15 Spongebob Memes That will Have You Howling

Spongebob Squarepants is one of the biggest cartoon successes of the last twenty years, consistently airing on Nickelodeon since it first premiered in 1999 and spreading all around the world. And as the internet expanded and grew alongside the show (and the fanbase became the first generation to grow up with the internet as part of their lives), it quickly became the source for a huge number of memes and bits across the web. Even just this last year has seen new additions to the Spongebob meme gallery. Whether it's mocking someone and their stupid words, surprising revelations about the show, looks at real life through the lens of Bikini Bottom, or even one moment of a meme become reality, Spongebob memes can be used to sum up pretty much any situation. Here are 15 of the best Spongebob Squarepants memes.

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15 When A Meme Becomes Real Life

via Tumblr

Sometimes, you just have to appreciate it when a meme becomes real life. Such was the case with this poor schmuck called Patrick. One episode of Spongebob Squarepants sees Patrick take a job with the Krusty Krab. But, being Patrick, he’s incapable of understanding the basics of the world around him – so whenever someone calls asking for the Krusty Krab, he replies “No, this is Patrick” and hangs up. Cut to a few years later, and someone posted a phone number online that belonged to a frenemy of his, named Patrick, and asked the internet to call him asking for the Krusty Krab. Then deluge of phone calls this man received only apparently made him get angrier and angrier, and the real kicker? He genuinely didn’t get the reference. He just kept yelling “No, this is Patrick” into the phone whenever someone called. That’s what happens when a meme invades real life, everyone, and I love it.

14 The Non-Verbal Version Of Repeating Something In A Silly Voice

via Dorkly

One of the most recent memes to come out of Spongebob might also be one of the funniest. It shows off Spongebob, pretending to be a particularly dumb chicken. But the internet went and ran with the bit, using it to make fun of something stupid you just heard someone say. It’s the non-verbal way to mockingly repeat someone. If you see someone trying to sound serious or just coming across as pretentious or angry, then the easiest way to deflate that airbag is to just repeat them – but with a dumb voice. And whatever genius figured out that by typing it out in a weird mix of capitalization in random places? You have my respect forever, and it’s an incredibly funny that works with literally any situation. Seriously, the next time someone posts something dumb to Facebook – just send them stupid Spongebob and have some fun repeating them to their face.

13 History, Made Fun

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Another recent trend with Spongebob memes came with the arrival of “historical recreations” using stills from the show. Someone pulls a single shot from the show, and uses it to illustrate a moment or concept from history. This has ranged from smaller moments of life in the dust bowl (using Spongebob and Squidward in a sandstorm) to the assassination of political figures (with Patrick being led away in chains). But I really love this one, of Squidward being used to represent Kronos from the ancient Greek myths, consuming his children to prevent their inevitable rebellion against him. I love the visual of Squidward basically eating his children to prevent their rise, but the idea that someday, people will look upon these historical touchstones and think of Spongebob screaming really warms my heart. For added points, they’ve even started commenting on major events in recent history, like with Plankton being followed by a legion of followers standing for the Republican party. Any Spongebob episode can be a history lesson.

12 Even Obama Knows You Like Krabby Patties

via Tumblr

One of the best episodes of the series (if you disagree then come at me) is Just One Bite. The episode centers around Spongebob finally forcing Squidward to eat a Krabby Patty – which he publicly complains about but secretly loves. Terrified of the smug smile Spongebob is going to give him if he admits he was wrong to Spongebob, Squidward tries to secretly steal a burger. But he’s not able to get away with it, and Spongebob gives him the best damn smile in the world. If you’ve been able to have that smile at someone, then you know life has been good to you. It’s a hilarious one sentence description of that knowing smile, the kind of grin that you can only give when you already know you’ve won. And no one wore it better than former President Obama. You can even hear him saying it in your head. It’s fantastic.

