15 Snapchats These Ex-Girlfriends Should Have Never Sent

People. If we have said it once, we have said it a million times: the internet is NOT a private space. We don't care what social media channel you are choosing for your dirty laundry forum; if it goes on the net, it lives there forever. People's business should never be posted for sharing and judgment, so let's keep life in the real world and away from the virtual one.

Maybe these current ex-girlfriends weren't always single, but they definitely are now that they pushed "send" on their personal devices. Some snaps are not meant to go anywhere but the garbage people.

15 Whatever You Say, Girl

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Hmmm, perhaps "natural" is the wrong word here? Freakish, frightening, cartoonlike, relationship-ending? Those might fit the bill a little bit better. It's fine to send Snaps to your bae, especially if you are feeling extra fly, but make sure you aren't in your own world thinking your look is on fleek. This gal was likely disappointed at the response she got in return.

14 Currently Unkissable

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Maybe this was meant as a joke, but an image is worth one thousand words lady. We only need one word after seeing this image, though: bye. No boy is going to come looking for those lips after seeing this picture. Ramen, toilet water, and make-out sessions are not words that go together in any situation.

13 Guys Like A Girl With A Healthy Hobby

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It might be time for this girl to get a new boyfriend and a new hobby. Shaving important bodyparts out of sheer boredom is not a pastime that any guy will find attractive. If this is all that you can think of doing and sharing, consider making therapy your new hobby.

12 You Tell Us

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We feel this you should know who this is, not us! Making yourself look like a floozy on social media is not going to land you, Prince Charming. You might snag an STD though. A couple of people will get a chuckle out of such an indiscretion, but most will look down on you for being clueless and loose.

11 Somebody Is Feeling Jaded

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This particular ex-girlfriend is NOT taking the news of her breakup very well. We do not think she and her former lover will be friends anytime soon. Her feelings for him are evident: he is last on her list of favorite people. We wonder what he did to bring out such savagery?

10 At Least Her Intentions Are Clear

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This single lady decided that being one half to a whole is not for her. She didn't want to leave any feelings or emotions to confusion, so she sent her former man a media message stating EXACTLY how she wanted things to be. Dude, your girl is outie. Time to move on.

9 Ex-Girlfriend Turned Baby Mama

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Well, she might be single, but she won't be lonely for very long. In roughly nine months this scored ex-girlfriend will have a sidekick for approximately eighteen years. This move is one of the vilest and most selfish ways to get back at a guy. Who would do something like this? The devil.

8 Lost A Man, Gained Social Media Followers

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One newly single guy left himself logged in to social media, and his former girlfriend got a front-row seat to all the scheming her man had been up to. She returned the favor by letting the world have its own front-row seat to the couples online drama. She lost her man but gained some virtual supporters. He will be changing his relationship status to single.

7 Translation: We're Done

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Breakups are awkward and hard, especially during the pre-adult years. If you have to end a relationship, do it in person or at least verbally over the phone. Don't send hurtful Snaps like this one. Once this newly single girl grows up a bit, she is going to despise herself for such an insensitive move.

6 Once A Liar...

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Your message has been received our hurting Cyclops friend. Sadly this Snap is not going to attract any new prospects in the romance department. Try a couple of fetching filters and make him see what he is missing, not confirming that he made the right decision leaving you.

5 Going Stag This Year

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We think it's safe to say that this kid is going to the prom alone this year. There is no mistaking his flame's answer. He asked, but he got an answer that he was maybe not expecting. She isn't having it, and he isn't having any luck finding a date to the biggest dance of the school year.

4 Chip On The Shoulder

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Sometimes women get hurt so profoundly from past relationships, that they can't imagine starting over with someone new. That is where this chica is at. Pain and angst are her current partner. We have all been there. Maybe let up on the angry Snaps and see who turns up on your doorstep?

3 Happy Holidays

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Christmas came full of surprises for one newly single guy. Sometimes a little bit of revenge is so sweet, but airing this level of betrayal on social media is a bit over the top. Other guys waiting in the wings might be a little bit intimidated by this strong woman and her Snap. Then again, they might respect her refusal to be a doormat.

2 He Might Not Appreciate You, But We Do!

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Yes, Queen. We support this Snap 100%! Your ex might see this message as desperate and cheesy, but we love that even though you got dumped, you still know your worth. You go, girl, rock that scribbled-in crown. Someone better is right around the corner. We can feel it.

1 Maybe He's Cool With It?

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Sure, she put a "lol" in there? but we bet she was hoping for a serious answer of, "Heck yes!" Some guys are cool with a non-conformative relationship like being friends with benefits, but others might be offended and turned off. Let's hope this shook out in her favor.

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