15 'Star Wars' Tweets That Will Have Everyone's Sides Hurting From Laughter

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, people started tweeting about Star Wars. It’s too easy to take one of the most recognizable franchises in the world and turn it into a mockery. Star Wars has had so many over-the-top characters and moments that have made fans scratch their heads and laugh at their absurdity. Jar Jar Binks, anyone?

A variety of funny Star Wars pictures, memes and comments have popped up on the social networking site, Twitter, over the past 10 years. Spanning from the original films to the prequels to the present Star Wars films like The Force Awakens and Rogue One, people have come up with some hilarious things to say about George Lucas’ multi-billion dollar industry.

Settle in for a drink at Mos Eisley and prepare to have your sides hurtin' from laughter.

15 Expectations vs. reality

Via: Twitter

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the world pretty much collectively gasped when Kylo Ren took off his helmet. He awakened the force of many with his long, dark waves and serious expression. Unconventionally handsome, Kylo Ren and the actor who plays him (Adam Driver) have become somewhat of a sex symbol. With his brooding attitude and emotional outbursts, he’s exciting in a dangerous, bad boy way.

But then, SNL did a sketch with Kylo on the show, Undercover Boss, where he disguises himself as a very blonde radar technician named Matt. He spies on his subordinates to try and find out what they really think of the First Order and him. If this was reality, Kylo would definitely be the Tinder profile pic that everyone swipes right for, only to find that he really looks like Matt upon your first date. Matt’s cute in his own right, but he’s no Kylo Ren.

14 Dear God, why?

Via: Twitter

Sometime in 2015, a hashtag was trending on Twitter called #FakeStarWarsSpoilers. People made up crap to fool others about what might be coming in the next Star Wars films, including many photoshopped images, like this one. This guy thought it would be hilarious to put Jim Carrey’s head on Carrie Fisher’s body. It’s actually incredibly well done, which makes it all the more horrifying (especially with the face he's making).

Imagine if Jim Carrey actually did a cosplay of this very image. Since he isn’t really acting right now, but has a penchant for the quirky, there’s a definite possibility of it happening. Who knows? Come Comic-Con this year, there might be a slave Leia mashup that really blows everyone out of the water. He could even do The Mask meets Star Wars, if he doesn’t want anyone to know it’s really him. They sell masks of his face from The Mask, so it would be incredibly meta if he wore it.

13 Wookiee gospel

Via: Twitter

What could be more perfect than a mashup of Tupac and Chewbacca? Tupacca could be Chewie’s stage name as he seeks to travel around the galaxy singing covers of Tupac songs in Shyriiwook (the Wookiee language). All he needs is a bandana tied around his head and maybe a cross necklace dangling down his chest to really drive home the reference. He would certainly be a much hairier version of Tupac, though.

Chewie could put his own spin on the song titles and even change some of the lyrics. “All Eyez on Me,” could turn into “All Rebelz on Me,” (referring to how the Empire’s always trying to hate on him and the Resistance). It’d probably become a big hit among the youth of the Resistance, who would try to grow their body hair long and wear bandoliers across their chest, just like him. That would sure be a sight to see.

12 Mark Hamill is always two steps ahead

Via: Twitter

Mark Hamill is not only known for his performance as Luke Skywalker, but also for his immense ability to make fun of himself. His sense of humor is legendary. He often signs autographs for fans with ridiculous comments and jokes about his character and Star Wars, in general. He’s especially active on Twitter, where he often interacts with fans and posts funny pictures and memes of himself as Luke.

This tweet has to be one of the funniest he’s done in a while. Talk about creepy, though. He took an oversized cardboard cutout of his younger self as Luke and put it over his own face. The caption is what makes it, though. Not only does he make a pun about the head, but he pokes fun at his own fame and the fact that many people think he hasn’t aged well. The only thing that doesn’t work here is the fact that he’s holding up his right hand, which Luke lost in his duel against Darth Vader.

11 Now with more char

Via: Twitter

Damn that’s dark. These action figures represent none other than the charred bodies of Luke’s Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, who were killed by stormtroopers on Tatooine. Why on Earth would anyone want action figures of this horribly traumatic moment? People are sick. There’s no way George Lucas would have approved this. Sure, he loves money and exploiting the franchise he created, but not that much.

