but do you know what would make it even better? Soap!”

I will say this though; this person was very lucky to only take such a small bite. This could have been a lot worse than it already was.

Also, can we just talk for a second about this “soap.” I don’t care what anybody says, whoever made this, knew exactly what they were doing. Who makes soap to look like a chocolate wedding cake? Come on! How could anybody not think that this was food? The person who handed these out must really hate their co-workers.

6 CSI: Copy Machine


Oh, the humanity! Just look at this mess. It looks like a damn crime scene. There’s toner everywhere. It looks like you would need a blood splatter analyst just to figure out what happened here. If this office room doesn’t say “worst day ever,” then I don’t know what does.

I wonder who’s the real culprit here. Judging by the footprints by the copy machine, I would say that our victim wears a size nine shoe. Although I could be wrong, seeing as how I’m just making it up. However, I think it would be much easier to find out who the real culprit is just by looking for whoever has giants amounts of toner on their clean clothes. They shouldn’t be hard to find.

5 Egg-cellent

It looks like the yokes on them... Sorry about that. I just feel like I needed to get all of my egg puns out before I really get into this next one.

Now, back to this next snap.

Is it weird that I feel stressed out over these worker’s mess up? We all know how delicate eggs are, so imagine knocking over this many eggs at once? I can only assume that these two workers have to not only clean up this entire mess, but they also have to go through each and every egg to find the ones that haven’t been cracked. And just to add insult to injury, I’m sure that all of the eggs that are cracked are going to come out of their paychecks.

4 Yearbook


Ah, the class yearbook picture. What better way to remember everyone you went to school with than with a giant class picture. However, if you’re like this next person, your picture is going to be very memorable to you, but not to anybody else. That’s because this next person had the very unfortunate time of being stuck directly in the fold of the yearbook. There literally could not be a worse spot to be shown on. This really makes you wonder what this yearbook committee was thinking. Why would you ever include a picture this way? That is poor planning, to say the least. To be honest, this is a lot worse than having just a bad day because yearbook pictures are forever. This is actually quite sad.

3 Abort Mission


Quick! What do you do when you see a really attractive person at the office? You take a picture of them and post it on Snapchat, duh! However, this is the key part, make sure that you do not leave the flash on. Otherwise, not only will you make an attractive person think that you are a huge creep, you will pretty much ruin your whole day, if not your whole week. And what do you know, this person revealed themselves as a total creep. I’m just amazed that this person was able to capture two more pictures after the first fail. How they were able to turn the flash off, take two more pictures, add captions to them and post them? I’ll never know.

2 Wall Mount


Is it weird that I screamed out load when I saw this horrifying image? Seriously though. Have you ever seen a more disturbing image than a beautiful television smashed to pieces? I didn’t think so, which is why this next snap is so painful to look at.

Look, anytime your furniture breaks, you’re already having a bad day, but this… This is just so upsetting. A television was attached to that fireplace! I don’t know what this person was thinking. They are called “wall mounts” for a reason. That’s because you are supposed to mount them to the wall. If you mount heavy televisions to flimsy boards, then you shouldn’t be surprised when something like this happens. Now, not only do they have to buy a brand new television, they also have to fix the fireplace.

1 Roomba


I’m pretty sure that this is the definition of someone having a worse day than you. If you’re unlucky enough to have your Roomba track dirt through your house, you’re already having a pretty terrible day. However, if you happen to have your Roomba track your dog’s fecal matter throughout the house, there are no words to describe what a horrible day you’re having. So much for being a “smart” vacuum. Don’t you think that a Roomba should be advanced enough to sense something like this? And then immediately shut down so as not to track it everywhere? Now, thanks the wonderful combination of modern technology and doggy doo-doo, this person has to get a brand new carpet. Sure, you can clean them, but will they ever truly feel clean again?

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