15 Snapchats That Went From Zero To Embarrassing

So much can change in just the blink of an eye and nothing illustrates this point quite like embarrassing Snapchats. One second, you're letting the social media universe know just how cool you are, and the next minute, you're documenting disastrous events and contemplating moving to another country or living underground just so that you can avoid the sheer embarrassment of your blunder.

Social media outlets like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are doing a stellar job at making sure that we never live down our life's most unsavory moments. There really is nothing like having your darkest hour immortalized on the Internet for all eternity. These 15 unlucky folks started off just innocently posting a silly Snap only to have things take a sharp left turn into Mortificationville. We hurt for them, but we are also laughing at them because, let's be honest, these unfortunate Snaps-gone-south are hilarious.

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14 Taking mouthwash to a whole other level

This is so great because, honestly, who wouldn't have tried to take a bite out of that pretty soap? We would have eaten it 100%. I mean, look at it! it looks like a piece of fancy chocolate!

But we realize it wouldn't have been such a hot idea. One minute this person is Snapchatting about the awesome, chocolat-y perks of the job and the next moment they're munching on fancy soap.

That is one of the most deceiving bars of soap that we have ever seen, so this person gets a pass for their food fail. They had to have been incredibly disappointed to have discovered that there was, in fact, no bathroom chocolates at the job. Not to mention the terrible taste that this impractical bar of soap must have left in their mouth!

What an absolute dream crusher it must have been to come to terms with the fact that those are just soaps, nothing special. And that they had just eaten one to boot! Bathroom chocolates would have been a magical experience. What a missed opportunity.

13 He's probably going to dump you over this

Hmmm, this relationship might be in need of a little spicing up in the love department. This guy is way more into his phone than his less-than-patient lady in waiting, who is currently withering away at the hands of of boredom. Clearly since she has enough time to sharpen her Snapchat art skills in the hopes that he might find her as fascinating as he finds his cell.

If only he would pay a little more attention to his gal, and less attention to The Sims Mobile. 

Then maybe his girlfriend wouldn't be fantasizing about Disney princes. The world will soon be seeing him starring in his Snapchat role of Aladdin, and he has no one to thank but his own neglectful self for this embarrassing image. It's time to put your phone down, pal.

12 Five second rule...?

Well, this is what you get for focusing on taking a picture for social media and not getting down with that glorious ice cream cone! (soft) Serves you right. Ice cream falling down is always sad. One second you are holding the food of the Gods, ready to indulge, and the next minute you are staring at that sweet deliciousness melt all over the sidewalk. If you hurry and abandon all self control, you can get down on your hands and knees and salvage a little bit of that thing. Just scoop it up with your hands and eat it. Sure, people will stare at you and question your mental health, but it's ice cream, so it really shouldn't be wasted...ever. Do what you have to do, my dude.

11 Crawl out of there

Moments like this are meant to be kept in the drunken dark forever, not up on the Internet for a lifetime of judgement! Geez, maybe she is still drunk and not thinking clearly yet. We are sure you thought that it was the best idea of ever to take this random dude home with you last night after the bar announced last call, but, as, always alcohol tricked you.

Now, you are stuck in your bed, next to a guy you don't even know...who apparently grunts?

Gross. Slide out of bed as quietly and carefully as you can, run into the hallway of your apartment building and pull the fire alarm. That should be loud enough to rustle him up from his coma and startle him into leaving your room. Or maybe spray him with a hose? Next, lock the door and swear off booze and one-night stands for awhile.

10 Dad moves

Just another day here in the Land of Dads. Thank the good Lord for that foam pit because otherwise this kid would have gone splat and this dad would have been in a world of trouble with his wife. Dads are forever miscalculating stuff like this.

They become convinced that their idea is going to be hands down one of the greatest moves in all of parenting. But then the fail creeps up on them, thwarting their efforts to become Dad of the Year. Do us a favor and don't quit your day job, pal. The circus life isn't for you or your kid who's just fallen head first into the foam pit. You had better buy that child of yours a milkshake and a Happy Meal stat. She isn't going to be pleased with you once she digs herself out of the foam pit.

9 Just move, never come back

Oh yeah, this is 50 shades of mortifying. There you sit, slaving away at your less than thrilling doctor's office job, when all of the sudden a hottie walks in for his 11 a.m. appointment. Finally, some eye candy to distract you from phone calls, paperwork and eight hours of being bored to tears behind your desk!

You Snap a covert pic of him to send to your friends.

Yeah, this'll make 'em very jealous that this is what you get to stare at for the next 20 minutes, right? You are so excited to have discovered this hottie that you momentarily forget the flash on your phone camera is on. Did we say covert earlier? our bad, we meant completely indiscreet. Way to go! Now the world, hottie included, knows that you are a worrisome stalker.

8 This human spider

This is always such an embarrassing Snapchat fail, but they are forever funny, so we love them. Mirrors will always speak the truth, people, so if you are going to try and pull a fast one over on us, make sure you are not Snapchatting in front of a mirror.