OK, they’re not real. While at first glance these look like actual vintage Star Wars action figures, they are, in fact, made by a modern model and prop maker. He created these action figures for a couple of the original Star Wars actors to sign at a convention (and gifted them to his fiancée, for some reason). There’s even a tutorial to make your own on the DIY site, Instructables. That’s some hardcore dedication to a fandom (even if it is a slightly twisted homage).

10 It doesn't quite have the same effect when Yoda says it

Via: Twitter

The internet loves to turn everything into innuendo, even if it's something completely innocent. Take, for example, this moment from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke has crash-landed into Yoda’s bog on Dagobah. Yoda is trying to teach him how to use the force, but Luke gets discouraged when he can’t levitate his X-Wing out of the bog. Instead of pushing himself a little harder, he gives up and says he can’t do it.

It’s hard to resist a good “that’s what she said” joke when it’s set up so perfectly. Luke says it’s “too big,” which would definitely be something that she could have said. In typical Star Wars fashion, Yoda delivers the punchline in his backward speech patterns, which doesn’t quite give the same anticipated effect. On the other hand, it does make it somewhat funnier to imagine that line in Yoda’s voice. He’d probably giggle to himself before whacking Luke over the head and making him get back to his Jedi training.

9 Everything is terrible

Via: Twitter

Even though we’ve all collectively wiped our memories of the Star Wars prequel films, certain things are hard to forget. Take, for example, the whininess of Anakin Skywalker before he becomes Darth Vader. The dude was just a walking ball of emotion. He was so angry and always crying or sulking about something. "Life’s not fair...Obi-Wan won’t let me do anything...I don’t like sand." Wah, wah, wah.

He would totally be one of those guys who appears on celebrity rehab years after he hits his peak. Still whiny, but with a drug habit to boot. Here he is on Coruscant Today, still whining about something, but looking decidedly disheveled. Since he’s not all burnt up and in his Darth Vader suit, maybe this is an alternate timeline where Padme dumps his crazy a** for some politician on Naboo. As much as the world would love watching him trainwreck hardcore, without Padme, there would be no Luke and Leia. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

8 Over enthusiastic BB-8

Via: Twitter

Where are all the BB-8 fans at? That perky droid captured the hearts of millions with his appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His beeps, boops and funny sounds are somehow even cuter than R2D2, which is really saying something. Although Star Wars purists would never put BB-8 above R2, there is something very charming about the little orange and white droid.

The way he rolls around, it’s like he’s always running super fast and enthusiastically toward something. He would, undoubtedly, get way ahead of himself and trip someone up while rolling towards them. Sad beep. Aww! He didn’t mean to do it. He just wants to be useful, is all. BB-8 is pretty much a puppy who’s eager to help, but not quite aware of his own power. Hopefully, he’ll show up again in Star Wars: The Last Jedi to help the Resistance and maybe even team up with R2D2 and C-3PO.

7 Obi-Wan, our lord and savior

Via: Twitter

OMG, this is too funny. Someone put Ewan McGregor, as Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequels, on their Jesus-centric mantle. Did they really mistake him for Jesus or was this setup just for the funny photo-op? The resemblance to classic depictions of Jesus is uncanny, although Jesus didn’t really have a Jedi-mullet. It’s all in the eyes. McGregor has those all-seeing, all-knowing eyes that pierce you with their fierceness.

Where does one even get a photo that large of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Maybe it was an 8x10 purchased from a convention that some teenager never put up on their wall. After they went off to college, their mom found it and mistook it for Jesus, adding it to her collection of Jesus-themed décor in the living room. Or, it could be that the person sees Obi-Wan as a Jesus-like figure in Star Wars. He did sacrifice himself so that Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie could escape on the Millennium Falcon. That’s pretty Jesus-y of him.

6 He likes getting choked

Via: Twitter

There's something about the dark side that just screams BDSM. Darth Vader obviously has a domination fetish, with his lust for power and love of choking people out. The Sith are often brutal in their contempt for people around them, especially those who would question their motives or give them sass. After working for the Empire, you’d think that Admiral Motti would have more respect for Vader, given his reputation. But, he just had to mock him. Turns out, he got what he wanted anyway.

Admiral Motti would totally be into erotic asphyxiation. Bet he never thought he’d get it from Vader, but it seems like a good force choke is all he needed to put his faith in Vader. Some people just need a daddy, or a master if you will, to tell them what to do and bend them into submission. If this meme exists, there’s got to be some Vader/Motti slash fiction out there, too.

