15 Spoiled Brats Of Snapchat That Will Make You Cry With Rage (Photos)

Let's be real, Snapchat is a competition. In an attempt to make all of our friends jealous of how cool we are, we whip out our phones whenever we're at a concert, relaxing at the beach or raging at a party with all the popular kids. It doesn't matter if we low-key hate our lives and spend most of our time bored out of our minds, Snapchat is all about making people think that we're always having fun. Unfortunately, no Snapchat we could ever send compares to the stuff that comes out of the @richkidsofsnapchat account. The spoiled rich kids who run and contribute to it love rubbing their fancy cars, breathtaking homes and unbelievable allowances in our faces. We'd totally do the same thing if we were in their Louboutin shoes, but that doesn't stop us from rage crying when we look at these snaps!

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15 Not your usual souvenir

Via: smosh.com

When we were kids, we tried collecting a snow globe or keychain from every city we visited on vacation with our parents. Unfortunately, our parents forced us to just collect postcards instead because they were cheaper, and we didn't really visit enough exciting locations for the collection to look cool anyway. That's why we can't even handle seeing a snap from a teenager who is apparently wealthy enough to have a Rolex collection filled with ridiculously expensive watches from every city he's ever been to. Honestly, we can't even imagine ever having enough money to buy just one Rolex—especially if we ever hope to pay off our student loans or, you know, afford food. Excuse us as we try not to scream over the fact that this kid's watch collection is probably worth more than we make in a decade.

14 All we got was a high-five from our parents

Via: smosh.com

When we get As in school, we proudly bring our report card home to our parents in hope of receiving a hug, a high-five, or—if we're really lucky—20 bucks for our hard work. That's not how things work in this spoiled teen's family. When he earns an A, he has learned to expect some extravagant gift, like this incredibly expensive Burberry wallet. Does a kid really need a wallet that costs more than we have in our bank accounts?! We understand he "needs" something nice to hold his plethora of credit cards and hundred dollar bills, but this is just unfair. We've earned plenty of good grades over the years, but all we've got is a Target wallet that has nothing but a McDonald's gift card, a five dollar bill and a few pennies inside.

13 Worst dad ever!

Via: businessinsider.com

We all know what it's like to be a bit disappointed by our parents. We try really hard to understand and sympathize with our family's financial issues, but we still find ourselves bummed out when our big family vacation is to some lame camping resort or our graduation parties end up being at a Burger King. This disappointed Snapchat submitter totally knows all about that struggle—she wanted to visit Paris on her summer break, but her inconsiderate father took her to some stupid (and incredibly beautiful) island resort instead. Wait a second, what?! This spoiled brat is actually complaining about that view! Her vacation nightmare would basically be our dream come true. Her dad should totally disown her and adopt us in her place.

12 We're too poor to even know what he's drinking

Via: mirror.co.uk

When it comes to drinking, we can't say that we've ever really been that picky. We wish we were rich and distinguished enough to add "wine tasting" to our list of hobbies and could afford wines that were bottled well before we were even born, but we're not and we never will be. That's why we've contented ourselves with cheap beer and boxed wine, and learned to love them for getting the job done without emptying out our wallets. These rich kids could never do that. They only settle for the most expensive liquor money can buy—this snap shows off several clearly pricey bottles that are "not for peasants" like us, but TBH, we're so broke, we have no idea what sort of alcohol is pictured and thus can't really even feel jealous. So, joke's on them!

11 When rich kids get really desperate

Via: thesun.co.uk

Be honest: At some point in your life, you've run out of toilet paper and been forced to resort to drastic measures to finish wiping. You've scoured the bathroom for some slightly used tissues, paper towels or even washcloths to help you get the job done. Rich kids never have to sacrifice their dignity to come up with a solution to this common problem—they just pull out their wallets and wipe with their excess cash! We're trying real hard to convince ourselves that there's no way some spoiled brat really did something so wasteful and arrogant, but pictures don't lie and the countless boastful and excessive snaps on @richkidsonsnapchat prove that this sort of stuff actually happens. This is the world we're living in.

10 Wait, all she has to do is PASS?!

Via: collegehumor.com

If our parents told us they'd give us $100 to ace our exams, we'd probably put our social lives on an immediate halt and run to the library to study. That's basically a month's worth of pizza right there! This girl's father promised her 10 times that amount just to pass her final exams! We don't want to shame her for passing her tests—school can be hard, and she deserves to feel some pride in herself for her efforts. But, like, come on... that's an insane reward for merely passing. For a thousand bucks, she should at least have to earn a C or better on each exam. She clearly knows she's got her daddy wrapped around her finger, because she took to Snapchat to brag to all of her friends.

9 This is why rich people shouldn't have nice things

Via: tumblr.com

Sitting in a lopsided desk chair can be pretty frustrating. Spending hours in a crooked position can lead to irritation and back pain, so we've searched for creative ways to balance our wobbly chairs. We never tried something as stupid as this. Some rich kid actually had the nerve to use his three leftover devices to help balance his slightly lopsided chair. After breaking our fair share of phones, tablets and laptops over the years due to our lifelong clumsiness, we convinced ourselves that we don't deserve nice things, but we're wrong. This kid doesn't deserve nice things. All of those tablets and laptop cost more than a new desk chair would have, but he was just too lazy and impossibly spoiled to bother buying one.

