15 Stars Who Don't Realize They Aren't Famous Anymore

To be considered famous or have celebrity status doesn’t just involve being in a bunch of films or recording a lot of songs. It involves how active you are in the spotlight, how in demand you are, how many seats you sell out. This cushy life can be taken away at any moment one wrong move and your fans will disappear as quickly as they appeared. That being said, there is a good chunk of once famous people out there who don’t realize that they are no longer famous. No one really bothers to care about what they are doing with their lives nor do they seek out what upcoming projects they have (if any). Unfortunately for these celebrities, they believe that past a certain point they can still get back to that A-list status that they once had. Many of them fail to realize that their fifteen minutes of fame are up and most likely never coming back. While there are several celebrities that fall under this category here are fifteen of them for you to start with.

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15 Christina Milian

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Christina Milian was once at the top of her game. She was a recording artist and appeared in a few popular films. At 19, Milian signed to Def Jam records her popular singles included "AM to PM" and "Dip It Low". She had a few hits on the Billboard chart which ignited her film career. Her first film was Love Don’t Cost A Thing a remake of the popular 80s film. She went on to have roles in films like Be Cool and Pulse. Eventually, Milian’s career slowed down and she kind of disappeared from the spotlight. She did what every celebrity does when they want to resurrect a dead career; she starred in a reality show. It was called Christina Milian: Turned Up and featured her mom and her sisters. It kind of helped her career a bit but honestly, people still don’t care.

14 Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag

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This couple will not disappear. Heidi and Spencer Pratt love the lights and cameras but unfortunately, the lights don’t love them back. The wannabe actress spends a lot of her time talking about her days on the reality show The Hills. Now, she has made a career of bouncing from reality show to reality show wishing and hoping that this one or the next will catapult her into ultimate fame. Admittedly, she had a little bit of fame back in The Hills days but it seems like she missed that part where your supposed to gracefully bow out. Spencer seems to be trying to ride the coattails of his wife and soon to be baby mama by sometimes appearing with her on shows like Celebrity Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. Ultimately, no one cares.

13 Lea Michele

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Lea Michele has an amazing voice there is no denying that. That amazing voice was the thing that helped her land that role on Glee and made her a worldwide name. however, Glee has been finished for a good couple of years now and Lea is still trying to hang onto the thin strings of fame that she has left. Ryan Murphy gave her another job in Scream Queens and she even started a music career. Unfortunately, the songs that she has released have failed to make a stellar impact. So why are we still seeing Lea walk red carpets? Or make appearances on talk shows when she really doesn’t have much going on? She started in musicals maybe she should go back to that and just accept that her time on TV is finished or wait a few years and try to resurrect it.

12 Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton’s time in television and films came to an end a while ago. If anything, she is more known for her run-ins with the law than her reality show The Simple Life and her cameos in random films. When most people think of Paris Hilton they associate her with the Hilton Hotel chain or the phrase that made her popular “that’s hot”. There is no denying that at one point she had star quality but honestly, that time is done. Hilton hasn’t done anything worth talking about in almost a decade so to keep calling her famous is somewhat of an insult to real famous people. She is calling herself a DJ now. Due to the bout of fame, she had back in the day some clubs over in Europe are booking her to draw crowds. Truth be told, good for her and all but come on, would you go to a Paris Hilton DJ set?

11 Snooki

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The Jersey Shore princess has had her fair share of popularity, not sure if one can call it fame but none-the-less she has had a good amount of time in the public eye. When Jersey Shore aired its last episode one would assume that she and the rest of the cast would just go back to their normal lives, wrong. Snooki and the rest of the gang tried to hang on as tightly as possibly to whatever remnants of fame they had left that meant endorsing products, appearing in random ads or even trying to hop on to other reality shows. Enough is enough already, Snooki now has 2 kids and a husband. So, of course, she is using that as her angle to appeal to new moms and young married couples but, she needs to give up.

10 Aubrey O’Day

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Aubrey O’Day once had a legitimate music career she gained fame being apart of the girl group Danity Kane and TV show Making The Band. After a few years and a couple of hits the group broke up and everyone except 2 of the girls were left to fend for themselves. O’Day was not one of the two lucky enough to be taken under P. Diddy’s wing. She kind of floated around Hollywood doing interviews about the breakdown of the group and her beef with Diddy. Eventually, she disappeared altogether. She was not okay with not being the center of someone’s attention, she ended up getting a reality show about her life and “career”. That failed as well and now she has moved on to form a duo with ex-band member Shannon Bex. She should probably just accept that fame is not for her.

9 Owen Wilson

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Owen Wilson has a legitimate career no one is doubting that. Even though he continues to act and has been in several films many of them go unnoticed. He just doesn’t draw the attention he used to when he was in comedies like Wedding Crashers and The Royal Tenenbaums. Wilson continues to act but ask yourself, when was the last time you watched a film with Wilson in? and if you did were you going to see it because he was in it or someone else. He struggles to get roles that show his acting skills it seems like Hollywood would rather go with the newbies than the good ol’ reliable actors. It may be safe to say his career will never be like a Denzel or Will's.

