15 Side-Splitting Social Media Posts That Had The Internet In Stitches

We've heard plenty of people say that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but we have to side with those who believe that "laughter is the best medicine." We always feel at our happiest and healthiest when we're too busy cracking up to stress about our countless responsibilities, and that's probably why we spend so much time on social media every day looking for funny memes and posts! It doesn't matter how bad things are at work or how unprepared we are for that upcoming exam, one witty status update can help us forget about whatever's on our mind for a few wonderful hours.

Some posts on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter were clearly published with the intent of making us smile, but a select few awkward updates and pictures leave us feeling slightly confused—are we laughing with the poster or laughing at them? It can occasionally be difficult to sort out the true comedians from the accidentally and tragically hilarious people on our friend's list, but they all have us falling off our couches with laughter, so we really don't care who's who. We go on social media for entertainment, and there's nothing more entertaining than ridiculous posts like these!

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15 No one's stealing her luggage

It's always scary to check a bag when traveling. There's always a chance that the airline will lose our luggage or send it to the wrong city, leaving us without any clothes, toiletries or other essentials when we're on vacation or flying across the country for a business trip. There's also a chance that, since so many suitcases look alike, someone will grab ours by accident at baggage claim thinking it's theirs and similarly ruin our trip. One woman seems to have figured out a way to at least eliminate this all-too-common, tragic possibility...and we're not sure if we're supposed to applaud her brilliance or laugh at how absolutely ridiculous she is!

Instead of just tying some colorful ribbons to a suitcase or covering one in stickers, patches or buttons to make it stand out, she found a company that would make her a custom suitcase that could never in a million years be mistaken for somebody else's. She had her face printed on it! It's great that she's never going to have a problem spotting that suitcase on the baggage claim carousel and that no one could ever get away with "accidentally" grabbing it, but she has to walk around airports wheeling that embarrassing monstrosity around so we're not sure the pros outweigh the cons here.

14 Always block the parents

via: diply.com

Whenever we make a new social media account, the very first thing we do is block our parents' account on that platform so there's no way they can see what we're posting. Don't get us wrong, we love our parents—we're well past that ridiculous teenage stage of hating authority and thinking our parents exist only to ruin our lives—but there are just some things that parents don't need to see.

Almost all parents expect their kids to skip class, fake being sick to get out of work, hook up and party every now and then...but we don't need to confirm their suspicions! We try to have a PG relationship with our moms and dads, and the PG-13 rated content on our social media profiles would seriously complicate that dynamic. The college student in this hilarious post made the mistake of letting his mother add him on Snapchat, and from then on, he felt obligated to completely censor what he added to his snap story. Instead of pictures and videos of himself at a club or playing hooky from school with his friends, now all he could post was pictures of himself hard at work in class, singing to Jesus with a fake Bible study group and going to bed before 10 p.m.!

13 Shopping done right

Barely anyone goes shopping at an actual mall these days. It's just so much easier to buy whatever you want online—you don't have to worry about finding parking, you don't have to spend any money on gas getting there and you don't have to search the store for items in your size. Oh, and when you do all of your shopping online, you don't have to dress up or leave the comfort of your bedroom! You can just relax in your pajamas with a nice glass of wine in one hand and your credit card in the other.

The woman featured in this hilarious tweet couldn't find what she was looking for online, however, so she just took her sweats and wine to the mall with her!

She didn't seem to mind all the looks thrown her way or the pictures taken of her by fellow shoppers who were in awe of her bravery. She was comfortable and slightly tipsy, so we're sure she had a better time in that Marshall's than anyone else in the store. She basically looks like a Real Housewife here, and we honestly wish that we were bold enough to follow in her footsteps.

12 This is pure genius

We love fast food enough to know all the different deals and discounts that our favorite eateries offer. If you go to Taco Bell from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., you can get Freezes, Sparklers and medium drinks for only a dollar. If you download the McDonald's mobile application, you can find all sorts of buy-one-get-one coupons and you can even get free food every now and then if you order through the app. Popeye's offers an amazing, not-so-secret two-piece chicken deal every Tuesday, as long as you know to ask for it. Showing up to Sonic between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. gets you half-price drinks—no, that doesn't include milkshakes, but you can get those for half-price at select locations after 8 p.m.! We thought we had the whole system figured out, but this hilarious genius clearly has us beat.

Instead of just using apps or showing up at fast food joint happy hours to save money on her favorite unhealthy treats, she simply threw on a Sonic employee outfit someone sold her online and told various Sonic workers that she was at their store to pick up food for another location. Believe it or not, her scheme actually worked...just check out the package of a dozen corn dogs one overly trusting Sonic gave her!

11 Yanny or Laurel

In 2015, practically everyone on the Internet argued about whether a particular dress was black and blue or white and gold. It was probably meant to be a light-hearted topic of discussion, but the phenomenon went so viral that media outlets covered the story to inform people about differences in human color perception and a variety of scientific papers were published about the ridiculous debate in peer-reviewed science journals. We thought we were finally safe from that sort of stress-inducing content, but then someone posted vocabulary.com's pronunciation of the word "laurel," spoken by opera singer Jay Aubrey Jones, on Reddit and the people of the Internet lost their minds once again.