Your "bae" didn't catch you sleeping, but we sure as heck caught you in a compromising position, as you attempted to convince the universe that you have a loving "bae" so obsessed with you that she watches you sleep. Nope. You do get props for using those monkey toes of yours to capture such an image of yourself. That is quite the talent there, although we doubt your simian feet will ever score you a real-life bae.

7 Chrissy Teigan's realness, which we love

No one puts more realness into her social media posts than our gal Chrissy Teigan. She looked down at her million-dollar body only to discover that her flesh was making a mad dash for it, desperately trying to escape through her ripped jeans. She really is all of us trying to look fly while battling our bulge.

What we love about Mama Chrissy is that she owns her embarrassing moments like a boss.

She isn't filtering like crazy or only posting the images of her looking so perfect you question if she is truly human. She just puts it all out there and we want to give her a standing, slow clap because heaven knows our thighs are also making a run for it.

Let's be serious here, who doesn't dig the "All of Garden?" Those bread sticks are the freaking jam! And how about those cheddar biscuits at Red Lob Stir, huh?

We love when people completely muck up the names of people and places and then post their blunders to the internet. This stuff is like a piece of juicy bait for us sarcastic sharks, and this girl is making our day with her trip to the "All of Garden."

She gets so many eye rolls from us right now. We know that the unlimited salad and bread sticks are a real tantalizing choice, but perhaps this little lady should skip out on the restaurant experience and head on back to school. We think she might need a few more English classes before being let loose on the universe.

6 Poor choices kids

This is truth right here: anytime you send a Snapchat, especially late in the night while fueled by equal parts alcohol and sorrow, it will end in sheer embarrassment and the desire to crawl into a dark hole and die.

Tomorrow will be filled with nothing but regret, shame and hangovers for this poor girl.

She needs to make sure that next time she gets sad and tipsy, she hands her phone to her designated texting friend who will prevent her from making a complete fool of herself. Friends should never let friends drink and Snap. Good luck with this one lady, you will have some explaining to do to the guy you sent this to. As always, blame the alcohol. Man, Chardonnay really is the devil.

5 Dog down

Yes, someone should probably notify Clueless Carl here that his canine friend is underwater...and fast. Unless this pup is an expert at the dog paddle, this casual walk along the water is going to end very badly.

How are humans this engrossed in themselves that they don't notice the immediate world around them? The human race really is going downhill and fast. Please just tell us that this dude doesn't have any grandchildren.

If he does, then someone should go ahead and call social services ASAP if his kids ever let him babysit. We don't think he is of the right mind to be put in a place of responsibility for any other living thing. The last thing we need is a dog and a couple of kids going overboard while Carl hangs out in la la land.

4 Thug life no

Ok, maybe you really are a hard core thug living the street life...but probably not. There is a really good chance that you live with your white collar parents in upscale suburbia and are posting this Snap from your mom's granite-laden, newly renovated bathroom.

Try as you might to look hard, young buck, but it's only causing the world to cringe on your behalf.

Please embrace your middle-class life and stop making a fool of yourself. You only get a speck of our sympathy because we see that you are a teen and probably don't truly grasp how embarrassing this image is. Someone just stop him before he finds a bandanna in his mother's drawer and takes this thug life pic to a whole new level of nope.

3 Desperate for attention

It's actually really sad that grown folks will go to lengths like this just to get some attention on social media. Let's be clear as to how pathetic this faux Snap really is. You are driving along, not actually stopped in traffic, and you decide that you should pull your phone out and post a Snap that you are stuck in traffic...so that people will feel sorry for you. Alright.

We know that there is not another car in sight because your shades give away your lie. Also, this behavior is really dangerous.

How would you feel if you caused an accident all for the sake of posting about fake traffic? Please tell us that you now see the error of your way and the silliness in your behavior.

2 We will not

Nope. We will not call you daddy, not now and not ever. Just no. In fact, instead of calling you daddy we are going to actually call your daddy and let him know that you are inappropriately sleazing away on the Internet. How old are you anyhow? 13? 14? Stop this madness right now. You are too young to try and be sexy.

Besides, asking someone to call you by your parents' title is super weird anyways.

You wouldn't know that, though, because you are far too young to have a clue about grown up things such as that. Someday, in about 15 years when you are an actual adult, this Snapchat will be a wealth of shameful embarrassment for you and your future partner and children.

1 There is a lot of regret going on here

Girl, we have all been here at one point or another. Thankfully, for us old timers, social media wasn't a thing back when we were praying to the porcelain Gods. The things that kids these days have to endure.

A few real truths are happening here. First, she is going to get a nice morning phone call courtesy of her parents after this pic gets blasted all over Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. If she thinks her head is hurting now, then just wait until her mom and dad start screaming and lecturing about the dangers of alcohol.

Also, it might be high time to check into AA and maybe get your head on straight if this is a common occurrence. It might also be time to find new friends since yours would rather post you unconscious on the Internet than help you out.

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