15 Spongebob Mocking Memes That Are Totally You

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the internet’s latest viral memes just so happens to center around our favorite porous sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. The Spongebob mocking meme comes from an episode where Squidward discovers Mr. Squarepants’ diary. After reading it, he finds out that whenever the fry cook sees plaid that he has to start clucking like a chicken. When Mr. Tentacles comes across this secret he brings out Mr. Krabs who happens to be wearing a plaid kilt, and when the little yellow guy sees him in this he proceeds to cluck. This newest treasure to grace our world takes this image of him acting like a barn animal and pairs it with the emotions that we all have whenever we feel the need to mock someone. The results have been nothing short of hilarity! Hella relatable and strangely satisfying, it's the perfect combination for a viral meme.

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15 When You’re Trying To Get Money From FAFSA

Anybody who’s applied to get financial aid through FAFSA, knows how stingy they are with their money. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to give you the amount that you need to go to college. We don’t want to have to borrow funds from them, but since the vast majority of us can’t afford the insanely high priced education that most universities in the US have, we must resort to begging and pleading for this organization to give us some extra dough. The whole process is beyond frustrating. So since we essentially have no control over what this all-powerful entity gives to us in order for us to continue with our education, the only thing that we can do to deal with our annoyance is mocking them whenever they decide to delight in our poverty.

14 When All We Wanted Was Our Healthcare

There are some things that people shouldn’t have to stress out about, and one of those rights just so happens to be healthcare. All human life has worth, and no one should have to worry about dying just because they can’t afford surgery that would allow them to live. Many countries around the world agree that their citizens should have access to medicine and doctors when they’re sick, but for some reason this isn’t an idea that everyone in America can get behind. Those of us on the “healthcare as a right” side of the argument agree that this should be available to everybody just for the mere fact that they are alive. This meme illustrates just how frustrated we are with those individuals who support the other side of this debate

13 When You Weren’t Trying To Come In On Your Day Off

Since we spend most of our waking time at work, it would be nice if everyone had a job that they actually enjoyed doing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For many of us, we end up working just so that we can pay the bills. We come in when we have to and then when we’re done with our required hours, we bust out of there like the Road Runner trying to escape Wile E. Coyote. That’s why when our manager or boss tries to get us to come in on our day off, it’s a laughable matter. We barely want to be there when we’re supposed to be, so coming in when we don’t have to be there is unfathomable. Yes it would be nice to make some extra cash, but sometimes our sanity is way more important than that.

12 When You Can’t Have Your Ice Cream

Sometimes you just have a craving for something specific to eat. On occasion it’s fatty foods, and other times it’s something sweet. So when this happens, you’ll do whatever you need to do in order to satisfy that want. Ice cream just so happens to be one of those things that you desire every now and again. If you have some extra time to spare, you’ll probably stop by and pick up your favorite flavor from a grocery store on your way home, but if you’re running late and you have to be some place fast, you may need to result to extreme measures. McDonalds, has this frozen treat, but the device that produces it only works about 5 percent of the time. That’s why whenever you go there, you cross your fingers and pray to your god(s) that it will be working, but you know it would be foolish to expect anything other than a broken machine.

11 When You Use Self Checkout

In theory, self checkout should be a lot quicker than standing in line to pay with an actual human being, but that’s not always the case. Fairly often, when you opt for this option, you end up at a machine that’s broken, and then you have to wait until someone comes to fix the one that you’re using or you have to linger around until somebody else leaves the one that they’re at. And then once it’s finally your turn, it starts talking to you and telling you stuff that you already know. You’ve used this service a million times before and you also have common sense, so of course you know that you’re supposed to place your purchases in the bagging area. It won’t let you scan something else if you haven’t put the previous article down first, so you don’t need to tell me that every single time I try to ring up the next thing!

10 When You Couldn’t Mock Your Mom To Her Face

Moms can be a bit much sometimes. They have your best interest at heart, but you don’t always agree with how they display this, especially when you’re younger. Whenever they punished you, there was usually a logical reason for it. You may not have been able to see it at the time, which is why you got so angry when she did it to you. You were never happy with your punishments, but you never dared trying to back talk to her in protest because you knew that you’d only end up in more trouble. So, you would go to your room and deal with your fate, but in order to make yourself feel a little bit better about your situation, you would mock the woman who raised you in order to get out some of your frustration.

9 When You Did Mock Your Mom To Her Face

Once every blue moon you would get a little bold and full of yourself and attempt to mock your mom after she punished you. For whatever reason you were too heated and you couldn’t wait until you got away from her before starting to let out your frustration, and you ended up doing it in front of her. The second your lips started to utter the words that she had just said to you, you knew that you were going to get it, but you had already chosen your course of action, so you decided that you might as well keep going until she stopped you. So you didn’t stop until her hand connected with your face. You may have had a momentary laps in judgment, but after that you vowed to never make that mistake again.