Even though everyone now knows he's saying "laurel" in the clip, thousands of people worldwide claim that they still hear "yanny" instead!

We can only hear "laurel" ourselves, but several of our friends swear that they hear "yanny." It's all anyone can talk about these days, so when a Starbucks employee got an order from a woman named Laurel, he just couldn't help himself. He wrote her name as "Yanny" on the receipt, and the joke was so clever that even the customer herself had to laugh at it.

10 Clearly a frequent flyer

It's easy to tell if someone only goes on planes once every few decades or if they're a frequent flier. When people only fly once in a blue moon, they typically freak out about forgetting their headphones, struggle to get comfortable on the plane and desperately hold onto their armrests during take-off and landing. Those who travel frequently, meanwhile, know to bring a pillow, music or a book with them and seem to make themselves at home the moment they take their seats. We're pretty positive the woman in this hilarious picture is a seasoned travel veteran because she came to her flight across the country fully prepared!

Not only did she bring a neck pillow and a sleep mask to ensure she'd get some nice shut-eye while in the air...she also attached a sign to herself which gave clear instructions to the flight attendant to wake her when it was time to hand out snacks and drinks! We've always been too afraid to sleep on planes because we didn't want to miss out on those complimentary sodas or peanuts, but a sign like this would totally solve all of our problems! People undoubtedly laughed at her for this, but she's too comfortable to care.

9 Why didn't we just do this

Sometimes we wonder if we made a mistake going to college. We spent thousands of dollars for a piece of paper, and we'll probably be in debt for the rest of our lives. The social aspects of college were great and we did actually enjoy a few of our classes, but since it's so hard to find a decent job these days even when you have a degree from a prestigious school, we can't help feeling like we got a bit ripped off. Especially since it's apparently possible to make it to graduation for only thirty-eight dollars.

Jaron didn't spend a single day in class or have to pass any exams to attend a college graduation—he simply bought a cap and gown, then jumped in line!

He didn't get to walk across a stage or accept a diploma, but he now has pictures of himself "graduating" so he could totally get away with claiming that he completed college. Jaron tweeted pictures of his ridiculous stunt online, and since he got away with it, we bet countless others will be attempting the same in the coming years. Considering the fact that we had to do a lot of work to make it to our graduation ceremony, we're not sure if we're angry that people are getting to beat the system or simply jealous that we didn't think to do that first.

8 People DO buy those shirts

Facebook's targeted ads are absolutely terrifying. If we look something up on eBay, suddenly we get advertisements trying to sell us that same product on Facebook. If we research a particular topic on Google, then Facebook will fill our news feeds with articles about that topic. If we talk about friends we haven't seen or spoken to in a while, all of a sudden, their latest posts show up when we log onto the app. Sometimes all we do is think about something and an advertisement about it will appear on Facebook.

There are several sponsored clothing companies on Facebook that offer ridiculously specific targeted clothing options for users. Their products are so dumb that we've never even considered buying any of them...but clearly, some people are looser with their wallets than we are. Take this "never underestimate a mother who listens to Iron Maiden and was born in August" shirt, for example. That's so specific that we wouldn't expect anyone to ever buy it, but one Twitter user found that shirt in her mom's closet. This is either ridiculous or ridiculously funny, we're not sure which. We just know that we'd never be caught dead wearing this and that we wouldn't let our loved ones wear it either.

7 Stingiest thieves ever

via: diply.com

We can only laugh at our own troubles and woes for so long before we just get depressed about how dreary our lives can be. Sometimes the only way we can cheer up is by laughing at other people's problems for a change! We'd feel bad for finding enjoyment in someone else's misfortune, but enough people take pleasure in the pain of others that there's actually a word for this phenomena—"schadenfreude." So we know we're not alone for being this twisted!

We're surely supposed to feel bad for this guy for having his porch stolen, but we can't stop laughing about the fact that he opened his door and just fell to the ground.

He may have gotten hurt and that's definitely not funny, but come on. Someone stole his porch! That had to have taken hours and been an incredibly noisy process, so you just have to be at least a little impressed that the thieves got away with it. We've seen people open their door and plummet down to the ground in cartoons, but never in real life! So sorry, "Headd Honcho," but we're far too busy cracking up about this to react appropriately to your struggle.

6 Always read the bottle

via: me.me

When you fall into a routine, everything you do becomes almost automatic and slightly robotic. You wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, go to work or school, come home, make dinner, watch some television, go to bed and then repeat the whole process the next day. You rarely stop to really look at or think about what you're doing, and that sort of mindless action can lead to some seriously embarrassing blunders!

