12 Social Media Posts That Need The Backspace Button

Anyone with social media has probably experienced the dread that kicks in after posting something and then instantly beginning to second guess it. This commonly happens after someone posts a selfie and then, after not receiving any likes within a minute, begins to question whether the selfie is as good as it seemed at first glance.

It can also occur after an individual posted an emotionally charged Facebook status aimed at their ex, only to then realize that maybe he's right. Or when someone tweets something and we are so convinced that it is wrong that we counter-tweet, only to end up Googling it after and realizing that we were wrong.

While there are people who are aware when they may have posted something that needs to be taken down, there are others who are completely oblivious and will continue to post all sorts of stuff without really thinking it through. Whether we love social media or hate it—it sure is entertaining.

12 Keeping it in the family

Well, this is indeed one way to keep it in the family and also one way to grab a guy's attention and prove to him that she is wifey material. This photo definitely raised some eyebrows when it started circulating online. Surely, if his brother and best friend date a girl, then his cousin has a baby with her, she must be a good catch. After all, we know that they all have great taste so, naturally, if there's a girl they like, then we'll probably like her too. Now it is one thing to put a ring on our friend's and brother's ex and cousin's baby mama and another for the said girl to go and brag about her conquests on social media. Why not just celebrate our engagement by saying something like "My honey proposed to me, I'm so happy, la di da." Instead, she just had to go and give her entire dating history in the announcement. Facepalm.

11 When the most important person is the last to find out

Just a little hot tip for anyone that may find out they're pregnant and are thinking of ways to share the news with the father: do not post on Facebook looking for suggestions. That's what this girl did, which landed her post all over every social network, where people can proceed to make fun of it. In fact, it's probably a good idea not to even post the pregnancy test when you first find out you are pregnant, whether the father knows or not. Is nothing sacred these days? Evidently, for Brittney, it is not. We get that she may have been in a panic about finding out that she's pregnant and then panicked about the prospect of telling the father, but why not just call a close friend or family member? It turns out, we live in an age of oversharing, so it's no surprise that some people just get far too carried away on social media, no matter if what they're sharing is appropriate or not.

10 Talk about a misunderstanding

One of the most common things about texting and social media is that it often leads to misunderstandings. For one, it is difficult to tell the tone of voice a person is using when they post something. Secondly, it can be difficult to determine who they are talking about if they are using a name such as "Jesus." There could be a double meaning if you don't know the person so well, as evidenced by this post.

When Garcia posted about her son Jesus on Facebook and how he's making things hard for her, meddler Beth didn't hesitate to get all pious on her.

Beth had to put it out there that whatever Garcia is dealing with is for the best and that Jesus works in mysterious ways. While Beth's intentions may have been pure, what she didn't realize is that Garcia was talking about her son Jesus, who was just suspended. Preach, girl. Naturally, a post of this nature did not take long to make its rounds on multiple websites

9 When moms are super extra

Via: imgur.com

We all know that it's a mother's duty to sometimes be over the top because, well, if she's not doing it, then who is? However, while when we were growing up, our mothers would just be dramatic verbally about us going out with friends, the modern day mother uses social media to get her point across, like this woman. This mama bear decided to make a meme to express her internal battle about letting her daughter go out and then posted it online for the world to see. We have to admit, while this is a touch over the top, she did nail the whole meme-making thing. At least, if this mother decides to lecture her daughter when she gets home, we wouldn't take it as hard considering that she has a sense of humor. It could be worse, she could have just sent an angry text instead.

8 Quite the testimonial

Via: sun.co.uk

While we are sure that the brand behind the lipstick is happy about this stellar review that they received on the comments section on their website, we're also pretty sure this is a classic case of oversharing. Perhaps, this young lady should try sending an email next time instead of letting all of the followers of this brand know what she got up to while wearing the lipstick, otherwise she may end up on news outlets. (Oh wait, she already did.)

Although it does sound like she had quite the night so at least she finished it on a positive note with her lipstick still intact.

If your night takes a turn and some unclassy things happen, like vomiting in the street, at least you can still look pulled together after it all. There's nothing worse than having a moment with the sidewalk and then trying to act all cool after it, when your lipstick is smeared down to your chin (it happened to a friend).