11 Caveman Spongebob > Squeaky Clean Spongebob

via Dorkly

The way you act in the bedroom is completely different than how you act in public. And that’s never more true than when you have to go meet the respective families. And since the internet has perfected the art of understanding and explaining everything with Spongebob references, someone slipped two moments from the series together to illustrate that difference. Caveman Spongebob is ready to throw down, give into some wild impulses and all. But squeaky clean Spongebob is pleasant and sanitized and ready to say hi and smile and shake your hand. It’s a perfect summation of the difference between the two sides of a person. It’s like a brilliant little examination of psychology, all using two shots of Spongebob. On a related note, squeaky clean Spongebob looks so adorable and I love seeing him compared to the just dirty AF Spongebob from prehistoric times and is ready mess you up.

10 "Great Neptune."

via Dorkly

There are certain things that bond us as a species. And that includes embarrassing moments here and there, like “the emergency”. We’ve all had “the emergency”. Whether it was the food that we just ate, the illness that finally hits, or any other reason – we’ve all had times where we very quickly and very desperately needed a restroom. And sometimes, the only option you’ll have is to resort to a public bathroom. You end up in the restroom, just trying not to go off like a firecracker in a place where everyone around you is going to hear it. But then, it happens. The far heard around the world. Then all the horror and shock hits you, and then you have to do everything not to panic. And I’ve never seen it so quickly summed up quite like Ms. Puff silently freaking out and whispering “Oh Neptune”, not sure what’s coming afterwards. I get you, Ms. Puff, I get you.

9 We've All Been Confused Mr. Krabs Before

via Dorkly

Confused Mr. Krabs is one of the stranger memes to come out of Spongebob. But it’s stilla fantastic shorthand for the kind of confusion that can set up and send your world spinning without warning. Taken from the Pretty Patty episode of Spongebob Squarepants, Mr. Krabs has managed to trade ownership of the wildly successful patty stand that Spongebob has built with him for the now defunct Krusty Krab. And at first, it seems like the best option in the world. But then the next day, he’s hit with a wave of confusion when the various people around him show up in a sheer rage. And if you’ve ever been hit by a crazy bout of surprise and confusion, than you know how it can seem like the world is spinning. Things like not recognizing anyone around you can send you all over the place, and Mr. Krabs sums up our faces – that surprise and inability to understand – when that happens.

8 The Beauty & Grace Of Shocked Patrick

via KnowYourMeme

Shocked Patrick is a one of those perfect GIF worthy routines from Spongebob. If there’s something shocking, surprising, or epic going on, then it’s time to show off Patrick, gaping in shock. The image of Patrick, taken from the first Spongebob Squarepants Movie released in 2004, comes at the moment when Patrick and Spongebob just barely avoid falling down an endless chasm into the abyss below. Patrick has become a macro image used throughout the internet, showing off a genuinely amazed Patrick gazing upwards at pretty much whatever you want. He can be riding in a car, watching the apocalypse, pretty much everything. But I have a soft spot for Patrick gazing upon the beauty of nature, at the majesty of creation, and having the same dumb look that he does when he drives by with 50 Cent. There’s just something about that dumb founded stare that speaks to me. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

7 Not Done Wallowing Yet

via Dorkly

Sometimes, people just aren’t happy with how things are going for them. And in that kind of case, it’s easy to wallow in your depression. But then, you’ve got that friend who tries to make everything seem better or amazing or whatever other kind of emotion they think is the right way to live. And sometimes, you don’t want that. You’re not done wallowing yet. So you glare at them, despite the obvious sloth that’s all around you. It’s like being Patrick underneath his rock covered in ice cream and donuts, furious that you’re furious. It’s the second close up on his face that really sells it – he’s just so mad at the friend trying to remind him how amazing he is. Listening to every little compliment is just going to make him eat another pound of ice cream and wear another donut, Spongebob. So give him some time and see how he’s doing later.

6 I'm More Squidward Than I Want To Admit

via Dorkly

Related to the last one, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with anyone or anything trying to cheer you up. It’s just not going to work, no matter how hard they try. We’ve all had moments where we end up just feeling like Squidward, and nothing is going to make you feel better. He thinks everything is just the worst thing in the world, and doesn’t want any part of it – no matter how much Spongebob tries to cheer him up. And if you’re ever in a purely bad mood, then it doesn’t matter how hard your friends are trying to cheer you up: you know there’s nothing on the planet that’s going to manage it. So it doesn’t matter how many compliments or likes or rose petals they throw in your face, just give them the classic Squidward stare and keep on hating everything that you’re seeing in front of you.