8 Sorry, but that just sounds disgusting

Via: businessinsider.com

This rich kid totally thought we'd be jealous of this bragging snap, but we honestly aren't. Every day after school, he heads home to snack on some caviar and truffle. If you didn't already know, caviar is salt-cured fish eggs and a truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus that can go for several thousand dollars per pound. Rich people love eating those over-costed delicacies, but they sound fairly disgusting and probably don't taste half as good as our potato chips and ice cream bars. If these kids weren't so spoiled and obsessed with boasting about their privilege, they might realize that cheaper can actually be better. The only thing we're angry about is the fact that this snack costs more than we're able to spend on food in an entire month.

7 Can we please get a ride?

Via: smosh.com

School buses suck. We only lived about 15 minutes away from our high schools, but since our parents didn't have the time to drive us and we couldn't afford a car of our own, we had to wake up an entire hour early so we can make the loud, bumpy and slow bus. Rich kids, of course, don't have to worry about all of that. If they're too young to drive the Porsche their parents bought them and their parents are away with the family limo, they can just jump on the family private jet instead. That's right, this spoiled brat is gearing up to fly to the first day of school, and had the nerve to complain about it. Shut up, kid... you have no idea how good you have it.

6 We're sure the teacher won't complain about the free tablet

Via: instagram.com

If we weren't too broke to afford a new computer, we'd totally throw ours at a wall after seeing this ridiculous snap. Some rich kid apparently thought he could just virtually turn in all of his homework, so he didn't bother buying a notepad or paper during his back-to-school shopping. When his math teacher required him to write his work down, he simply turned his tablet around and wrote on the back of it. (Not a single looseleaf page to be found anywhere, huh?) He wasn't positive she'd accept his homework like this, but we're sure after she finishes rolling her eyes and low-key hating her student for having a disposable income bigger than her yearly salary, she'll be happy to keep his homework and the tablet it came on.

5 We thought bottled water was excessive

Via: financetwitter.com

We all have that friend who will only drink bottled water, and we totally judge him for being such a snob. Tap water doesn't always taste the best, but it hydrates you for free, so we're fine drinking it. Well, if you resent your friend for being able to afford daily cases of water, you're definitely going to resent this entitled rich girl for being able to purchase frequent glass bottles of "Bling H20." That comically-bedazzled water likely costs at least 20 bucks, but we're sure it tastes exactly like every other bottle of water you can find at a dollar store. To make this whole thing worse, she brags in the picture that Bling H20 is the "only water good enough" for rich kids like her.

4 Why wash dishes when you have tablets?

Via: facebook.com

When you're really rich, you can go through life without ever washing a dish. That's what servants and butlers are for, after all! Unfortunately, the hired help has to sleep every now and then, so even wealthy families can find themselves without clean dishes on occasion. What do they do when they're left without any plates to eat on? Apparently, they whip out their tablets and use them as plates instead. They can totally just buy new tablets to replace their now-greasy old ones, and god forbid they act like us peasants for a second and rest their pizza on something as cheap as a napkin or paper towel! Even if this was just a joke, whoever took the picture clearly doesn't care about his tablet and was fine messing it up just to show off... so it's still annoying AF.

3 Not your average tablecloth

Via: smosh.com

Are tablecloths really necessary? You have to wash them whenever one of your guests spills on them, they look really unprofessional whenever they get bunched up or wrinkled and certain inevitable stains will force you to completely replace them far more often than you can afford. That's why we just leave our tables uncovered and scrub them when necessary. Of course, that would be unacceptable for rich people—their tables are too expensive to be left unprotected. If their thousand dollar tablecloth gets messy or looks unpresentable, they seemingly just lay out a spread of cold hard cash to rest their dishes on. If we were this rich kid, we'd purposely mess this new "tablecloth" up so our folks would have to replace it and we could keep the money.

2 Not quite what our first cars looked like

Via: businessinsider.com

Most of us had to work crappy retail or food industry jobs throughout high school to make enough money to buy our first car. We didn't have enough cash to hold out for anything too nice, so we just bought whatever we could find that had four wheels and a working engine. Only the lucky kids in our public schools had their parents buy them a car, and if they did, it was rarely anything special. That's why we're filled with rage when we see the insanely expensive cars these rich, private school kids had gifted to them by their folks. Those cars are worth at least five times as much as ours, and one of the snaps came from a 14-year-old! He can't even drive it yet! The Porsche wasn't even his only gift... he also got a watch that cost several thousand dollars.

1 We need tissues, but we could never use these

Via: smosh.com

After seeing all of these infuriating snaps from spoiled rich kids, our eyes are absolutely filled with angry tears. We have to work so hard for every penny we've got in our wallet, but they all were simply given everything they wanted their whole lives and never had to lift a finger! It just isn't fair, and we can't stop crying about the injustice. No amount of tears, however, would make us reach for this box of "tissues." Some rich brat ran out of Kleenex, so he filled a container with a handful of $20 bills that he wouldn't mind covering in snot and throwing out afterward. We'd jokingly try to replicate this obnoxious picture, but we don't even have that much money to our names right now.

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