7 When some things are best kept private

Ah, once again, another cringeworthy post that made its way onto our radarWhile we are sure this girl just wanted to fill everyone in on her life and recent developments, we are not sure that a Facebook comment section is the best place to do that. It seems that a lot of people have just never heard of private messaging when it comes to social media. The truth is, people, you can send private messages on every single platform. But perhaps this girl just does not care to keep anything secret. Maybe she wants a few sympathy votes, or perhaps she just doesn't care because most people already know her situation anyway. We do give her points for being so candid, but maybe next time she could take it down just a wee bit. Now, we are only left with unanswered questions. Why was she in jail? Where are the babies? Ugh, tell us everything.

6 Don't drink and post

Via: sun.co.uk

Here are some invaluable words of advice when you are drinking: do not post on social media, do not text anyone (especially not a past lover or your boss), do not make any phone calls and do not go home with the first person you meet. (If you do, bad things can happen and you could end up being judged all over the internet like this person.) It is a fact of life that when we drink, we have questionable taste and questionable decision-making skills, so it is best if we refrain from posting anything online.

Just look at this mom who thought she was sweet by calling her kids the "biggest bestest mistakes" she's made.

While the intent may have been to be nice, she ended up turning it into a backhanded compliment. Perhaps the little bit of her that was still sober thought she would cover her tracks for the morning. People work in mysterious ways.

5 Be certain before posting

Via: thechive.com

Before you post anything online, it's best to be certain that what you are commenting on is what you think it is. We get it, photos can be very confusing, but this picture may not be that confusing. We get that pictures of wee ones in the womb can look a little strange, but come on, this does not look like a lasagna at all. That's obviously a human baby, lady—just try looking a little harder and you can't miss it. Although, now that we think about it, if we squint when we look at it, the photo is kind of reminiscent of a lasagna. Great, now we're hungry. Perhaps that's what happened to this individual. Maybe they were scrolling through Facebook on an empty stomach and everything started to look like food. We guess if that's the case, then it makes perfect sense that this individual thought this baby was a lasagna.

4 An entirely unwarranted overreaction

There is nothing more embarrassing than posting a comment where you are preaching when it is in the completely wrong context. Like this commenter, who needs to brush up on their music history before diving into long-winded messages that berate the poster and that no one has time to read unless they're procrastinating (so yes, we most definitely have time to read it).

This poster was merely sharing a lyric from the Queen's infamous song "Bohemian Rhapsody" (come on, commenter, it is a classic).

Apparently, this went straight over this lady's head, who dove into lecturing this Queen lover. This sounds like something our great Aunt would write under a post reminding us of how lucky we are and that we are not as poor as we think. We actually are, Auntie, okay?

3 Nothing like airing family grievances on a store's page

What better place to air your family grievances than on a store's public Facebook page? And consequently all over the internet after it's been reposted on several different websitesWell, the only thing better than that is to air them on out Walmart's page when your grandson has an interview. While Phyllis may have gotten a little carried away with this post, we do think she is very adorable in the way that she handled herself. From writing on Walmart's Facebook page inquiring if her grandson made it to the interview to sharing with them that he, in fact, did not make it because of "poke bugs," this may be the sweetest thing we have ever seen. Not to mention, the fact that she let Walmart know that she is very upset with him; we just can't handle it. Shame on the grandson for disappointing such a sweet lady with his poke bugs.

2 Contradiction at its finest

We do have to admit; we love when people on Facebook or Twitter post those silly messages that were probably best left unsaid. Like, when they say something that has been scientifically proven like their unbelievable assertions that the earth is flat or when they say something contradictory, like the guy above.

We get that he is probably fed up that people keep bugging him for rides.

We also get what he meant by saying he's not a taxi service, but adding in that money comment as a follow-up, well, that's just golden. Fortunately for this guy, he can now make money dropping people off without becoming a taxi service but rather an Uber. So, no need for messages like this on your wall buddy, you can now have the best of both worlds.

1 Fact check, please

Ah, kids these days, they look for a little inspiration, but sometimes find it in all of the wrong places. While quoting Marilyn Monroe would likely make anyone already seem a little basic, what makes it worse is when you think you are quoting Marilyn Monroe only to learn you are quoting someone trying to mess with you online. This poor girl really needs to start checking her facts. Although we suppose that's what the comment section is for on Facebook, so others can quickly do the fact checking for her. It did not take long for someone to jump in and correct this girl by telling her that Marilyn Monroe passed away before text messaging was invented. Then, of course, there was the troll who had to jump in and say her how embarrassed he was for her. Just always remember to fact-check, kids.

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