You're so used to just grabbing whatever gel tube is in your bathroom drawer that you can accidentally squeeze antibiotic ointment onto your toothbrush. You don't even think when you grab a carton of milk for your cereal and realize too late that you poured orange juice into your Fruity Pebbles. And apparently, you can get so accustomed to just squeezing whatever bottles you find in your shower into your hair that you can wind up covering your head in Nair instead of shampoo! This girl made that unfortunate and incredibly tragic mistake, and it left her with a gigantic bald spot that's going to take about a year to fix. She doesn't look too happy about this, but we're rolling on the floor with laughter at her failure to read the bottle first.

5 Thanks, Urban Outfitters

Remember when we said that the biggest pro to shopping at a mall over shopping online is that you can actually try clothes on before buying them to see if they fit and make sure you like how you look in them? Yeah, that advantage may be even more important than we initially realized. Becky fell in love with a jacket advertised on Urban Outfitters' website and ordered one in her size in the hopes that she'd look as good wearing it as the model looked in the ad, but when it arrived in the mail, she realized that she should have just gone to the mall.

The jacket didn't make her look like the model who wore it online...it made her look like an unflattering sea-green snowman!

We'd never have been caught dead in that coat, but Becky is far braver than we are—instead of racing to the nearest Urban Outfitters to return the monstrosity, she actually posted a picture of herself wearing it so the whole world could see. The ridiculous picture is made even better by Becky's hilarious caption, "it's exactly like I imagined." More than 141,000 users liked her funny post, so maybe the regrettable purchase was worth it after all.

4 Smaller than anticipated

Clothes apparently aren't the only items that you have to worry about ordering online—there's also a chance that furniture might not arrive as expected! Savannah found a really cool-looking clear plastic chair that she hoped to use for her bedroom desk, and while it technically looked exactly as advertised...it was much, much smaller than she thought it would be. In fact, when her purchase finally arrived from Amazon, she discovered that it would be better suited for a dollhouse than her bedroom!

We would have been far too embarrassed about this clear failure to properly read the product description online to ever tell our friends on social media about this mistake, but Savannah was totally comfortable with people laughing with her on this one. She placed the chair on the ground in her room and took a picture of it for all of her friends to see and make fun of. We wonder if the chair came with any sort of user guarantee because we're pretty sure it's broken into a hundred different pieces if she actually tried to sit on it. If we were her, we'd just consider this one a loss—there's no way we'd try to return it to Amazon and be forced to admit to making such a dumb mistake.

3 Random loose dog

via: diply.com

From first grade through twelfth grade, students have to wake up before 8 a.m. every day for school. You'd think that following that routine for over a decade would help turn kids into "morning people," but when you're in college, there's nothing worse than having an early morning class. Unfortunately, when you have to take a certain class in order to graduate with your particular major and it's only offered in the morning, you don't exactly have a choice.

The students in this morning class were ready for another torturous 8 a.m. lecture when a random dog showed up to completely brighten their day!

The adorable loose pooch somehow just walked right into the lecture hall with no owner or leash, completely interrupting the professor's lesson. Anyone who owns a dog knows that it's not always easy to get them to move when they're set on standing in a particular location, so we're sure it took several minutes to get this dog back where it belonged. We can only imagine how thrilled and thankful the students in this room were for its surprise appearance! They were probably all low-key looking at dog pictures and videos on their phones underneath their desks anyway, and now they got the real thing.

2 Please come back, Tarikya

Everyone who uses Uber or Lyft on a weekly basis likely has a funny story about a particularly memorable or horrific rideshare experience. We've shared backseats with couples who felt a need to make-out the entire ride, we've ridden with drivers who spent the whole trip on their phones or got completely lost trying to get us to our destination, we've been exposed to a variety of disgusting car odors...you name it, and we've probably seen it or know someone who has. Just look at Tristin, who was abandoned by his Uber driver and left to babysit her infant son while she shopped at Walgreen's!

Tarikya, Tristin's driver, was gone for so long that her son seemingly gave up on her and assumed that Tristin was going to be his new caregiver. He started calling Tristin daddy, and while Tristin was able to smile about the whole ridiculous experience, he begged Tarikya on Twitter to come back and save him. With drivers like this, we're amazed that Uber is now asking passengers to tip. We have a feeling Tarikya doesn't exactly have a 5-star rating with service like this! She's lucky her son is so ridiculously cute and innocent.

1 When is Fourth of July

via: diply.com

We've heard that "kids say the darndest things," but we'd argue that that embarrassing honor has to go to millennials. Some of the stuff we see people between the ages of 22 and 37 post online is so jaw-droppingly ridiculous that we struggle to believe they were serious when they published their remarks and pictures. Take this Facebook post for example.

Someone actually asked when this year's Fourth of July will take place, as if the date changes every year!

Believe it or not, the Fourth of July is, and always will be, on the fourth of July. But that's not the only part of this post that makes us facepalm—the poster brags about the special cake she made for Independence Day, but the cake definitely isn't like any dessert we've seen before. The strawberries look delicious and they go well with most cakes, but the cake itself seems to be made with beans instead of dough! We also see what appears to be peas inside of the "cake," so we're cautiously interested in whatever recipe she followed to make this. Hopefully, she gets the date of the holiday wrong so none of her friends and family will have to eat her disgusting creation!

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