8 Rita Ora

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Although Rita Ora was a huge success in Europe/UK she never had a huge career in the States. Sometimes pop stars struggle to export over the Atlantic but someone must have told her she was way more popular than she ever truly was. She thinks people care about what she does but honestly, Ora has only had one hit song; “I will Never Let You Down”. A few of her follow-up songs were good but not enough to chart top of the billboards. She was even dropped from her record label; that says a lot. Ora refuses to bow out she is trying very hard to keep her career which honestly, anyone would. However, at some point maybe she should move behind the scenes and realize that fame is no longer for her. Ora was most recently a judge on X Factor UK and America's Next Top Model maybe that should just keep doing what she does now. It kind of keeps her in the spotlight, right?

7 Shia Labeouf

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Actor Shia Labeouf had a great career. He started small and built a career that involved almost every genre of film and a franchise film. Unfortunately, Labeouf kind of went a little crazy. Wait, crazy may not be the right word he became... eccentric. It was no longer about the movies for him and more so about the idea of spreading whatever knowledge he felt that he needed to spread. Many would agree that what he has now cannot be called fame it is basically watching to see when and how he is going to screw up next. The fact is, he seems to think that he is making a huge impact when he does these random protests. He partially feels that way because he thinks he has fame behind him. Clearly, no one cares they just think he has gone insane.

6 Iggy Azalea

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Rapper Iggy Azalea kind of burned her fame bridge. Once a rising star she tried too much too fast and it came back to bite her in that huge butt. She had hit songs there’s no denying that but her mouth has gotten her into so much trouble that her fans soon became her enemies. They took to social media to rip her a new one more than once. Her star began to lose steam and Iggy took a “break” from social media. We all know what really happened was no one cared enough. She recently dropped a new single and is trying to make her way back into the bright lights of fame but it sadly went unnoticed. However, for some reason, she still thinks that she has fame on her side.

5 Hilary Duff

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Actress Hilary Duff is only known to people as Lizzie McGuire and that’s all she will probably ever be known as. She appeared in a few movie roles and sparked some interest by marrying a hockey player and having an adorable baby. Unfortunately, that is it really. Granted, she is now on the TV show Younger but it seems like a lot of people forget she’s even on that show. Point blank Duff no longer has that celebrity status that she once had. She has dropped down from an A-list to a solid C she clearly does not think she is in that category or maybe she doesn't care. She still shows up to industry parties and red carpet events like they are all waiting for her. Truth is, the last time someone was dying to take a picture with Hilary Duff was when she wore that offensive Halloween costume.

4 Jonathan Cheban

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Jonathan Cheban is a publicist by trade but he is more known for being Kim Kardashian’s best friend. He is always by her side, goes on every trip with her, he practically lives with her. He makes regular appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s and appeared in more tabloid shots than real famous people. However, Cheban is not famous and truly he never really was so it’s shocking that he thinks that he is. Does he even still do his regular job as a publicist? Cheban makes regular appearances at red carpet events and while they are low-key it’s still weird to see him there. He even gets regular work done to his face as if someone is looking out to see how well he is aging.

3 Tyga

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Tyga has had an interesting career. He started out as a rapper but most people know him now as Kylie Jenner’s way too old for her boyfriend. Tyga had a few hit songs like “Rack City” but besides that when people think of him they don’t think rap they think of how creepy he looks standing beside Kylie knowing that he was dating a minor. Tyga still thinks he is famous, this is obvious because he continues to put out music that no one listens to and that doesn’t chart. It seems harsh but let’s all be honest here, Tyga barely had a career to begin with and it has only gone downhill since then. He may think he is famous because he is constantly being photographed by the paparazzi. However, that’s only because Jenner was a paparazzi magnet and now, people are interested in his new young girlfriend.

2 Ray J

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Actor, singer, songwriter, reality star, chef Ray J is a jack of all trades these days but admittedly, a master of none. Ray J’s career got a bit of a boost when a sex tape leaked featuring him and Kim Kardashian. Since that tape was “leaked” Ray J has thought that he was more important than he actually is. He released a song based on the tape called “I Hit It First”, he ended up on the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood and of course, every other reality show that will take him. Unfortunately, Ray J thinks people care about what he does. He’s funny on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood but besides that, it’s like whatever no one is looking out for what Ray J is going to do next. That’s just a fact.

1 Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl has had a horrible time in Hollywood she has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and that hasn’t changed. While Heigl’s career has been steady, the projects have not been the greatest. Besides Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy she has had a string of failed films. Somehow, she has confused this with having the right to be a not so pleasant person. Heigl still goes around Hollywood making demands and auditioning for roles she has no business auditioning for. This is a classic case of someone who thinks that fame will always be there for them. She knows that she is not everyone’s favorite person but she refuses to believe that her star has fallen. Which is understandable, it’s hard to leave fame behind.

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