15 Social Media Posts Filled With So Much Stupid, It'll Make Anyone See Red

The Internet: we've all spent a good amount of time on that thing. And as I'm sure a lot of people realize, the Internet reaches some dark, infinite depths that human beings can't exactly describe. These dark Internet holes give users a way to express themselves in all sorts of ways. And some of those expressions are dumb AF, to be frank. There are a lot of useless posts and blogs out there that aim at nothing other than to numb people's brains. It's posts like the ones below that make us fear for the future of the human race. These are posts that make us wonder how these people even manage to get around in their everyday lives. And so I've compiled 15 of those sorts of posts, just incase any readers ever doubted that the internet can get stupid like nobody’s business.

15 That's Not How That Works...

We’ll start off here with one important way that the Internet promotes and creates dumb posts and ideas: that is, through articles that are patently false. With the guise of having authority that comes from an article on the internet, people get duped into believing the stupidest possible things. Then, they ENCOURAGE OTHER PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THOSE SAME STUPID THINGS! Case in point, this article, which just seems to fundamentally misunderstand basic things, like biology and how little things like birth, pregnancy, and sex, work on an elementary level.

What’s more, is that he’s sharing this article with the woman who seems to be pregnant with his child. That’s right, this man is showing his soon to be baby mama the definite A+ genes and parenting skills that he's bringing to the table by demonstrating that he has no clue how basic things in the world function. Lovely.

14 Even Dogs Are Like, 'Really?!'

The way some people think, and express those thoughts on the Internet, you would think that those people live on a fundamentally different planet than the average human being.

That’s the case with this post here. Honestly, has this person never seen or been around a dog? Because if they had, then this post would just be stupid beyond reason. A dog’s tail doesn’t wag because we tell the dog to wag their tail. And also, dogs sometimes outright disobey their owners and tear up the house or walk where they’re not supposed to. How would that work, then? Does this Facebook user not understand that non-human animals have to be able to think on a basic level, or else they would just not function? There are a lot of questions that come with this initial question, but none of them are, “are dogs capable of thinking at all whatsoever?”. Because the answer to that should be obvious...SHOULD be...

13 Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Yet another thing about the Internet that reveals some of the dumbness that would otherwise go uncovered is the fact that people feel the need to post about the most inane things that go on in their lives — not to mention their incredibly silly thoughts about those things. Sometimes, those super strange thoughts reveal some next level stupidity, and that is the case with this post.

How do you not get that an elevator has to have a button for every single floor — even the one that you're currently on? I thought it was a mutual understanding that an elevator always has a basic level. But maybe the easiest things tend to be the hardest to comprehend for some people. And that's okay — really, it is. But like, this person Facebooking about their "imperative" thought just makes them look like a dumba*s.

12 Apparently Not Old Enough To Count Yet

This post has a unique blend of short sightedness and the regular stupidity of people who don’t understand how numbers work any better than a fifth grader.

First off, you don’t even know how much better being a grownup is than being a teenager, so don’t talk about what you don’t understand. Second of all, if you’re going to rag on your elders, maybe figure out the basic tenets of things like 'how many years go into a century' (100 years, incase you didn't know), and how many years a quarter of a century is (it’s 25, not 20). If we’re thinking about things that are "YUCK," maybe let’s start with how this person has been failed by their education system, because they don’t seem capable of understanding what a quarter of 100 is... I might be reacting a little harsh, but I'm pretty sure we deal with this terminology frequently when we're paying for things or thinking of how much we owe someone.

11 Hoo Boy...

Okay...this post really requires some breaking down, and some long, disappointed sighs, because it is genuinely that dumb.

So, there are definitely people out there who believe that the Earth is not, in fact, approximately 4.5 billion years old (as actual science has demonstrated as fact), but is actually something like 6,000 years old, because the Bible or whatever. While I respect the thoughts of others, I'm going to vote for science and against religion in this specific instance.

This poor dude, who wished the earth a happy 2,014th birthday in 2014, seems not to understand basic things — like how we organize the calendar. 2014 marks the years since an actual event in human history, which would mean that the Earth would need to, you know, be around to have that history on. Where did things go wrong for this guy?

10 What Do You Have Against Hippocrates?

Anyone who has spent enough time on the Internet, and specifically on social media (and even more specifically, on Facebook), is familiar with this sort of post. It is a classic vague booking: implicitly calling someone out on behavior you don’t like, but not naming names or anything that would actually require the poster to confront anyone. That is pretty annoying behavior, but this post was next level ridiculous because the person couldn’t even realize what he was saying.

While he *probably* meant to type, “I hate HYPOCRITES,” as in people who say one thing and do the other, what he actually ended up typing was, “I hate HIPPOCRATES,” as in, the Ancient Greek physician widely referred to as the “father of modern medicine.” That is, unless this guy has a weirdly specific and intense beef with a man who lived over 2,000 years ago and helped revolutionize the medical world...but somehow, I doubt that.

9 Two Brains Are Not Always Better Than One

One thing you we see pretty often on social media (which is one of the reasons why the Internet can be so stupid) is a sort of echo chamber of stupidity, in which one person’s stupid comment gets supported and bolstered by another person who apparently believes the same stupid thing. It’s why it’s helpful to keep a few smart people on your Facebook friends list.

8 We're Sorry, Too...

This is the second post on this list of people just blatantly not understanding how human anatomy, and specifically, baby making, works, at all.

