15 Famous Kids Who Are Spoiled (And 5 Who Should Be)

The lifestyles of celebrities tend to be very extravagant. From being decked out in expensive jewelry and designer clothing to driving luxury cars and having extensive self-care routines, they certainly don't hold back.

Many celebrities pass on their love for expensive things to their children, who are spoiled from the day they're born. We're talking about Maybachs at 16, diamond-encrusted toys, and million-dollar estates in their names!

On the other hand, some celebrities are much more down to earth and try their best to humble their children. These celebrity families live totally different lives than we'd expect, meaning they get groceries together and live without nannies and constant paparazzi.

Read on to discover which celebrity children we should envy, and which celebrity kids live a life quite similar to ours!

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20 Spoiled: North West Wears Designer

Kiss 925

The Kardashians are one of the most extra families in the world. From designer clothing to expensive jewelry and glam makeup, they're the furthest thing from low-key. It's no doubt that they give their children the same royal treatment that they give themselves.

US Magazine stated that North West was seen wearing designers like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney, and even earrings costing an estimated $50,000!

19 Spoiled: Blue Ivy Carter Was Gifted A $75,000 Pony

Life and Style Magazine

Together, Beyonce and Jay-Z have built an empire worth, according to Fortune, over 1 billion dollars. Before his daughter was even born, Jay-Z told People Magazine that she would probably be spoiled and we can't say he's wrong.

From buying art at pricey auctions to getting $80,000 diamond-encrusted barbies and a $6,000 toy car collection, Ivy has anything a child could dream of and more.

18 Spoiled: Suri Cruise Flies In Private Jets

Instyle Mag

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a beautiful girl named Suri Cruise. Suri gets treated like a real princess by her parents. Tom Cruise has boasted to the media about his daughter's million dollar wardrobe.

Huffington Post stated that her dad even flew her to Paris on a private jet, during a school week! Now that's definitely every little girl's dream!

17 Normal: Wyatt & Dimitri Kutcher Don't Get Spoiled Over The Holidays

The Stir

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are so low-key that they even bought their wedding rings of Etsy! It's no wonder that they raise their kids to be just as humble as they are.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Mila Kunis revealed that they never spoil their kids, not even on Christmas! Instead, they encourage people to give to charities rather than their family.

16 Spoiled: Emme & Maximilian Muñiz Have Diamond Toys

Closer Weekly

Jennifer Lopez is the definition of glamorous and obviously, her children live by her high standards. From the moment they were born, they were given 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets for their cribs and diamond-encrusted toys, as per Huffington Post.

These two lucky kids even got a Shetland ponies and over $2,000 worth of Chanel accessories. Wow!

15 Spoiled: Monroe & Moroccan Cannon Have Their Own Candy Shop

Pop Sugar

Mariah Carey is a true diva and she pulls out all the stops when it comes to her children. In 2016, she posted a photo on social media of her family at Christmas, revealing their very own Cannon Candy Shop.

This shop featured every treat imaginable! On top of all that, Cosmopolitan states that they installed a ball pit in their living room!

14 Spoiled: Brooklyn Beckham Has A $50,000 Treehouse


The Beckham family is hands down one of the most attractive and successful families out there. Together, Posh and David built a beautiful and extremely wealthy family. Brooklyn Beckham is their eldest son, and as most would expect, is amongst the most spoiled.

He's received a $50,000 treehouse and a $187,000 playhouse, Huffington Post claimed. That certainly sounds like any young child's dream... or even grown-up's!

13 Normal: Bodhi, Journey, & Noah Fox Don't Use The Internet

Teen Vogue

Meghan Fox began dating Brian Green at age 18, and, as per Wikipedia, they had three beautiful children together. In an interview with People, Fox stated that she's "making [her] kids into artistic nature-hippies" by not allowing them to use technology, especially the internet.

Yes, you read that correctly: she doesn't allow them to play games on iPads or watch television as any privileged child might.

12 Spoiled: Jaden Smith Bought Cartier Every Week

Hype Magazine

Will Smith has raised incredibly smart and creative children, however, he's admitted to Vanity Fair that he might've given them a tad too much freedom. It seems that Jaden agreed that at one point in his life, he became far too spoiled.

In an interview with New York Magazine, he explained that there was a time when he'd excessively spend his fortune on jewelry at Cartier nearly every weekend.