5 Luke saberwalker

Via: Twitter

Anticipation is running high for Episode VIII in the Star Wars universe, especially after the official title was released. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will feature Luke, Leia and Rey and is set to release this December. Much speculation has been circulating about what the film will cover, but judging from the last sweeping shot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, much of it will probably focus on Rey trying to get Luke to teach her the ways of the force.

Luke’s getting kind of up there in age, though. He’s looking more like a grizzly, old hermit than a Jedi ready to teach some youngster his ways. Rey returned his lightsaber to him, but he probably had one made before he left to isolate himself on an island. Needless to say, when he can only walk so far before hitting a cliff or the water for that matter, he’s probably not getting enough exercise. A walker lightsaber might be just what he needs. Guess we’ll find out in December!

4 Lukewarm, get it?

Via: Twitter

Remember when Han used a dead tauntaun to keep Luke warm while he was on Hoth? I thought they smelled bad on the outside,” he exclaimed. What, pray tell, does a tauntaun smell like exactly? We might never know the answer to that, but at least this scene has created some pretty hilarious jokes. Just look at this meme; it’s a win! What’s not to love about it? It makes a nerdy Star Wars reference and uses a word pun for the punchline. Even better, it was posted by @DepressedKylo, who is somehow even funnier than @KyloR3n, otherwise known as Emo Kylo Ren.

If we don’t know what a tauntaun smells like, we sure as hell don’t know the internal temperature of one. Someone actually did try to figure it out, though, making the case that Luke should have died in its belly because it never could have retained enough heat to keep him warm all night. Ah, nerds. They have so much time to spend on what-ifs and impossible scenarios. It’s a movie, for god’s sake! Let’s just go with the “lukewarm” joke and call it a day, shall we?

3 Shifty Anakin

Via: Twitter

Here we go again. Anakin just can’t help being an angry, sulky creep, can he? Instead of feeling bad about a fellow Jedi’s death, he feels a sense of satisfaction that someone who tried to stop him from greatness is now dead. Samuel L. Jackson should have gone Ezekiel 25:17 on his a** and saved us all from the menace of the future Darth Vader. Shouldn’t he have been able to at least do more to stop Anakin from serving as a Jedi Knight, not just a master, if he had suspicions that he was being turned to the dark side?

Regardless, Anakin is still an angsty, grudge-holding baby that has to get his way (or else). There are obviously too many Midichlorians in his blood, which have not only made him powerful in the ways of the force, but have clearly driven him insane, as well. Of course, it doesn’t help that the guy had no father and was immaculately conceived by a bunch of invisible things that live inside the cells of pretty much everyone. Does that mean he’s the lovechild of the whole galaxy?

2 Jar Jar Trump

Via: Twitter

Whoever created this image is a Photoshop genius and comedy mastermind. Not to get political or anything, but let’s face it, it’s pretty hilarious to compare President Trump to Jar Jar Binks. They couldn’t get any different, even if Jar Jar had worn a toupée. Yet, Trump's face works so well as Jar Jar’s. Perhaps, this is what Trump looks like after botox or a face lift?

While Jar Jar is completely well-meaning (albeit clumsy and a bit stupid), he still managed to gain political power. Let’s not forget that he became a representative for his people in the Galactic Senate and was even a Senator after Queen Amidala’s death. In a way, he could have totally inspired Trump’s run for office. If Jar Jar Binks could do well in politics, anyone could, especially when you have a lot of money to boot. It’s too bad Trump doesn’t want to build a wall to actually protect people, but rather keep them out (a very un-Jar-Jar-like quality).

1 Wookiee Goldberg

Via: Twitter

There's so much to say about this tweet. Somehow, Whoopi's face fits right into Chewie's hair and even looks perfectly acceptable with her round sunglasses. She's looking straight at us as if to say, "Damn right, I look fine." Well, with a silky mane of hair like that, anyone would be jealous of her. It’s too bad she couldn’t just make a cameo in one of the new Star Wars films. Wookiee Goldberg could become Chewie’s new wife, who consoles him after the death of Han.

But alas, one major franchise is usually enough for a star. After years on Star Trek: The Next Generation, it might get confusing for fans to see her as both Guinan and a Wookiee. Sure, one wears an absurdly giant hat and is an all-knowing alien species and the other is an extremely hairy and aggressive beast who’s loyal to Han Solo, but some people just don't pay close enough attention to know the difference. Go figure.

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