As Abby Hatake responded to the original tweeter, who seriously does not get how babies are made at all whatsoever, it’s actually sad that they are this stupid in 2017. I thought we were supposed to have a functional educational system that would teach kids these things before they reached super dumb adulthood? What’s different in this post from the first post is that this guy seems to be sticking to his guns. Whereas the first guy got told by his very patient future baby mama that no, it would not be possible to make an inception baby by having sex with a pregnant person. At least that guy realized his mistake. This guy, on the other hand, is buckling down, and is pretty adamant about his very wrong ideas when it comes to how every human being has come to exist in this world.

Seriously, we need to get better at teaching people things in schools.

7 Maybe Listen To Your Teacher A Little More

Here is another example of the unique arrogance that comes from exposure to the Internet. It's probably best we can no longer comment on these sorts of posts and can just yell at them from behind our screen.

This guy is, obviously, very wrong about how his teacher is “so dumb” for knowing and attempting to educate his students about the actual scientific fact that the sun is actually a star. What’s so sad is that this dude, is that this post never needed to happen if he just believed his teacher. You know, his teacher who is educated to teach people things.What’s wild is that he doubles down on his argument with an equally stupid comparison: tomatoes are, indeed, fruits, just as the sun is, indeed, a star. So saying the sun is a star IS like saying tomatoes are fruits. Because those are both true statements. SMDH.


Another thing the Internet is absolutely chock full of, is people doing the dumbest things in the world and then posting about it on social media. One quick trip into the alternate universe that is Yahoo Answers will show you that the misadvised things people will do to their bodies—specifically in the aim of a beauty improvement—are endless. That is the case with this woman, who decided to get on Facebook and tell the entire world (or, the Internet world, anyway), that she had been putting bleach—an actual toxin—into her actual mouth in order to get whiter teeth... Like, has she ever heard of whitening strips? There are better ways than to put bleach in your mouth, potentially poisoning yourself, and then making everyone on your Facebook feed watch the total idiocy that is your post. Could you imagine being someone who actually cares about this woman? We’d be on the phone with poison control so fast it’d make her head spin.

5 And The Award For Biggest Idiot Goes To...

Many of the people we have featured here (like many of the stupid people on the Internet making their voices heard), are, in the end, basically harmless. They may be dumb, and that may be cringe-worthy, but they’re not trying to be out there hurting other people. Then, every once in awhile, you will see someone posting on social media about something genuinely dangerous he or she did; something that would and did actually endanger the lives of other people, and it is totally infuriating.

In this post, someone’s stupid post actually indicated that he drove drunk (which could have killed fellow motorists), and he’s sitting here bragging to himself about it. Well, thankfully, sometimes when bad people are stupid, there are consequences for their actions. That post actually wound up getting his drunk driving irresponsible self caught and arrested. Sometimes, it seems, stupidity just doesn’t pay...

4 Are The Kids Okay?

Once again, we have another post where we realize that the Internet is showing us that we have a major problem with the education system in this country. Like, how bad does it have to be for a soon-to-be graduate to not even know how to spell the thing she is about to do? How little attention are we paying to not having students just straight up embarrass themselves with how little they know about anything they were supposed to be learning in school?

It definitely says something that this post was supposed to be celebrating what is ostensibly an academic achievement. Maybe we should, I don’t know, make it a requirement that you can spell basic words like “graduated,” or even know how to recognize that words like “gradulated” are not actually words, before we give people diplomas? Is that really too much to ask? We need to get our sh*t together!

3 Double Down Dumb

Well, folks, here we have an incredible "SMH" post that is perhaps more adamant than any other on our list (except maybe that guy who would not believe the sun was a star, or tomatoes being fruits).

The original poster obviously got his facts mixed up when it comes to who, exactly, Lance Armstrong is. For those of us living in actual reality, Lance Armstrong is an American road racing cyclist who became the professional world champion in 1993 and won the Tour de France consecutive times from 1999 to 2005. Lance Armstrong WAS barred from professional competition in controversy because it was revealed that he was on steroids. But he did not, in fact, go to the moon. No, the man who went to the moon was named NEIL Armstrong, and when someone tried to call this poor soul on his mistake, he went ballistic and was just like, “Truth? Who needs it?”. Alternative facts, indeed.

2 Google Should Have Helped...

With many of these posts—and with dumb posts on social media and the Internet in general—we tend to wonder why someone didn’t just utilize the tools available to them on the Internet they are obviously already using. A quick Google search would make pretty much all of these posts obsolete and would save people a whole lot of time looking really stupid. But with this post, it seems like the original poster genuinely did put in the time and effort to do a Google search, and, miraculously, this actually did not help her. For those of us reading along at home, obviously the answer to her quandary about why all the water doesn’t just fly off the North Pole and South Pole is, essentially, because gravity exists. But she was down on her luck when she tried Googling her hard headed question, which seems kind of impressively dumb, TBH.

1 And People Think CANADIANS Are Dumb?

As we have seen a couple of times on this list, and as we see constantly on the Internet at large, one thing truly stupid people love to do is to deflect and call other people stupid. Perhaps it's a defense mechanism, protecting them from the fact that, deep down, they know they are the stupid ones. For whatever reason it happens, it definitely does happen, and our last post on this list is pretty much a prime example of that phenomenon. To be honest, I do not know what circumstances occurred in the original poster’s life that would make him think that the Titanic sinking was an actual thing, or why he specifically decided that Canadians in particular have been duped into believing that the supposedly made up sinking of the Titanic was really a thing that happened. But here we are. There are some mysteries that the stupid part of the Internet drops in our laps that we may never have the answer to, and this looks like one of them.

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