5 Don't Check Out Squidward's Browser History

via Dorkly

Spongebob Squarepants is full of surprisingly subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) adult jokes that will often fly right over the heads of their intended fanbase. And that can mean a lot of little bits, like Spongebob having his nose popping out of the ground and Mr. Krabs being converted which piece of the anatomy it is. But this one has the extra level of confronting us with some… sexual preferences that Squidward has. During an episode where Spongebob has to cater to every command Squidward doles out, Spongebob ends up having to move around to his beck and call in a full on French maid outfit. Which. Wow. Risqué when you’re a kid, just full on sex joke when you’re an adult. Points to the Tumblr user who rewatched this episode and found something weird out of it.

4 Student Loans Are Seriously That Bad

via Dorkly

Student loans suck. They’re a great tool for student around the world, but for many college grads it’s just another roadblock on the path towards a successful career. It’s also just a stressful load to drop on a person, especially when they’re trying to make a real start at their lives. So it makes sense why someone be terrified of being murdered – and then remember that means no more student loans. Really, it’s a win-win: if there’s no intruder, then you get to keep on living, just fine. And if there is some crazy knife wielding maniac loose in your home, then it’s just as important to let them go nuts. Hey, no more student loans payments are worth it. Squidward’s decision making process makes sense to me, you guys. Full disclosure: I full on did this once. Thought I heard a noise, and realized, “Meh, means no more of that debt nonsense, and I really don’t want to get up, soooooooo” and then went right back to sleep.

3 "Spongebob, Stop Laughing! You Jerk!"

via Tumblr

“Inappropriate Laughter Spongebob” is a delightfully horrible person in this meme. It stems from the premiere of The Legend of Korra, particularly a scene where Korra was falling from a great height during a massive battle sequence. As she was falling, a banner ad appeared underneath her of Spongebob laughing uncontrollably. It was a beautiful accident, as the internet soon ran with the concept and was putting Spongebob underneath any number of tragic scenes from any number of shows (special props to someone slipping Korra laughing under sad moments from Spongebob). The macro image soon spread all over the internet, showing off the saddest scenes on TV with a whole new added way to laugh. Just the visual of Spongebob laughing no matter how sad the context is funny enough on its own. But then you get him giggling at things like the dog dying in Futurama or Ned Stark being murdered in front of his family, and it’s just so fun to think of an evil Spongebob.

2 I've Been There, Spongebob. I've Been There

via QuickMeme

One of the best moments in the series comes from an episode where Spongebob has to try and fake his toughness to get into the Salty Splatoon. His confident and unassuming opinion when revealing a soft hearted weakness works in pretty much any scenario, because no matter how insignificant the hardship is it broke him down and brought him to tears. As someone who once had their debit card declined for a purchase of $0.27 at a McDonalds, this one – where Spongebob is defending his financial strengths and how they “only” made him cry for twenty minutes – speaks to me on a very real level. And if you’ve never had to be this version of Spongebob before, then wooooo for you, you lucky so and so. The Spongebob who has just wept uncontrollably because he saw his bank account just cracks me up so much. I’ve been there, Spongebob. I’ve been there.

1 It Works With Everything!

via KnowYourMeme

Spongebob running the hype stand can apply to pretty much everything. Is there some movie, game, book, album, pretty much anything that you are excited for? Then the hype stand can apply. Coming from the same Patty Hype episode that introduced the internet to Confused Mr. Krabs, Spongebob sets up his patty stand and gets a moderate response. And then he changes the contents of his sale to something else that’s coming out. And that’s when everyone shows up and comes for everything he has to offer. It really applies to everything you could want – notably Black Panther coming out next year. And hell yeah it brings out every single person in the world coming to check it out. The mob of people coming to Spongebob to try and check out Black Panther pretty easily sums up everything I feel for that movie. And it’s easily the best Spongebob meme that’s online.

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