8 When You Had To Deal With Someone Who Was Overly Jealous

Everyone has had to deal with someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend being a bit too jealous of your relationship with their significant other. You’re just friends with him or her, or you may even just be a classmate, but for whatever reason their partner just can’t seem to keep the green eyed monster at bay. You get tired of the constant nagging that you have to put up with from their boo, so you may resort to mockery when they aren’t around. And if you’re really bold, you will even do it to them in front of their face, and if you do do this then there’s no reason to feel guilty. You have to put up with their BS on a regular basis, so they deserve to know how ridiculous they are for thinking that you’re a home wrecker.

7 When You Couldn’t Deal With The Video Ads

It used to be that we could watch a video on Facebook from start to finish without having to stop and hear about the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy, but as of late that’s not the case. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking at, an ad will definitely end up popping up at some point in time during the course of its runtime. What you’re watching could literally only be a minute long and you will still have to worry about sitting through at 10 second advertisement for something that you couldn’t care less about. Youtube doesn’t even play a mini commercial unless whatever you’re viewing is particularly long, so this social media site really shouldn’t be doing it. I don’t know who they think they are or why they’re doing it, but this new feature needs to stop!

6 When Some People Just Can’t Admit The Truth

Whenever somebody starts their sentence with “I’m not racist, but…” you know that whatever is getting ready to come out of their mouth next is going to be one of the most racially insensitive things you’ve heard. It’s like people use the phrase in order to say terrible things about a specific race while at the same time trying to distance themselves from the very thing that they have just said. If you think for even a second that what you’re getting ready to say is going to offend someone of a particular ethnicity then it probably should just stay in your head. This is something that those individuals who use this expression haven’t been able to pick up on yet, but it would do everybody some good if they actually took the time to think before they speak.

5 When You Know Just How Untrue This Line Is

With all the racially charged tension that’s been going on in America, it’s hard to believe that we were founded on the principles of equality and freedom. Many people State side take pride in this fact, but these individuals also aren’t the ones who are being affected everyday by the injustices that people of color have to go through. Innocent citizens are being killed at the hand of police, threatened to be deported just because they fit a certain profile, and beat up by other Americans who think that there is something wrong with them for choosing to practice a religion that isn’t Christianity. Keeping all of this in mind, it is seriously laughable to say that we are a nation that provides “liberty and justice for all.”

4 When You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

You may not go out and party every weekend, but when you do, you go all out. You work hard and sometimes you just need to let loose and that’s completely understandable. Going to bars and clubs are fun, but what makes these places even more exciting is when you’re intoxicated. A little bit of alcohol make you looser, which leads to a more enjoyable night for you all around. A lot of times you say that you’re just going to have a couple of shots, but then six or seven drinks later, you end up dancing on a table without a care in the world. If you wind up that drunk then it’s the designated driver’s duty to cut you off. They may try to stop you, but there’s no telling what’s going to happen once you’re liquored up.

3 When Netflix Starts To Judge You

Sometime all you want to do on your day off is sit around your house and do absolutely nothing. You’ve worked hard all week, and you deserve a break. On occasion you do go out and hit the town, but on days when you just want to stay snuggled up in your bed binge watching an entire series, you shouldn’t have to feel judged for that, especially by the very thing that’s supposed to be giving you joy. When Netflix asks if you’re still watching you know that that is just its way of saying, “Hey loser, get out of your house and stop being such an insufferable bore.” But you just go ahead and let it know that you’re still looking at your show. You won’t be bullied by an inanimate object and you definitely won’t allow it to keep you from having a good time.

2 When You Just Wanted Your Charger Back

Everyone knows how easily it is for your phone to lose its power. When you’ve been gone all day from your house, it’s very likely that you’ll end up needing to recharge at some point. Luckily, there are portable and car chargers that come in handy when you’re in need of that extra boost. Sometimes though, you may not have access to these things and if you’ve left your phone charger at home and you have a friend that was smart enough to bring theirs, you may have to borrow it. We’ve all been there, which is why you’re nice enough to return the favor to a buddy when they’re in need. So you let them use it until you want it, but some people have the audacity to give you a hard time when you’re trying to get your property back. You helped them out of the kindness of your heart, but they have to realize that your sympathy only extends so far. Your cell comes first, always and forever.

1 When You Could Never Get Tired Of These Memes

Every now and again the internet blesses us with something wonderful. When a trend starts, it seems like it may never get old. And just when you think you’ve gotten sick and tired of it, you see a different version of it and you automatically remember why you loved it in the first place. Some people may get bored with a meme sooner than others, but once you’ve found one that you adore, you stick with it and use it over and over again until it loses its appeal for you. These Spongebob mocking memes may have started to annoy some people already, but my guess is that because you’ve decided to click on this post that they still are golden to you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, if you enjoy them keep on doing just that!

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