11 Spoiled: Justin Combs Was Gifted A $360,000 Maybach


Justin Combs is the son of Sean Combs, better known in the hip-hop community as Diddy, Puff Daddy or P. Diddy. Diddy has six children, with Justin being his firstborn child and son.

It's pretty clear that Diddy loves to spoil him, as he gifted Justin an extravagantly large present for his 16th birthday. NY News Daily stated that he gave his son a Maybach worth $360,000!

10 Spoiled: Kylie Jenner Got A $125,000 Car At 15

RVCJ Media

Sure, she's grown up and has a child of her own now, but Kylie was one of the most iconic spoiled children back in the day. From wearing designer clothing to attending celebrity parties, she definitely lived large as a kid and as an adult.

When Kylie turned 15, she was gifted a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, which cost an estimated $125,000!

9 Normal: Jaycee Ng Isn't In Dad's Will

Straits Times

Jackie Chan is a famous actor and martial arts expert who started his own foundation, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. While most celebrities leave all of their fortunes behind in their will, Chan plans on donating everything to his charity.

According to SuperMoney, he stated: “If [my son] is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money.”

8 Spoiled: Kingston Rossdale's 4th Birthday Party Cost $15,000


We're not too sure what you guys did for your 4th birthday party, but Kingston's parents, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, went all out. They spoiled their child to the extreme with a $15,000 party!

Huffington Post stated that they blew the budget on an extravagant cake, a cotton candy machine, a lemonade stand, a bouncy castle (duh!), face paintings, a balloon artist, and superhero mascots.

7 Spoiled: Max Liron Only Has Expensive Toys (No Toys R Us)

Pure People

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman truly decked out their child's nursery. Made For Mums states that they spend over $50,000 customizing his bedroom, which featured a sailboat theme.

On top of that, Christina refused to give Max regular toys from Toys R Us. She threw out all those toys and replaced them with ones from fancy boutiques.

6 Spoiled: Zachary John-Furnish Had A 2 Million Dollar Nursery

City News Toronto

Mirror UK states that Elton John's son was the most spoiled child on the earth! Elton John and David Furnish are willing to do anything to make their child happy, including buying him super fancy toys.

Their biggest gift of all, however, was a 2 million dollar apartment, which they converted into a nursery.

5 Normal: Violet, Seraphina, And Samuel Garner Don't Get Their Photos Taken By Paparazzi (Anymore)

Pop Sugar

Anyone who watches celebrity news shows knows how heavily paparazzi can bother celebrities as they try to do everyday, normal tasks. While Jennifer Garner is a superstar actress, she's also a superstar mom.

Wikipedia states that she helped advocate for a law that sanctioned paparazzi who took photos of celebrity children. She advocates the importance of keeping children out of the limelight.

4 Spoiled: Valentina Paloma Pinault Vacations In St. Barts

Pop Sugar

At the very young age of five, Valentina, daughter of Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, was already on red carpets, attending art galas, and going on extravagant vacations to St Bart's.

Her father even owns a $12 million dollar home in LA, which is, of course, registered in Valentina's name.

3 Spoiled: Koraun And Zion Mayweather Each Drive A Mercedes-Benz

Wright Prods

Every kid dreams of getting their dream car at their sweet sixteen, however, realistically this rarely happens unless you're the child of a famous celebrity. Well, Floyd Mayweather definitely surpassed his kids' expectations.

MoneyWise states that Koraun and Zion both received Maybachs the moment they were old enough to drive! These cars each cost over $40,000!

2 Spoiled: Vivian, Benjamin, And John Brady Have A Personal Chef

Hello Giggles

Let's be honest, kids seem to literally always be hungry and it can often be difficult to cook foods they like at the rate they want to eat.

Well, this isn't a problem for the Brady family, as MoneyWise states that they've hired a personal chef who makes the kids homemade organic and gluten-free meals at their disposal.

1 Normal: The Ramsay Kids Fly In Economy

The Times

Gordon Ramsay is known to be quite strict, to say the least, on his various reality TV shows. His approach is quite similar when it comes to his family. He emphasizes the value and hard work and makes sure they're never spoiled.

For these reasons, LoveMoney states that he never lets his children fly first class because they haven't worked hard enough for it.

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